What if I say that every person on earth could have abundance in a week;
that millions will live who are now in harm’s way through war;that those who are sick can be treated;
that those who are hungry can be fed; that those who live in fear can know safety; that we can shift the frequency of this planet; and that all that is needed is for us to commit to a Peace Meditation that will take ten minutes a day for 7 days. Yes, this is a dream. But it is a dream that is real.

Can we pull together for these coming seven days in a global effort with Archangel Michael that will change the course of our lives and of our history? Can we do this? Yes. The only question is will we do it? The decision is simple. Will we commit a small part of the next seven days to creating real peace? The Divine Mother, Archangel Michael and The Council of Love tell us that we can do this. The question is not whether we can. The question is whether we will.

If you know that Peace will allow the funds of war to become the funds of abundance for everyone, would you say “Yes?”
If you know that Peace brings higher frequency living…which brings movement to and through ascension, would you say “Yes?”
And if you realize that this is the reason we are here…would you say “Yes?”

The way is clear. We have to pull together now for this mighty Peace creation with Archangel Michael.
Go to the Council of Love website to watch Linda Dillon’s video piece which first explains the event and then takes us into the Peace meditation near the end.