1982082_693503654043159_377677458_nGreetings, I am Michael, brother, sister, beloved friend and family. I come to you this day as ally, as one who knows the secrets and desires of your heart. I come to enter into service, in the sacred partnership with thee as we are both servants of the Mother in the anchoring of peace now upon sweet Gaia. We join together now in this fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan and each of our (human and celestial) plans within that Plan.

You are with me, fully conjoined in this sacred purpose with me now, that I know. I do not believe, I do not pray, not hope, I know and I know because it is the Mother’s Plan, it is Her desire and therefore what else is there? So I know you and I and the many legions who are surrounding us in this very moment in and out of time. It is this occasion in our sacred partnership and friendship as family, as One with humanity that you anchor Peace upon the planet now.

We do this with you in incredible amazement, awe, joy, wonder and Love. We do this with you but you are our human anchors. You, sweet Annas, of course are the bedrock, the cement for those anchors but it is humanity so as I speak to you, I speak to everyone upon sweet Gaia and far beyond. You are anchoring, you are claiming your birthright of Joy. There can be only limited Joy when there is terror knocking at your door. So we disintegrate and we disintegrate by saying:

Enough! Enough of this foolishness. Enough of this energy that does not serve anyone and more particularly, it does not serve anyone who is involved. Not those who die and are maimed and cower in fear or blood-lust on the battlefield, not those who fuel the machinery of war, not those who believe this is wielding power and certainly not those who live in bombed out houses. Not those who wonder if their father will beat them or that their mother will live through another night of violence, not those that are imprisoned and tortured daily.

This serves no one. This energy serves nothing and yes, I have declared that the old 3rd is but an echo but the echo is strong and what you are doing, sweet angels, is you are closing the door to the sound of that echo and you are opening the doors to your heart and allowing my breath, the blue breeze of Peace to flow through you. You are listening to the sound of the angels, the archangels, the rhythm of Gaia and the sound of the Universe. You are hearing the hum of your soul, and the hum of your brothers and sisters of the stars. You are declaring your freedom! And we are supporting you.

Take my hand and hold it. Take the hands of all the masters, known and unknown because there are many, of all the angels and archangels. Let me put it this way: when we are in sacred union in this way, there is no chance of not fulfilling the dream, of not anchoring in physical reality what is yearned for from the depths of each of your hearts. Let us join in the victory of Love and in the celebration of Love on Valentine’s Day. 

We will do this heart in heart, arm in arm, will in will, in alignment with the Mother/Father One. We are together and we will anchor Peace on Earth and then, let the doors, the dams and everything else break loose. It is time for Nova Earth, not as a dream, not as a concept, not as a context. It is time and you  my beloved, sweet Annas, you have held the New Grid, you have re-patterned, not merely your sacred self and this sacred circle who have re-patterned the human race, and the human collective is ready, willing and able.

Go forth, go forth in laughter and glee, excitement and play. We are with you. I am with you, as brother, as sister, as friend, as ally. I am with you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon – Council of Love – February 7, 2015