407876_245868492150737_179181975486056_604389_2022148223_nThe following is part of a discussion between Stephen Cook and Linda Dillon on the InLight Radio show ‘Lift Your Spirit’ which aired on 12-21-13. If you’d like to listen to the complete show, go to www.goldenageofgaia.com and click on InLight Radio, then ‘Lift Your Spirit’…

Stephen Cook: What are your thoughts on Comet Ison and it’s relevance to what may or may be going down because it’s literally comes as close to Earth from what I understand and still believe, basically Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the day after?

Linda Dillon: Now, if you had asked me this question months ago, I would have had one answer; if you’d have asked it to me a few days ago I would have had another answer, but I’ve been having some very interesting conversations as early as 4:00 this morning when I woke up and was talking with Mother Mary and she was reminding me and telling me, and therefore telling all of us because I’m just the conduit, that as much as the higher realms, shall we say, don’t necessarily adhere to dates and timelines, that in fact, on Christmas, and this Christmas which is now, is that she is once again birthing and bringing to Earth love.

And she did that, what, 2013 years ago with the birth of Yeshua, because that was the embodiment of divine love, and she is doing so, as she tells us, again this year and that, of course, has been the forerunner of the gifts of clarity and purity and it’s the birth and rebirth of love. And I see that connection with the Comet Ison, which I do not tend to connect comets passing by and giving them monumental import like the Grand Cross or the eclipses or what have you. They are energetic, yes. Do they affect us? Absolutely. Solar flares do too, but I believe that this is actually marking, it’s like again the discovery and the arrival of the Blue Star…it’s marking a shift, an energetic of shift where love is being reborn. So it is electromagnetically affecting us in terms of the download. It’s coming close enough that it’s interfering with our regular, what we have thought of as our electromagnetic grid so that that impulse can just come flying at us.

SC: Now, some have said it’s a comet, some have said it’s a ship, some have said it’s both in one. In terms of our star brothers and sisters because you did mention before that you wanted to talk about disclosure, where are we at currently?

LD: Do you want a date?

SC: No…(Laughter)

LD: I’m only teasing you…

SC: You know what I’m talking about.

LD: I know exactly what you’re talking about…can I just do a little prelude?

SC: You may.

LD: Thank you. It’s good to be able to actually have a conversation and to talk about some of the things that I have experienced as a backdrop to what I am about to say.

Now this year, you know, everybody has been waiting and wanting and begging and anticipating disclosure. Now as you know, but probably a lot of our listeners don’t know, I find this a bit of a paradox because one of the things that we are doing is that we are asking the mass media, or the mainline media, and the governments that have created, let us just say a great deal of confusion on the planet, and we’re asking them, who have hidden all of this information, who have contained all the information, to revel to us that yes, our star brothers and sisters actually exist. That just in my head makes no sense at all. Now if I go across the street or down to the pub and I say to half the people there, “Do you believe in ET’s?” they’re going to say, “Yes, of course and in fact, you know what, one night I saw one, I saw a ship, I saw a landing, I’ve been on a ship.”

So, and as you know I spend a great deal of time on ship, so we are the disclosure. But having said that, this year has been a really interesting year working with our star brothers and sisters. Now, because there has always been this proviso that they will never land on the White House lawn if it’s going to cause fear in the collective and that has been a decision of the Inter-galactic Council and it is agreed to by all the fleets and all the levels and everybody you can think of hovering upstairs, so that humanity has to change. And I think most of us who are listening are very aware and very anxious for our star brothers and sisters to be here.

So what happened this year was there was very much a ‘work around’ and millions of our star family, brothers and sisters, scientist, engineers, teachers, healers, you name it, have been stationed on Earth… ‘boots on the ground’ I think is the military expression and some have been basically permanently reassigned to Gaia until that full understanding of their presence is common place. Some have been back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, but it was to have them be physically on the planet so that there didn’t have to be mass landings but rather just a “hi, we’re here and we’ve been here for a while and this is who we are” almost like a press release.

Now, I went through a period, as you know I have been assigned and I live on the Neptune and I am a regular traveler there at night when I’m not off doing something with Archangel Michael. Well, around about March of this year to about May, I was given the directive that I was to stay on planet, on Earth, and I wasn’t to be traveling, I was to be part of that ‘boots on the ground’ contingent.

And I have to tell you Stephen, it was hell, it was really, really hard because that’s where I’ve gone and I’ve gotten my fill and how I’ve continued on. So, I was basically grounded and this isn’t something I’ve talked about, not even with my family. But that was a very hard period for me. Then when May, early June came, now you have to think, in the middle of this we are doing the intense work of The New You, so this was a very interesting time to be grounded because I’d still be able to see and run into people, but basically grounded. And in early June, I think it was, I actually had a meeting with my family onboard ship, with Grener and Ashira and was given a choice about whether to return home, to ship, or to continue on Earth. And it wasn’t a choice I had to make in that very moment, but it was definitely a choice I had to make over a course of a couple of weeks. And my inclination, particularly after being grounded, was ‘take me home and I can do my work from there just as well.’

But when I really got down to it, when I started to look for me, this embodiment of Linda Dillon, about what that would mean, I started to look around at Gaia, at the beauty that’s here that really you don’t find anywhere else…other planets are beautiful and they all have their wonderful qualities, but nowhere else do you get such growth opportunities and such incredible diverse beauty. And I started looking around and understanding that yes, I would be able to see Earth and I would be able to be part of the unfoldment of what we term disclosure, but that I wouldn’t live on Earth any more. And it was a hard decision and I decided that I would stay and that I would continue, finish off my mission and my life.

Now in July, on July 17th I had surgery on my arm and my wrist and I knew that decision had to be made before they put me under anesthesia because that would be a perfect opportunity to just leave and go back to my family onboard ship. So, that was very interesting.

So now, what happened between June and now? Well, we’ve had this great flurry of activity of expansion. People are having 5D experiences all over the place; people who said they did not want sacred partnership or didn’t want to do certain jobs are finding themselves in wonderful partnerships, madly in love, and that started with Mary, Mother Mary saying, “I want you to fall madly in love with each other” and boom! everybody’s falling in love, everybody’s getting into sacred partnership if you haven’t been there before. And of course, a sacred partnership with yourself being the most important part.

But back to disclosure and our star brothers and sisters; the most exciting thing I’ve heard since June, and we saw lots and lots of starships, and I’ve said this to you in private conversations, the skies right now, to the naked eye of anybody, are so full of ships, it’s undeniable, they’re everywhere. And certainly when we were in Joshua Tree, I mean someone who had never seen ships, it wasn’t like ‘oh a few people saw ships or a few people had experiences’, a hundred plus people all got to see ships and they are so present right now.

But this week in a channeling with somebody, they came through and they said, “We have the green light, we have the green light to go ahead.” And so, of course having heard that, because when I’m channeling I tend to drift in and out, I’ve been asking and basically what I’m being told is that you know we’ve been told also in channelings with the Divine Mother, there’s no more waiting, the time of fulfillment is now. And this is true for our star brothers and sisters as well, ‘no more waiting’. So in terms of what’s happening with them, I’m expecting it any day, any moment…