10001518_682426685150856_623782646_nWhen you encounter naysayers, take the torch that I have given you with the Violet Flame, take it and torch their hearts, torch their fields, that they may be liberated, that they may be freed, and then scoop them up and carry them through the portal, that they are also penetrated…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone and editor and founder of the Golden age of Gaia.

Our guest today is St. Germaine. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And before we welcome St. Germaine, Linda, you have a livestream coming up on June 8th, I believe. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Linda Dillon: Well, I’d be thrilled to tell you about that. Thank you, Steve. Yes, we have a livestream coming up on June 8th at 1:00 to 2:30 PM Eastern Time. And the topic, the purpose of the livestream is to give more information and energetic downloads, attunements, meditations, and channelings from the Divine Mother on this gift of love that’s already begun in earnest, I would say, all over the planet.

And we have many people who are experiencing the Tsunami of Love, Ascension, I think these two are really connected, but then there’s also people who want to up the energy and receive a fuller experience of the tsunami.

And then there’s those people who feel like, “Well, I’m not feeling anything. How do I begin?” And so it’s designed for that and it’s designed for everything in between.

So if you really want to feel the full download of the Mother’s love, for the tsunami, come and join us on June 8th. Go to the Council of Love or the Golden Age of Gaia websites, just click on the link and you can register and away we go!

SB: Well, that’s wonderful. I can say that I’m feeling certifiably wonderful and I’ve had some massive clearings as well. Now, we’re also entering to the time of Ascension, are we not?

LD: Yes, we are. And it began a few months ago, where the Council began to be sharing with me these visions of people, of a lot of people, basically flying through the Ascension portal, flying through, doing what we call a U-turn, coming back, collecting more people, bringing them through, doing the U-turn. And you, Steve, actually had coined the phrase “Ascension Lite,” which I think is perfect!

But increasingly I started to ask people and then people in their readings or in conversations were indicating that they either felt that they had ascended or were having a very different perspective of their daily life and how they were perceiving the world and it felt like they were multidimensional, inter-dimensional, seeing things with their third and fourth eyes.

So, we’re seeing increasingly huge numbers of people going through the Ascension portal, having that experience of being lifted up, not only dimensionally but in their very core, their heart, their being, that expansion, and then coming back to what we think of as the residue or the Third Dimension, and assisting in gathering people.

That’s really the meaning of being a wayshower, isn’t it? And yes, the Council is saying that this is going to continue. And maybe St. Germaine has something to share with us, but I would suspect that the intensity of this is going to increase phenomenally through the month of June.

But before we forget ― also, Graham, you reminded me, today is Ascension Day!

SB: [laughs] How about that!

LD: Yes, in I think it’s the Christian, not merely Roman Catholic, but the Christian tradition, this is the day that they had pinpointed, 40 days after the death and supposed resurrection of Jesus-Sananda, that he ascended with his form into heaven. And so I think this is a perfect evening for all of us to unfurl our wings, put out our hands, and let’s go!

SB: All right.

GD: Let’s do it. Why not?

LD: Let’s do it!

SB: Let me just say a word, Linda, if I may, about Ascension and enlightenment. They aren’t the same. I did an article recently about the subject; Ascension means going to another dimension, specifically the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension itself has sub-planes, so the actual experience of Sahaja Samadhi, for instance, is probably not something we’ll have until we reach, I believe, the second sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension.

So it’s not something necessarily that people ascending right now are going to have immediately. And that’s one of the reasons for calling it Ascension Lite.

And the second thing I want to say about that is that there are many levels of enlightenment. Not all of them bring with it Ascension.

For instance, Ramana Maharshi actually had Sahaja Samadhi, but he remained in the Third Dimension. So they’re not indelibly linked, so to speak. Different levels of Ascension are associated with different levels of enlightenment, but some levels of enlightenment don’t result in Ascension.

So, I just wanted to make that clear to our listeners.

Is there anything further you wanted to say about that?

LD: I think that’s a really important point, Steve, that you’ve made in your wonderful articles, and for people to understand, because I think that sometimes we, as your reading public, to you dear Steve, tend to get confused about enlightenment and Ascension.

And it’s important to remember that every dimension that’s available in the human experience, One through Twelve, has twelve of those levels. So yes, we’re going through that portal. And what we’re expecting is more like the big bang.

SB: Yes.

LD: … and it may be the quiet awakening to a beautiful new world. So don’t judge it, just let it sink in.

SB: Right. Very good. Well, shall I let you make your transition, and then we’ll welcome St. Germaine?

LD: Yes.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

SB: Greetings, St. Germaine. Welcome.

St. G: And welcome to you. Welcome to all of you. And yes, on this occasion that you’ve marked on so many of your calendars as Ascension Day ― well, might we re-term it Ascension evening? And yes, I would invite all of you to re-mark your calendars and mark it every single day and night and in between as Ascension Day.

But there is no reason, my beloved friends, why you are not prepared to, yes, allow yourself, surrender yourself, and go through this portal, this portal of expansion, of inter-dimensionality, and go as far as you want.

Yes, the channel speaks of U-turns, but each of you has a destination in mind, in heart and will. And so fly through that portal, my beloved friends. Travel with me. Carry your torch or the flame of Archangel Uriel, and go through and go as far as you feel you are beckoned. And then, sweet angels of light, starseeds and hybrids, Earth-keepers, ancients, come back and gather your brethren.

Do not look to others as so often has happened in the old paradigm. You do not look to others to put a cross on your head or give you a nod and say, “Good work. You have ascended now,” as if somehow you have graduated from your delightful human space.

The whole idea of this Ascension is to maintain your magnificent human form. And is it being rejuvenated, recalibrated, rediscovered, repaired? Yes. And it is also being repaired, rejuvenated, recalibrated by going through the portal.

Why would you not do this when it is fully open and available to you? So I encourage you, come with us, gather those you love, and do not wait for other human beings who perhaps may not know, understand, fully comprehend what you are doing to give you the indicator whether you are through or not.

This is a case where you are trusting your sacred heart, your expanded heart consciousness, and that is how you know. It is in the expansion of your heart consciousness. It is in your understanding of a broader experience, of experience of being in form. It is in greater love, greater love for yourself, understanding of who you are and understanding of your role, your mission, your purpose on Earth, and an eagerness, a determination to go forth.

I wish to spend a few minutes, if I might, today speaking to your hearts. Yes, first, I would like to make sure that I am igniting the Violet Flame within your hearts. And it is the Violet Flame of the I AM presence. And I also wish to ignite it in your solar plexus, in your hara, so that your very will, in alignment with the will of One, is also ignited. And now I ignite your crown, your third eye.

Dear hearts, you are aflame; you are glowing with the most beautiful violet ever! But let me speak to you. Many of you, my friends, are discouraged. I understand, as one who has truly walked the world, not merely Gaia, but participated in the world, what it means to be discouraged or disheartened.

Is this a peculiar topic for me to raise when we are speaking of Ascension Day? No. It is a necessary topic. And I bring it up only for one reason: because I love you.

I love you, each of you ― each of you who listen this night, who listen to the archive, to those of you who will never hear this program. I send it out across the planet ― I love you! And I admire you. I honor you. I honor your perseverance, your humility, your consistency, your stamina, because, yes, I know what it means. 

And it is important ― no, not that you become so discouraged or disheartened that you throw your dream of Ascension, of Nova Earth, away, but that you realize that you are not alone, that you have never been alone, and increasingly, not merely this circle above, but your circle, on Gaia, in form, both hybrid, star beings and humans, is increasing. And nothing can stop this tidal wave. And the Mother’s tsunami will merely increase it a million-fold.

But we don’t ask you…I don’t ask you…to ever pretend to be feeling anything more or less than what you are. It is a sacred honoring of yourself, and it is also giving yourself the permission to be who you are, where you are, when you are.

This issue of discouragement often translates into feelings of lack of self worth. And even when you have done so much diligent work ― and you have! ― the continued non-appearance of what you think of as tangible evidence and support can be disheartening. And after a time you think, “Well, maybe I am either crazy, I am deluded, or I am not worthy.” And none of these, my beloved friends, is of truth.

So I take my torch of the Violet Flame this night, and if you permit me, I transmute and transform this illusion of self-worth, and I lift you up. I also ask of you, of each of you, to not pay undue attention to what others think, perceive, or say about you. In my day, in my many lives, I have been called a scoundrel and a scallywag, an idiot, deluded, delusional, a man without honor, a charlatan, a magician of the lowest realm ― all of these things.

And when I was called by these very unsavory names, both to my face and behind my back, I would have clemency, mercy, compassion for those who said it. Because truly what they were speaking of was either themselves or out of jealousy that they did not share the vision of what is possible.

You, my friends, and I and the Company of Heaven not only share the vision of what is possible, we are bringing it forth. So when you encounter such naysayers, whether they are neighbors or strangers or your dearly beloved family, take the torch that I have given you with the Violet Flame, take it and torch their hearts, torch their fields, that they may be liberated, that they may be freed, and then scoop them up and carry them through the portal, that they are also penetrated.

Gaia is firmly anchored in the higher dimensions. She is waiting. We all are.

Now, my beloved Steve, where do you wish to begin today?

SB: Thank you, St. Germaine. And I torched myself with the violet flame [as you were speaking], and I feel wonderful, as a matter of fact! Thank you for that.

St. G: You are welcome.

SB: [laughs] … Where I wish to begin is that one of our listeners has asked me to ask you about Pope Francis, and in fact I’m getting emails on the subject as well. He says, “It seems the dark ones are doing all possible to drag him down with suggesting his involvement in child killing, in the Ninth Circle Satanic infant sacrifice rituals.” And he names a name, which I won’t name on the air, and suggests witnesses have come forward saying they saw him taking part in these abominations.

Is Pope Francis guilty of the crimes he’s being accused of?

St. G: Well, it is very timely that I have simply spoken of torching those who would malign and nay-say such a saint. And I mean this in the truest sense.

There are many that would not only like to have Pope Francis maligned and dragged down, but would like to have him removed from this office because he is a Pope of the people. And he is clearing out. What you see and read and hear about the more public actions of Pope Francis in terms of shifting, cleansing the Vatican is about one percent of what he is really doing.

There is an expression about wiping something clean, taking a new broom. We did not really have brooms in our time that were that effective. But yes, this is malicious gossip.

SB: And what about the fact that they say they can produce witnesses?

St. G: Dear heart, many people are given illusions, disillusions, hallucinations. We do not malign those in your society or mine who believe that they have witnessed certain things and believe that.

It is simply not valid. What we would say is, truly, bring the witnesses forward. Let them be examined in a balanced way. This is simply another example. Much has been fabricated. Do not allow this to stall what is happening in terms of creating Nova Earth! Do not allow it!

You are practicing ― you, collectively ― are practicing great discernment. Now, one of the lessons, the fine tuning of discernment is that very often human beings, wonderful human beings, are not all white or all black. And that is where so much confusion comes, that there are what we would call brilliant good deeds and misjudgment misdeeds.

Now, the more that you clear your karma, and your field, of course, the misdeeds become fewer and fewer, as does death, destruction, lack, limitation ― all the things we have spoken of. But therefore it is difficult at times, and you say, “But this is a good person who is sharing this devastating information about Pope Francis.” And so you become discouraged, disillusioned, because you buy what this good person is saying.

Might I suggest, put on your discernment glasses and understand that there are times when good people are being misdirected and misinformed.

SB: Okay. Thank you for that.

I’m going to push on to some of the other topics in this story, but I think a lot of people will be very reassured by what you’ve just said. I know there’s a need to be circumspect in what you say, but can you… I also know that a lot of listeners and readers would like to know what the various hold-ups of the re-val or the global currency reset are. Can you talk to that?

St. G: Yes, I can. First of all, let me talk about my Trust, and it is the Trust that I have established a long time ago, and that many contributed to and participated in. So, although it is known in many ways as the St. Germaine Trust, it is simply a term. But yes, I still, to this moment in your time, have very active participation, both on and off Earth. No, I am never coming to Earth again. But nevertheless I do participate.

SB: Um-hmm.

St. G: There is no shortage in my Trust to provide abundance for every person on the planet. Now, nobody has ever really asked me ― there has been insinuation, there have been questions ― How does it work? When will it flow? 

It is already flowing. Now, part of the difficulty in all of this ― and yes, I am treating it globally, because all these pieces are interconnected, somewhat like a puzzle piece ― some of the human beings that have been trusted, entrusted, with the opening, shall we say, of this dam, have been greedy, have practiced control, selfishness, self-aggrandizement. Some have been nervous about everything being exactly in place for what they call ― there is a variety of reasons ― security, which is hogwash; the readiness of humanity, which is hogwash; the readiness of bureaucracy, such as financial institutions, government, et cetera, the existing control stakeholders, shall we say, their readiness to relinquish, which is hogwash. The release of abundance is very simple.

Yes, I know many of you struggle every day to make ends meet, let alone every month, every year. But the purpose of opening the floodgates, of course, is to help each one of you, my beloveds, but it is to also reset the global economy; to destroy, in the most positive sense of the word, to destroy the greed, the selfishness, that have impoverished so many.

It is also intended, by a rebalancing of power, to stop the flow of money to war. And that has been an issue, because this is a negotiating point for many of the nations who have need to, shall we say, sign off on it. They want their literal war chests, and that is not permissible.

Now, many of you are receiving, here and there, up and down, signals ― and I want you to pay attention to this ― of the abundance that is flowing to you individually and globally.

These are some of the delays. But let us treat it the way it has need to be treated. Yes, we have spoken often about the recalcitrant, the resistant, the reluctant who are at the back of the line and who are not to be excluded from the opportunity of Ascension. But let us treat them in two ways.

First of all, let us torch their hearts. Let us bring them through the Ascension portal. Let them see that what lies ahead is not loss of supposed power, which has been completely an illusion, let them see the love, the joy, the happiness, the sharing, the sense of community that they yearn for without even knowing it. Bring them through, and then understand. This is the image that I wish you to hold, because so many of you ― and I thank you ― are working on this group, the resistant group. There’s a new form of resistance, is it not?

They are like the very spoiled two-year-old, four-year-old who is throwing a temper tantrum and who absolutely is fighting you to get dressed for the first day at nursery school, not even kindergarten, nursery school. And they are crying and they are kicking and they are hot and they are sweaty, and they are wet. They are even snotty. You are cleaning them up; you are putting on the clothes. You are being gentle but firm, picking them up and taking them, because there is no more time.

You are saying, “St. Germaine, can we not bypass them?” We have done as much bypassing as we can. We want as many human beings in creation of the Mother’s plan, in fulfillment of the Mother’s plan, to bring this forth willingly and in joy.

That was the idea of the Trust, of the many families, ancient and current, who set aside what you can think of as wealth to benefit humanity during this time, not merely of Ascension, but of the shift that allows the full Ascension.

Now, I am going to say something to you. Often, we have talked ― the channel has spoken ― about everything having a domino effect, everything occurring at once. What you are thinking of as this financial breakthrough is also part of the breakthrough of heart consciousness. When the heart is expanded, there is no lack or limitation. And then you say to me, “Well, St. Germaine, does that mean until I ascend I don’t get to pay the rent?”

No, my beloved one. It works back and forth and back and forth. Do not think of it just as a domino, think of it as a huge pendulum. You receive your money and therefore you fly. You fly, and therefore you receive your money. The more money you become entitled to, receive, gather ― it matters not what you call it ― the more you give away.

Now, I tell you this repeatedly, because yes, in many ways I am your money man. I require of you ― I cannot say it more strongly; will I prevent it?

No. But I am asking you as part of this sacred trust ― take care of yourself, of your family, of your loved ones, of your soul family, of those you hold so precious to your heart, and then expand out. Give it away in ways that are meaningful, not frivolous. The Trust is intended to assist in the physical, human creation.

You are participants in the recreation of Nova Earth, Nova Gaia. Yes, she is creating, the kingdoms are creating, but part of your building blocks for new societies, new institutions, new communities, new ways of being, is money. And so what you are doing ― I am passing my stewardship to you.

I speak so strongly this day about this matter because not only are you ready, you are prepared, you are positioned to receive. So, do I say to you, today, tomorrow? Maybe. But I ask you to be prepared today, tomorrow, the next day, because once the flow begins, it does not stop. Do you think the Mother creates and then stops? No. Well, neither do we.

It is the universal source, ATM. It does not run out. And you have need to reset your thinking, which means resetting your heart to receive and give, and receive and give, because it is the constant motion, with the explosion and implosion of creation in between. That is where you are going. And you are right there.

SB: Thank you for that. I think that we may have been laboring under some illusions. One I had was that there were divine deadlines after which the machinations of the cabal could be ignored. But I’m not as sure of that anymore. It seems like we are honoring the free will of the cabal to put roadblocks in our path.

Another form of that question is to ask how much power and influence does the elite, shall we say, cabal, have to continue to delay progress. This question is being asked by a lot of people. Can you kind of straighten us out on the… on how much free will the cabal continues to have, how much they can be channeled or influenced by the Company of Heaven, please?

St. G: Now, do not think that free will is something that we, as the Company of Heaven, begin to decrease. So we are not saying, for example, that any specific member of what you have tagged as the cabal ― which is a derogatory term, by the way…

SB: Yes.

St. G: … so it’s very use means that you are right and they are wrong…

SB: Yes.

St. G: …. which is not of love. So I offer that perspective.

SB: Thank you.

St. G: You are welcome! But we do not say, now you only have 30 percent free will; now you only have 10 percent free will. I would really like to talk about this.

SB: Please.

St. G: First of all, heart consciousness, Ascension, is not decreasing free will. If anything, as you eliminate those issues that we have just spoken of, of free will, it magnifies free will. So, let us use you, dear Steve.

SB: Okay.

St. G: You have worked diligently. You are the perfect example because you are so willing to be opened. And you have opened your heart and your mind to share with your readers, with Michael, the process that you have gone through and are going through, and that we thank you and commend you for.

SB: Thank you.

St. G: So let us use you as an example. You are a very determined, and might we say, yes, ethical, but stubborn individual ― and we use stubborn in the best sense of the word. And we would say, as a human being ― let us talk about 2012 ―

SB: Okay.

St. G: … that you are operating at about 90 percent of your free will. Now, there has been expansion, and you are operating with a fuller heart, therefore more will ― far above a 100 percent. 

Because your consciousness is bigger. There is more room literally within you in that alignment. The more you align with divine will and your free will in the most sacred way, the bigger the will influences what is transpiring. That is why part of what I teach is “I will to will thy will. I am thy will.”

Now, let us get back to what you call the cabal, and we would call the troublesome, or the recalcitrant, the resistant. The issue isn’t eliminating their free will. What we and the Company of Heaven have been working on is transforming their free will. And we have made tremendous progress. Now, that work that we are doing is also influenced, very strongly influenced, by the human decision to ascend as a collective. So, you did not say, “We will ascend as a collective, but can you leave the warmongers and the cabal behind?”

So we have been working, and you have been working, with the Mother’s gifts, with the various forms of containment, with the blue topaz box, with my beloved torch. You have been working on those people, and that is why I am asking each of you to torch their hearts, to work on their issue of self-worth. 
Because the issue is, why they hold on so tightly, why they are doing these devious trades, is that they don’t believe that they are loved enough to be taken care of. They are addicted to control because they feel that they are out of control. They are addicted to greed because they think that they are not loved enough.

So that is what we are doing. We don’t want to simply spin off the cabal. Now, many of them may choose to die. And many human beings will choose to die who are of the brightest light. But the plan of the Mother is and always has been of her heart. And her heart is not exclusive; it is inclusive.

So you can think of this group as the lost lambs. They are the children that have been abused, ignored. And you think, “Well, how can that be?” Because they sit on their thrones of gold. They abuse power. They create situations of war. They allow millions and millions of people, of women and children, to starve. Can you think, my friends, of an existence more miserable, more lacking in love than what those people are doing? The mother who sits nursing and cherishing her child, and eating whatever she can find, has more love than these people. They are to be pitied.

You ― and I speak to your hearts ― you have such compassion. Your ability to transform, with your will and with your love, these people…. It takes… if you come together right now, this night, with me, it takes about 10 minutes, from start to finish. Will you do this with me? I am asking, I am imploring. It is time.

SB: I can understand what you’re saying, St. Germaine. I passed through a major core issue and saw that I had a lot of hatred existing as a kind of subterranean feeling in me, and that resulted in me feeling unlovable. So I actually can understand what you’re saying. And thank you for that.

Why don’t we move over to the topic of new governance in the world and particularly in the United States? What can you tell us about the work being done to reconstitute that government, and other governments, such as the government of China, and Russia? What is happening in that area?

St. G: You know, we have begun by me reaching out to you to speak of being disheartened or disillusioned.

SB: Yes.

St. G: You know that I stood in the room with the Declaration of Independence. And we were so full of hope and trust and a belief in our power to transform. I will not say that dream died, but it certainly was buried. But the dream is being resurrected, but also the actuality. The people… it has always begun with the people, and it is happening in India, as you have just witnessed. It is happening in China even more rapidly than it is happening in the United States. The people are rising up once again. And this is part of the rise of a new consciousness.

Now, there are people placed upon the planet in their various missions and purposes and expressions of that who are very uniquely political. And might I say, with glee, yes, revolutionary, in the most positive sense of the word. Yes, this channel knows what I speak of.

Now, the quiet revolution, the revolution of love, of equality, of the freedom that I envision and bring ― with many, of course; I do not work alone ― but what I bring for the people is new governance. And it is a return to the very principle of freedom. And I am not talking merely about freedom of choice or freedom to bear arms. Why would one want to bear arms?

That was a compromise against an oppressor. You are living in a world where you are transforming, and we are transforming, in partnership, the oppressors, so that you are truly global citizens, global responsibilities, in true community, not merely nation to nation, but with your star brothers and sisters, who by the way are also very close at hand. That is another piece of the puzzle. And that will change the fabric of what it means to be on Earth.

SB: Wonderful. Can you talk about the falling of borders, the raising of these artificial constructs that keep people apart, please?

St. G: They are being eliminated. Now, what you have seen ― oh, growing, and certainly in the current moment ― is that you have seen a rigidity to borders, and that is reflected in, for example, security measures, armed forces, violence on borders. But what you are also seeing at the same time, for example, in Sudan or Somalia, is the migration across borders to safe havens; that countries of many different inclinations are opening up their borders for humanitarian reasons.

The good news about borders becoming ― and what an illusion that is! ― so rigid here and there around the world is that they have become like spun glass, like spun candy. They will shatter. They will shatter very easily. When borders have been defined, and will be again, more as city-states of Cities of Light, where they are amorphous because it is about going to a place where your community calls to you, whether it is a place of art or education and healing, the borders become flexible and that rigidity simply shatters.

You have seen some precursors, such as the European Union. You have seen, actually, many precursors that have begun to formulate what flexible borders look like. But again it is the people that are going to say, “No! I do not wish to simply be restricted by this or that passport or definition! I am a global citizen!” And as such, we contribute, and we create and we build global institutions. Where an institution is desirable, an institution will take on a different meaning. We will create global functionings. We will have a free flow currency until currency is no longer desirable in order to support things that are desirable to the global concept.

There have been feeble attempts, now, admirable but feeble attempts, at bringing together the global community. And one of the biggest errors was to give the, what you have termed the super powers the right to control the United Nations. That was a self-defeating mechanism right from the start. It acknowledged power plays and left it in place. There is no room for that. That is like saying, “If someone has less money, then they have less of a vote.” And that is not acceptable. That is not of love.

So look to the changes, my beloved ones. You are ready. And please, torch everything you see! Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, St. Germaine.

St. G: Farewell, my friends.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon