I’m listening to the Universal Mother’s channeled message through Linda Dillon on April 20, 2013 (1) and some of the things she says beg comment.

She begins by calling herself ‘Mother of love, Mother of change and Mother of constancy.” How can she be things which seem contradictory?

The Universal Mother (she is not a “she”) is the Transcendent Father (he is not a “he”) having entered into the world of the dream, of form, of impermanence. She is the universal, primordial creative energy known to us as Aum/Amen, the Word of God, Shakti, the Holy Spirit that moves upon the waters, etc. (2)

There is great energetic value in actually listening to the channeling.

She calls all things into being, holds them in form for a while, and then releases them back into the formless “emptiness” that the Father is.

Oh, my gosh, I hear some people saying. He’s talking about the three gunas or cosmic forces (rajas, sattwa, and thamas or creation, balance, and transformation). Well, yes, I am. The three gunas are a subset of Aum the Mother. Aum the Mother is a sine wave and creation (a-kar), preservation (u-kar), and transformation (m-akar) are its constituents (A-U-M).

Oh my gosh, someone else says. He’s talking about Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Well, yes, the Divine Mother has actually told me on An Hour with an Angel, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are just personifications of the three cosmic forces that the gunas are. (3) And she is the gunas.

Love is the attractive force that draws all matter together. So the Mother is certainly the Mother of love.

And constancy is the balancing and preservative force. So the Mother is certainly constancy.

And change is the transformative force. So the Mother is certainly change. These are three phases of her energetic beingness.

It’s the Mother who takes the Father’s intentions and makes them manifest in the dream. It’s the Mother who creates this school of learning that the world is and raises the Child of God from ignorance to knowledge.

It’s the Mother who accepts the Child as a seed from the Father, nurtures it in her womb of matter (mater, Mother), teaches it once it has awakened, and brings it back to be reintroduced to the Father when it’s ready. The story of birth and life simply repeats the universal, timeless drama, as it was undoubtedly meant to do.

All that can be shown of the Holy Father
The Mother is all we can “know.” The Father cannot be known. You cannot touch or see the Father. But you can touch and feel the Mother. The Father cannot talk or be heard. The Mother is the Voice in the Silence, the Voice of one crying in the wilderness. The Father cannot be seen. Anything you see is the Mother. (4)

The Father can only be known in unknowingness, when the Christ (or Child of God) has subdued all desires for the world, bends its knee to the Father, and surrenders its very Self to Him, that things may be all in all.

Then it is seen that the Child is the Father, the Mother is the Father, and the Father has become everything.

These ways of speaking are conventional. They will likely change in the new culture that will arise. I have not had the wit to figure out new ways of speaking but I invite others to do it.

They reflect the usage patterns of sages of old, but admittedly they are gender-biased. Nonetheless the realities they point to are not gender-biased. The realities, as far as I’m aware, are true, critical for all of us to know, and the object towards which we all journey. When known, the object disappears and we are left only with the Subject and journey’s end.

Well, that came about as a result of listening to the first three sentences of the Mother’s message. Back to listening to the rest.


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(4) I am talking about the formless God, the Transcendental, the Void, not the personal God or God-in-form. The difference is between what Matthew Ward calls the Source and what he calls God. Or what sages call Godhead and God.