Archangel Michael has beckoned us to co-create Peace on Earth many times, the last time being from February 18, 2006 to February 16, 2008. All of this was in preparation for our planned Ascension in 2012. Now we are being blessed and invited to enter into the fullness of our spiritually mature co-creative sacred union. And we are ready! I am posting the entire series of Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative’s messages because read as a whole they give us a sense of inspiration, encouragement, and greater understanding of our collective progression and encouragement. Long but well worth it.

Archangel Michael Announces Strategic Peace Initiative ~ February 18, 2006

I am Michael, brother of blue, brother of peace, brother of truth, brother of your heart, and brother of the Love. I am pleased to step forward this day and to speak to this circle of One of my Strategic Peace Initiative (SPI).

Long ago the Mother had called upon me to go forth into the darkness, into the places of illusion, desperation and despair and to bring forward and back my brother Lucifer and all those who traveled with him – to bring them back home to the heart of One. I was peaceful musician, creator of the music of the spheres and of the Universe. But at my Mother’s bidding of course I did this. And you my friends – many of you, we traveled together. And yes, there were others of you who read this, who were caught in the illusion. We did not war. For the strength of victory is not war. It is the embracing of those who have lost their way, and bringing them back to the Light. And so we traveled and we declared this victory – and many were brought home.

Now upon this planet of Earth there is a range of choices. Free will has run rampant – and many of those illusions of separation, of death, destruction and despair, of war have blossomed yet again. We have watched. Our Sacred Mother has said that she will not allow her Son to fully engender upon the Earth again to be crucified. She will not allow this. And seldom does the Mother speak in this way. Her heart is the unlimited infinity of Love. Be clear in your own being that Mother is God – this is not simply an illusion. And she has turned to me yet again, and said “ Michael, it is the time of my unfoldment and I ask you yet again to do my bidding and to go to the heart of darkness and to anchor my Love, and to bring those home those who have need to be re-embraced.” No, it does not mean that there is need to die – let us be clear about this. And so my dear friends, I gather you.

Many have left their bodies to join me. I am joined in the unity with your brothers and sisters of the stars – with UFOG (Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies) and many beyond. Those of you who are my peaceful warriors upon the Earth are called forward to assist me. I travel to Earth, no not as an esoteric exercise of the energy that you experience when you channel, or when you allow our Love to enter, or when you call me forward for healing or protection. In the fullness of my mighty self I travel to Earth to bring peace. This is not a distant future plan. We gather now. We begin at the beginning of the month (March 2006). I ask you to suit up and prepare.

Those of you who are the peaceful warriors, do not underestimate the power that your Sunday night peace meditations have had. It is creating the climate, the environment, for, the potential and possibility for my undertaking of this initiative. You are part of it – and I am part of your circle.

We declare peace on Earth.

This is not an unlimited battle, the struggle that this planet has experienced for eons. This is a strategic initiative with a rapid return to peace. Hold the center. If it looks like chaos stand back. Send the Light and the Love and stand back. Do not judge.

I am among you. I am with you upon this planet of Earth like never before. I bring my Mighty troops and my sword – my sword of peace, the blue flame of peace that the Mother’s plan goes forward immediately so the Masters return. We are overjoyed. I am overjoyed, because then I will return and play my harp. I enlist you this day my brothers and sisters and I give my deepest heartfelt gratitude for your help. Join in peace now. Farewell.

Archangel Michael Strategic Peace Initiative 2

Archangel Michael’s second message and update on his Strategic Peace Initiative. Michael reminds us to hold peace within and to be our best in thought, word and action. He reminds us that we are One Circle, above and below, and that being your best does not mean better than.

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel, Warrior of Peace, Bringer of Love. Welcome, my fellow warriors of Earth, servants and keeper of the Mother above and below. Sweet friends, I am busy and have arrived as Emissary and Bringer of Light and of Peace to this world.

I wish to speak to you this day about what you have need to in order to establish peace upon the planet. Call upon my blue and hold your sword and shield high. Shield yourself from the chaos of the turmoil that is felt upon your planet at this time. Use your sword as beacon and as destroyer of illusion. During this time of shift, I wish you to concentrate on destroying the illusion of the idea of hierarchy. You, in particular, who rest in this place called North America, this country founded by St. Germaine, came together as one circle to find a sacred space – to establish and anchor freedom, equality, and liberty. Do not forget this.

Now, what does this mean? It means that no one is over you or under you. It means that you stand shoulder to shoulder to shoulder, next to each other in the creation of this freedom, and freedom is peace, it is love. My beloved sister, Gabrielle, has gently and not so gently told you many times that this is not a pecking order, that you are a circle of One. There are none above and none below. This is what has need to occur upon the planet in order for peace to reign. There cannot be ascendancy and control. You cannot bend another’s freedom to your will or your wishes, not as a nation, and not in your daily life. The action of peace is holding peace within.

Best does not mean better than. Aim and be the best, the fullness, the wholeness of who you are in each and every thought, breath, and action. In every intent, in every creation, be the highest, the fullest, the best that you are for you are a mighty expansion of Love upon this planet. You are the holders of the vibrations that I am bringing forward. Hold this center. Do not see yourself as better than anything or anybody, and do not allow, permit, buy into, the behavior that someone is better than you. When you are in alignment with the Divine heart, mind, and will with Mother God, Father God, Holy Spirit, then you are in the place of Love. You do not need to strive, you do not need to prove a point, you simply are.

There is need for detachment, and it is not only detachment from outcomes, it is the detachment from drama. It will look like extreme chaos and as you look at it, smile and say it is reaching the peak, it is reaching crescendo. Let Michael take care of it, for I will. You hold the peace. I will bring it forth, not for you, but with you, in your hearts, in your homes, in your communities, in your nation, and on your planet.

If you are feeling the turmoil, call on me. Beam yourself up to the healing ships every single night. You are forgetting to do this. Allow your brothers and sisters of the stars to heal you with their radiant light. They are working overtime. Rest is critical during this time of change. Allow yourself to expand, and as you do, you have need to rest. Rest is part of the work you are doing to hold the peace. Surrender to who you are. Surrender to the idea that it is one circle of Earth, united above and below as one heart.

My strategic peace initiative goes well brothers and sisters, and I am proud to stand there with you on Earth this day. Go with my love and go with my peace. Do not forget your sword and shield. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon May 11, 2006

Archangel Michael ~ Strategic Peace Initiative 3

Archangel Michael has recently channeled on the Saturday conference calls about his Strategic Peace Initiative. In this call, a couple of weeks ago, he tells us of his presence in the White House and Iraq. He reminds us that peace is not about taking sides. He points out that many of our old war injuries are kicking up in order to be surrendered. An important message of hope, encouragement and peace.

I am Michael, Archangel of Peace. I have waited eons to say that. Welcome, my sweet warriors for I bring you news this day of my strategic peace initiative, and I bring you glad tidings for what looks like chaos is breakthrough. You are coming forward. Not only you, my beloved brothers and sisters, but the human race and it is a race for the Light. Do not judge for even the darkness is Light.

As we have said many times, within the chaos stand back. Be the observer, do not judge, do not attach to the outcome. Simply take the actions that are in accordance with your divine self, for you are helping me. I am in the White House and you could say that I am stirring up the pot. There will be many changes in the upcoming weeks, shifts in what you think of the axis of power. Hold the center. I am also in Felujah and I am standing in between the opposing troops and many of you stand there with me in your night work. We are holding the line quite literally, and I thank you.

Now, let me be clear with you. For those of you who are in the White House and for those of you who are with me in Felujah, many of you are experiencing symptoms of past injuries of the war – the World Wars, the Vietnam War or the Intergalactic Wars. These old injuries are coming to the forefront, and this is particularly true of the men. You may be experiencing symptoms even of depression, of overwhelm, of feeling that you are about to be defeated. You may feel that you are being asked to do something that is contrary to your very soul, your very nature. Understand this is past memory coming forward for clearing and it is also part of the clearing of the chaos, the chaos of war upon the planet. So let it emerge so that it may be released and cleared. It is not simply an emotional or a spiritual or a mental malaise.

Many of you will actually have the physical symptoms of being pushed, of being pulled, of being thrown down to the ground. Do not worry. You are protected and I am standing in your protection as are your circle of many. Do not fall into the chaos, simply keep going. Do not allow the drama to embrace you, stand back. For those of you who are working with me in the political scenarios, you may feel the sense of deceit, of control, of lust for power. Again, simply know that it is the energy surrounding you and the energy coming up, primarily, from the Intergalactic Wars and let it go. Go back and stand with me, your archangel of peace, stand in the blue with your heart of green. Do not judge, simply observe the magnificent unfoldment. Seldom has my Mother given me such free reign.

Archangel Raphael prepares troops by the millions to join with me. There has never been such a rapid turnaround on the other side. Archangel Gabriel whispers in the ears of many so that they will know the messages of peace and of hope. We are all involved as are all of you. We have said time and time again the true change of heart will come from the people and you are the people, and you are doing magnificently. Thank you. Thank you for your help. Continue with your meditations daily, and certainly every Sunday, for we join you there. Look up and see me standing, waiting for our appointed hour. Seldom has an archangel watched the clocks so closely. Join us this night as we launch the next phase of this initiative. Anchor in your heart of Love, which is large enough to hold the entire planet, to cradle it the way the Mother has cradled you. We are going forward. Go with my blessing and go with my peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, May 11, 2006

Archangel Michael ~ Strategic Peace Initiative 4

Greetings. I am Michael, Archangel, Defender of Truth, Destroyer of Illusion, Warrior of Peace. My friends, I bring you good news for there is great progress being made. I come this day to announce a breakthrough. No, it is not the end of war, but there is a major breakthrough. There is a turning of the tide and there is a changing of the hearts of many who sit in what you think of as places of power. I do not mean across lines for such things as nations are arbitrary, but there are those who wield decision making power across this planet, who have need to have their hearts opened and changed, to see the wonder of who they are and to remember the sense of peace and the right of every being, not simply human, but of every being, every realm, every kingdom to peace. I am pleased to say that this has been accomplished except in one case and we are diligently working on that. No, it is not in your county. It is in Korea.

I ask of you, for it is the work that you undertake with me that creates this tide of change, to continue your daily and weekly and Sunday night meditations to circle the Earth, to hold hands with your neighbor and to anchor within you the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Dove of Peace, so that as you stand there with your sword and shield what emanates from your core is the will for peace. Your solar plexus is your power center and your ability to affect change within and without. I do not ask you to send this energy simply to those that you think of as political leaders, although, that is never wasted. I ask you to send it to the person who is across the circle from you, that it travels across and through the planet, that the Earth Mother also knows of our efforts for healing the creatures, the human beings who walk upon Her, for the Mother has been at peace for a long time. This is reassurance to Her, that Her children understand the need.

I wished for you to know of this progress being made and I wished for you to know of my gratitude to each one of you for I have never been in human form and although, Gabriel and I have often laughed at how obtuse the human beings can be, I do not think I ever truly understood it. It is hilarious. It is challenging. It is fun. I wish for you to think of it in the same way, to laugh at the irony of fighting so diligently against who you are collectively, to embrace the laughter, to claim it as your own. Go with my love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon October 15, 2006

Archangel Michael ~ Strategic Peace Initiative 5

In this latest update, Archangel Michael speaks to us of three things: courage; the Sedona Gathering; and the peace meditations. “Courage is the fuel of the peace warrior. You have traveled with me to the heart of darkness many, many, times and I tell you, never has it been this difficult”.

I am Michael, Archangel of Peace; Archangel of Love. I come to give you update on my Strategic Peace Initiative this day – for many of you wondered how it is going. And I bring you good news – it is going!

My friends I thank you, for you have been diligent, vigilant; and you have practiced fortitude in the anchoring of peace within your sacred selves, within the hearts of others, the heart of Gaia, and the surface of the planet. Ignore the chaos; much is coming to the forefront. It is better than any soap opera that any TV producer has ever imagined. And that is how it is to be viewed – not with a wringing of hands and a fretful heart but as an observer. See what is unfolding in front of your very eyes – how much disarray in the hearts of control, greed, lust and war is being revealed. You are doing well – and because of your help I am fulfilling the promise of and to the Mother.

I wish to speak to you about three things this day: courage; the Sedona Gathering; and the peace meditations. Courage is the fuel of the peace warrior. It is the ability to endure and continue on, long after those of lesser stamina have been those who have been left behind tired and weary, and writhing in despair. And my friends each one of you is a peace warrior, a lightholder, and a bringer of new realm to Nova Earth.

You have traveled with me to the heart of darkness many, many, times and I tell you, never has it been this difficult. No, it is not your imagination. The illusion, the cement, of human illusion has been difficult to crack, to break, to eliminate, to dissolve. But we my friends are doing it – we do it not only for the Mother, we do it not only for Mother Earth, we do it for the future generations – the indigos, the magenta, the crystals – all the children, all the beings who wish to come. We do it for the all the kingdoms, the four legged and the winged ones. We do it for each other. We do it because it is right, and it is truth.

When you are tired, turn to me – let me fill you with my red courage that your may continue on with me. For understand your presence next to me fuels my heart – it fuels my courage. We do this together as a circle of One – as brother and sister. Yes, there are many generals and commanders amongst you; there are many angels and intergalactic transmitters – you are all enlisted in this initiative – and I thank you.

I ask you on Sunday evening when you join in your peace mediation very specifically to open the portal, the Peace Portal. Yes it is a blue spiral. See that you are going into a sacred space, a chapel – yes it may be the crystal chapel. I ask of you to bring forward every single individual, not only of the United States of America – every single individual who is enlisted and involved in the military all over the globe. Infuse them with the blue of peace and the red of courage. Fortify them that they may go on in their own walk of peace for this is critical. They are our anchors – they are our troops. I am asking your help. Bring them forth and reassure them they are loved, they are acknowledged, they are appreciated, and you are in gratitude to them. This is what I ask of you. And if you are lucky enough to join me every day I ask you to continue this for the next few weeks.

When we gather in Sedona we will celebrate the fulfillment of the first phase my Peace Initiative I will celebrate with you, and we will acknowledge that peace will reign, that peace is anchored already and that it will grow. That is my message to you this day. Go my beloved friends with my love, my honor, my respect, my stamina and my courage. I love you – we love you, not because of your work for peace, but because or the bright radiance of who you are. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon Oct. 7, 2006

St. Germaine’s Support of Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative

Greetings, I am Germaine. I am St. Germaine, master and keeper of the violet flame. I wish to speak to you about our work of anchoring peace, of radical change, with our beloved Archangel Michael. It begins with the intent of healing the heart and I daresay it is the heart of chaos. Let us be melodramatic about this, my friends, for we know the human race loves drama. Let us say we are healing evil. Let us say we are healing lust. Let us say we are healing greed and vile behavior. Let us make it as funny as possible. Let us formulate this intent. Let us formulate the intent to make the heart of humanity as vibrant as a ray of sunshine. And let us take this individually and collectively to the stillness of the heart of One. Let us take the entire planet to the place of unity of the heart of One – this still point of God, now. And while they are resting there, let us ask the Father to place my violet flame that he has entrusted to me so long ago within their hearts that the vibrant love of life returns with them.

Let our action be the actions of peace, the words of peace, the reflections of a peaceful nature. Peace is not dull. Peace is freedom. It is the honoring of each being’s right to express, to create without hindrance. It is the acknowledgement of community of One.

We do not try and best each other on this side. We all do everything and we glory in each other’s creations. We support each other. Our hearts are each other’s hearts. That is the action of peace. It is the acknowledgement of the mirror that stands in front of you. Let us do this together as One this day. Let us do this every Sunday evening in our meditation for peace.

I will stand as servant to Michael for he is doing the bidding of the Mother. Will you join me? Thank you. I give you my love. I give you the deep, deep purple of peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, April 28, 2006

Archangel Raphael’s Pleas for Peace

A powerful plea from the Silent Archangel to let go of the old paradigm of drama and chaos, and actively hold peace in our every thought, word and action. Archangel Raphael gives guidance for the Sunday night peace meditations.

I am Raphael, Archangel, Brother of Your Heart, Brother of Your Soul, Brother of Your Planet, Healer of This Planet, Healer of Your Heart and Healer of Humanity. As you begin your journey on Nova Earth as Nova Beings there is need for the healing. Do not think that the chaos that still exists and permeates much of your planet has simply evaporated, for that is what you are healing as our vessels upon the planet, our vessels of Love.

I wish to begin this day by asking you, dear friends, do you really believe that your brothers and sisters and the children of Iraq and Iran, of Egypt, of Palestine, of Israel wish to wage war on you? Do you think they awake in the morning with vengeance in their heart? Do you think they finish their day and share their daily bread speaking of how they can destroy you, you who sit in your homes and who carry the essence of Love, of One? You say to me, “Well, of course not, Raphael. That is ridiculous” and you know this. Your country stands on the very edge of nuclear destruction for the chaos is rampant. Never has it been more important for you to send the healing energy of my essence, of my being and of my Love to all who exist upon this planet. This is one planet, to the people of your own country and to the people of whom they perceive as adversaries and allies.

We have told you time and again that we will not allow this planet of Love to be destroyed in this way and we stand by this promise, for there is too much within the enfoldment that simply does not allow this. But understand there are many of older, of the old paradigm, who would rather self implode and destroy, than allow the new to be born. That is what you have been feeling. Even the struggle within yourself, within your own bodies and psyches, as you strive to fly, as you breathe the portals of reality, there is part of you, the old part of you that seeks to destroy that dream. It is ego. It is fear. It is a small child thinking that they will be lost. Reassure it and stay in every action, every thought, every deed. Stay in the Love and the love of peace. Hold the peace within and without. If its actions are not of serenity, of peace in every sense of the word, then do not do it. Do it in the same way that you do not undertake actions that are not of joy. It is so simple to know how to proceed on this planet.

You, dear friends, are the forbearers. You are the peacemakers. You are the pathfinders. You are the showers of the way. If you are not doing this, then it is not done. While we envelop this entire planet, particularly at this time in my emerald green and there is a further blanket of the mother’s cloak, there is need for the lightholders to take diligent, assertive action at this time as well.

When you do your Sunday night meditation for peace, see yourselves form a ring around this planet. Take each other’s hands. Take the hands of the Afghani and the African. Take the hands of your brothers and sisters from China and Korea, of Argentina, of Lemuria. Hold each other in the linking, the intent and the demand for peace and send that to each other through the earth. Beam the peace of blue and green to each other right directly through the heart of the Mother Earth. Join across the grid in the web of One. This is how the old is destroyed and eliminated through Love. Not through adversarial action, not through war, but by simply saying, “No, there is no place for this. If you wish to continue in this way of the old earth, of the destruction of the Mother, then you must leave and you must leave in ways that are peaceful.”

Millions upon millions have left this planet very recently and they have joined my army, my legion, to work very specifically with this issue and the healing of the hearts of humanity that they will know that the destruction in war is not the way. So now I ask you to join this legion as well, not in a passive way, but in every day declaring yourself. Usually, I am the Silent Archangel, seldom do I speak, and I come to this day to plead with you. It is not simply prayer. It is the physical holding of peace. Pay attention. Pay attention to your human physical thoughts and proceed, proceed as the warriors of healing that you are. You are the torchbearers, the Light bearers. Love will prevail, but it is far more graceful to do it without this drama, dear hearts. Hold the dream. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon March 23, 2006

Archangel Michael Strategic Peace Initiative 6

In an amazing message of hope, Archangel Michael speaks to the meaning and purpose of the terrible recent violence at Virginia Tech. This Mighty Warrior of Peace announces that “the tide has turned” and that this most real, tragic act has brought about a new awareness for peace within and without.

Greetings, I am Michael. Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of New Day, and finally I may say this, as I stand here with my beloved sister Gabrielle, the Messenger, the Administrator, and as I stand here with Raphael, beloved brother of Healing, we are in this triad, flanked by Uriel and Jophiel.

We bring you greetings of great joy, and we bring you comfort and succor, and healing and courage.

The United States of America, this place founded by our beloved friend St Germaine, this home of freedom and liberty, and fulfillment of creativity, this place has been struck in the heart by the knowing of chaos. Understand my beloved friends, never do I wish to see mayhem rule. Never. But in much the same way as the sacrifices of 9/11 were made by a group of souls who decided to bring attention to the need for joining, for community, for unity of love, of comfort and support. You need to understand this. That was the purpose of that event, just as this slaughter, as this tragedy in Virginia, the home of the Virgin, the home of purity – it brings home to the heart of this country, this nation, and we are not talking the land, we are talking the people, how the chaos, how the hatred, distortion, isolation, separation, how access to arms and the loneliness of night, how this all must come to an end.

Young people are being slaughtered everyday, not only in Iraq, but all over the world. There are wars and skirmishes and famine and plague, and they go overlooked and unacknowledged. This event brings the unity of your nation to the understanding that peace must prevail within as well as without. That it is has need to be held in the hearts and minds and actions of each and every citizen of earth. If you are so disturbed that you live in the chaos, that you live in a dark cloud of isolation and pain, it is not acceptable. I do not mean that it is not acceptable to pick up arms and shoot anybody, of course that goes without saying. I mean that it is unacceptable that any human being who is a child of One, born of the heart of the Mother, should feel this way. Such desperation upon the planet must be eliminated. I take my sword to destroy it, and I ask you to join me. And you have. You have in legions, during sleep, during wake, during actions, during contemplation, and for this I thank you.

I tell you from the heart of the people, and I do not just mean North America, from the heart of the people, the tide is turned. So in my comfort to each one of you, all of you who have been feeling devastated and emotional and not knowing why, I bring you good news. Not only does war come to an end, peace has begun. These angels in Virginia have returned to my side in their brilliance, and they have been welcomed home, with deep appreciation and gratitude for the service that they have performed, and will work with me from this side. I will nourish them, and Raphael will heal them and their families, the nation, communities.

Archangel Gabrielle will begin her messages anew. Many voices have need to be heard, understand this, and all of these voices have need in their hearts and their minds and their bodies to speak in the unison, of unity, community, and peace. That is the Love, that is the plan of the Mother. Many of you often say, ‘I do not see the fruits of my labor and I do not feel that things are changing, I pray and I meditate and I do my peace meditation and I go through the portal, and I visit the cities of light, and I do not see’. Well, see this day, breathe the change that is in the air, and from the exhausted fumes of despair, the phoenix will rise again. It is time for these Cities of Light, to anchor firmly and brightly and to be the safe haven for many. And you my dear friends, will be at the door to welcome them, and I, I will be in the kitchen cooking, free at last to celebrate. Go with our unbounded love, our unfettered freedom, our universal truth, and go in peace forever. Now.

Channeled by Linda Dillon – April 21, 2007

Archangel Michael Strategic Peace Initiative 7

Encouraging news from Archangel Michael on his SPI. The current front for anchoring peace is the hearts and minds of the North American people – read on!

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, bringer of peace and bringer of news.
I have rallied my troops and, dear heart; you are them, for each of one of you in your own way has assisted me in this strategic initiative to anchor peace on Earth once and for all.

So I come this day to give you an update because as you are looking at all these hot spots all over your globe you must wonder how we are proceeding. Yes, it is a difficult undertaking and I have told you at times of my weariness. I have told you at times that we are waging war, but I also tell you, dear hearts, we are making enormous progress and the outlook is favorable. It is more than favorable, it is excellent and it is encouraging, it is magnificent.

The road to joy is paved with peace. It is the peaceful heart, the loving heart, that embraces and allows the eruption of joy. Where there is no peace you cannot be or hold a fundamental center of joy. For how can you be joyous when your internal mechanism, your spirit, your emotion, your mind are at war? And that is why I have been working with the North American people to anchor this profound sense of peace within the hearts and minds and bodies of every being. Of course, what that means is they are fed up with turmoil; they are fed up with chaos and lies. They are fed up with half-truths, they are fed up with lack of integrity, and they seek the place of peace in their hearts and their minds and their communities, in their lives, their interactions and their relationships. And, dear heart, this phase is pretty much complete, and for this I thank you. Consciously and unconsciously you have assisted me, yes as have many in the legions of light, for it is a huge undertaking for the Mother. It is truly the beginning, the completion of Her Plan.

Look around you and more importantly, my beloved friends, look within you and see how the shift has taken place for it is not just the Mother who weaves and walks amongst you, it is all of us. We are not off in some distant heaven, some alternate reality, watching this unfoldment. We are with you and we are with you in ways that you have not conceived of, and yet if you take this very moment and feel my presence, our presence, you will know that your world, your planet, is already a different place. Peace is a quality of the fifth dimension where the primary activity is the management of change. Yes it overlaps into the sixth and chaos, but it is anchored in the fifth and carried to the sixth and so on. But you do not wish to stay there, quite the contrary, for there is much further to explore, but you wish to anchor this sense of peace in every fiber of your being. It is already implanted. Let it grow and thrive and let this energy as it flows to you flow freely to others, so that it strengthens them as well. For it like a flower to be tended, it is like a small tree that wishes to grow into the mighty oak.

The Mother has often said to you if it does not feel like joy, do not do it, seek an alternate way. My brothers of battle, my sisters of solitude, I say to you if it does not feel like peace convert it, manipulate it, transmute it, change it, call upon all the elements and let us help. And we mean this within and without. Always I have said to thee that change will come from the people. We have already done our work, months ago, that had need to take place in your political system, and that is under way and is unfolding in ways that it has need to. Oh it will be exciting, but it will be peaceful.

Now I bring you the best news this day. This collective chooses peace, help them with this choice, and enforce them in this choice. Many of you have sent out, many of you have helped me all over the globe, I ask you to bring all your aspects home for a minimum of several weeks to anchor in this new sense of being, and it is not simply a spiritual sense it is a physical, emotional and mental knowing. Now remember when you call your friends (aspects) home to ensure that they wipe their feet at the door for they have been in some very bloody places where mayhem and murder have reigned and they have need of rest and reinforcement in this energy. So bring them home that they may incorporate this prior to the next wave.

Be stalwart in this work of peace, in this living of peace, in this choice of peace. It is in this way that the victory is expressed, my beloved ones. You have stood by my side in the most difficult of moments and you continue to do so, for this I thank you. The tide has not only turned we have won this phase. Go with joyous blessing, celebrate. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon October 19, 2007

Archangel Michael Strategic Peace Initiative 8

Greetings, I am Michael. Archangel, Archangel of blue, warrior of peace, warrior of love. Welcome, my dear friends.

It is time for you to have an update, to know how this Strategic Peace Initiative fares, for the battle wages on. Yes, the tide has turned and more and more the individuals and the collective, particularly where we are focused at this time in the United States of America, are looking at this issue of peace. My friends, I sit here with you this day as brother, and I tell you that I am sitting because I am a little tired. I also sit with you because you are friend and ally. And as I look at you, as healers and teachers, educators, you cross the spectrum of the universe and the talents, the abilities, the grace that you bring, the service that you render unto the Mother, the healing that you give to Nova Earth, to our beloved Gaia. But in addition to this, my sacred brothers and sisters, you are also warriors of peace. And so I come this day to remind you of this, not to push you into the fray because most of you are already there, why do you think you are so tired, so exhausted, why do you think you have so many aches and pains, you wake up in the morning and you feel that you have been fighting, well you have been.

There is much chaos upon the world, and there is much man made. I have need to emphasize that, this is man made darkness. This is not darkness that has come from afar, it is the darkness that has grown out of beliefs and hearts, it is the hatred and the greed and the lust. I do not sit in judgment for that is not the role of warrior, and you say, ‘well, Michael, what is the role of warrior?’ First and foremost it is to hold the essence of peace, of Love and serenity, of calm, of observation, of being, in your heart, in that place where Linda has taken you this morning. It is to stand in that place of stillpoint but it is not only to be in that place, for that is not the job of the warrior, the warrior speaks out, the warrior is vigilant, the warrior takes action when it is necessary, and stands back when it is not. The warrior reinforces what is good and builds bridges from it and uses his sword to cut down what is not, what does not add to the Love, what does not praise the Mother, what is not a reflection of the essence of Gaia.

I have always said to you, we have always said to you, that the changes will come from the people, and they are, and you are seeing this in small ways and in large ways. But mostly you are seeing it in yourself in the sense that you do not wish to engage in anything that is not of that core of peace, of Love, of joy, so yes you will stand by me and you will help eradicate, but you will not engage.

When you look to your choices on every front, whether it is for the White House, your comrades, your circle, your friends, your family, your place of work, look to those that carry the countenance of the essence of peace. Enlist them, subtly or actually, keep them close to you – they will reinforce your energy field, and then continue on. My beloved ones, victory is a hairs breadth away, it is not miles, it is not aeons, persevere with me that we may celebrate, and that we may return to the mother and say ‘it is safe, we have done your bidding, and the new may begin’.

The Mother is present supporting you in all kinds of ways including as the peaceful warrior, do not fear your warrior-self, do not fear your power as agent of change. You are the builders of the Cities of Light, you are the ones the Mother counts on, it is not simply me, so do not underestimate yourself. I know you are weary, I know you are frustrated, I know you are tired and injured many of you in physical ways. Do not give up. And when you are tired remember to turn your sword into the staff of life as I have taught you long ago and lean on it and know when you lean on it you lean on me. I am here. And I thank you, I thank you for joining me, victory is ours. It is the plan, it is the law, it is the unfoldment, it is intent, it is action, and it is Love.

Go in peace, my friends. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon February 16, 2008