…Thank you for being in partnership with us. Thank you for assuming form to assist in this unfoldment, to complete this Ascension at hand, to create with us Nova Earth. Thank you for your open heart…

Linda Dillon: And let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of gold, that gold of Archangel Gabrielle, of Gabriel, that rich, molten, Florentine gold, that old gold. One of the gifts that Gabrielle gave us a long time ago, one of the ‘Joy’ gifts, was the gift of the Golden Rain and certainly this morning she has been talking to me about that Golden Rain.

So, as you sit there and relax and anchor in your heart put your palms up and tilt your face up and feel that beautiful Golden Rain, like a spring sun-shower, coming down, refreshing, restoring, renewing your very core with Golden Joy. Open your heart, feel your tri-flame burning brightly; the Blue Diamond, the Canary Diamond, and your beautiful Pink Diamond. Now, let’s open up our crown and that entrance point to our central column and feel that Golden Rain coming down into your pituitary, your hypothalamus, your pineal, filling all the fissures of your brain, coming down your occipitals into the central column that surrounds your spine and supports your entire body and every body…your mental, your emotional, your causal, your etheric, your astral. Feel yourself filling up as it comes down through your neck, your chest, your spine, your lumbar, down out of your root and let this golden cord continue down into the heart of Gaia so that she’s quenching Gaia as well; archangel to archangel, gold to pink, and that Gaia is receiving the gentle Golden Rain as well, that Gaia is receiving the joy.

Every emotion, every thought, every action that we have is felt by Gaia; it is communicated in the air, through our feet, directly to her. So, if we are walking in confusion or anxiety or disarray or despair or sadness or grief or frustration, we are communicating that to her. And if we are walking around in joy and acknowledgement of who we really are and holding the Love, that is what we are giving her. And she takes this as she has since the beginning and she transmutes our pain and suffering and gives us back life force and support.

But it’s time for us to give her more, to not make her, or ask her, or expect her…consciously or unconsciously…to carry our burdens. So give her the Golden Rain and let it flow through you as well.

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome my beloveds, welcome my sweet Annas. And yes, I come this day to speak to you, to speak to the New You within and without. Have you forgotten sweet angels, sweet Annas, that you have been reborn, that you have stepped forward as the regridders, repatterners of a higher octave?

Well, I come this day to remind you, and as sweet Krisan, this golden angel has suggested, perhaps I am here to kick your butt or at least to ask you to get your butt in gear! It is time to step forward into the glory, the joy, and the supreme being that you are.

I come this day to speak of our sacred union, our sacred partnership that we have so gladly, so joyously, entered into thee…into thee…yes, with you, but also within you. When you are in sacred union, sacred partnership, part of this, and might I suggest a huge part of this, is actually not trying to direct the one you Love, of having faith and confidence, and allowing the freedom, the liberty of choice, of movement, of direction in your partner. You do not say, “Honey, get up and go to work; honey do this; honey do that; darling, could you please…” You allow your partner the liberty, the freedom to move as they know is in accordance, not only with the relationship but with their sacred being, their sacred path. That is what we are doing with you.

Now, does that mean that we no longer provide guidance? Of course not. But what it does mean, dear heart, is that you are being given, granted, invited and asked, not merely to step forward but to be in the fullness of your divinity. You have declared yourself as Nova Beings, as New You’s, as sweet Annas, and you have worked…some might say slaved…to clear your core issues, to address the collective issues and this has been wondrous work. But what about the joy? What about the laughter? What about the glee? What about the fun? What about the play?

I am sick of drudgery; I am sick of frustration, of anxiety, and of many simply sitting and praying for outcome. Oh, your prayers are heard and great assistance is given in the mode of partnership. So what we say this day, “We are ready for action. We are ready for the complete fulfillment of the promise, the plan of the Mother. Are you? Well, I know you are! And that is why I, who tend to speak more forthrightly than some, am here. I am Central Administrator of the multiverse, the omniverse, the creation of the Mother. Every day I have several billion, zillion, things to do; adjust, address…Now, do you think, sweet angels, that I get up in the morning and I say, “Oh no, I have a heck of a day; ah, I feel overwhelmed and overburdened. How am I ever going to get through this? And then you want me to meditate and stand in praise and adoration of the One?” Do you really think that I do this? Of course not. First of all, we do not begin our day…we never stop. That is not a complaint, that is a privilege…that is my joy…to serve the Mother, to serve the masters, to serve my brothers and sisters of Heaven, and to serve you, to progress with you. And I do this in the golden radiance of joy.

Now, I come to speak to you of action, of the ‘how to’. It is not merely to focus on the outcome, it is to be taking progressive steps embodying the Love, embodying the joy, embodying the clarity, and stepping forward in every step, in every piece of ‘how to’. There must be joy…and seldom will you hear any of us, because it is one of those things we are not really supposed to talk about, we never say, “You have to, or you should, or you must”. But dear heart, I am saying this because if you are not proceeding in love and joy, then what in heaven’s name or in Gaia’s name is the point? Why would you ever sit in anxiety, frustration, anger, fear, hoping that the blessings will flow? And they do! You do not sit, you jump, you walk, you proceed, and you do so with laughter, with excitement, with glee, with fun. And if it is not of these elements of Love, if it is not exactly in alignment, not merely with you but with the Mother, then don’t do it! Simply turn away, redirect, and then go straight forward. You have an expression upon sweet Gaia, ‘going for the gusto’; that is what I am asking you this day.

You are the Creator Race! So every day, with the element of joy, what are you creating? And it does not matter whether it is a quiet day, because those are required; it can be a day of replenishment, of recuperation, because that in itself is a self-aware action. But it can not be every day, all day. When you walk the streets, the cities, the land, your garden, are you giving joy? Are you sharing your heart gladness with Gaia, with the elements and elementals, with the kingdoms? Are you saying, “Good morning, good afternoon, how are you doing?” Are you telling them of the gladness, the appreciation of your heart, that you are cohabiting with them? Are you thanking them for the blessings that they are bestowing upon you?

Now, we do not bestow blessings, support, and partnership in the desire for thanksgiving and gratitude. But I must tell you, dear heart, that thank you now and then is really appreciated. And so, I also reciprocate and I say to each and every one of you, “Thank you. Thank you for being in partnership with us. Thank you for assuming form to assist in this unfoldment, to complete this Ascension at hand, to create with us Nova Earth. Thank you for your open heart.”

I give you, not only my Golden Rain but my Golden Bubbles of Joy. I give you my Golden Elixir. I give you the power…I give you the power to do a million things at once ~ I am not exaggerating! So let us begin to focus on the doing, in joy, that we will arrive at the desired outcome, laughing, playing, skipping, and falling down in gratitude, in wonder and awe.

Turn to me, turn to me sweet Annas as we enter this higher octave of being. The old is over; yes, you may hear a distant echo, but it is over. So, it is not that you can choose to anchor anywhere except with Gaia in the 7th. Do so this day and every day and declare your freedom.

Go with my love and joy. Farewell.