Intention coupled with the Tsunami of Love is a powerful method to bring Love where healing is needed on Gaia. The children and animals have suffered in the intensity of the illusion. LD’s meditations are a magnificent example of LOVE in action.

May 3 LD

Meditation 5/2/14

I go into the water with the intention to bring the Tsunami of Love to children of estranged parents and divorced homes. I first build a clear quartz crystal room that will be a playroom/teen lounge for these children. As I am doing this my dolphin friend Eywah swims and plays around me. He is very happy about this project!

My chimpanzee friend, Tyree comes as well and performs antics getting me to laugh! I am surprised to see my husband helping to build the walls and then understand he is bringing the Divine Masculine energy of a loving father with a deep respect for mothers and children. He often says if women would run the world there would be no wars!

I start to replicate these rooms to be in all areas of the world but become concerned the children won’t be able to get to these rooms. I then realize I can just build one giant room around the entire earth! I am very excited about this idea and fly up into space. I expand the room and fit it around the planet. It forms some kind of star formation which I have seen before. I program it with a steady gentle mist of the waves of Love. I then re-program it to also be for any child that has had experiences “Not of Love.”  I am satisfied with my work and return to earth.

5/2/14 -5/4/14

Friday morning I open face book and see the post about a veterinarian being arrested for animal cruelty. I quickly close face book before reading the article and work to stay centered. But throughout the day I am drawn back to this, pulled down. Each time I bring myself back to my center, grateful that this man has been stopped from further harming animals.

I send a prayer of gratitude for the article in GAOG the day before with Matthew Ward that addresses animal abuse. He reminds us to focus on the positive, that we are moving forward in this arena. At one point I am shown that the veterinarian is very confused at being arrested, he does not have much experience being on earth. My heart goes out to him and I decide  I will bring him the Tsunami of Love when I go into meditation next.

In the late afternoon my guides tell me I need to read the rest of the article. I try to ignore them but they become insistent. I have learned from experience it won’t do me any good to continue to ignore them as they will soon make me crazy.

I sigh, “Okay, but I need lots of support here!” I breathe, read the article and immediately afterwards gather the abused animals. I do not think about the best way to work with them and just bring them right inside my heart. I just know I need to give them my love. One by one I do this with each animal to heal them and it heals my pain as well that they have been abused.

I do not feel the same way about the veterinarian after reading the article and am not ready to bring the Tsunami of Love to him. I decide I will build a school instead so he learns it is wrong to abuse animals. I see a classroom with him sitting behind a desk and a dog sitting at the teacher’s desk. But when he goes into the classroom there is a different scene then I had planned! All the animals he has abused come to greet him and jump all over him, licking his face!


Saturday, I return to the meditation as I know I am not done with this. I think of the message of the animals. I feel so sad that I don’t have this unconditional love also for the veterinarian. I go to the Divine Mother and sit on her lap as a child would. As she holds me in her arms I tell her I am not ready to bring the Waves of Love to the veterinarian. She tells me it doesn’t matter what I do or don’t do, she only has love for me. She shows me that it is the same for the veterinarian.

The veterinarian comes and touches my shoulder but I can’t bear to look at him. He then changes into a different man to show me who he really is but I still feel this overwhelming sadness for me, for the animals for him. The Divine Mother has a chair put a distance from us which he sits on. Together we put a white lattice screen in front of him. She holds my hand and we bring the Tsunami of Love waves to him.

This has been exhausting for me. I go to the Father and just curl up in his lap and go to sleep. I come out of the meditation but I stay in the protection of the Father’s lap the rest of the day.


Sunday morning I wake up still not finished with this.  Somehow there is something more I need to do. First I put the veterinarian in AA Gabrielle’s topaz box. I program the Tsunami of Love to also come as a gentle rain inside the box. I ask to see the veterinarian as a child but I am not shown what his life was like. I am shown instead a child who was in my school a few years ago.

We do much work with our children with animals. It is actually one of the main values of the true teachings of Judaism, to have compassion for animals. There are many teachings that were put in place to develop this.  One of my favorites is that eggs cannot be taken from a bird’s nest if the mother bird is there as it will cause her too much pain.

This third grade boy would tell the class of  how he hurt  frogs and his puppy. The rest of the children in the class were horrified. The children watched each time how I would re-direct him and ask him to think of a time he was kind to his puppy. I would give him “private” homework and have him come back the next week to share his experience. We would all celebrate his loving experiences with the puppy but I didn’t make any progress with the frogs. The family actually left the following year and I was relieved. I told my sister this family was not meant to be with us.

But now I am shown a web and am given the understanding that I am still connected to him and to any child I have ever taught. I experiment and send a wave of Love through the web and I see how it goes to each child, many who are now grown.  I experiment some more and send waves of Gratitude, of Peace, of Joy! I send a tone through the web of AH. The lines of the web vibrate like guitar strings. The Father comes to stand with me on my left and The Mother on my right. I tell them I want to put the veterinarian in the web as a child as well but I just can’t do it. But the message I receive is that I am not meant to do this. I am to Trust this message. And I do.

May 4 JMc

I could write volumes– actually, I have with my textbooks- but, for now , we have much in common. My professional work has been with children, crisis situations, educators, therapists, nurses, social workers, and I have  been GIVEN/ SUPPLIED with  many Light, love, laughter, techniques, only rarely revealed unless someone asked, “What just happened?” And, always, all credit was given to Spirit, Angels, or Miracles, whatever would fit with the inquirer’s mind-heart set.

The reason I am mentioning this is my heart is ON FIRE for what you have been shown and called to do, like EACH of US  of our Soul Family, whatever the situation, The BEST SOLUTION for that moment is SHOWN to us, as a visual like your tree, or a soul SMILE, or a DIVINE LISTENING.  Bless you; I, too, have heard people’s “life stories” since I was 4 years old, and they are sacred, not revealed except for illustration.

My Guides tell me to offer NOT to WORRY about not (yet) sending LOVE to the vet; the ANIMALS are his HEALERS, along with the Blue Topaz Box of the Mother.

When I could NOT love Pres. W Bush, and felt “bad” about it, I asked my sweet dogs, MOLLY, and later MAGGIE MAY, to send DOGGY LOVE to his dog, Barney, and I knew it was a pervasive  radiating force FIELD– well, Tsunami– for him and his advisors.

I told others in my spirituality groups, and they reported using this LOVE from BELOVED PET technique with co-workers, neighbors, family members, that they could not yet “love.” Perhaps it makes tender sense for others, as well.

So many blessings, so many “not-so-easy situations” appearing for our LOVE and Lightly– I’m in the stickiest decision of my life and waiting for a door to appear .

May 5 KW

This morning in meditation,

I called upon everyone

Everyone I have ever known

Who would come with me

To the Sea


Come, I called

The beach is golden

The sand is soft

The sun is warm

Walk with me

Walk with us

Into the gentle blue



The Mother and The Father

The soothing waves

Let them wash away

The debris, grit, sand,

And gently unwind

Seaweed, seagrass


Let it go


Come with me,

Join with me

Call everyone you know

To the Sea of Love

Of Freedom

Of Worth

Of Joy


Come to the Sea

Bring all who will come!

May 5 YT

I just want to said each of you inspire me in your unique way, and this morning  I was in my meditations and felt that I need it to do more, then I remember that Jesus said in one of his channellings that self-doubt is not healthy , not balance for my spirit…so when I start reading here I felt what a BEAUTIFUL LOVING circle full of understanding and that each of us are helping to fill the blanks in our journeys, we are being help and start to calm myself and let go and feel LOVE and GRATITUDE for my SWEET ANNAS and Linda and the COUNCIL OF LOVE unconditional LOVE,

I LOVE you all SWEET ANNAS in this circle,


Along with the elimination of all that is not of love within the Tsunami of Love is JOY ~ enormous JOY! The higher realms want us to anchor the LOVE and the JOY because within the JOY is our WORTH ~ we deserve, we are worthy, we are valued, we are our I AM.

May 6 LD

5/3/14- 5/4/14

Saturday afternoon

I just enjoy the afternoon looking at the water in the canal that runs behind my house when I see something unusual swimming. At first I think it is the alligator I saw a couple of weeks ago. Every once in a while we have one, but this is something else. Three animals climb out of the water onto the bank and I see they are otters!! I have never seen otters before other than in pictures and am enthralled! I get my binoculars so I can see them up close and watch them groom themselves and climb over each other. After about 20 minutes they climb back into the water, dive over each other and swim away. I look up in “Animals Speak” the message otters bring and it is Playfulness and Joy.

“Okay, Everybody, I Get It!!” This is the third message already. The first was from my dog Cinnamon in a meditation to play more, the second from AA Gabrielle in a reading that the journey is meant to be joyous. I laugh as I tell my guides, “You all know me so well! You knew exactly what would get my attention! Otters! Okay, Joy it is!!


It is the most beautiful day on Sunday!! I have to work in the morning but am thrilled I can be outside the rest of the day. In the afternoon, the waves of Love begin and I am riding them again, filled with such  Joy!! “I am so glad you are back,” I tell them!!

I listen to the birds singing and hear an additional vibration to their songs. I don’t remember noticing this the last time I was riding the waves. I listen to a recorded song, yes it is there too! There is another sound I hear also, a humming. It is as though the particles in the air are singing! “This  is what it must be,” I think, “the air is singing!! The whole earth is singing!!”

Sunday night

I am looking forward to going into meditation as there are two projects I want to work on with the issue of self-worth.  At the phone conference with Linda, we were asked to work with this issue as only 30% of people have self-worth. The percentage needs to be higher to bring in our prosperity creations.  Previously I had already set in place a crystal structure around the earth to bring the Tsunami of Love to the children and know somehow I can program self-worth into it using the energy of Joy and Play. But this will be for another time.

First I want to work with the figure I have already seen in my mind, a blueprint of a human being. It has many lines running throughout it and will be used as a surrogate human being. I have worked with surrogates as animals, people and structures but never a blueprint. I see that when it is completed I will be able to work with the issue of self-worth for humanity.

But this is a huge undertaking and I need to be careful, go step by step.  First I take the blueprint to the Father to discuss it with him. There is much I do not understand about these lines and ask to be connected to the Bank of Knowledge to be downloaded with the correct information. The Father approves my plan and the blueprint becomes three dimensional.

First I ask that the false grid of lack of self-worth will be lifted from this human being blueprint. I see all sorts of lights on the blueprint but am not comfortable working this way. “I feel things,” I say. “I would rather feel where the places are.” I feel the many places in my body affected by this issue but the strongest is a small place in the left part of my brain. I am shown a small gray cylinder there that has many branches running out of it with knots twisted around many organs in the body.

Somehow this cylinder is no longer active but the placement of the branches are still causing havoc. I call to a surgical team to help me remove this from the blueprint. We work but this is not the right way as the branches are too hard and firm, they need to soften so they can be pulled out easily.

I call to the Tsunami of Love waves and ask them to also be programmed with Joy to soften these branches. They come with a gold mist. I leave it for a while and then return and it is working! There are a couple of places of small knots that are now soft enough to pull out of the body!!

I am so excited about this! I go back to the Father. “It is the first step!! We have taken the first step!”


My husband and I get ready to go to a funeral. I am looking forward to reconnecting with the granddaughter of the man who passed, a 25 year old.  She was our student through the age of 13 for her Bat Mitzvah and I haven’t seen her since she was 18 years old.

I take out one of my husband’s gray “funeral ties” for his black suit which is normal funeral attire but can’t bear to have him wear this. I pull out another tie that has purple stripes in it. Yes, this feels right! But I put it back as my mind tells me that everyone expects the rabbi to be dressed in a certain way. My intuition wins and I bring back the purple tie. I decide to wear a matching blouse with my black jacket and black skirt. I set the intention that as people see these colors they will be uplifted,  joy will come into their hearts and their grief will be eased.

The funeral will be held at the same chapel where I set in place the Tsunami of Love waves from my home for another funeral that I did not attend. I am curious to see if there will be a difference in the energy. I receive confirmation when I get there! Everything is so much Lighter than usual in the lobby and the chapel itself!

During the service as my husband is speaking and all eyes are on him, I see AA Gabrielle come into the middle of the room, filling it with Golden Light.  “Wow,” I think! “This is because I asked for this, that as people see these colors, joy will come into their hearts!

When we get to the site of the internment, an outside mausoleum, the energy is very dark and I have trouble breathing. I work to transmute the energy before everyone arrives and throughout the rest of the service but only about a quarter of it is transmuted. I listen to the message to not work further.

Afterwards when speaking to my former student, she tells me how much she likes the purple tie that my husband is wearing and that I match him with the same colors! I tell her the story of how I didn’t want him to wear his usual somber “funeral” clothing. She tells me she loves the colors and that when she dies one day she wants everyone to have a party and celebrate that she enjoyed every day of her life!

Later on, I think about this 25 year old girl who is so filled with Joy, that  7 years ago my husband and I officiated the funeral for her older brother who she absolutely adored. I send a prayer of gratitude that my student is my teacher.  I ask that I too am always filled with Joy!!


Yesterday for most of the day I couldn’t get myself back in my body and had to work in the office the whole day. I would work for a couple of hours, rest for half an hour, work for two hours, rest for half an hour etc. I also felt like I was pregnant. I woke up craving lentil soup and oranges.

I made the soup, ate some for breakfast and  finished the whole pot  by the middle of the afternoon! I don’t even want to think about how many calories that is!  I couldn’t stop eating oranges and had four yesterday! So crazy!! Fortunately by the late afternoon I was grounded again.

Today both my husband and I are physically exhausted. Seeing more chaos in my congregation. Another mother called today with problems with the dad. I have called in lots of help for my end of year program today in my school. All the parents will be there. So glad I have partners from above – just handing everything over today!

May 9 JB

Such freedom comes in The Mother’s Tsunami of Love waves for me. I don’t have to think about it or understand the way that it works or cleanses me. I just feel the lightness in my body and spirit as the energies go through me. I seem to breathe easier, my mind is more at rest, and I’m less reactive to things.

What a relief and life-changing gift. I am so grateful. Oh, and the love continues to rise. I actually feel lighter and I’m not sure what that means, but I know how it feels.

I love each of you and am so deeply grateful for every word that you write. You touch my heart.

The Tsunami is a cleanser, it is a way of transformation lifting us to a higher octave of heart consciousness. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming but having the courage to jump into the waves is a way of feeling the connection to the All, the knowing we are never alone, that there is help if we ask and eventually there is Freedom!


May 9 DL

Recently I have been feeling completely overwhelmed, by everything. Even emails felt like too much. Every everything. I know intellectually that this is unwarranted but I just haven’t been able to ease this discombobulated, overwhelmed feeling.

My body, especially my back has really given me trouble since the closing of March and I’m not quite out of the woods yet. The real topper was when I slipped and fell really hard right on my sacrum. That was two weeks ago and I still feel it. When I fell, I couldn’t believe it and I just had to wonder, what the hell is going on??

I haven’t been attending to much of a spiritual practice either…because THAT felt like too much. This forum felt like too much. BUT, this morning I thought the only way to help myself get through this was to get back on track with spending time in prayer & meditation.

The first thing I did was the Tsunami of Love meditation. This time, rather than feeling like I was leading others, I was the one asking for help. I asked the Mother, and I asked the New You group to please help me. Tears streamed down my face, as they arise again now, just writing this.

I thank you for joining hands with me to receive the Tsunami of Love today. I feel like I took a step in requesting assistance and I felt the help immediately of you all and the Mother. I’m feeling calmer now and know that what needs to get done, will get done. There is help, if I ask. In gratitude.


May 9 CJ

The Tsunami of Love has many faces.

You know, it just occurred to me that this Freedom I am now experiencing is the “Tsunami of Love.”

I used to think that the Tsunami of love was mainly the falling over in bliss, joy, laughter and all that yummy, yee hawww stuff…but I now feel that these are the overflow or important side dishes that accompany the Tsunami of Love experience.

I feel that the real Tsunami of Love is showing up for me as the clarity that’s emerging from the fogginess I have been experiencing, the being set free from the illusions and the lies that have bound me and the shockingly wonderful realization that OMG!!! I have arrived on the other side of the shore and I am FREE!” Yay!

Now that the old, heavy, distressing baggage has gone and has been left behind…no words can describe the lightness I feel.

My New Life is here…beckoning me to create afresh from my heart in love!

Oh the Joy, Oh the Joy!

I am FREE! I am LIGHT! (literally)

I am so glad clarity is coming back and our inner eyes are opening and we being assisted in setting ourselves free!

We are truly loved and guided and supported at all times. It’s Amazing!

Thank you Divine Mother and All for the Gift of The Tsunami of Love!