…we work through collaboration and community, understanding, for that is the way of intergalactic peace and peace within and without upon your planet of this beautiful Gaia or far beyond. Much of what we do, in fact the greatest portion of what we do, is unseen… let me be very clear: not intangible… but unseen or unknown to the human collective, we are diligently working in the anchoring of peace on earth…

Greetings, I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. Yes, President of Intergalactic Council but also beloved friend, ally, former Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer-Galaxies. No, I do not try and overshadow my son, Ashira’s tremendous accomplishments. When I have assumed this role, as President, as head of this Inter-galactic Council, which has represented us from many quadrants that you are not even aware of and yes, we call ourselves a council, but understand also, my title is honorary, we are like a circle. It is not that I wield power singularly, for we work through collaboration and community, understanding, for that is the way of intergalactic peace and peace within and without upon your planet of this beautiful Gaia or far beyond.

We have been diligently at work with you. When I have assumed this role, I have done so, I have stepped forward, as many of you have, to oversee the initiation and the inclusion of Earth, of Gaia, into this Council, that she would assume her full position at the table. Some of you forget that the representative, the Chief Representative for Gaia on this Council is Waka’na’taka and he does great justice for your planet, as he always has. But also understand that he is attended by many of you, who act not only as the keepers of Gaia’s Flame but as representatives to this auspicious body.

Why have I asked to speak to you this day? Often, we hear your cries, oh, I would not call it criticism, others might but I won’t, of ‘what are our star brothers and sisters doing?’, ‘what is our star family doing?’, ‘our star allies doing to assist us?’ It is the similar cry that we hear about ‘what is the Council of Love doing?’, ‘what is the Company of Heaven doing?’, ‘what are the Archangels doing?’, ‘where the heck are my guides?’

Much of what we do, in fact the greatest portion of what we do, is unseen… let me be very clear: not intangible… but unseen or unknown to the human collective. Not because it is a secret in terms of what you have come to know, shall we say, back door politics or private deals. But because the nature, often of what we are doing in this very moment, first and foremost of supporting Gaia in her ascendancy and full anchoring in the 7th and that includes the kingdoms and each of you my beloved friends and family, but also because we are diligently working, yes with/for Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Jophiel, you name it… Sanat Kumara, in the anchoring of peace on earth.

Yes, we send you energy every day and it is still the gentle pink, to ease your hearts, not merely into Love but into surrender. Not surrender to anybody but to your own sacred divinity. We are very busy, all of us, all what you think of as the commands, running interference for your planet. We have told you and we tell you again: there are certain events and undertakings that will not be permitted upon Gaia. Yes, such as the exchange of nuclear weaponry and we are working in a prevention manner to intercede, even where it is necessary, that this type of devastation and expansion of the chaos does not take place.

Now there is a degree that has been allowed to seep through so that you can, all of you, follow Michael and St Germaine’s dictum of declaring your liberation, your freedom. We are waiting, we are with you.

And understand much of our intervention, our intersession is not merely just for you human beings but for your star brothers and sisters who are also anchored on the ground, in service, by the millions and we are not about either to call them back to ship; the acclimatization process was too intense for that and it is still going on.

Amongst our council, there are those just like you, who are more, shall we say, planetary keepers, just as you have earth keepers whose main concern is the health, the welfare, the restoration, the reconstruction of Nova Earth, Terra Gaia. And then there are those who are most concerned for the kingdoms. No, not that we wish in any way to mine your resources…. that is a very human, old 3rd dimensional way of doing things. So it is not that we are hungry for gold or oil or any of that, we are hungry or that group particularly is interested in clean air, clean water, vibrant forests, sweet flowers….. for many of these beings have travelled from planetary or solar systems where such diversity and beauty, either have been destroyed or has never existed.

Your planet, our beloved Gaia, is a gem. It is truly one of the mother’s crowning glories and we will do anything to protect and nurture and save her. We will not allow Gaia ever to reach a place again, where she is so exhausted that she contemplates her departure. The majority of this Inter-galactic Council -yes we have many affairs to attend to- but truly we turn our attention, the primary focus of our attention because of the divine conjunction that occurs right now over the space of several months, the conjunction of the Mother’s plan, with the Inter-galactic plan, with the Gaia plan, with the human plan, with your plan…… it is the alignment.

So our focus is to bring those who are what you have thought of as the most chaotic, the most recalcitrant, the most reluctant, to assist them not only in laying down their arms but laying down their fears, their egos; no, not their delightful personalities, but their ego idealism that is not born of truth or Love. We are diligent in our commitment.

So it is not merely the ascended masters and the archangels that are focusing, shall we say, on groups like Isis or the chaos in the Ukraine or Africa. There are legions on ship hovering very closely and those of you who are assuming the fullness of your inter-dimensionality are seeing us more and more. So we want you to know of our work with you. Now you say, some of you say, “Well then, why do I not see you more clearly?” and I visit this issue of inter-dimensionality. We have been able to manifest or “intrude” yes intrude, into, intervene into the old 3rd and that is what some of this assistance that we now offer you is about. But we, like you, are inter-dimensional beings and we live in the frequency of Love and that is where we meet and conjoin; it is in the higher frequencies, what you think of as higher dimensions.

We would have a very difficult time, it would deplete our energy fields very rapidly to actually live in the chaos of the old 3rd particularly now where there is nowhere to anchor. That is part of the acclimatization of our beings on the ground but they are well shielded and as the frequency of Gaia has increased, as the collective has increased, as you are flying in and out and through the Ascension portals, that commonality of ground has increased substantially and it makes our work with you, yes and sometimes for you, more feasible, more easy.

So, our timeline for this completion and therefore dear heart, your timelines as well, are at hand. It is not the distant future, it is the now and that is why I, on behalf of this entire Inter-galactic Council, have wished and requested to speak to you and to the people of Earth of our plans and our presence. And yes, we will be with you in Lake Tahoe, whether you are sitting in Prague or Vienna, Cape Town or Venezuela, we will be with you.

Go with our love, go with our blessings, we are family. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon