578863_313179882086264_179181975486056_763976_523993828_nIn this Saturday conference call we reviewed how to anchor in the 13th Octave and the heart of Gaia; followed by a powerful channeling of Jesus Sananda taking us back to our original essence form. Get comfy, anchor in your heart and enjoy!

Place your hands together, fingertips to fingertips, not flat out but curved, so that’s the 13th Octave mudra and anchor in your heart. Go deeper and feel your sweet tri-flame. So, deeper into your heart and feel that bright tri-flame of the Mother’s Blue Diamond and then your wonderful, sparkly Pink Diamond and this is the wholeness of yourself, and on the other side the Gold Diamond and just for the fun of it, let’s wrap it in a cocoon of the Violet Flame.

Now we take ourselves to the 13th Octave and each ‘click’ has meaning.

So, on the first click…Click…we’re standing there and the Apostle James or your guide or your favorite master is coming and greeting you and loving you and bringing you to your beautiful, sacred temple, your sacred space, which is more and more important every day. So, make sure in your home you are also creating a sacred space for yourself. Take time to look around your temple, to see who’s gathered today to meet you, to gift you, to give you energy.

Click…on the second click you are leaving the temple and going to the foot of the golden spiral and there you are greeted by Archangel Gabrielle, her blond hair and her golden-white wings and her flashing ice-blue eyes and she’s lifting you up and enfolding you in those wings. And you are going right through the center of that beautiful golden spiral and you can hear the angelic chorus singing your praises and your name. Higher.

And now you are at the foot of the throne and Gabrielle is unfurling her wings and presenting you to the Mother and Father.

And on the third click…Click…you are lifted by the Mother and put in her heart as she steps into the Father so that you are the trinity, the Mother/Father/You/One and allow yourself to feel that surrender and connection. And really be there.

But because you are there in the heart of One and you also want to pay attention to your physical body, we do a fourth click.

And that fourth click is to connect us to the heart of Gaia so we simply don’t float off into space. And it used to be that we would go down through the earth, through the water, to the center, but now, because Gaia has ascended she is in the 5th, the 6th, the 7th.

So feel it…Click…that a cord is going out from your heart and it is a straight line, and maybe even curving up a little, and see our beloved Gaia, this wise woman of love waiting there and taking the end of your cord, your rope, your being, and smiling at you, embracing you and holding you and leading you to the edge of the Council fire so that you are with her as well.

You are not joining the elders at the Council fire you are going to a blanket at the edge, close enough to the fire to warm your face as Gaia sits down and as you sit down on her blanket. Put your head down on her lap, feel that connection, your heart to her heart and stay there.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi, welcome my beloved friends, brothers and sisters all. Welcome to this time of reunion, of transformation, of recovery and rediscovery. And what is it rediscovery of, my beloved ones? It is rediscovery of your sacred self. And yes, I have been sitting here with the channel and repeating again and again “who are you? who are you?” because I want you, I invite you, I beg you to remember the fullness of who you really are.

Many of you think of yourselves as humans, as M & M’s…masters in the making…as starseeds, star-beings, angelics, archangelics, but my beloved friends, you are all of these things and so much more. So what I invite you to do this day is to come back, not only to your angelic self and to your angelic merge, but also to the truth, back to the time when you were sheer energy, a pure light being. Come with me now, without form, before and after form, knowing that that part of you not only still exists but is eternal. That spark of light, that spark of love has anchored within thee as angel, as intergalactic, as starseed, and as human being. It does not change. So, it is important and it is particularly important right now as you transcend dimensions and realities and grasp and embrace and claim your new journey, your next adventure, to be clear about who you are.

Many of you turn to me and say, “Jesus, Yeshua, Yeshi, I do not see, I do not know, I do not understand.” And this is what I say to thee, “Take time, take time this weekend, take time…start early for your meditation on Peace, sit with me and go back. Come back, come back beyond your angelic self, come back before your intergalactic adventures, come back to that spark of light. I know you, I have always known and loved and cherished and honored you, always. But I want you, I need you, to know yourself.”

So many times, my beloved family, you say to me, “Yeshua, where are you? When are you going to show up? How can I see you? How can I sit with you?” and I understand and share this yearning. But this day, my beloved ones, I am asking you to come and sit in your purity and essence, the clarity of who you are, with me. I am that magenta spark of light right next to you. Please come. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon