427109_280023325401920_179181975486056_685668_1432929739_nMany of you feel that you have struggled, that you are clearing grids, vasanas, issues, past lives, present life, and you wonder if you are in the process of Ascension. And that is why I come forth. Your golden grid, the new grid of humanity upon which everything travels — all energy moves and transmits, communicates — is in place….

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m GD.

Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel: And welcome to you, dear hearts — for I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And it is my honor to be included in this platform and in this delightful gathering this day.

I bring you the gift not only of my golden flame, but my golden elixir — the elixir of balance, of perfect health, and of joy — that it may fill you, replenish you, refresh you and catapult you, as if it is rocket fuel!

You may wonder, my sweet angels, family and friends, why I have taken the unusual stance of requesting to speak to you this day. And I do so — and we will talk about it more — but I wish you to know of yet again the renewal, no, not only of the promise, but of your golden grid, of your individual golden grid, of the collective golden grid of humanity, and the golden grid of Gaia, which is attached and an integral part of the golden grid of All.

Many of you feel that you have struggled, that you are clearing grids, vasanas, issues, past lives, present life, and you wonder if you are in the process of Ascension. And that is why I come forth.

Your golden grid, the new grid of humanity upon which everything travels — all energy moves and transmits, communicates — is in place. What does this mean in practical terms? It means the grid of the old 3rd, which was quite dark, frayed, tattered and torn, has been replaced. And it has not only been replaced in each and every one of you, but for the whole collective.

This, my friends, is an essential component of the Ascension of all of you as one group, one heart, one mind and one will.

Now, does this mean that there are not those who still resist? Of course there are. But they are still being penetrated, contained in a whole variety of ways, being worked on above and below, and above and below by your star brothers and sisters as well. And in this, you are ready to proceed. And, dear hearts, I am ready to proceed with your questions.

SB: Thank you, Archangel Gabriel.

I was going to ask you a question about your work, but I think, because you have already introduced this topic, perhaps we can come to that a little…. Can you at this time help us to understand the distinction, or the difference, between the self that we are and how we can recognize when that false grid is influencing us, and how we can move that self and sort of create some separation between us and that grid, please?

AAG: I would be pleased to discuss this with you. And this is one of the things that you will know and come to discover about me, is that I welcome exchange, for I am also the archangel of communication. And what is communication except lively exchange?

So, yes. Let us proceed.

What you are saying via the lower self, one way to think of this is the self that has not fully integrated, that it is still piecemeal, that you have not fully embraced the totality, the wholeness and the truth of who you really are.

Now, is this a crime against humanity? No, but it is definitely desire to move from that fragmented self into the totality, the anchoring of that integrated wholeness.

So, what do you do? Dear hearts, it is important that you become both the observer and what we would call the active observer. Let me explain.

A very simple litmus test for you to know when you are coming from the lesser self, the fragmented self, the old self, the illusionary self, is when you stop, pause, and say, “Does this thought… does this action… does this feeling feel like love? Does it demonstrate love? Is it representative of who I truly am?”

And if the answer is no, step back, regroup, center, anchor deep within your beloved Gaia. Stand with me, stand with Michael, and then proceed in ways that are of the truth of love. It sounds simple, and we say it in ways that are simple because we want you to fully understand; it is the most simple thing and it is the most complex undertaking you will ever do.

So it is to be the observer of yourself.

Now, what do you do with that fragmented self when it rises to the surface, when it is acting out, when it is the one that is in your body walking, talking, behaving in ways that are not truly you? Do you judge it? Do you chastise it? Do you criticize it? Do you yell at it? Do you become angry with it? None of the above.

What you do, beloved angels, is you embrace it. You reassure it. You express your love, your understanding because that fragmented piece of yourself, whether you acknowledge it or not, from their perspective, is doing the best they can. That fragmented self is similar to the injured child who may be acting out to get attention, or to do what they think, and I emphasize ‘think’ or ‘feel,’ in a very low vibration, what they think they are supposed to do and what they think that the universal self, the integrated wholeness of who you are wants them to do.

So you do not chastise, you embrace. Because what is the fragmented self except an aspect, a portion of who you are? So you embrace the fragmented self, the one that is behaving ‘less than,’ and you bring them in through the portal of your heart; you tend to them and allow that integration, transmutation and transformation to take place.

Is this clear?

SB: Very clear. I’m… I… What you’re describing is indeed the process that I use when I process what I call ‘vasanas,’ what you call false grids. I have no problem with embracing my fragmented self, because I experienced that. I experience my anger, I experience my… res… know that. But when you say to embrace the total integrated self, well, that I may not have experience of. So it’s very much more difficult for me to conceive of embracing the integrated self than it is to think of, say, embracing my irritation or shame or something of that nature.

Can you talk a little bit to us about how to embrace something you’ve never experienced before, please?

AAG: You are assuming that you have never experienced your integrated self and your wholeness. Now, let us begin by telling you — not advising, not guiding, but sharing news — your golden grid, upon which your integrated wholeness lies, is intact. So that is already done. Now, are you like a child, are you like a child still discovering the totality of who you are, the magnificence, your talents, your abilities, the expanded reality? Yes, you are exactly like that child.

Have you ever watched a baby, an infant or a toddler, as they discover their toes? It is a huge fascination for them. And then they discover that they can put their foot in their mouth, and their fingers and everything else that they can lay their hands on.

You are the toddler. You are the child still exploring the totality of your being. But, dear hearts, let me be exceptionally clear: you did not come to Earth in this incarnation simply as a fragment of who you are. That was not part of your plan, and it was not part of the Mother’s plan.

So what this Ascension process is about is that process of discovery, anchoring, accepting the integration — yes, accepting, because some of you fight it, or some of you are expecting more — anchoring that within yourself. So, how do you do that?
Take time, every day — yes, every day — not only to be in joy, which is my favorite recommendation, but to be with the totality of yourself; to anchor in your heart and simply feel and experience — and ask to experience — the fullness of who you are. All of you — yes, all of you — have had moments where you feel you are overflowing with energy, with truth, with joy, with love. And then you revert back, you pull back, and you say, “Well, that is not the consistent totality and reality within which I live and operate.”

But that is incorrect, dear heart. That is the truth of who you are. And as you embrace that and build upon it daily, hourly, what it does once you have anchored what you think has been the best feeling, knowing and truth you have ever had, it will begin to expand, larger and larger and larger. The energies that have been sent to each and every one of you, and to the collective and to the planet, are sufficient at this time for not only the awareness of this integration to occur, but for the expansion of this integration to occur.

So you say, “But, Mother…— Gabriel, Michael, Quan-Yin, Buddha —I do not know how to meditate.” And what I say to you is, learn. Go to the quiet places of your heart. It is not difficult. Allow yourself to anchor and simply receive. This is the biggest… mmm … barrier to what you are experiencing, when you say “I am not fully receiving my integrated self.”

So you are on… you are not on the fulcrum, you are not on the center-point, you are not on the still-point, you are on the side of the teeter-totter or the seesaw that is more engaged with the fragmented self. Come back to the middle, or even better, dear heart, go on the side of the fullness of who you are.

SB: May I posit a question?

AAG: Yes.

SB: It’s a little bit difficult talking about this because I’m not quite speaking for myself, but I’m more trying to speak for some of the listeners. Let me pose a different case than you posed earlier. You talked about the baby, the young child discovering its toe and discovering it could put its toe in its mouth, which I very much enjoyed. But let me pose the case of a man in a dark room being told to embrace. And he can’t see what he is to embrace. He doesn’t know what he’s to embrace. And we’re going into the unknown generally anyway. The whole of the future ahead of us is unknown. It is like a dark room in some ways. How do you embrace in a dark room?

AAG: Let us speak to several things. First of all, why do you believe that you cannot see in a dark room?

SB: Okay.

AAG: Why would you not call me to bring my golden light to show the way? Why would you not call Michael, with his blue flame, or Uriel with his silver flame, which is specifically designed to show you the way through the darkness? So there is no shortage of assistance tools, because the tools are simply a reflection of the help that we and the entire Company of Heaven desire to give you.

So, those are the starting points. Do not assume you cannot see, because even in the darkest room you begin to see shadows, et cetera. And also know that in what people assume is darkness are still the presence of all the rays. The energy does not disappear simply because in your human belief system and your human eyes that you think you cannot see. That is a thought process.

Open your fourth, your third and your new eye, but let us also be practical. What do you do when you are in that dark room? Because what you are really referring to is that dark night of the soul. What do I do when I am in that place of desolation and I see no light at the end of the tunnel or at the bottom of the well, other than calling for us? And we will respond. Embrace yourself. Embrace yourself, hug yourself, literally, as you have never hugged yourself before. Appreciate, love, regard, honor yourself as you never have. Credit yourself with the intelligence and the ability, even if there was no such thing as the Company of Heaven, that you have the abilities to find your way either out of that dark room — because, do not forget, you have your physical form, you have touch, sense, smell, you have hearing. So it is also bringing the trust in yourself and your capacities to a new level. But there is also the other way of looking at it.

Continue hugging yourself and ask your sweet, beloved being, “What am I doing here? What on Earth…” — and I say that very specifically — “… what on Earth did I hope to learn and accomplish by being in this dark room?”

What I suggest to you, and this for most of you is the point of breakthrough, you put yourself into the dark room — yes, sometimes with great help — so that you would break through this illusion of isolation, of separation, of being alone, because it simply is not so.

If nothing else, your guardians, your guides never leave your side. The difficulty comes is that you do not extend your hand and say to your guide, “Take my hand and show me the way out of here.” This is an issue of believing you are alone. It is doubt instead of trust. It is fear instead of hope.

Why you are in that dark room is to say “I am fed up, and I won’t do this anymore!” And it doesn’t mean that you are getting rid of or throwing out your entire spiritual journey! You are saying, “I am done with this illusion, and I want the totality of my integrated self. I’ve had enough!”

And to this, we say, thank God! Thank Mother/Father/One. Let it go.

SB: Well, if I can intervene, I’m glad you brought up this question of trust, because that was the next question I was going to ask you. We’ve been through so much as a collective. We’ve been lied to, we’ve been manipulated, we’ve been impoverished. We have to encounter the fact that our leaders plan to start a nuclear third world war and wipe out a large number of us, and try to either incapacitate us with pandemics or kill us — and the same with chemtrails.

So, we are in a crisis of trust. And how can we exercise the muscle of trust? How can we build that muscle?

AAG: How can you not? How can you not choose — because it is a choice — how can you not choose to trust? How can you not choose to move forward? Have there been atrocities, intrigues, devastation upon your planet? And does there still exist these elements? Yes.

We are not asking you — this is important for you to understand; we know that we are in sacred partnership with you, and most of you know that as well — but we are not asking you even to trust us, either this Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, the unseen realm. What I am asking of you is to trust yourself. You know that you are not a liar, a cheat, a dictator, a murderer, a killer, an abuser. You know this of yourself. And you know that you carry the pattern, the grid of purity, of grace, of innocence, of clarity, because truth, clarity and trust are united.

So, do you choose to trust that you have the power that you claim and use your power to change the human collective? It is really quite simple. It is a yes or no. And all of you have fought too long and too hard to say “No, I don’t choose to trust,” or “I don’t choose to trust any longer.” We are not asking you to trust those who have harmed you. Do you use, from that active observer place, phenomena, discernment, about how you engage with others? Of course you do. That is part of the expanded self.

But you cannot live, not in any sense of joy, if you do not trust yourself. So you say to me, “Gabriel, how do I proceed, then? All right, I trust myself, but how do I engage with the world?” You engage in the fullness and the holding the behaviors, the actions, the thoughts of love. And when you encounter that which is not of love, then what you do is you send — not engaging, not jumping into that person’s field — but you send from your heart to theirs, knowing that they are already on your grid, the collective grid, you send them the amplification of love, and it will, and it does, transform them.

So, yes, there have been atrocities. And these atrocities have not been formulated by your star brothers and sisters or by the Company of Heaven, and certainly are not part of what the Divine Mother sends you. These are atrocities that have come from the old 3rd dimensional reality which you are breaking, eliminating, and which you are leaving behind.

So, the trust isn’t about, “Can I trust the President of the United States,” “the Prime Minister of Canada?” “Can I trust that war will cease and that Michael’s plan of peace will reign?” The first question is, “Do I choose to trust myself?” The second question is, “Do I choose to trust my beloveds…” — whether it is a partner, your family, your soul family or your friends — and you build from there. But it starts with you.

SB: But, Archangel Gabriel, let us take the discussion a step further in this direction. I know — and I’m sure you know — that vasanas result in automatic behavior. They result in a loss of discernment and a response that is habitual. It lacks discrimination, so to speak. And we are often gripped by this automatic response to things. So this pattern of not trusting authorities outside ourselves, or teachers, or politicians, or whoever it might be, is going to be an automatic response.

Now, how do we work with an automatic response like that?

AAG: Because as you are thinking, believing, that it is an automatic response, it is not an automatic response as part of the totality of your being. So, are you still doing some clean-up? Yes. But the moment that that automatic response is rising within you, you have the capacity to stop. You are not out of control! And you are not controlled by anybody else!

That is the primary gift of being in your form, is the free will. To say that it is an automatic response that you cannot control is to deny your free will. So let us say you have a vasana, an issue, that arises. And you start spewing off or feeling terrible. Again, the choice is, do I want to spend the next hour, or day, feeling terrible, or do I stop right now and go into my heart, or sit with a friend, or sit with an archangel, sit with your guide, and let it go.

This is not something that we are asking you to put on the shelf. There is no more time, as you know it and as we know, there is no more time to say, “That is a vasana. I will put it on the shelf and I will get to it next week.” No. You have need, because there is no place for it to rest on your new golden grid. You do not wish to sully your new grid! So you deal with it as rapidly and as quickly as you physically and emotionally can. You do not let it sit. This is what you are doing. You are eliminating, you are sending it back to nothingness.

SB: That’s very interesting. And of course everything is in flux, so even talking about, when you say “You send it back to nothingness,” from day to day I hardly know who the ‘you’ is who’s operating in the moment. It’s becoming more purified, it’s becoming more powerful, it’s becoming less of my mind.
How can I speed this process up, of moving from identification with that lower self, with the mind, with the ego, to identification with the total integrated self?

AAG: The ‘you’ that we speak of is the wise you, the loving you, the caring you, the trusting you. It is the integrated you that is fully anchored and operating from the consciousness of your heart. Now, there is no desire, above or below, or in between, for that matter, with your star friends to eliminate your delightful egos, your personalities, your mental bodies, your emotional bodies. These are part and parcel of who you are. What has been unfortunate is that so often it became the driving force.

How do you do this? And you are doing it. So I do not wish to convey to any of you that this is something that you have not been phenomenally diligent about, that you have not been working on. And of course sometimes that is the source of your frustration. You say to me, “Gabrielle, Gaby, I have been at this for years! Where are my results?”

But, sweet angel, you have progressed, otherwise I would not be here this day talking about renewed grids. How you do this is to spend more and more and more time bringing all of your energy, draining it out of your head, bringing it up from Gaia and anchoring it in your heart until you feel — and yes, it is a feeling, it is a sensation, and it is a knowing — that you are anchored and operating from the wisdom of your heart.

So there are many practices. Yes, of course I am partial to the 13th Octave. But let us speak also, meditation, prayer, ritual. We have told you this, and we tell you again. These are essential elements in you becoming the totality, and anchored totality, of who you are.

It is a time, in your time and ours, not only of Ascension, but of unity and connectedness and balance. And how do you do that? Jesus Sananda has spoken to you of this, and it is an allowance, and it is an acceptance. It is in surrender. Most of you, particularly in the western world, have been honed to action. Now, I am an archangel of action, as is Michael, most of us. But there is a time when you have need to accept the action of surrender, of allowing, of accepting. It is that balance.

Allow yourself to receive the gifts that we so desperately want to give you. Allow us to. And allow and accept the anchoring and the gifts, the surrender, that your universal self, however you conceive of that, your God self, your higher self, but the biggest piece of who you are, allow that to seep into you, not as the howling wind and rain of a hurricane, but as a delightful sun shower of gold. That is how you do it. You do it in stillness. You do it as you walk. You do it as you reassure your ego that you are not out to destroy it, but rather to assist and bring into balance.

This is an important question, my friend.

SB: Now, when you say ‘stillness’ and when you say ‘balance,’ the Father is still, is that not correct?

AAG: Yes.

SB: the balance point is the still-point. So are you saying to… that we should, by our own efforts, bring ourselves as close to the Father’s state of being, so to speak, as possible?

AAG: Yes, I am. Because you are in the balance of both the divine masculine and feminine, the stillness and the movement. But you have the still-point within thee as well. You have this capacity. It has been part of what has been your spiritual DNA. It is within you. SO yes, I strongly — I cannot say how strongly — urge you to this place of stillness.

SB: Okay. Now you’ve said something very, very interesting, and I want to make sure that our listeners have heard this. You have said the divine masculine and the divine feminine, and you’ve identified the divine masculine as stillness and the divine feminine as movement. Most people would take a psychological view and talk about trays of masculinity and femininity that they think exist on Earth or amongst the collective, but you’ve talked about it in a different way.

I just… I don’t want to pass that by without having the listeners be aware of that. Can you talk a bit more…? I’d like, in a minute, to turn to another topic, but if you could talk just a bit more about the divine masculine and feminine, I’d appreciate that.

AAG: There has been a great deal of discussion, conversation, information about this being the time of the anchoring of the divine feminine upon the planet, the restoration of the plan of the Mother and the divine feminine. You are all birthed — the universe is birthed — that is the movement of the divine mother. It is an active, physical, mental, emotional — however you conceive of movement. You put it in that basket, in that reality, in that energy of the Mother.

But, dear heart, you are not simply of the Mother. You are of the whole. So, of course you are of the stillness, of that energy that moves only through the Mother, but is part and parcel of who you are. Now, you see, as you come to this time of Ascension, to this conjunction of energies, it is not either/or, masculine/feminine, stillness or movement. It is both. And also within that is the beauty and the energy of your unique self. So think of this in some ways as your tri-flame, the stillness of the Father, which you must — must! — have in order to create, the energy of movement, of the Mother, and then the combination of the uniqueness of your totality, your integrated self — you are a triad, and that is how you proceed, woven together in outrageous beauty and might. But let me be clear, as you wish me to be, it has never been either/or.

SB: Well, that’s a wonderful discussion, and I’d dearly love to continue it. But there is one matter that I’d like to discuss with you at this time. And that’s that we’re at a time in which the flow of global abundance is beginning, and the first movements in it are the global currency reset, which will create a lot of newly prosperous people. And they will then share their prosperity. And a second beginning is the prosperity packages. I think they are… well, I… I won’t go where I was going to go. But the prosperity packages again will get abundance out there, and hopefully they’ll be shared as well.

But can you talk to us a bit about what will happen to see abundance be released to the entire planet? Not just the people who have been wise enough to participate in the global currency reset, or lucky enough to participate in the prosperity packages, but the whole of the planet, Archangel Gabrielle.

AAG: Understand, what these programs — and remember what Michael has said to you; it is not a single event, it is a turn of events, plural; it is a series of events; it is the domino effect. When these, and other, political star events begin to occur, what it does is create a tidal wave of change. Not a tidal wave of destruction, although I guess you would say it clears out the old, but a bringing forth, in rapid ways, of the sharing of the abundance and the wealth of Gaia.
There is no shortage above, and therefore there can’t be, below. But also, Gaia was not created with a deficit. That would be erroneous and rather absurd thinking.

So, as this begins to occur, as you say, some people are benefiting, the feeling is of such joy and such potential to create that the creation activities get underway, and the desire to live in that experience of sharing, of community, of unity, of building, is irrepressible — just like your thirst for blood and war became irrepressible, so the desire to create, to share, to build becomes irrepressible.

So it is like lighting… the sharing is the lighting of the fuse. But the explosion is the decision not of what you think of as key stakeholders or power-mongers, it is the collective decision of humans that you want to share. And the realization that you can create, that you have always, always been and still are amazing creators. Look what you have created! And I do not wish to point to what has to be corrected. Look what you have created! This community, this platform, the sharing on InLight Radio, the books, Steve, that you have written, the articles that you share, the many, many lightworkers who are sharing the wisdom in very practical ways. This isn’t simply about currency. Take your mind off the currency and think about the sharing of heart because you all know that when you are sharing, you feel spectacular. You feel elevated. You feel, immediately, that you are anchored in that integrated self.

So, Michael has spoken to you about upping the ante. Well, we have definitely upped the ante, dear heart, but as you receive — and this is pivotal — then you start the flow of infinity, of give and receive, give and receive, give and receive. It is the humans ignited by the gifts, above and below, that are shifting this, because this, dear hearts, is an integral part of your Ascension and anchoring this in the physical realm.

It is eliminating the worry — “Will I be taken care of?” Which is really, “Am I loved?” And it is bringing you back to the place of understanding, not only are you loved, but you are love. It is the fiber, the essence of who you are. It is the stillness and the movement of the Mother/Father/One. It has not changed. And it is time to remember that. And to bring it to full heart consciousness.

Choose this every day and you will be delightfully surprised at how quickly it fully anchors upon your golden grid.

SB: That was a wonderful discussion, Archangel Gabrielle. Thank you very much for that. We look forward to having you back again soon.

AAG: Thank you, my beloved friends! Thank you, Graham and Steve! Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon