1958052_691195610940630_1502816371_nHaving said that certain natural things are metaphors pointing to the Divine or the process of realizing It, I now feel the need to say as well that certain Divine things seem to have no metaphors.

After weeks of testing it out, I feel fairly confident in saying that love cannot be captured by any metaphor. Love seems to have no second, no relative, not even a distant relative. It stands alone and can only be understood in terms of itself.

Scientists have a word for it: sui generis. Unique in its characteristics. Something that can only be known of and through itself.

We can understand sugar, honey, many fruits, and artificial sweeteners as all being “sweet.” We can understand many things as being “sour” or “salty.” But I’ve been unable to describe love in terms of anything else. It’s irreducible. It has no correlate but itself, nothing higher, nothing causal.

Just yesterday Jesus said in his message through John Smallman that:

“God, our Source, is infinitely loving because He is Love. Nothing exists that is not within God, the eternal and creative field of Love. Everything that exists is therefore created from Love, and consequently its eternal nature is Love.” (1)

That must say it all.

Love is the most wonderful, captivating sensation, feeling, or state of being. I never tire of experiencing it within myself or feeling it flow through me. I never tire of expressing it, or hearing it expressed.

Sometimes, I find myself saying “I love you” over and over again and I never feel the need to say anything else nor do those who hear me seem to tire of hearing it. What saying that or hearing that awakens in us seems ever-new.

My inability to find a higher cause or a metaphor for it has always puzzled me. Certainly I could describe many other things in terms of it. Compassion appears to be the experience of love allied to the felt need or desire to act in the aid of someone else. Parental care appears to be love directed at one’s offsprings. And so on.

If I find a metaphor for love, I’ll let you know. But it doesn’t look as if I’ll ever be successful.

Of course many metaphors are based on love. But love itself is one without a second, cannot be modified and cannot be captured by anything else.


(1) “Jesus: Your Choice is Greatly Honored and Appreciated by All in the Spiritual Realms,” as channelled by John Smallman, May 25, 2014 – https://wp.me/p1B8dY-ix.