There is a drive and an understanding, an intellectual, spiritual understanding that your drive is to make the U-turn and to come back home. And many of you think of this as the divine union. But, sweet angels, I want to emphasize that divine union is also something that you carry within you, every single moment of every single incarnation…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is the Divine Mother. So with that I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And just before introducing the Divine Mother maybe again I can say a few words about her. The listeners will notice that Linda, Graham and I don’t talk before the Mother comes in and that’s because the Mother’s energy is so powerful that Linda needs to meditate, etcetera.

The Holy Father and the Divine Mother are two phases of the One and I’m going to jest here, I’m going to joke and say the Father does nothing, the Mother does all the work. The Mother creates, preserves, and transforms worlds, life forms, everything. She is the source of everything that we want and only by knowing her can we then be passed along to the Father and in fact, she passes us along to the Father.

So, with that introduction I’d like to welcome Mother.

Divine Mother: And welcome to you, to each of you, for I am the Mother, Mother of all, Mother of ancients, Mother of new, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother, my beloved ones, of each of you…of your hearts, of your minds, of your desires, of the magnificence and truth of who you are.

And this is a time, yes, in your time and divine time – is that not a wonderful phrase, “divine time” – when you are coming to know, to acknowledge, to accept, to surrender, to embrace, the totality of your being.

I wish to begin today — no, not to take up all your time — but to begin by speaking briefly about divine union. Now, when we last spoke, we spent a great deal of emphasis on assisting thee and understanding the unity of your self with self. And there are many faces to this unity, to this level of consciousness, and of cognizance. But let us speak of divine union for just a moment.

Most of you envision your journey of spirit, and I do not just mean of this lifetime or this incarnation, but the entirety of your journey, as basically being birthed from our heart as a beautiful speck of light and Love, and traveling, transforming, morphing, assuming so many various forms, whether it is upon Gaia or CeeCeeCee, Arcturus or Andromeda, the Pleiadean sector — all of you have your favorite places to call home, not only planetary or galactic, but also dimensional. But never have you been restricted in that arena; but I will not digress.

You venture forth out into the multiverse in all your splendor. And how could you not be splendid, dear heart? You are born from the core of our being, and you are born into a reality that is a reflection of our being.

Now, your experience on Gaia — have things gone awry? Yes. But nevertheless, the totality of your experience is intended — your environment, your thoughts, your heart, your entire experience — is intended to be reflective of what you know to be true.

Now, in this journey — for some of you it is millennia, for some of you it is eons; it matters not — there is a drive and an understanding, an intellectual, spiritual understanding that your drive is to make the U-turn and to come back home, to return home to the heart of One where you are so welcome, until such time as you choose to emanate again.

And many of you think of this as the divine union. But, sweet angels, I want to emphasize that divine union is also something that you carry within you, every single moment of every single incarnation. Do you truly think that we would ever send you out without that instant connection to our essence? We would miss you too much. We Love you too much. I would not merely set you adrift throughout the multiverse without the lifeline back home, and that union, that visitation, that connection, that joining, that conjoining, that coming together in bliss and ecstasy and Love is intended, it is part of the plan and the fiber of your being that that connection, that experience, that knowing of divine union can and is experienced throughout every lifetime.

Now, have there been lifetimes when you have said, “I am in charge, and I don’t want anything to do with my parents, both spiritually and literally?” Yes. And is that not humorous, when you think that you carry everything within you? Because it is arrogance to believe that this can truly be shut off or eliminated. It is spiritual immaturity. It is the actions of an adolescent trying to find their freedom. Oh, we do not worry when this happens. Well, except when it goes to the extent of creating such depth of illusion, which is exactly what happened in your old 3rd, that you come to believe that you are separate, that that becomes as solid as cement. And it is not of truth.

You could not, and you would not… I would not create a situation of Ascension in form if that anchoring of divine union was not merely a possibility but an everyday reality. You are part of us as we are part of you. That is the very nature of the creation. In many ways, there are many thoughts about Ascension, but in its simplest form, it is the full integration and practical integration into your very being of divine union — union with us, union with self, union with others. It is the step forward and the step back, to fully receive and to fully give. In giving and receiving, there is no fear, there is no condition, there is no trepidation or limitation. It is simply the free flow of energy.

The reason I speak of this level of divine union is because it is then replicated in your human unions as well. So often we see situations — we do not say this in a critical way — where there is still a whisper of fear. If I give my heart, my soul, if I share the essence and truth of who I am, what if I am not loved? What if the love is not returned? What if I am rejected?

After you have unified with your sacred self, you unify with us, because in our union there can be nothing but unconditional love, surrender, merger, conjoining, joy, bliss, excitement, peace — all of the desirable qualities that you yearn for…the mutuality. And you say, “Mother, how can we have this level of mutuality when I do not fully see you?” for some of you do see me, or impressions of me, let me put it that way. How you begin to see me is it is reflected then into your associations with each other.

I have said several times to you that my desire and my design is that every human being upon the planet falls in Love. Some of you jump to Love, some of you simply surrender to Love. But we use this example of falling because it is falling into each other’s arms the way you fall into my arms, the Father’s arms, if you were to think of it that way. And why would you not?

So, by having, continually, daily, hourly, this experience, this decision, this choice to acknowledge and engage in our divine union, it prepares you, sweet angels, for union with each other.

Now, some of you would say to me, “But Mother, I do practice union with you daily, and it is sublime, and I Love you, and I feel that comfort, that peace, that serenity. But then when I go about and I engage with the human beings, it is not like this.” Humans — no, not you, my blessed lightworkers — but many humans are still in the process of awakening. And yes, they are riding the Tsunami of Love, and might I say, for many of them the water is very rough. Are they being penetrated gently? Yes, but their illusion of the ride is rough because they are fighting, their ego is playing many tricks….

But I do not suggest to you, I do not guide you: “Oh, wait a few months, wait a few years, wait a few decades then before you chance engaging in union with the human beings.” You, my beloved children, are powerful creators, even more powerful than you realize. You’re at the very tip of the iceberg in terms of acknowledging how much you have the innate ability to create. And you can create sacred union and bonding, unity consciousness — it matters not what you call it — this union with each other. You create it before you even engage, and your field is of such magnificence that others who are of like heart and like mind, like consciousness, are attracted to you. And then you say, “Well, Mother, I have seen that, but then their old issues or paradigms come to the forefront.” That does not mean they are yours.

So send the energy and let the resolution and the resurrection take place. But do not engage in them, for that is simply a delaying tactic. When you engage in the drama, whether it is of one individual, an entire group or nation, then what you are doing is engaging in that drama. So you send the energy, you hold the intention, you hold the space; you stand clearly in a willingness to engage in a higher level. And those people who are ready will come to you, and that, every time that happens, you are literally changing the collective.

Now, many of you, bright angels, have been doing this consistently and beautifully. So I will act not as mentor but cheerleader, and say, “Keep going.” And you say to me, “But Mother, it is disheartening because perhaps it is one out of five or one out of a hundred who are truly at that vibration willing to truly engage.”

I remind you that a very short period of time ago it was about one in a million. You have traveled so far and effected the change, created the change — yes, in partnership with us; but my plan does not unfold without this partnership between us — so what we do, yes, remind you that eventually you come home, but that the construct, the very fabric of our relationship is that we are in union and that we desire that it be acknowledged and celebrated, every day. This is what puts you into the infinite flow. This is what allows you, in very practical terms, to say, “Yes, I can do this.”

I wish to speak to those of you who are feeling downtrodden, overwhelmed, overlooked, forgotten — and yes, I mean particularly not just the people of Earth, but this day, this night, to my sweet lightworkers. You say to me, “Mother, I have held on as long as I can, and I do not know where to turn, or that I must make a left turn or variation in what I thought was my plan.” You are not forgotten. You are the truest of the true, and you are the strongest of the masters.

What you see, or what you feel may be a detour, is another way in which you are engaging your mission and purpose. Many of you — and it is for a brief time, by the way, to give you encouragement or fortification — many of you are venturing into what we would call that heart of chaos. You are doing so not to stand on a pulpit or a cardboard box and preach, but to engage with those who are still on the cusp. And what you are doing, sweet angels, is engaging with them energetically, on a soul-to-soul level. Your field is penetrating them. You are showing them. You are demonstrating — not to me; I know your heart; not to those who know and Love you; they know your heart — you are demonstrating — yes, albeit often silently — that as a lightworker you are fully committed to engage in whatever it takes to reach these people. It is a Love exercise. It is not about the tangible.

Some of you think, “Well, I am doing this because I must earn money.” We understand about that reality. But you have need, we would ask you to also look to the bigger picture. You are literally going into the fray to help shift those who are not quite awake yet. This is one of the primary roles of both wayshowers and pillars. You are gathering the people up and you are showing them the way.

So do not think for one moment that this is about punishment or failure or a plan gone awry. This is about you finishing up. And, dear heart, you are joined by Gabrielle and her legions, Michael and his legions, the ascended masters. You do not travel alone. And in that journey, be in sacred union, be in divine union with me because I am with you. You are my physical hands and eyes and smile. You are the demonstration of what Love really looks like on Gaia. And there is no more important demonstration than that. And in that chaos, in that fray, you will begin to see, there are those who are open to Love and who have been sitting there, standing there, lying there, waiting for someone to show them how or which way to turn. Do not underestimate your power to create.

Now I will stop, dear Steve, and give you the floor.

SB: Well, thank you, Mother. And… you know, I have two questions. So if we could leave about ten minutes at the end of the show for the second, that would be very helpful. I’d have a third if we had time, but we don’t.

Ancient sages would have fasted for a year, well, for a month, to hear what you just said. And here we are, everyone who wishes listening to you on the radio. I can guess at the answer, but here’s the question. What is the significance of us being able to hear you like this with such unrestricted access?

DM: It is a combination of what you can think of as spiritual evolution. And it is my desire that you hear me in this way right now. And you are correct. In older times, in ancient times, there was a stratified belief that one must cleanse themselves physically, spiritually, in order to hear my voice. Now, I will not nay say any of these brilliant sages, for their hearts were pure. But even before they began the fast, their hearts were pure. Now, let me use this example, because it is a timely and an important one. You have this gathering that I have organized coming up. Ten years ago, I would have asked all the participants to fast for at least a day, or preferably for 48 hours prior to receiving the activations, the attunements, to truly be in a place of somewhat altered consciousness in order to receive.

Now, it is not whether it was a thousand years ago or ten years ago or last year; it is not that the heart is not pure. What the fasting does — and it is the same as, in some ways, retreat, and very often we have recommended that these two go hand-in-hand — it is to take your mind off of the physical. So it is not that the purity of your being is at question; it is the removal of yourself from what you think of as the habits or the ritual of feeding your body, paying attention to the externals, and quieting the mind and the soul to simply receive.

Now, am I asking that of you? No. Is it an excellent practice? Yes. When Yeshua, that being, was in form on planet, on planet Gaia, he would go off — you think that you know of one situation, but this was a regular occurrence, and it has been for mystics throughout time — he would go off and fast and pray, for 20 days, for 40 days, for 2 days. But what he was doing was not merely entering into a sacred space to hear me, but getting away from the hubbub, from the busyness, from people tugging on his sleeve, to enter into the quiet, to replenish and listen. And the listening, the quiet, is essential to divine union.

Now, is the union constant? Of course it is. But what we are asking is for you to bring your awareness, the totality of your awareness, to this union. And you can’t do that driving a car or feeding the kids, or shopping at Walmart, or engaging in war, or working on Wall Street. What you do is you fortify the union so that as you go to do those things you are fortified, equipped, filled, renewed energetically. You take vitamins and supplements. You drink power drinks and green drinks. But you do not always fill yourself with the most essential energy. And that is the Love. That is what is going to keep you going.

I’m not suggesting not to tend to your body, because as important as fasting and retreat is, it is equally important to honor your vessel — program your water, program your food, bless your food, cook with Love, work with Love. But the starting point is to take time to be in union.

Now, why can you hear me this way? Beloveds, I have been telling you, Michael has been telling you, Sanat Kumara has been informing you that you are flying in and out of the Ascension portal. Many of you are firmly anchored in the higher dimensions. You can hear me because you have decided, because you are anchored in a higher vibration and because I declare it; because this notion that you are not worthy unless you undergo enormous preparation, that you cannot hear me, that you are not worthy to hear me … and that is not so. I have always, since the very beginning — which you have no concept of — I have spoken to you. That is why my vibration, my voice is so familiar. It is why you yearn for it.

It is necessary for you to know this, to accept your value and worth. There are some of you who would say, “If I was in an crowd and the President was there, I would never simply go up and speak to him” — Secret Service aside. And I would say to you, “But, child, why would you not gift him with your grace? Why would you not reassure him that he is loved and supported and that his star family acknowledges him?”

Now, that is just a political figure. So I say to you, why would you not speak to me? Why would you not expect and hear and listen to me, to us? Why would you ever think, or feel, that I do not want you to hear what I have to say particularly during this time when you are forming — yes, you, with us, with your star brothers and sisters, with the ascended masters — when you are forming a new environment, a new reality? It is new construction, sweet angels. Of course I wish to guide you.

SB: Is it my opportunity to interject a second question, Mother?

DM: Yes, it is, dear heart.

SB: Thank you very much. It’s been, excuse me, intimated, not very clearly, but vaguely, by a very credible channeled source, that Ascension won’t happen ’til 2017. You, Archangel Michael, Jesus and Saul through John Smallman and others have all said that it’s coming very soon. What is the correct information, Mother?

DM: The correct information… is that not in itself an interesting question? And yes, I will answer it. But note what I say, please, in the sweetest of ways. Do not make, please, one answer right and one answer wrong.

Now, think of this issue, this conflict of years. Now, part of your new environment, as explained in a very casual aside by Sanat Kumara, is how you, as part of the Ascension multidimensionality. are moving out of what you would think of as sequential experience. Now, does that mean that you are free floating in time and space? No. Because you still have need of your reference points. If all of a sudden I was simply to open the floodgates and all human beings were in the infinity of eternity, it would be enough to make you insane. It would be overload to the quantum degree.

Now, your channels have pure hearts. So let us leave it at that, as well. So I do not wish to say one son or daughter is right and another is not. All are coming. No, not all channels are clear and not all channels are pure, but the ones that we are speaking of this day come with pure hearts and delightful essences. Ascension is upon you. It is sooner rather than later. Most of you are already there. You are simply integrating and anchoring.

Now, because there hasn’t been this collective whoosh, not all of you are fully aware of it. Now, let me explain. And let me explain in a practical way. Yes, I am your Mother and I can be very practical. I lift up, you jump up, and I take you to a completely beautiful but foreign territory. Now, some of you, the wayshowers, the gatekeepers, have visited this territory before, but the bulk of humanity has not. And this is what we have termed — and we have spoken of — as the transition process or the transition time, let me be very clear, post-ascension.

Now, you have asked this over the years in a variety of ways: After ascension, will there be money? And we have said yes, because human beings love to play with currency, and we cannot wait until you fully understand what it is to play with your spiritual currency, the currency of creation. But let us talk about that. So, is there currency? Yes, because there are many upon the planet who would be completely confused if all of a sudden there was no money. They like it. So it will be there. But it will have different, can we say, different significance, different abundance. Things that you choose to do with money will be different, post-Ascension, which is very close, closer than you think.

There are billions whose heart, whose soul declaration says yes to Ascension. But they are still in an learning phase. Does this exclude them? Of course not. But perhaps they have never meditated or prayed, or listened to my voice or the voice of their guides. Perhaps they have never been in unity consciousness. Perhaps they are overwhelmed that all of a sudden limitation is gone and that Love is the formation of society. You are building new Cities of Light; you are actually anchoring them. You are building a few new constructs, but that is beside the point. Your Cities, your politics, your institutions, everything is shifting.

So, are you looking at a date of around 2017 as a time when the glorious Golden Age is really up and running, that people feel like not only have we ascended, but we actually have gotten things organized, and we are operating in the new, and our star brothers and sisters are our next door neighbors? It is commonplace to see the angels hovering above the house? Yes. Are you waiting for 2017 for the shift in heart consciousness? No. In our terms and yours, that is immediate.

Is that clear enough for you?

SB: It’s very clear, Mother, and I very much thank you for that, because there are so many people who are so looking forward to Ascension, and when something comes up that is not clear, it can send a tremor to the force.

So let me ask you my next question. I’ve just learned, recently learned, in this incarnation, anyway, that Love is the answer. And perhaps I’m the slowest of the fast learners, but what I don’t see is how we can take our Love and bring peace to the world. How do we take the only thing of consequence that we have, which is our Love — I mean, it’s … besides Love, money pales in significance — and use it to bring peace to the world?

DM: This is where we get into the business of spiritual currency. When I have said earlier this day that you are just at the tip of the iceberg — I do not say this to demean you; quite the contrary, I say it to encourage you — you are the tip of the iceberg in terms of your power to create. And you do not need to go to Iraq or Somalia or Papua to bring this about. Now, many of you do this every night with Michael and you do go to the places not only of war but simply heart-broken places. Many of you are in the slums of Chicago or Calcutta.

Use my gifts. I spoke to you last week of bringing them to your heart and pulling them up. Now I call upon clarity. Call upon purity and send it. It is part of Love. Call upon grace and send it. Do not engage in the drama. Simply know, it is as if you have one of those Jedi swords and you are inserting with laser light into the situation and cutting through the illusion, and as you are cutting through you are inserting the Love. Every day, you have people who say, “I woke up this morning and I feel different. I don’t know why.” But we do, and you do. That is how — and know that you do not do this alone; you do it in concert with all the mighty ones, with the masters, with your star brothers and sisters who are very active in this peace movement, more active than you can possibly imagine.

And, dear heart, my tsunami is not merely for those who acknowledge me, it is for every human being, every grain of sand, every atom of water. Now, the kingdoms are taken care of. They are there. You go etherically. You can be in many places at once. Send yourself and your Love and bring the peace, knowing that when you go you are already in sacred union with us, and sacred union with the recalcitrant, the reluctant, the aberrant. You are going to Love them into submission and if they never know your name or from whence you came, it matters not, because you have gone into the fray, and you are doing my bidding. And your service is not unrecognized. It is so deeply appreciated. And yes, sweet angels, rewarded.

Love grows. Love is contagious. It can destroy those who would wage war. It can destroy AIDS or Ebola. Send it. And send it in my name. Go with my love and go in peace, sweet angels. Call me, because I am calling you.

SB: Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: You are welcome, sweet one. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon