It happened again – this time with Mary Magdalene… This channeling is a gift – hearing the actual words and receiving the direct download of the energy brings you to a whole new level. So please listen to the May 18,2013 conference call in which the Magdalena spoke to us of her pain of loss, her subsequent withdrawal into the cave, and her plea to each of us to find our peace without and to share it. This channeling will heal your heart and soul. Please listen as well as read, bookmark, print and share.To listen click on the link below. xxxx Linda

Greetings, I AM the Magdalena, Mary. Welcome my beloveds, sisters and brothers, old friends of my heart. And it is my honor and my pleasure to be with you and yes, to be given passage by Archangel Michael for although I speak of peace this day, I do so from slightly different perspective. And while you are breathing the sacred clear blue of the Mother I wish to remind you that we share this air as well. No, not in the same way or fashion, but perhaps in ways that are still meaningful to you.

So, for example, when you sit in meditation and you call my presence forth, or when you call forth the presence of the Mother, Yeshua or the Mighty Ones, we are in the very air you are breathing, that you are inhaling and exhaling. So often you say to us, “I want to feel and to know your presence. Let me see you, let me know you.” But what clearer way is there to know us and to know me who works so diligently with you during this time of change, than to simply breathe our essence?

And when you write in the air with your fingers, when you write ‘Love’ you are giving us and sending us the love of your heart, of your essence, of your being. But there is nothing more sacred, my family, than sharing air together.

Yes, I come to speak of Michael’s Peace Initiative this day, for it continues and will continue until peace reigns wholly and completely upon the planet, and because of that, far out into the multiverse. And we are not simply speaking of the absence of war; I am speaking of the peace of your heart, of your very essence. And that is why I have asked to come this day as sister of your heart, part of your family.

My life, my bond, my sacred union with Yeshua was sublime and we laughed and we played, we cried, and we shared air. And even though the both of us were very clear and cognizant of what lay ahead, we made the conscious decision to take the time that was assigned to us, available to us, within our own plans and yes, within the grander plan. We chose to be together, to merge, to share, while still honoring and maintaining the uniqueness and the beauty of each of our existence and that of our children and our family.

You would think, would you not, who could ask for anything more? But I, like you, had a very human heart, and of course I yearned for more. So while we had our peace and calm and presence in the now, I yearned for a different future. And it is very much the future that is coming to pass right now. And it is a future anchored right now in your present that consists of peace, that hatred, simply because of political leanings or spiritual beliefs, does not result in war and violence and the tearing apart of families and dreams.

When I moved, when I was relocated, thanks to the energies and the work of my beloved brothers, when I retired to the south of France, initially I involved myself in the settlement, of course tending to my sweet Sarah. And sometimes perhaps in an overzealous way because in some ways I felt she was all I had left.

And I treasured her, oh yes! I spoiled her but her heart was pure and her spirit was free. So there was no problem with my spoiling this child. But I was not at peace, not within my very core and more and more I found myself retreating to the cave, to the grotto, to reflect, to meditate, to pray for peace because it was essential to my continuing and continuing on in physical form in a balanced way.

And eventually I found my peace, my sense of rightness was restored, my understanding, but what also occurred in that life was my moving away from my community and even my family, my spiritual family and my physical family that loved and supported me so much. I do not mean I did not live with them or among them, of course I did, but increasingly I was removed because the hours I spent every day in this place seeking the balance, because that is what peace is, the balance of my heart, because it was essential. And why was it essential? Because I had made a promise to continue on, to live.

Now, why do I share all of this with you this day? Because I am asking each of you not to retreat into the cave or the grotto but to be in your community. Yes, some of you are more naturally inclined to do so than others. And I am not suggesting that you develop a false persona, because that would serve nothing. But do not isolate yourself.

It has taken thousands of years to break down this illusion of isolation and separation, but it is being done and it is done. So, step out into the sunlight. Come and sit with me in the sun, on a rock, overlooking the sea. Let us share our air together and let us give each other the gift of peace. And let it be known and shared with all peoples everywhere through Gaia.

Let us start with those who are huddled in caves or mud huts and let us touch their hearts…two fingers…and bring them out into the sunlight and the warmth of love.

Let us go to the places of isolation and bring the peace to those who think they are alone and who suffer in that aloneness. And what I also suggest to you, my beloved ones, is those places of isolation are not simply geographic because the most isolated places on the planet are the cities where there are millions of people who feel all alone.

So let us take them out into the streets, to the parks, and sit on the park benches and share our air and our peace with them. Let us share it with animal kingdoms who are the first to give it to us. Let us share it with Gaia and reassure her that this desecration will stop.

Share your air, your peace with every wounded, brokenhearted warrior and yes, I specifically include the brokenhearted lightworkers, love holders. Let us proceed together and know that I have left the cave. I keep my promise and I live amongst you.

Go with my love and do not forget your peace meditation. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon