In this beautiful channel by Jesus, Yeshua, reminds us of all the help and assistance available to  each of us every day. Make room beside you. xxx

I throw open my arms to welcome each and every one of you as I join you on your journey; it is a mutual one. It is a journey of joy and light. It is a journey of unfoldment, mystery, suspense and understanding. It is a shared journey and path; it always has been.

I wish to clarify and share with you what is meant by this term, “The Jesus Path,” for it is a catchy little title, but it means so much more.

My disciples, my friends often asked me, “Jesus, how did you do that? How did you multiply bread? How did you heal this individual? How did you make that blind man see? How did you raise Lazarus? How did you…?”

I would tell them, as I tell you today, that I stepped back with the attention of allowing–not intention, but ‘attention’ of allowing the energy of pure love, of Mother/Father/One, to move through me and to create and co-create.

Why do I use the examples of bread, wine, fish, blind people, and of humans dead and gone? Because the energy and the methods, the strategy, the approach is all the same. I would say then, as I do again today, “I did not do anything; I allowed.” I allowed myself to be the conduit between the Source of One and the molecules of bread, the molecules of man, the molecules of the bird. I allowed that union to take place. But it could only take place because the molecules of the bread, the fishes, the loaves, of Lazarus, of the blind were in agreement. They were there declaring “Yes, I will receive. Yes, I will allow. Yes, I truly do wish to fulfill my purpose in a bigger fuller way.” For what is the purpose of flour and salt and water except to feed?”

If I had a choice to feed one or  tow or two thousand, the choice was clear and in alignment with my mission and purpose. I remind you of this fundamental truth, and of what I said so long ago: “This you will do, and more.”

That is what is meant by “The Jesus Path.” It is my agreement to assist, to add my energy, to help you stand back and allow; and for you to be that vessel bringing forth creation and healing and Nova Earth.

The Jesus Path isn’t that you are following me, my beloved brothers and sisters. It is simply the reminder that I am walking with you. I am not following you and I am not leading you. I am walking with you. There is room enough–for both of us, for many of us, for all of us, on this path.

This is not merely the time of ascension. It is you in the fullness of your role as creator and co-creator. It is you in the acceptance of your role. This is not only part of your ascension; it is the outcome of your ascension. This is not something in the distant future, my beloved ones. It is not something next week or yesterday; it is right now. Yes, we know the reference to “the eternal now” and “being in the present”–and that state of being is critical and essential. When I say, “right now,” I mean in your human understanding of the term.

I remember when my Mother would say to me, “Jesus, get in the house–right now,” I knew what she meant. I say to you, “Can we walk together and create these miracles of healing, of love, of light, of Nova Earth and Nova Being together, right now?”

Bring your attention, intention, and every particle of your being to simply being a conduit. Allow. I will help. I will add my energy to you. I will hold your hand, and I am ever-present with you.