Mother Mary gifted Joe Vasile of San Diego, a long time 13th Octave participant, with an exercise that would be helpful to Gaia and she requested that we do it during our Sunday night Peace Meditations and every day, twice a day, morning and evening, if you can…
Go to the 13th Octave. Once there cup your hands together, like you are making a snowball, and in the middle of your hands place Mother Earth/Gaia. As you feel Gaia enclosed in your love, flood her with white light, the golden light of the Father and the blue light of the Mother. Continue flooding Gaia with this beautiful Mother/Father/white light for 15 minutes or so; then in the last minute or so take your right hand away slowly and as you do you will feel your right hand being like a magnet. What that magnet will do is draw out all the negativity, anxiety, frustration, anger, pain, resentment, anything that is preventing you from being totally balanced and to be the total vessel of love that we came here to be. When you bring that out of Mother Earth you move your palm straight up in the air as if you’re giving it to Mother Mary. She will take that lower frequency energy, anything that is not good for our highest good, and she will take that away from us.

You can use this exercise for not only Gaia but for yourself, your family, for situations, for world peace, anything that you are working with or that needs to be removed because it is not for our highest good.

While you are giving this to Mother Mary you can feel the pins and needles on the right palm of your hand. This is letting you know Mother Mary is taking away all the energies from your hand. After a minute or so bring your right hand back to join your left hand creating a snowball look. At this point you place the World (GAIA) or any situation you are working on into a Protective Bubble surrounded by the White and Gold light of the Father and the Blue light of the Mother.

Now you have sealed the healing and clearing exercise. Ground and center yourself. Now you are free to go about your day.

This is a powerful exercise because you are working on the Masses and the Collective as a Whole. You are not only clearing and healing your energy field but your Grid and the Collective energy field as well. Whatever you are working on will benefit the collective as a whole.