On our Saturday Conference Call, Universal Mother Mary gives us something to think about: What I wish to speak to you about today is the beauty, the joy, the splendor of the ordinary life…so often the day-to-day, the ordinary, is where the extraordinary is stored…cherish these unremarkable moments that are so filled with grace. Hold them close to your heart because they are more precious than gold…

Greetings I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of love, Mother of hope, Mother of change, but also my beloved family, Mother of consistency. For yes you are angels and agents of change and you are actively assisting the planet and the human beings upon her to move forward in grace and ease. But the more things change the constants do not. The pillars of wisdom, the understandings, the formulas upon which Gaia and each of you are built, they do not change. And what are those pillars? What are the constructs of Earth? They are love, gratitude, unity, and connectedness, compassion and wisdom and these are more solid, more reliable than anything else.

Civilizations throughout the multiverse come and go, that is the nature of evolution, of being and becoming, that is the flow and that is the law; for that is what we are referring to, is it not?
It’s the Universal Laws that govern not only each of you and Gaia but the entire multiverse, my omniverse. And those laws are immutable, they do not change because they bring and hold the sense of balance and order to the infinity of creation.

Now all of you, having said that, are in the midst of change and some are striving; there is no need to strive, child, there is no need to reach or over-reach. I am not saying “Do not reach for what you are creating, do not take action.” Of course, you do. But what I wish, as your Mother, to speak to you about today is the beauty, the joy, the splendor of the ordinary life. What do I mean by ordinary, because each of you are quite stellar and miraculous? What I am referring to is your day-to-day life, the actions, the things that you do to maintain your existence, the existence of your family, of your loved ones, of your community. So often the day to day, the ordinary, is where the extraordinary, where what there is truly to be grateful for, is stored.

There are highlights, events, that you think of in your own life, whether it has been having a child, a particular coup in your career, the landing of a certain job, a wedding day. But these are just that, they are simply the occasions of one day, of one situation, and that is not where the continuity of joy is found. The continuity of joy is found in the small things. So for example, what do I mean? When you look back, and I am not suggesting you live in the past, but when you look back over your life, over your “right now”, because it is all in the eternal Now, at what brings you joy? It is very likely that you will migrate to what we think of as ordinary.

It is the quiet time spent with your children when you can see the sunlight on their hair or the pink in their cheeks or when they are sleeping how they look like little angels, and they are little angels. It is not merely the day you get married, that may be a beautiful, memorable affair, but what is the true source of joy and gratitude? It is the years of the quiet, outrageous, passionate love; it is the moments you share just joining eyes across the room; the fact that someone is so connected to you that they pick up a loaf of bread on the way home; that they remember your favorite meal, your favorite color, your favorite flower. It isn’t even in the giving of the flowers, yes that is pleasant, but it is in the knowledge that person cares enough and cherishes you enough and sees the truth of who you are; that is the preciousness. It is not simply the promotion or the day that your paycheck increases, it is how you feel about getting up and going to this place of service and extending yourself in help and assistance and sharing that sense of community with others whether it is to balance books or balance hearts, it is all one and the same. It is in the daily routine.

I know with my beloved Joseph that his happiest times with Yeshua was when Yeshua would go with him and work as a carpenter, side by side, creating something. It was that they would travel together to work, discuss the project, do the project, share the lunch and the water at lunchtime, walk home tired and content with each other. It wasn’t when he was out saving the world, which he did very well.

So why do I speak of this today? Because you are in a situation of radical change; because you are morphing, transforming, shifting dimensions and you tend, as humans, to look for events: ‘for the day I had my third eye fully opened, or when I could heal with simply a glance.’ I do not diminish any of these things. But how you warm yourself by the fire of the human experience, on a daily basis, is in the ordinary, it is in the cherishing of each other, of sharing the laughter and tears. The victories? Yes, of course, but also the pain and what you think of as setbacks. And I say ‘think of’ because dear heart, there is always a plan. It is in the warmth of knowing when you feel that you have misstepped or gone array that there are those that will call you back and nurture you and forgive you and hold you and say “Yes, I love you. Let us proceed together now.”

Cherish these unremarkable moments that are so filled with grace. Hold them close to your heart because they are more precious than gold. Hold the quiet moments that you and I share together when you feel my love and wrap you, knowing that I AM your Mother on the most ordinary of days. And on the most ordinary of days, your Mother knows how remarkable you are.

Go about your business, but do so in peace and gratitude and with a quiet heart of grace. And go with my love. Farewell.