Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of All, Mother of you, Mother of nurturing, Mother of change, Mother of consistency. There is nothing more necessary right now in your time and space, my beloved ones, than the nurturing of your Divine Feminine within and without.

Why do I invoke this Universal Law? Because it is of the balance. So often you think of above and below, but the ancillary is within and without, without and within, and as you nurture your sacred self, masculine, feminine, anchor, seed, so you do in the outer world. As you do in the outer world, so you allow, you permit, you open your beloved self to receive.

Yes, you have lived,breathed and survived on a very tenuous planet where the old paradigms, the grids of pain, of condition of limitation and lack have often been harsh. Because of that, sweet angels, what you have often reverted to is the connection of above and below, and this was necessary and fruitful for you to be nourished and to feel that you could give back in ways that were not harmful to your sacred self. But you have learned to receive my love, to receive my blessings, my help, my assistance, my guidance, and I have always, joyously, received your love, your devotion, your unending loyalty.

So, that is not quite the question at hand; what I am asking of thee, my beloved ones, is now to extend outward, into your world, upon this beloved Gaia, firmly anchored in the 5th, 6th, and 7th, to reach out and extend your heart, your core. It is the nature and the essence of the Divine Feminine to give, to birth, to bring about, to nurture, to nourish, and yes, to defend to the very end.

But what does a mother receive, what is it that I receive and that each of you receives? It is love! It is that reciprocity of grace and gratitude. It is the allowance and the celebration of expansion. It is the ability to create the new upon this wondrous planet, this planet of love that returns to original form and design, as do each of you.

The nature of the Divine Feminine is to be in movement, in action, to be in the flow, infinite, eternal. And so when you feel that that flow is interrupted, that you cannot have the within and without, it feels stymied, it feels like a dam has been built and the pressure within your very heart, soul and mind and various bodies is building and building and pushing to break free. And it is time. I declare your freedom but you must claim it and declare it for your sweet self as well. And yes, laughter and tears and laughing until you are crying and crying until you are laughing is part of that pressure to break through.

Your design is to connect and each of you is beautifully unique in the how, why and wherefore of how you choose to exhibit and express that drive, that innate drive to connect. But for some of you it is individual and for some of you it is massive. You all know you are connecting and doing the work on a very large scale through your fields. So do not think you are not connecting, beloved ones, you are. But it is important that you find that level of connection, not with those that you have need to edit and be careful what you say or how you act, or what you behave like, but those who see you as you truly are in all your wonder and magnificence. You may call it family or friendship, you may call it community but what I call it dear hearts is connectedness and it is one of the keys to heaven.

There is no separation, not above or below and not within or without. It is an illusion whose time has come to depart because it does not serve you, it limits you and it holds you prisoner in your heart. What you yearn for most is a sense of union, allowance, acceptance, during this time of change, of Shift, of Ascension, of transition, of all the words that I have used and will continue to use to indicate these changes. You have need for those, yes need, not needy, but need, to be able to reach out, to connect, to touch, to laugh, to play, to cry, to think out loud without fear of judgment, to express your innermost heart’s desires, to speak your fears so they may dissipate into thin air.

This is how you nurture your Divine Feminine. Yes there is a place for quietude and silence and for our conversation, but there is plenty of room for the sharing, the love, and the joy amongst all of you as well, for that is Nova Earth, that is the foundation of the Cities of Light. It is the reflection on Gaia of what you think of as heaven. It is our way of being and it is yours as well.

So, reach out, connect, touch, laugh, play. Allow yourself to be the totality of your being; do not hide your light any longer. It is not necessary and it is not desirable and if you are fearful, child, turn to me, Michael and I will walk with you; we do anyway.

Go with my love and go in union. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon