true-being Inertia…that moment of quiet, that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies of my Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, before the final battle…and that final battle is your surrender to Love.

Discussion before the channeling:

Before we begin I just have to say, “Thank you to everyone who attended either electronically or spiritually or physically to Lake Tahoe.” It was phenomenal…for me it was such a gift and it was the Mother’s workshop and boy, she’s not finished with us!

I have this rule of three. When I hear something consistently, in meditation and/or in individual peoples channelings, I wait until I’ve heard it three times and when I do I go in and look at it, go deeper, and see if this is something that is applicable for the collective. This next information on inertia fits this category of 3.

The Council, especially Universal Mother Mary, has begun talking about a new phase in terms of our Ascension process we are just entering. It’s an exciting phase called inertia. Now, I always think of inertia as being a second cousin to sloth because it’s when there really isn’t any movement. But the more I meditated on it the more information came through. The COl actually gave Carol a wonderful visual in terms of this term inertia, which we have had a misunderstanding. As you well know, the Council has been redefining language and understandings behind words for us, particularly in the last year. And I remember the kafuffle that started with the reaction to the word tsunami… ‘Oh my god, why are you using that word, it’s so destructive?’ … etcetera…So, here we go again with inertia.

The example they used with Carol was this: When you are really busy, perhaps doing spring cleaning, attacking every nook and cranny of your house and you’re busy, busy, busy, and you’re sweating and you’re working hard… we’ve all done it probably once (Laughter)… Then what happens is at the end of the day four o’clock comes and you take a seat on the sofa or the chair and you’re just done. You know there may still be some dust bunnies somewhere in your house but you don’t care, you just sit there like a bump on a log…and you’re cooked. You want to either curl up on the couch and watch a movie or have a nap or just stare at the wall…which is always a good thing to do…but that’s what the example the COL was using to explain inertia. It’s when you have been extremely busy and the point comes when you are in that place of what they are calling ‘healthy exhaustion’ and you’re just being still. Well, we have all been, particularly we who are light holders and Love holders, extremely busy working on the mayhem, the chaos, the reluctant, the recalcitrant, and on and on and on.

What the Council is saying, and this is what’s exciting, is that the collective has reached this place of inertia as well. Now, if you think of this, inertia, that place of stillness and no movement is very akin to coming, in a natural, physical rhythm, to stillpoint. And we know at stillpoint is where creation, in terms of the creation formula, is where creation is fertilized, implodes/explodes. So, stillpoint and inertia is where we are right now, not just individually but again collectively, resetting our inner mechanisms as it were.

The Council, Mother Mary and Sanat Kumara have been very actively explaining is that it is a necessary part of the process of Ascension because you can’t be fighting and working, working, working, working without stopping to do the reset. You can’t do the reset while you’re in full forward thrust. You have heard the Council use the term ‘the pause’ and the term ‘ full ignition’, well this is that pause so that we can proceed to full ignition.

My thought had been following the incredible gathering of 21 countries coming together for the Lake Tahoe Lovestream, that we would continue exploring Union and Reunion. But what we’re seeing is that the Council is already guiding us to several steps ahead. So while we’re still working on that Union and Reunion but it’s basically them saying, “Okay you’ve got the basics, you’ve got the tools, you’re working on that, now let’s go.” And in terms of ‘let’s go’, let’s go and stay perfectly still.

That’s probably why a lot of you are feeling. Not just the exhaustion that we have felt in the past couple of years as we’ve had these increases in our frequencies and our vibration, but a slightly different quality of “I just want to sit down and be still. It’s not that I’m so exhausted, it’s I want to sit down and enjoy my interdimensional self” because we’re becoming more aware of that interdimensional self. What we’re doing in inertia and in that stillpoint is being still enough that our stranger and our interdimensional self can be actively, go off doing things, as we can become increasingly aware of what it is they’re doing. This just has me completely jazzed!

You also have many parts of you that are interdimensional, your stranger is not your only helper; you have your guides, you have the circle…and most people are under-employing their stranger, to say the least. Remember you are the director or manager of all your aspects. We’ve all seen or experienced managers and supervisors who keep so busy doing your work that they never stop long enough to actually give you clear instruction about what your job and your tasks are. What we are doing in inertia is being the manager, heart and telepathically communicating to our circle, and fully employing all the help that’s available to us.

In this you can revert to some of the issues or questions that we are covering and addressing in the Union and Reunion segment of the Council work, such as “Am I honoring myself? Do I really Love myself? Am I really taking care of my boundaries? Am I really doing what I want with my life?” When you’re running you’re not really answering those questions, you don’t create the space. We all know people who want to run a million miles an hour so they don’t have to look at stuff. So, this stillness, this inertia is our next phase.

The other thing that the Mother has talked to us a lot about is the nurturing and the joy factor. Archangel Gabrielle has talked to us about this, about the joy factor of really nurturing ourselves. She has given us many exercises, many gifts, many tools about working with Joy. She is our go-to ‘Joy archangel’; she has given us the golden rain, the keys to the kingdom, the keys to our heart, the golden bubbles. The list of what Archangel Gabrielle has given us for Joy is long. What we have done in the past is worked with the joy prescription or exercise and that is to choose at the beginning of the day a 15 minutes of joy ritual which subsequently grows.

Yet even this simple exercise has shifted to a new level. What the Council is encouraging is expanding this joy awareness in our consciousness, and do it on the fly. For example, you’re living in the middle of a city and you come across a flower pushing its head up in the middle of a sidewalk; now often we would look at that and we would simply say, “Oh, that’s pretty” and walk on. Or we would see the way the light is coming through our windows, sparkling and sending rainbows, because now we have a crystal hanging in the window, and we’re saying, “Well that’s pretty” and let it go.

Now what the COL is suggesting is that when you come across those moments of beauty or of joy, is to really look at it, grab it and bring it into your heart; just bring it all the way into your heart, to take that ‘pause’ moment and to realize ‘Oh my gosh, this is my Joy gift today.’ So you bring it in,savor it, let that joy fill you up and then you give thanks and gratitude for having gotten the gift.

Again, it’s us being more conscious which is one of the fundamental elements, not only of being the New You but of creating Nova Earth. It’s seeing that joy and beauty and claiming it for ourselves in the little things, and of course in the big things, every single day.

It’s us expanding our relationship with all the kingdoms, whether it’s the tree or the flower or the elementals, the fairies or the birds. It’s us pulling that ray in, the color in to our heart, the qualities of that tree or that flower or that animal. We’re pulling in the dimension. We know that, for example, that the animal kingdom is ahead of us, as Gaia herself is already anchored in the 7th dimension. So when you see these little joy gifts, it’s the flower or the brid or Gaia giving us the energy of that 7th dimension and often higher. Often people say, “Well how am I getting used to being in the higher dimensions?” Well, this is a really easy, obvious way. Our cohabitants of Earth aree saying, “Okay humans, pay attention.”

Everyone is talking about the 5th, the Council has always, never varied, talking about the 7th; we’re going through the 5th and that’s great and it’s opening us up but why would we want to stop there? We’re going to the 7th which is Christ Consciousness and Love and that’s where we want to live. And that’s where Gaia is living, that’s where the heart of Gaia is anchored. She is brushing the top of the 8th, she’s brushing the top of the new 3rd, but if we want to go to her heart go to the 7th. Once we’re anchored in the higher dimensions, we access all the dimensions because it isn’t a hierarchy, we can’t operate without the 1st dimension of knowing what the idea of who we are is and them morphing on up. So, it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive.

The biggest challenge that I have noted in the people really working and applying the Creation Formula (Intent + Stillpoint + Action = Creation) the Stillpoint piece. With this phase of inertia the Mother is bringing us, in physical and in every other way to that place of stillness. Inertia is when I can’t move even if I want to…so it’s like I’m going to be in the stillness but it’s still going to be in that bubble of joy and gratitude and Love. As always the COL continue to teach us and we’re so lucky.

The Mother keeps telling us that the most precious gifts are the intangibles; a lot of that treasure chest has nothing to do with things that we see, smell, touch, at least not in what we perceive as the 3rd dimension. But what we’re doing is we’re touching and seeing and feeling them interdimensionally with our hearts.

We are ready! And what it sounds like is the collective is ready! But it feels like…here we go, here we go! And the affirmation that Mother Mary gave us the very last day at Lake Tahoe is, “I am prepared to receive.”

In Lake Tahoe Mother Mary aasked us “what lies…(a strong word!) are you telling yourself?” We all do it, unconsciously from old patterning. Think of it as “what are the barriers that I’ve been putting up and I didn’t even know about?” And now, “am I prepared to receive.”


Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of All, Mother of Ancients, Mother of New, Mother of Future, Mother of Past, Mother of Eternal Now. Surely dear hearts, you did not think that I had completed what I have to say to humanity. There continues to be a great deal that humanity has need to hear. And you, my beloved lightworkers, Love holders, you are my spokes-beings; you are the daughters and the sons of my heart.

I continue to speak to you, even as you go into this phase of inertia. Let me share something with you and normally this would come forth through Archangel Michael. In all great battles, above, below, and in-between, there is a moment of fury and extreme chaos and then there is a moment, sometimes a day, sometimes a moment, sometimes a week, of what we call inertia. It is that moment of quiet, it is that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies, all the energies of my Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, can I say in this terminology, before the final battle.

Now, I do not talk about chaos and bloodshed, death and destruction. The final battle, dear heart, is surrender; the final battle is surrender to Love, to my Love, to your Love, and to the Love of each other. It is the acceptance of your star brothers and sisters, not merely those who hover over Gaia, but those who are galaxies away. It is surrender to your brothers and sisters of the kingdoms. It is surrender to Love.

From the place of inertia you move to creation, you move to the creation of Nova Earth and Nova You. Many of you, my sweet Annas, have carried the energy of the New You; you have done so for me and you have laid the foundation, you have rewoven the grid, you have reconstructed the paradigms. You have been vigilant, diligent, consistent, in holding the flame of my Love. Despite appearances that looks like chaos and no resolution, you have held firm. You have done this, not merely for me or for Michael or for Gabrielle or Uriel, you have done it for all…not merely for those of Gaia…you have done it for ALL. You have only a sliver, a glimpse, a brief idea of the magnitude of this undertaking and what you have already accomplished. It is not the task, the work of Union and Reunion; it is the celebration of Union and Reunion; the joy of a job well done.

You prepare for the victory and I will join you in that dance. And then, sweet angels, no I do not call you home for I wish for you to experience the joy of being on Nova Earth, of Terra Gaia, to know the fruition of the work that you have done for eons. Since you were born as Creator Race, you come into the fulfillment of the Creator Race, of the restoration of the original, of My plan; there will be no desire to leave.

Allow yourselves, during this period of inertia, to receive the bounty I flood you with. This phase is not being placed on hiatus or sabbatical; this is an action of stillness, this is a replenishment of your very soul, this is a replenishment of your physical being, this is the restoration. Look in the mirror and observe.

Now, I do not say, nor would I ever wish to infer that during this period that you do not turn to me because I continue to plead with you. On behalf of my sacred self, the Father and I, your guides, the Council, the ascended masters, your star brothers and sisters, your circle, turn to us and ask for help. And yes, sweet angel, prepare to receive.

Go with my Love, go with my gratitude, experience my gratitude, feel what it looks like in tangible form. I Love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon