This week on our show we have as our guest, Elizabeth Patric, sharing her journey into the making of flower essences used for clearing and healing, how she got started, and how these divinely inspired combinations can be used. We thank Liz for stepping in and talking with us while Linda is away.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself Suzanne Maresca sitting in for GD.

Today we’ll be departing from our usual format in Linda’s absence and we have as our special guest Elizabeth Patric to discuss and share with us her divinely-inspired work as a flower essence therapist. The plant kingdom embodied a great deal of wisdom to share with humanity and our guest has discovered an affinity for the flowers especially.

I think this discussion fits in beautifully with our recent focus on family. We’re expanding our perceptions to include the galactics and celestials as family, as well as the animals and plants that grace this gorgeous planet. It can only serve our transition to unity consciousness to establish and develop these relationships.

SM: Elizabeth is a flower essence therapist, tantric yoga and meditation teacher, and energy healer with over thirty years of practice. She conducts readings on the auric field and corrects the imbalances she sees with flower essences that she collects and creates from her garden and the wilderness of northern Wisconsin. Elizabeth has written extensively on flower healing and has a new book on Flower Speak; she’s a phenomenal healer and her information is of the highest quality. Later on in the program, she’ll accept caller questions around flower healing. Welcome, Elizabeth, good morning!

Elizabeth: Good morning, Suzanne and thank you so much for having me.

SM: I just want to say I imagine growing up in the Adirondack wilderness of New York State was a brilliant environment for you to realize your connection to plants early on.

EP: It was a beautiful environment. I was ten miles from any other house and lived on a beautiful lake in an old Adirondack lodge that was given to the Adirondacks as a place for restoration of wildlife habitat. And my playmates were the nature spirits of the area.

SM: When I say that your work is divinely inspired I am of course referring to the guidance you enjoy from the Universal Mother Mary. Can you say a little bit about how that relationship started?

EP: Yes, I’ll start out by saying that I graduated from school with a degree in plant ecology and there was a point in my life that I couldn’t find a job and I decided to become a yoga teacher and at the time I was living in Colorado and studied with an excellent yoga teacher. And she taught me to have a plan and so I always laid out a plan for my yoga classes.

After teaching for about three years I started to hear a voice other than my own that told me what yoga poses to teach and what to say. And because of the feedback of my students, I realized that whatever voice I was hearing was a much better teacher than I was. So I started to pay a lot of attention to that.

After many years, I found that yoga and meditation weren’t necessarily enough for some of my clients, especially with emotional kinds of challenges and I sort of came full circle with my plant ecology degree and started getting interested in flower essences. So I made up some of my own flower essences. Eventually I began to hear that same voice that had guided me in the yoga class. I heard it start to tell me how to create flower essences and one day during a channeling with Linda, Universal Mother Mary came through and said she wanted to make flower essences with me. So this was totally new to me. I was shocked. I had no plan like that.

SM: That’s a really great story. So I’m wondering since we’re talking about Mary, would this be a good time for a meditation? It’s how we usually start the show and then go into a channeling.

EP: Okay. Yes, we can do that. How long do the meditations usually last?

SM: Oh, I don’t know…10 minutes or so but if that’s too short and if you just want to go right into the channeling that’s okay.

EP: No, no I have, just so our listeners know, probably this will take between 10, maybe 15 minutes because we are going to settle in a little bit, so plan on about that amount of time.

This is going to be a portal journey connecting you with your Blue Diamond energies. The Blue Diamond portal connects us with the healing energies of the Blue Diamond, a miraculous gift from Universal Mother Mary. Our energy bodies hold imprints, or in Sanskrit, which was the first language that was downloaded to seers, in Sanskrit they are called samskaras, these imprints, which means scars. These etheric scars hover in our field and have serve as reminders of our soul’s lessons. In these times as we are moving from free will into Divine Will we will see the end of the learning curve for soul lessons because as we go into divine guidance we will not incur any more karma. We are now being told by Universal Mother Mary that we can erase all the imprints and related karma from our fields.

So, let’s travel together this day to the Blue Diamond portal and receive Mary’s gift of the Blue Diamond energies. I want you to begin to be in a place of reception, find comfort in your surroundings by turning off your phone while making yourself as comfortable as you can, make sure that your legs are not crossed as this can restrict energy flow. See that you minimize any other potential distractions.

Bring your inner awareness, your inner stillpoint to your heart center, that ethereal place between your lungs, behind your breast bone. In Sanskrit this energy vortex is called Anahata chakra, or the heart chakra. Anahata means ‘unstruck’. This translates as an instrument so beautifully refined, so exquisite, infinite image potential beyond all limitations. The heart chakra is governed on the physical level by our ability to give and receive. Within this energetic chalice our lungs reside and the process of giving and receiving love can be symbolized by the breath. On the in-breath we are receiving…inhale with me now….and on the out-breath, exhale with me now…we are giving. Together let us inhale and receive love…now together we will exhale and send out love, letting go, keep letting go, giving love on the exhale and on the inhale receiving love.

Now, receive all the love in the universe on your inhale and now on your exhale, give it all back out to the universe. And one more time, receiving love, infinite amounts of it, feel like you’re going out to the very edges of universes beyond universes. Good. And then sending it back out.

I’m going to give you just another moment to inhale and exhale reminding you that the more that you receive, the more that you give; and the more that you give, the more that you can receive. So just a one minute of giving and receiving…inhaling/receiving, exhale/giving it all back out; the more that you receive, inhaling the more you have to give back, exhaling. Good.

Inhaling love and exhaling love fuel a three-fold flame that burns brightly in our heart chakra’s chalice. Look closely within your heart chalice, burning brightly is that three-fold flame, on the inhale receiving that clarity, on the exhale surrendering and letting go to what you’re seeing as that inner vision. Inhale, receive the clarity, exhale and surrender into the experience. Now you’re beginning to perceive the inner flame…keep breathing…slow, deep breaths, look within, loving in and loving out fuels the inner flames.

There is an intense but soft pink flame; this represents Divine Love. There is a radiant gold flame and this represents Divine Will and there is a bright, sparkling blue, like the blue of a bluebird, flame that represents Divine Wisdom. Inhale love and fuel those flames and exhale love and fuel those flames. Each of the flames offers entrance to a portal the size of a universe and on this day we will explore a small portion of the Blue Flame portal.

So, let your inner vision bring your awareness, just the Blue Flame energy, linger here seeing that blue flame, seeing it start to amplify with your attention, melting into your awareness the full experience of a sparkling cornflower blue flame. This flame is intensely blue, not hot but very blue like sapphire blue, very real, externally powerful, internally powerful, eternally powerful. Breathe in love, receive the image of the blue flame; breathe out love, surrender to what’s happening.

And now, your awareness, like a magnifying glass moving from close up to further away notices that surrounding the blue flame is a silver cross. So, at the center of the cross is the blue diamond and the cross is hanging from a golden chain and as you continue to refocus, as you move away a little, you realize that the blue diamond cross is hanging around the neck of who you realize now is Universal Mother Mary.

Mary wears the cross with the blue diamond at center. Her powerful energies invite you to focus once again on that blue sparkling energy, the blue diamond resting on a cross around the neck of Universal Mother Mary. Her loving energies are received by you as you inhale and now you see for the first time the blue diamond energies are spinning at your heart chalice, spinning fast like a blue diamond strobe light, lighting up your heart chalice, glittering blue light. Its reflection throws light in every direction within your heart chalice, clearing debris, clearing old karma; the space is lit by blue diamond light. Let it continue to spin and let the karma and debris just be flicked off by that blue diamond energy.

The blue diamond lights begin to move down towards your belly now so you see them begin to spiral down slowly until they reach the energetic area around your navel, the third chakra. The blue diamond energies spin themselves into thousands of blue diamonds at your solar plexus and like thousands of blue fireflies intermittently flashing on and off at the belly; they clear debris, lift burdens…keep breathing…release karmic imprints from the energy field, just breathe and watch. Blue diamond energies spinning themselves into thousands of blue diamonds intermittently flashing and clearing the debris…let it go…all you have to do is breathe. This is a gift. Just be in that place of reception letting go of those things that no longer serve us and breathe in the love and breathe out the love.

We now see that the blue diamond energies are forming a spiraling line so they kind of gather together and form a spiraling line down to the center of your hips, down to the second chakra half way between the solar plexus and the base of your pelvic floor. Here the energy is softer, so it is not as intensely bright and the fireflies seem to have shape-shifted into delicate little blue butterflies. See about one thousand of them within the portal of the second chakra transmitting their serene blue healing energies to the second chakra, inhaling and receiving the soft blue energies; the healing vibration of the soft blue energies clearing debris, exhaling and surrendering, letting go into the softening, letting the armor move off, beginning to feel more clearly that sense of sensuality and fluidity and spontaneity that the healthy second chakra will give you, letting go of whatever no longer serves your soul, letting go into the healing.

Continue to see the blue butterfly energy softly and gently clearing away the dark spots and the muddy places. Keep breathing. That debris and muddy spots are flowing in water, blue diamond water, blue diamond light energy riding on the blue diamond water are little bits of debris no longer serving our energy fields, flowing towards the center of the pelvic floor, flowing a blue diamond river down both sides, your knees, your calves, your ankles and out the center of your feet blue diamond river flowing pouring into the earth any debris cleansed and purified by the earth. Just let that water purified by that blue diamond energy flow off and the earth has been prepared in advance for this, it can easily handle it, blue diamond energies transmuting and neutralizing.

Now, fresh clean purified water moving up your tailbone, up the sacrum behind your hips, blue diamond waters flowing up the lumbar curve behind your back, flowing up along the thoracic spine behind your heart clearing karmic debris from along the spinal column, a very important place to remember to clear debris especially on the inside between the heart and the spinal column. Releasing negative thought patterns, blue diamond waters flowing up the neck and spraying like a fountain, thousands of blue diamond raindrops, waters rushing upwards. Now coming up the spine like an etheric fountain spraying the water up, blue diamond waters moving up the spine overflowing, over the crown of the head, down onto the thousand petal lotus flower that sits at the crown of our heads. The petals receiving the blue diamond waters, imagine the petal that’s receiving rain and sun and starlight and moonlight, be like that with your thousand petal lotus flower at the crown of your head and receive blue diamond waters, take up the nourishment, activate your potential. Glittering blue diamond energies infusing the thousand petal lotus flower contributing to your expansion of awareness and consciousness, contributing to your healing and evolution, contributing to your ability to send your antennas up higher to access cosmic levels that you have not been able to access before. Blue diamond energies received and absorbed by the entire brain and skull, glitter blue diamond energies.

Watch them now as they pass in front of the third eye or your sixth chakra and spiral downward…take a minute to watch them as they are spiraling downward towards your throat. All of these thousand petal lotus flower petals have received the blue diamond energies, absorbed them, nourished the third eye area with them and now they funnel down into the throat where they gather, the energies are gathering up, all the blue diamond energies are becoming one blue diamond. One blue diamond, spinning at the throat, clearing, releasing all debris, clearing all of our inabilities related to speaking and hearing our truth, letting go. Feel that blue diamond spinning at the throat that will clear any of the samskaras and debris. Good.

And now the blue diamond spirals down back towards that heart center, blue diamond energies spinning a little slower at the heart. Continue your long, slow inhale receiving love and your long, slow exhale as you send love. Watch the blue diamond slowly spinning, and slower, and slower, and finally coming to a complete stop. The blue diamond energy magnetically returns to its home, both around the neck of Universal Mother Mary and at the three-fold flame at your heart chakra chalice.

And you bow your head, taking a moment to be in gratitude for the gift that Mary has bestowed upon us, the gift of healing that you have received knowing that your three-fold flame will continue to burn brightly as long as you are inhaling and exhaling, inhaling and exhaling. And now you raise your head and open your eyes and you see that Universal Mother Mary has withdrawn and you see that the three-fold flame burns evermore brightly at your heart chakra and you determine that it is your intention to inhale love and exhale love in every moment.

So, the meditation is complete.

SM: Thank you Liz, that was beautiful. Do you have a channeling prepared for us?

EP: I do. I have asked Universal Mother Mary whether she has a spiritual practice that she recommends. And when I asked her this question she gave me this channeling. I’ll first tell you the affirmation and you may want to write that down and it is, “I maintain beauty for planet Earth by fully experiencing the beauty all around me in every moment.” The channeling will explain this a little bit more and then we can talk about it too.

SM: Okay, awesome, thank you.

Universal Mother Mary: I AM Mary. Blessed are those that walk the earth and feel the beauty of the earth beneath their feet and the sun kisses, the moon kisses and the star kisses upon their skin. Blessed are those that hear the beauty of the bird song, the breath of the wind and the beat of a heart.

Blessed are those that inhale the fragrance of the pine forests, or the flowers of a meadow. Blessed are those that taste crystal waters and their Mother’s milk. And blessed are those that truly see the kaleidoscopic array of an infinite number of images of beauty recorded with both the physical and inner eyes.

Whirl and dance within your senses to the endless variety of forms of beauty on blessed Earth, within the celebration of the body you call human. Be and hold, behold…in other words…be the ones that hold the vibration of beauty for the planet. Is this understood?

You my dear ones, you all that call yourselves human, you hold the key to how life on Earth can be experienced. As you walk the Earth all that is necessary is for you to be and hold, with your conscious intent, your complete experience of beauty.

So you are here and behold beauty and you are there and behold your experienced beauty. And everywhere you turn you are that tuning instrument and image holding container for images of beauty.

Be held, be held my dearest ones, be held by the One that holds you. Take a step and hold beauty; take a step and hold beauty. This is my desire. This is my spiritual practice for the inhabitants of this Earth that hold the mission of holding beauty close.

Now, in this moment see yourself as beauty; you are beauty-full. The amount of radiance coming from you is a direct reflection of the amount of beauty you hold. Beholding in beauty, bound in gratitude, holding beauty you are beholden in beauty.

EP: So, that is the practice that Universal Mother Mary suggests. What she means by this, I think, is that we, in every moment, are creating our life here on earth, and the way that we perceive our life is the way our life will become; especially as a collective. And so she asks that we perceive beauty in every moment and that by doing that we will hold, as a collective, the vision of beauty on the planet and therefore then becomes beautiful.

SM: Thank you for that, Liz, I do see that. We had a whole series on the Divine Qualities and beauty is one of them and our perception of the beauty around us and inside of us helps the whole collective vision rises up so that we can all see things that way. So, I really appreciate that.

Some of our listeners may not be familiar with flower essences. Would you explain how they work and perhaps how you got started in flower essence therapy?

EP: Yes, I’d be happy to. As I said, I was a plant ecologist and had formal studies in landscape architecture and then decided to start teaching yoga and did a lot of meditation and different tantric practices and began to recognize that I was able to see the auras around individuals and slowly began to understand flower essences and then saw that the flower essences could clear some of the scars around the energy field.

I saw that if the flower essences were in alcohol they weren’t as effective or possibly not effective at all and I could also see because of my childhood I could see the devas and the nature spirits and the fairies that held the energy of the flower essence or the flower. I could see that they were compromised in their energy and so one of the things that I first did was to start making flower essences that were not made with alcohol.

One of the things that I understood for a long time is the fact that releasing spiritual and medicinal properties stored in the flowers is one of the great keys of God’s plan for the Earth plane. As I understand it, when we went through our process of moving from the collective having to understand what free will is all about, the seers saw that there has going to have to be a way to bring people back into the memory of their light bodies and their divinity, and how they would come back into living by Divine Will rather than free will.

And they put the properties in the flowers and the flowers then imprint into the water or whatever vehicle you’re using – information like an imprint that has the wisdom or has the blueprint for the body to return back to its most complete expression of God’s grace.

SM: So there’s no alcohol needed as a preservative?

EP: No. Once I removed the alcohol from the essences, I then was guided by the voice that I started to hear to make combinations of essences which makes the essences very powerful because there are a number of flowers in each essence. There are flower essences for everything, they’re just countless. I think I have 175 different combinations of flower essences that bring about the expansion of our consciousness and healing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

SM: You said that you co-create the flower essences that you use, which I understand because I do the same with my whale tales. Would you say more about that?

EP: Because of that experience with the yoga practice of hearing the divine guides telling me what to do, I always followed instructions from then on and try to become a piece of white watercolor paper and absorb the colors or absorb the information that I’m guided to use to make the flower essences because I just know they’re far better.

So I have a ritual that I do and that’s something that I cover in my book called Flowerspeak: The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness, and Awakening which is something that you can get at Amazon, that tells you all about how I co-create and who I co-create with…it’s the non-physical nature realms and Universal Mother Mary and a number of other assistants on the non-physical realm. But basically, I would agree with you, Suzanne, that we just come up with something of a much higher vibration when we co-create with love and light frequencies.

SM: When I’m forming from a little wet ball of clay I call them in, and what I’ve found is that they like to come in and play and participate and have the experience as well. So it’s not just a one-way street.

EP: Absolutely and they love to play with us. I have a healing room and they’re just dancing and doing flips and it’s great fun. I recommend it to everyone. Learn how to co-create.

SM: Absolutely. And it could just be in terms of if you want to call someone in to play with your in your meditation, for the most part I think it’s the human endeavors that they really get a kick out of participating in.

EP: I do really feel that it’s important to have a ritual and to be sure that you’re calling in love and light frequencies. In my book I outline a very good ritual. It’s very important to be grounded with this and then go from there. So, anyone can do this ritual. It’s so simple. And then you can ask just like you say, for housecleaning, if you’re having a party, if you’re cooking a meal, painting a picture, writing a poem, anything. I do it every day.

SM: I encourage everyone to get into some kind of creative endeavor because that’s a really wonderful and easy way for the energy to come move through us. And if anyone’s feeling stuck and that they aren’t able to get in touch with their guides or that energy get into something that’s creative. If you want to paint, you can paint a rock if you want to, whatever it takes and it doesn’t have to be something that you’re going to sell or that you’re going to put on the wall, just make something and call them in for it. It will be awesome.

EP: And so I make flower essences and you can visit my website at and see all the essences that I’ve made so I’ve been doing a lot of playing.

SM: I’ve noticed, too, that your newsletters are full of helpful information as well as interesting experimental developments. I was wondering if you’d share with us your recent experience with the squash seed experiment.

EP: I was raised by scientists and I spent my early years, sort of as soon as I got out of the house to maybe age 30, unlearning all the science and learning how to be intuitive. I really had no idea how to be intuitive for quite a while.

But then, getting a little exasperate sometimes with the lack of results and some of the new age kinds of modalities, I really was searching for someone who was interested in scientific documentation and it took me quite a long time to find somebody. I went to a lot of science symposiums and things like that trying to find sort of a bridge between my intuition and my scientific upbringing. And finally in 2010 I found Mahendra Trivedi who is a very interesting man who’s very interested in scientific documentation and has over four thousand research projects that show the abilities of his energy transmissions and blessings, especially on plants.

And of course this was right down my alley because I was a flower essence therapist and wanting to have beautiful flowers and also having been raised as a plant ecologist. So I’ve studied with him now for three and one half years. One of the projects we did starting in February was to send remote energy to Bombay, India to plants there, and we had astounding results. Then in May we did our own experiments at home and again I’ve had really amazing results with control squash that did not receive blessings and then the squash seeds that did receive the blessing. Suzanne saw the photos of before and after and you can call me or email me to request those photos so that you can see the difference. It’s amazing; the plants just look exalted and green, the color of emeralds. They have beautiful veins on their leaves and the roots are really amazing. Understanding that in our energetic totality we’re really 99% that, and physically one percent. It’s so important for us to have great roots, energetic roots but they’re very important. Think of how important it is for trees to have roots and yet we can’t see the roots, but they’re there. This is also important for humans… If you are interested in getting information or photos on the plant experiments contact Elizabeth at 1-800-850-6839 or you can email her at

From the beginning, I’ve done flower essence readings for free. It’s totally complimentary there’s no obligation but because I have so many flower essences the divine wants everyone to be able to understand where they’re working and in what area, and what would be most auspicious for their healing. So that is available and I’m very happy to do it.

SM: When you’re speaking about blessing the seeds, it makes complete sense to me. I have orchids that I keep in my bathroom for the humidity and I love them. I kiss the flowers when they come and they just keep blooming, and they bloom for a long time. I have a Christmas cactus downstairs that I’ve had for 35 years and it’s very large now and I love my plants and they love me and I talk to them and I’m certain that the reason they’re doing so beautifully is that I love them.

EP: Flowers also have what’s called body language or what I call their “speak”, they have a “speak” and in my book I have fifty-five flowers with their beautiful color photographs and their “speak”, and I tell you how a flower demonstrates what its use is by the color, the shape, the sacred geometry. There are so many different ways a flower has of telling us how it’s useful. A quick example is the thistle. Everyone knows what a thistle looks like. It has this bulbous green part that has the thorns coming out of it and out of the top there are purple rays that are coming out of the top. And the body language or the plant’s signature of that plant is protection while we grow spiritually.

So a lot of times we have a lot of external things or distractions that are coming into our lives when we’re trying to grow spiritually, so the flower essence called common thistle is wonderful for protecting, putting us into sort of a protective place while we grow spiritually and keep ourselves from distractions. The purple rays coming out of the top, which are the petals of the thistle, are demonstrating our spiritual growth. The purple of course is the crown chakra and our spiritual growth up into the cosmos.

SM: So, how are you feeling about taking some caller questions?

EP: So I’d love to.

SM: Area code 248, you’re on the air.

Caller 248: This is Jilena. Could you speak on the subject of the GMO’s that are in the food and plants and so forth and ways that we an all assist in healing that situation and before we’re eating our food how we might be able to transmute those energies.

EP: That may be beyond my ability to comment on.

SM: Let me step in with a comment here. Chances are, unless you’re eating something that says it’s GMO-free or organic, chances are there is something it that could be genetically modified. So what I’ve done is taken to blessing the food itself as well as everyone who had a hand in the creation of that food, bringing it to sustain my life – blessing and clearing that, and pretty much all GMO’s off the planet, etc. We can all have our own way of doing that, but I think intention of nullifying any harmful – intentional or otherwise – ingredients from those things really helps a lot. So that’s what I do.

EP: Yes, that sounds really good. I’ll add a little bit; the way I think about these things, before I eat I ground myself in the crystalline core structure at the center of the earth and then see myself going out beyond the Milky Way, so my energetic totality goes from the crystalline core structure at the center of the earth out beyond the Milky Way and I see myself as that big and then I see the issue as a small fly that I just brush off my shoulder. Understanding that in our energetic totality this is a major event on the earth and yes we have to do everything we an to change the situation but at the same time, for our energetic totality, see it as a small thing and that it can be brushed off.

SM: Exactly, I agree with you completely. Area code 970, you’re on the air.

Caller 970: Good morning, Suzi and Elizabeth. I so appreciate your essences. I’ve had a couple of bottles of them and I just glow just in getting the box from the post office. When I walked through the forest, and ever since I was a child it would happen to me, it seems like there would be no breeze and the tree branches would start to wave back and forth as if they were talking to me. So even though you’re taking about flower essences in particular, are we not blessed even by walking through the forest and the grass is talking to us and the trees and giving us a blessing, in the same kind of way but different? Is this along the same lines? Am I speaking about something appropriate here?

EP: Yes, absolutely. So yes, walking in a forest, I have so many things to say about this, I’ll try to keep it brief…there’s a practice called ‘earthing’…you should look it up. Dr. Mercola on his website has a video, and just put in ‘earthing’ and you’ll find a beautiful video that’s done by a very respectable scientist and it tells you all about how walking barefoot on the earth does so many things to kill the free radicals in the body, well it doesn’t kill them, it neutralizes them. So just walking in the forest itself is very healthy.

The Japanese have a practice called ‘forest bathing’. The physicians actually sends the patient into the forest to heal and they have done all kinds of studies on their patients before and after they go into the forest – things like blood pressure is leveled off, however it’s supposed to be it’s brought to normal; the immune system is improved; stress and anxiety factors are reduced; even some cancer markers are shown to be reduced with just a walk in the forest. So absolutely.

I think that as we become more refined and sophisticated in our ability to understand our environment we’re going to find that everything that nature offers has some healing for us. I’m writing another book called The Metaphysical Naturalist which is all about this very thing; how each of our chakras is being toned, how the birds singing helps us to move us to different states of awareness, the wind in the grasses is bringing us to a different state, even the air balances the heart chakra. So anytime we’re listening to air moving or wind, we’re balancing the fourth chakra.

Caller 970: And even in the wintertime just because the land is frozen doesn’t mean it’s not healing us, isn’t that right?

E: Absolutely. I love the winter because the white, the purity of the white snow and the sort of diamond-like quality, that whole channeling by Mary of beholding beauty and beholding all those diamonds in the snow, that is extremely cleansing for our energetic totality.

SM: Area code 206, are you with us? Nope, okay, hello David.

David: Hey Suzi and I just joined so hello, Elizabeth. My question is, can you suggest me some plants or weeds that I can eat from nature that I can put into a salad or something?

EP: I would be very careful with that because there are some plants that are not going to be as healthy for you; but certainly if you can recognize, for example, the dandelion leaf that would be a very wonderful plant to taste. Do you know that one?

David: No, but I will learn it. First I have to translate it in German what dandelion is.

EP: Yeah, no I have to be really careful with that, because it is possible to pick things that are in the garden that, foxglove for example, is very poisonous. And if I was to tell you to just go and pick things you could easily pick foxglove and it would not be something that you would want to ingest. Now when we make flower essences, the flower essences we make…so if we were going to make lily of the valley, that is another plant that is poisonous but as a flower essence you dilute it by several gallons of water and so you have one tiny little drop of essence with several gallons of water and then, of course it’s very potent, but it’s very safe. I’m not somebody who can help you to identify plants.

SM: I was wondering if you would… you referred a little bit to what you called astral biology. Could you explain a little bit about that?

EP: I couldn’t find what I wanted to major in in college; it never really quite would come to me. But after many years, I understood that it was what I wanted to be was an astral biologist. And what that is is someone who basically can sit with intention and permission from the divine and have an effect on their gardens and perhaps if they’re guided by the divine, the lakes and the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, the parks. You can’t get in the way of destiny, you can’t interfere with destiny so you do have to have great clarity that you have been guided to send the blessing to say a park or to a water body, but when you are sure you have that guidance then that is one of the professions that I aspire to is doing that kind of work all over the world.

SM: It’s interesting. It’s what I do in meditation but I never knew it had a name. When you talk about making yourself as large as the planet, as the cosmos and further out, I can relate to that. That is also my work. And it’s nice to talk to someone else who does that. I don’t know how many there are and I think that sometimes we have a little bit of a self-worth kind of thing; we aren’t able to see ourselves as able to do that. But I think the truth is that, the fact that we’re even here on the planet means that we can; that that’s what we’re here for.

EP: I love it. One of Universal Mother Mary’s most recent essences that she gifted us with is called Worthiness. And what she said was that she was seeing that many of her children see themselves still through lenses other than God’s lens.

We’re still seeing ourselves through the lenses of society or our parents. This Worthiness Essence will even clear those feeling that we had about ourselves in the womb as we perhaps heard our parents discussing us. I’ve had many clients who knew that they weren’t wanted and they’ve called me for this Worthiness and they’ve been able to clear it from their fields. These essences are just amazing in their depth in terms of clearing some of the scars or imprints that we don’t even know we have.

I thought I had worked on worthiness. I worked on worthiness and self-worth and self-esteem; but two years ago that she said, “My children were still seeing themselves through the lenses of how they were seen in the womb”. And what Universal Mother Mary’s exact words are, was “That the fact that you are born makes you worthy”. There is no other reason to be worthy. So to clear out all those old scars, the flower essences really do that job. Until we clear that out, we aren’t going to be as effective as we could be.

SM: The energies are very helpful for us to be able to do that. It’s been happening for quite awhile. So for our individual and collective clearing, there’s no better time than right now to deal with these things. So, let me ask you. Someone goes to your website, and there’s going to be an aspect of being drawn to a particular one; I’m sure you have descriptions of what your essences do, but is that what you mean by getting a reading? You’ll give a reading to someone, or they present their issues to you, or you just intuitively say that you think that a particular combination would be helpful for them to deal with that particular issue?

EP: We’ll do that in two parts. First, you go to the website, then you’ll see a number of different portals that you can enter. One of them is the Mary Essences and I highly recommend that this group of listeners take a look at that. It’s a bit of reading, but it’s worth it.

You just click onto the first column, which is the descriptions of the Mary Essences, and just click on any one of them and you’ll find a beautiful channeling; she has such beautiful wisdom within all that. Then if you feel you need the support of one of those, you can call me and get that Essence if you’d like. There’s also the Galactic Grace Essences which have to do more with energies that are more cosmic, more galactic in nature; and there are the Fleuressences, which is another collection, which are more based on earth energies and they’re more like the Mother/Daughter Relationships, Father/Son Relationships, the Inner Calm, the Letting Go of Habits, that kind of thing – that’s assisting on a very practical, concrete level.

There are a variety of entries that you can go into. The Divine doesn’t go with the usual marketing system; “divine” people sort of intuit this themselves. So you go to the site and feel the vibes and you know which one you’re going to go into.

The other thing you can do is call or email me and ask for a reading. I go into my meditation very early in the morning and with your permission I am shown what is going on in your energy field. I don’t ever look, I never look, even if I’m talking to you in a room I never look but, and that’s because it’s interfering with destiny, but if you give me permission, I do look and then I give you some ideas about what has been shown for you. The divine is very right on. You can also email me for testimonials or call me and I will send you a huge number of testimonials about people’s response to this.

So I think the most important thing to understand is that I don’t need a lot of information from you, the divine works all that out. And the flower essences will be chosen for you and they’ll be very auspicious and right on for you.

SM: Perhaps I should have you do a reading for my daughter.

EP: We usually do personal formulas for children and I recommend that you do a personal formula for a child, it’s not real analytical, I sit in front of about six hundred flower essences and I ask my Divine to show which essences would be best for the child. And we put them in a bottle and bless it and send it off. That would be how we do children and that would be children from birth to about seventeen or so. The combinations are more effective for adults than the personal combinations. If she’s eighteen, then we’d have to define which way to go but the Divine will always tell us how to go with each person.

I also have a healing program. I’ve been doing healing since 1997. You can subscribe to the healing program through me as well and I can send you all kinds of information about that.

SM: This is sort of off-topic a little bit, but it’s also one of your practices: Tantra. And you practice tantric yoga?

EP: Well, I will say that I studied with teachers that were steeped in the tantric tradition and did a lot of meditation practices and yoga practices that were very tantric in nature. I could get pretty technical at this point.

One of the things that the yoga meditation processes helped me to do was that it helped me to understand my energy and how energy moves in my body and how to expand my energy. But I think we do transcend some of that and people might be quite surprised that I don’t do a lot of yoga anymore and I don’t do a lot of meditation anymore either.

I think we do transcend these practices because we eventually we don’t have to do a lot of ritual and dogma to speak to God. I think we go across a bridge where we were doing a lot of ritual and dogma so that we’re connected to the divine, but at some point we realize that we’re there. So for some people, I would recommend that they check to see if they’re there because you might be going through a lot of ritual and dogma that is no longer necessary.

SM: My shamanic training has been very instrumental in the unfolding of myself and realizing who I am. I’m not necessarily using the tools in a traditional way anymore. It comes much more directly. And I ask myself “do I need the rattle to get where I’m going” and I find I don’t need it.

EP: I was trained by a shaman to look through wolf eyes to see the devas and the fairies. I already knew about that to a certain extent, but I tried it through wolf eyes and it was even better. But after awhile you don’t have to go into wolf eyes to see it, you don’t need that anymore. So there’s trainings but then I so counsel people to check in with themselves every now and then to see if some of the dogmas and rituals that they’ve been doing for a long time may no longer truly be serving us. Certainly with the shift from 2012 to 2013, we can let go of a lot of those.

SM: It’s true, but it’s important to have them to establish the pathways. Once the pathways are there, then it becomes much easier. But it really is a good segue into really stepping into our own power. And all these things are just designed for us to step into our own power and realize what we can do. And the innate knowledge that we have is just remembering what we already knew.

EP: Absolutely, absolutely. I use the analogy of walking into an office setting and there’s a big table and that represents the divine guidance and we have our cubicle and if we can just make sure that we say hello to the divine every morning then we’ll stay much more connected to All That Is rather than just going directly to our cubicle.

If we’re walking directly to our cubicle and not saying anything to the divine, the divine is just going to do its own thing. The minute that we start to interact with them then they’re seeing that we’re interested, they’re interested and then all of the communication begins. So you do want to maintain that connection. You want to call up to the divine every day [Laughter] on your cell phone, but maybe some of the rituals and dogmas don’t need to…you might not need to be wearing white every day…I’m putting it bluntly that some of the rituals and dogmas they look down and say, “You just don’t have to do that, it’s very nice of you, but you don’t have to do that.”

SM: It’s all about our perceptions of laying the groundwork, lighting the candles, setting up our space and everything. There is value to that. Setting up the ceremony of space as to do with respect and appreciation and gratitude and all that sort of thing to prepare your space, and having a respectful and loving and appreciative approach to everything that is available to us and who we are. It’s really amazing.

EP: I completely agree. When a flower steps up to be put into an essence, one of the things that’s so important is that after the flower has been used, the flower has a ritual and I am very clear that if I was not honoring that, that the flower essence would not nearly be as potent or might even be impotent in terms of its service to humanity.

So the honoring and the rituals, it’s very important in setting everything up, it’s very, very important. But I think just taking a look from time to time to make sure – for example, I was doing meditation, long practices of meditation and suddenly realize that they just weren’t necessary anymore. It just made a big difference in my life in terms of my effectiveness and my ability to see results.

SM: I think a large part of this shift and our becoming is just allowing. And just relaxing and realizing that we’re not in control; to not try to control it, to just allow the energy just come into us and let us be who we are and who we always have been.

So, Elizabeth it’s been wonderful having you with us. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us, discuss with us about the flower essence and plants?

EP: I will repeat the contact information again. To receive a complimentary reading you just have to call me. The number is 1-800-850-6839; or my email is or you can visit the website at and be sure to check out the Mary Essences. I think that our listeners in particular will be very interested in that particular line of essences. The visualization we did today or the meditation about the Blue Diamond energies is available on a CD that I have available if you’re interested in purchasing that. It’s a little bit longer; it’s about 25 minutes, and it has music and birdsong and really very, very soothing and very healing. So you might be interested in that as well.

SM: Thank you so much for joining us today, Elizabeth. It really was a pleasure having you on the show.

EP: Alright, thank you so much.