On this Valentine’s Day–Embrace the Love, Share the Love…
an excerpt from today’s “An Hour With An Angel” with Archangel Michael sharing the effect if the Mother’s tsunami of love…

Steve Beckow: Tomorrow is the day of love, is ‘Love Day’, Valentine’s Day, and also a day in which we remember the plight of women in some areas of the world. Is there some significance of tomorrow in terms of the tsunami of love?

Archangel Michael: Yes, there is.

SB: Is it something that you can discuss?

AAM: Let me put it this way; now I would speak on behalf of my sister as well and the Mother and the entire Company of Heaven but particularly I would speak for the Council of Love, of which I am a part as are each and every one of you. There are many days of celebration upon the planet but is it not unusual that there is simply one day when love, in many forms, is celebrated? And so we claim this day, figuratively and actually, and we have for many years, but particularly right now, this year, we claim it and we claim it on behalf of the Mother and her gift of love, the gift of her heart, of her very essence to each and every one of you!

Now many of you have begun to feel the shift, the current, the trickle, we do not care what you call it, the beginning action of the tsunami of love. And the Mother chooses this word so that you would know the pervasive nature of this movement, of this wave. It is not destructive, it is constructive, it is reconstruction, it is rediscovery and it carries within it the very particles that you require, yearn for, ask for, for reconstruction…wholeness.

Many of you have said, “I cannot do this meditation standing up.” Then we ask you, particularly tomorrow, to sit down, lie down, kneel down, we do not care, we will hold you. As we have said, “We are with you in partnership.” We ask you to open your very heart and receive.

12:12 wherever you live is a very good time, but we know this occurrence, this gift of the Mother is of a magnitude that it is far too large to be pinpointed to an hour or a moment. But there you have it! You love days and times and I am breaking all the rules and giving it to you because this is our day, this is our day to celebrate love with you. And we also celebrate our love of you.

So many times we say that we love you, that you are loved, that you are love. It is very seldom that we perceive, as we say these words to you, that you truly receive the full import and impact of what we are sending you. We amplify for the Mother. Of course we do her bidding joyously, and so do you, knowingly and unknowingly, consciously and unconsciously, you are far more guided than you think.

Is tomorrow a day where the quotient of love, you wish to measure it, go ahead and do so; but first, open and receive, open and receive my beloved ones for the floodgates are opening. So that is the significance.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-13-14