Now so many of you feel that if you simply declare intention, if you desire something, it is as if you are calling from the core of your heart, the foundation of your being, it is you calling out and magnetizing towards you that which you desire to experience; that is the starting point, not the finishing point. Now, what about the other side of the scale? What about the Law of Repulsion?

Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara, Keeper of Universal Law, keeper of each of you, Planetary Logos, overseer and yes, like you my beloved friends, servant and child of the One. Do not put me on a pedestal, let me sit with you in that core foundation and let me share my love and my Golden Ray, for I cherish you and I cherish the evolution of this beautiful planet and everything upon it. Never think, my sweet angels, that this is a race to completion because it is not. Are we anxious for fulfillment of the promise? Yes, as anxious as you are, as excited as you are. But this has always been intended to be a journey of joy, an undertaking of joy, of love, of beauty, the sweetness of Venus; for are we not partners, are we not family, are we not friends?

Let us discuss this Law of Attraction and Repulsion and yes sweet angels, it is both sides of the scales and it is the scales of justice, it is the scales of worth, and it is the scales of the universe. The scales are not represented in duality because in duality there is not balance. So when I speak to you of this balance of attraction and repulsion, what am I truly speaking of? Well, first and foremost, I am sharing with you a deeper understanding of Universal Law and what is Universal Law except sharing with you how things work, not on earth but directly from the heart of One, the functionality of the universe. It is important to know and it is important to work with all of the Universal Laws. But yes, this day let us speak of Attraction and Repulsion.

Now so many of you feel that if you simply declare intention, if you desire something, that you are invoking the Law of Attraction; that is the starting point, not the finishing point. Never will I try to dissuade you from working with what you desire and calling forth across the Universal Grid, because that is what you are working with when you are invoking the Law of Attraction and Repulsion as well, by the way. So you are calling across the universe what you wish to claim and to bring into your life. And it does not matter whether it is a gold coin, the perfect partner, spectacular health, a harmonious family, or a harmonious planet. You distinguish in magnitude, but the process of what you do and how you work with this Law of Attraction is the same for all these things.

When you are working with the Law of Attraction it is as if you are calling from the core of your heart, the foundation of your being, that is why we have begun today with this meditation to bring you back to that foundation; it is you calling out with every part of your being and magnetizing towards you that which you desire to experience. There are times when you will casually say, “I would like, I wish that, I call back, something or other” and it comes to you. And you would say, “Well that was easy, I do not need to go through all this process.” But the reason it is easy is that you are accepting that it is possible and in fact what you have done in the ease is simply know that you are capable of calling to you.

So this does not need to be a strenuous act, it is not like running twenty miles, but it is becoming aware that when you call throughout the universe you are calling all beings, all energy, all delivery mechanisms. You do not need to decide how you receive, only that you do receive, in perfect, loving, ideal ways of ease. Stop trying to control it. That is a human obsession and it is time to let it go. So, you call your hearts desire with your expanded field and your foundation. So it is not a casual undertaking, even though it may be expressed most casually, most joyfully. Does that mean that we do not hear your desperate cries in the night? Of course not; we do and we respond. But so often what occurs in the desperate cry in the night is the feeling that ‘I am asking for help but I don’t really believe I am going to get it.’ So be aware of this as well.

Now how do you eliminate that sense of desperation when you are practicing with the Law of Attraction? You bring it to the stillpoint and in the stillpoint everything disappears into sheer energy, into the nothingness. And then you move into action and when we say this we do not mean that you go scurrying around trying to ‘make’ something happen. In many ways, when you do this, it eliminates the trust factor and it hinders delivery. So insure, my beloved ones, that your actions are in keeping with your hope, your trust, your faith, your joy, and the love that you know is your birthright and your core.

So what are you really doing? You are sitting in the love of your heart, in the divine essence of your being, and in the knowing of everything, whether it is a love partner, a sacred union, a perfect family, or a gold coin, is made of the essence of love. And you call that from your love across the universe, across the golden grid, and then you let it fly, skate, and travel to you in divine timing, which as you are advancing, as you are becoming more in the wisdom, is your timing as well. And if there is a timing factor involved in this, then declare it dear heart, for time is love as well; it is not a stand-alone entity.

Now, what about the other side of the scale? What about the Law of Repulsion? Because there are things, particularly as you are moving through this collective and individual period of transition, of Ascension, of becoming, there are things that you do not want on your sacred doorstep or on any sacred doorstep and so this is the things that you are repulsing back. Now what do I mean by that? because surely you do not wish to repulse conflict or hatred or greed and then have it land in somebody else’s home. Of course not. What you are doing, my powerful, beautiful angels, you are speeding that energy on the return journey back to the heart of One. You are returning it from whence it came. But you say to me, “SK, Raj, does it not have to go through the spiritual evolution?” And I am saying, “No. It is sheer energy that emerged originally as love.” And so you are returning it, for a tune-up as it were, back to the heart of One so that love can be restored, renewed, and recycled.

So the sensation of pulling what you desire and then sending back, as if you are an anti-gravity chamber, back to the One, the energies that you do not wish to engage with. Now we are not talking about sending people or nations, we are talking about identifying, and this is very important in the Law of Repulsion, identifying the energies that are abhorrent. And you know it very clearly, “Does it feel like love? Does this feel divine? Does this feel like oneness? Does this feel that I want to welcome it into my field? And if the answer is ‘no’ you are sending this energy and keeping it, you are hanging your “Do Not Trespass” sign out and we are suggesting that this sign, this No Trespassing sign, is posted a million miles away from you! And we ask you to do that today because there is nothing that will transform the energy of the old 3rd and the struggles that many are having more rapidly than simply sending the energy of lack, lack of love and lack of worth, back to the Source. And that is why I am speaking to you this day about this law.

Are you capable? You always have been. But, are you aware now that you are capable? Yes you are. So this is what I ask you…practice not only the Law of Attraction but it’s partner Repulsion, and send back, not to any planet, not to any universe, not to any sacred home, that which is not of love. Let it go back to Source, across the grid, sheer energy to be restored. That is your 7th dimensional birthright and it is what you may do right now.

Thank you and go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon