Lord Maitreya says, “We are returning to walk amongst you”…many masters, saints, prophets, and angels…It is time for the destruction of the old 3rd and the destruction of all false belief systems and illusions that have barred us from embracing one another…Now, how does this begin?

Greetings and welcome to another An Hour With An Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia dot com…goldenageofgaia.com…and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World That Works For Everyone. I’m Suzanne Maresca sitting in for Goeffrey West this evening. We welcome Maitreya, whom Archangel Michael calls the Buddha of Love and World Teacher. With that I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you Suzanne. We have today as our guest, Lord Maitreya, whose coming has been anticipated by all the world’s religions. One website says of you, Lord Maitreya, that you’ve been expected for generations by all the major religions. “Christians know him as the Christ and expect his imminent return; Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.” Archangel Michael calls you the Buddha of Love and the World Teacher.
Before I ask my questions of you, would you like to make any opening comments, Lord Maitreya?

Maitreya: Greetings. I AM Maitreya. Or Maitreya. But I do not have a real nickname and I would prefer to be called by my full name and I am honored, I am pleased that you have asked me to join you in this form of communion this night.

I may be welcomed and sought after by many religions, but I do not assign myself to any singular belief system. I embrace all traditions equally, as I embrace each of you, my brothers and sisters, equally.
I am honored to be known as the Buddha of Love, or as Krishna, or as Imam, but I am equally honored to be known simply as brother. I am a bringer of truth, of wisdom and love. That is what I teach, that is what I am, that is what I do. And it is what I have done for many, many, many centuries.

You live on a glorious planet, Gaia — this wondrous Earth where all beings, all life forms are treasured and precious. And if I have one message and one teaching that I would wish to bring forward in this conversation, it would be about unity; it would be about unity of love; it would be about equality amongst all beings; and to teach the human species, to remind the human species, that all are equal; all are divine; all are an aspect of love.

And when that is truly known, there is no room for discord, for hatred, for war, for anger or rage, for rape or pillage. This is a time in your evolution, and which is why I return to the planet now, it is a time of unification, of coming together, not only in the understanding, but in the knowing and the being of this connection amongst all, that you travel together, my sweet friends, as one.

It has never been otherwise. Have you created many falsehoods and illusions to make it appear as such? Yes. But it is not of truth and it most certainly is not of wisdom.

Where you are, where you are emerging from is very parallel to the time of Atlantis, a time when there was such wisdom and love and healing and unity, not only amongst the humans, but with your star brothers and sisters from the far reaches of the universe.

And yet this scientific advancement and this belief in the ascendancy of certain groups, the arrogance and the ego led you not just to the edge of destruction, which is what you have veered away from right now, but to destruction. And this cannot be forgotten. No, we do not wish you to live in the pain and sorrow of that, but we want you to remember simply so that you know how far you have come, what you have and are avoiding, and how you are choosing to proceed.

I am called a world teacher and this is a compliment. And let me explain how I view this role as teacher. It certainly is not as preacher; more in the role of one who takes your hand, your shoulder, and at times your head, and turns you gently towards the truth, towards the inner and the outer wisdom, whether it is written or visual or example of spoken, for all are equally valid.

One of the qualities which I carry and value, and that I ask you to carry with me, is compassion. For without compassion there can be no true understanding. There can be no genuine sense of unity. Because in compassion there is an understanding of the significance, the glory, the wonder and the importance of each being’s journey, and the value of that journey in the mosaic of the whole.

So I come to share this teaching, not according to dogma, ever, but according to love, according to universal law, for I also stand in service to Sanat Kumara.

Well, my beloved friend, where do you wish to start today? Where do you wish to start this conversation that we have been having for many millennia?

SB: Thank you, Lord Maitreya. Well, I think, first of all, we have known not only that you would be coming, but we’ve also known that there would be a return of the masters. And can you tell us, what is the significance of the timing of your announcement of your presence? Is there more that you can tell us about what is happening generally?

M: The significance [laugh] … of the announcement…. Well, let me suggest to you that the announcement is not so important as the actual event. And in my humble estimation, I would also suggest to you that I am amongst many, as you know, who return to walk amongst you.

Now, there have been many suggestions that have been made over the last 20, 30 years that I am already truly in form, incarnate amongst you. And that is not completely correct, because I have emanated in and out.
So let me, before we talk about announcements and the return of the masters — of which I humbly accept this designation, but I also remind you that you are also in your mastery — when you have achieved what you have come to call ascended masters, then you have left the cycle of human existence and the laws of karma and the cycle of repetition which so often occurs, and you have reached a place of reunification, of what you would think of as spiritual enlightenment. And while I say what you would think of it, I use that term because all of us on this side still sit, stand and kneel in awe to the expansiveness of the One.

So, even though we are at a place of enlightenment and reunification, even within that, we know there is more, and it is magnificent. Now, in our mastery, we continue, as you well known, with Jesus Sananda, Sanat Kumara, St. Germaine, who is a beloved brother. We have the capacity to assume missions and purpose which is in alignment with who we are in our divinity and essence and how we have expressed in and out of human form or elsewhere, over time, or what you think of as time.

But we also have the ability to come and to be in form not simply as an aspect or an emanation — which I have done many times — but to be in what you would think of as human reality, form, but also to be present in that form with the full awareness of our being. So, that is part of our rules of engagement and how we re-manifest and re-enter and come with great excitement and delight to walk this beloved Earth yet again.
So we do so in glee and gladness, and excitement on what is happening right now, your time and our time. This is often a point of confusion, so let me be clear. There is an alignment between our times, what you think of as that framework, right now. So we return, first and foremost, yes, to teach, to minister, but also to be with you.

Ascension is a magnificent undertaking.

Now, in the original plan, we basically thought we would meet you halfway and walk with you very clearly in the 5th, 6th and 7th. That plan has not changed. But we are returning because our vibrations are more compatible because your vibratory bodies and systems have shifted and increased significantly enough that you can hear us, listen to us, receive what we have to say and share with open hearts and gladness. So, it is not simply that we are in attendance to witness; it is because you, as a collective, are coming to the place where you are ready to receive. And receive you will, in a wide variety of ways.

Now, you know that there are many of us. And just like yourselves, there are variations in our energy fields, our approaches, what we choose to speak of, what we offer, how we connect and inter-relate with various pockets of human population. So, we are returning so that you have this support, but also thereafter that we are simply reunited as family, as friends. Because there is and there will be a growing commonality not only of understanding, but of wisdom and of being.

So, we do not come — let us be very clear about this — we do not come as saviors, not for any religious sect. That is old thinking. Yes, I know there are many of you gasping at such a statement, and the general populace will gasp even more.

Now, why do I say this? Because, my beloveds, savior, in any language, in any dogma, suggests that you are in need and that you need rescue and saving. And that simply is not the case.

So, do we come to share insight and wisdom and laughter, and to help you expand in your understanding of how you create, and can create, with us and by yourself, and with your star brothers and sisters, Nova Earth? Yes. But it is a cooperative venture. And now, you are at a point where you can understand that.

Now, when you were in the quagmire of the old 3rd dimension, did you need the promise, the hope, the encouragement of a savior? Yes, you did. But that is done, and you emerged from that dark dream. And increasingly you will see the populace is emerging.

So we position ourselves, and we will exchange positions as well from time to time around the globe, so that there are equal penetrations and culturally acceptable sharing and penetrations. So that is also why so many of what you think of as the masters — the apostles, the disciples, the sacred ones, are returning. And if we were to put it very directly, we are here as birthing coaches to help you do the final push.
Does that answer your question, my friend?

SB: Well, Lord Maitreya, it not only answers my question, but it answered a few other questions I had of you as well.

Let me ask you this question. Benjamin Crème said something that confused me about you. And that’s that he said that you would come to, amongst other things, reverse global warming, but we know that global warming is just a return of the climate to temperance.

So, maybe you could tell us what — I did hear you on the fact that you’re not here to save us, but are there changes that you will be overseeing in the world?

M: There are changes, but let us be clear on that as well. The changes that we are most concerned about are changes within the human collective and the interaction of various, what you have thought of as nations, nation-states. But it is the human interaction.

Now, not everything that has ever been channeled regarding me is completely accurate. Now, I do not in any way criticize my dear heart friend, Benjamin, for he is stalwart and trustworthy. But let us talk about an issue, shall we say, like global warming.

At that time, and even now, there was great fear amongst the populations about global warming, climate change, basically the oceans rising and everything being covered once again as a water world.

What we have been addressing is not the climate change, but the fear. So when we say, or when it has been understood, that we will take care of global warming, it is not the return to more temperate situations, it is the understanding that we will take care of you.

So we do not come particularly to address the shifts that have and are — and will! — occur with Gaia, as she anchors in her completely new realm. Not only is she very competent, but understand as well, Gaia, this incredible, sentient, archangel being, has her own team of attendants. Why we are returning is to walk amongst you, so that you would have any topic, because it all relates to the becoming and the resting and being comfortable in your beingness.

So if it is global warming, then we will address that. If it is pollution, we will address that. But what we will truly address and speak to you of are the underlying human motivations and reactions and fears, so that those paradigms are completely eradicated.

SB: May I intervene…?

M: Yes, you may intervene at any point. That is the gift of being a teacher-tutor. It is a conversation, not a lecture.

SB: Thank you. Well, let me present you with a very difficult issue, and one that keeps many, many people apart in our world, and particularly — well, people of different cultures and religions. And that is that the Muslims accept you as the Imam Mahdi, Christians accept you as someone they’ve been expecting as well, but Christians and Muslims are apart right now. And they are apart because there has been a point of view floated in the world that Muslims contain a lot of terrorists, that Muslims, some people say, are terrorists. And they blame them for such things as 9/11 and the London bombings, and other acts of what is called terrorism.

Can you address the gulf that exists between these two people, and if you feel yourself able, can you give your perspective on the events, these operations like 9/11 and the London bombings, if you feel you’re able to go there?

M: I will not speak about the specifics of either 9/11 or the London bombings because what I wish to do is to speak to the heart of the matter. Now, before I do, I need to say — and seldom will I need to ever say anything — but I need you all to understand this. No one is clean in all of this. And everyone is as pure as the moment they left the heart of One. The Christian /Muslim friction, hatred, conflict, is one of the clearest examples of an area that needs healing, dramatic, profound, historic, and in some cases even prehistoric.

It is based in the development of separation, of isolation, of falsehood that is beyond imagination, even those who followed and departed on their excursion with Lucifer were not as delusional as this situation represents. This sense of false guilt, blame, shame, ego, self-righteousness and separation is beyond any form of belief, and certainly any form of love.

There are as many Christian terrorists… have you not witnessed the financial fiascoes of your financial systems?

SB: Yes, we have.

M: And the dropping of bombs and pollution. These are not religious based. But there is no group that can say, “We have never engaged in this.” So there is a sense of guilt and shame, and because it is so unbearable, what you do — and you all do it and this is part of the shift that you are accomplishing right now — but what you do is, “I feel so guilty, I am so ashamed that I must take this and put the blame elsewhere so I can breathe.” And that is exactly what you do.

Now, if there was such a thing as sin, this would be it. But all of this, all of this falsehood, it has to go.

Now, you have also developed very convenient theories. And this is true in the Muslim world, and it is true in the Christian world, in the Judaic world. So you develop elaborate dramas and explanations. “Well, it is the Illuminati.” “It is the cabals.” “It is this one or that one”, again, taking the sense of blame and shame and putting it outside of yourself. So everyone gets to play and have a piece of this wonderful global drama. And this is exactly what I have said to you when I had said you have come to the precipice the same way you did in Atlantis. “We are good, we are holy, we are chosen, and you are damned.”

Can you imagine such a thing? Well, now you are getting to the point where you are saying, “No, Lord, I cannot imagine.” And with that very acknowledgment comes the beginning of the healing. The fact that Christians point and say, “No, this is not the truth about our Muslim brothers and sisters,” and the fact that Muslims say, “No, the enemy, the infidel, lies within me.”

And this is a growing understanding. And what you are doing collectively is acknowledging the enemy within and saying, “No, I do not wish to live like this, because it is not who I am, and I do not want to be at war within myself or externally in the world.” Or even off planet, for that matter.

So you are progressing to this point where you say this hatred only propagates greater hatred. It only begets further separation and pain and hurt and suffering. Now, you cannot do that while at the same time everybody praying for union, for abundance, for peace. It does not work. It never has, and it never will. That is why the old 3rd has need to be destroyed and eliminated. There is a time for destruction, my friends, and this is that time. And it is destruction of the illusions that have barred you from one another. It is time to be reaching out, embracing yourself and embracing your neighbor, across the mountains, across the seas, across the planet, and above the planet.

Now, how does this begin? Let me re-emphasize, it begins by forgiving and admitting that the enemy is within, and the enemy is simply based on the fear that somehow you are guilty, you are wrong, you are insufficient, you are unworthy. And none of that is true. And in your infinite wisdom – not mine, not Jesus Sananda’s, not Sanat Kumara’s, but in your infinite wisdom — you know this.

And so it begins, and it begins because you have begun, because you are making these choices. It is not because we are walking the Earth with you. We can have this conversation because you are at a point to make this shift and awaken from this terrible dream.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Before I ask you the next question along these lines, I’d like to ask you a more logistical question, if you don’t mind. And that is that I know that when many listeners hear that you are here again, that there’ll be a flood of emails saying, I want to work with Maitreya, I want to work for Maitreya. How can I contact him? How can I be in touch with him?

What do you reply to these listeners and readers?

M: All you have to do is self-select. I am not recruiting, but I am listening. And in your heart and your mind, which I honor very deeply, the mind is a sacred temple as well, and it is becoming even more so. So you self-select and indicate that you wish to work with me, because I will be present in many places around the world, on your globe, on Gaia, and I will call to you, I will beckon to you. So do not think that you need to send me an email. My facilities of telepathic communication are quite strong.

Now, what I want you to do, if you wish to be in my service with me, next to me, not behind me, but beside me, is heart commit and then listen, because I will give you instruction, not only teaching, but I will guide your actions. It is not simply a matter of coming to a temple or a sacred space and being in the energy. This is a time of action upon the planet, and we will meet when the timing is right. And it may be in London, it may be in Rome, it may be in Mumbai, it may be in South Africa, but we will meet.

SB: Okay, Lord. Thank you very much for that. Now, I’m going to return to the difficult line of questioning. And I did hear everything you said about the gulf that can exist between peoples. There’s also a gulf, though, and it… I’m hoping that there are some things you haven’t said that can apply to this matter. There’s a gulf between men and women, and there are instances reported in the press all the time of some very tragic and violent and regrettable things that are done to women. And I know there are a lot of women who want it to end and think it’s high time that they should be in an equal position to men.

What would you tell men and women about this situation?

M: Well, I would speak primarily to men in this situation. Now, you all know that you carry the energy of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. So what I am speaking of, while it is in this incarnation and this cultural situation — what you think of as a gender-based issue — let me be very clear: I am speaking to all of you.

But first, I would address the men. And what I would say to you… well, what I would say to you after I said, “How could you?” because I know how you can — and again it is this false belief, and it is entitlement and control, and it is brutality and it is fear; it is absolute terror of the power of woman — woman — and I am not speaking merely of the divine feminine; I am talking about the human woman — she is supremely powerful. She is the Mother; she is the goddess. She is the bearer of new life. She is the nurturer, the caretaker, the creator of the home, of the sacred hearth. Do men contribute? Yes. But in a very basic way the power of woman is terrifying to many men.

And so, what do they do? They attempt to destroy her, through control. And there are many forms of mutilation, of murder, of rape. And unfortunately as a civilization, a global civilization, you have practiced all of these forms, and you have tried to suppress the wonder of woman, the gift. You have taken the gift and you have crushed it beneath your heels. You have thrown her on the funeral pyres. You have mutilated her sexuality. You have been sexually aggressive, economically aggressive, socially aggressive. You are nowhere near the equality you think you are. But that is changing as well.

Because, again, you are realizing, there is absolutely no joy, but even more pertinent, there is no relief. So in the infliction of pain, emotional, physical, social, economic, political, you find no relief. And it ignites that deeper sense of fear. And the more you do it, the more the fear grows, because you see that you cannot destroy her. Because woman rises like the phoenix, from the ashes. And whether it is your mother, your sister, your wife, your partner, your neighbor, your president, your prime minister, you realize that your terror is not only not being faded, it is growing.

So you are at a point where you are so sick of being terrified that you are willing to relinquish this. And it is also because the divine feminine, the anchoring of the golden age of Gaia is the golden age of the divine feminine. It is the bringing to fruition the promises of the Divine Mother, in every way, shape and form. And yes, woman is rising up, no longer victim, no longer subjugated, no longer tolerant of abuse. And not demanding equality from men because they acknowledge it is not men’s to grant them.

So this is the change that is in the air and it is positive. Is there a ways to go? Yes. But let us revert back to where I began. My purpose as teacher is unification and compassion. And this is yet another area, where this — not that we hope it will occur, that it will occur.

SB: Thank you, Lord Maitreya. Now, we have seven minutes left. And, so I’m going to ask you another logistical question first, and then I want to ask you a second substantive question. So, the logistical question is you’ve said that we’ll be seeing you in London and Rome and South Africa and Mumbai. When will we begin to see you appearing on the world stage and talking to us?

M: It will be very shortly. Within what you think of in your North American terms over the summer months.

SB: Oh, that’s a… that’s a… that’s a tremendous thing to look forward to. My substantive question. Children are often disenfranchised in our society. They’re not listened to. If you could speak for children, and if you could speak for today’s child, what would you want us adults to know, please?

M: What I would want you to know about the children that have incarnated — and let us look to… well, there have been many waves, as you know, but particularly the children underneath 10. My advice to you, my guidance to you, would be, “look out.” Yes, my friend.

Disenfranchised? Again, look to what I have been saying about woman, and how they do not look to man to give them permission to be. The children that are coming… many, most, starseed… are already aware of their multi-interdimensionality. They have not come as fogged by sleep, as earlier generations. So what you discover with the children of today, including many now who are in their teens and even twenties, and yes, I do not mean to insult, but, dear hearts, you are still children! And you are the children of my heart.

But they are aware of what needs to shift, of their mission and purpose, of the unity between all things, all beings, all realms of existence. So, what is going to happen with these children? They are already prepared for Nova Earth. So what you are going to see is that in many instances they are your teachers. Now, have they come, and are they demanding? Extremely. Because what they demand of you is that you step up. They do not want you delaying any further. And they are ready to be 5th, 6th, 7th dimensional beings. They did not come to live in the 3rd dimension.

So, pay attention to what they have to teach you. Now, does this mean that they do not need nourishing and guidance and love, so that the veil does not drop the way it dropped on you? Yes, it does. You are their stewards, their guardians. They are entrusted to you; bright angels. So the children of all nations, of all religions, are saying to you, “Can we please get going?” Have you not noticed, while there is a strong sense of individuality, how there is more unity and cohesion in their groupings, in their acknowledgment of each other? In their readiness to embrace across color and creed and socio-economic distinctions?

They did not come with the enemy within.

SB: How should be extend the hand to them, Lord? Should we make them an integral part of our blogs and radio shows? How — how are we to be with them?

M: No. It is to learn how to be with them in their world, and how they wish to communicate and go forward. So, yes, it is being inclusive, but it is also realizing that in the very process of what you think of as childhood there is also an exclusivity to that group, to that club. So it is to honor them and embrace them, but also to allow them the leeway to be.

SB: Thank you very much, Lord Maitreya. That was a wonderful first discussion with us, and we know we’ll hear so very much more from you in the future.

M: Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon