…we want to get into the 13 Blessings and Virtues and the reason for doing this is we are headed in this to the theme of a paradigm, a Nova Earth where the theme is peace and love, and the 13 Blessings and Virtues are often times what we refer to as Divine Qualities. And today we’re going to talk about Prudence, so it’s knowing when to take action, when to be still, it’s knowing when to proceed and when to retreat and it’s the practice of prudence where we stay in balance…

Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and Suzanne Maresca and myself, GD. After taking some time off from the show we’ve returned with a new day and time, and an extended 1.5 hour format so that we may explore and share and dig deeper into the teachings and insights shared in this program. And it’s a journey that we are sharing with you and we welcome your participation. Please give us a call with your comments and questions at 323-784-9697 and press #1 so Suzanne will know that you’d like to join us.

We’re starting a brand new series today to discuss the Divine Qualities, or what Linda describes in her book as the 13 Blessings and Virtues. But before we do that, welcome Linda and Suzanne, great to be back with you.

Linda Dillon: Oh, it’s great to be back. Yeah, I think taking that deep breath and some time out and just getting refreshed and re-evaluated had really helped. So I also want to welcome back all our listeners and before we get started I want to say I have a little cough so please excuse me if I hack in your ear. But it’s great to be here.

GD: Suzanne how are you doing this morning?

Suzanne Maresca: I’m doing very well, I’m excited to be back in the show and with you guys and talking to people and it’s just wonderful. So much has happened since the last time we were on the air, so…it’s a great thing.

GD: Indeed. Well, there’s much to talk about and as I mentioned, we want to get into the 13 Blessings and Virtues and Linda I’m going to ask you to speak to this in a little bit, but really the gist for this and the reason for doing this is we are headed in this to the theme of a paradigm, a Nova Earth where the theme is peace and love and the 13 Blessings and Virtues are often times what we refer to as Divine Qualities. That is what will be seen and experiencing more and more and more as we step into that. And today we’re going to talk about Prudence, so it’s knowing when to take action, when to be still, it’s knowing when to proceed and when to retreat and it’s the practice of prudence where we stay in balance.

We thought we’d just talk about the other 13 Blessings and Virtues or the 12 Blessings and Virtues to sort of set the stage more about what you can anticipate over the next number of shows. Linda, what would you like to say about these Blessings and Virtues?

LD: Well, it’s funny because in preparation for the show I’ve been going back to when I first channeled these Blessings and Virtues and it was one of those, you know in the middle of the night sitting at my computer channeling and when they came through and they were part and parcel of the Gift of the 13th Octave that we have done and talked about before and I certainly… is one of the pillars of the book The Great Awakening and our Ascension process, you know, it’s one of the ways to get there. But as we’ve said, one of the things is the ‘elephant in the room’ and I think Graham, even before we talk about the Blessings and Virtues we should say that so much has happened since we were last on the show. And I know that there is some of you out there listening would say “well no Linda, nothing happened” but if you look at your heart and your neighbors or your partners or your kids, I mean, so much is shifting all over the planet. And part of that really significant shift for humanity, for what the Divine Mother calls the human collective responsibility of what we’re responsible for, is that real incorporation, not just externally in terms of being polite to each other, but really incorporating and living these Divine Qualities or what the Council of Love has always called, for now seventeen years, the 13 Blessings and Virtues.

So the 13th Octave was the process, the gift from the heart of God, that took us up to that place of Divine Union, that place that we didn’t have the opportunity to experience without dying in the past. And that is a starting point and I believe that’s the meditation, and Graham please chime in, that we did back in June. So, if you haven’t done that 13th Octave Meditation either through taking the book, The Great Awakening, or through the archives it’s available and I’d really encourage you to go back and listen to it because that’s part of this.

GD: For people listening, if you go back, you can go onto Blog Talk Radio on our show page and if you go down through the bottom of our show page you’ll see how you can scroll through
Archive shows and so right, on June, actually the 28th of last year we did a show on the 13th Octave so that’s the show that Linda’s referring to and I highly recommend you check it out.

LD: Yeah, and then part of the gifts that were instilled within us and within each of you, by the way, this isn’t something you need to go seeking, is this wonderful gift of the 13 Blessings and Virtues. And the thing about these Blessings and Virtues is that there are also many other, what we think of as Divine Qualities, almost folded into each one of them. And each has a sound and a color and a scent and as we’re learning, as I’ve been learning, again getting ready for the show, there’s an Ascended Being that seems that wants to speak to each one of these Blessings and Virtues, and maybe there will be many who want to speak to particular Blessings and Virtues, but it is the qualities that we’re going to bring into our lives and to really practice. And then when we talk about practicing these Blessings and Virtues, it’s not you know, “Okay, I’m working on Prudence and I’ve got it” again as Mother Mary, or the Universal or Divine Mother has said is that these Divine Qualities expand infinitely. So the more we are in that energy, the bigger and bigger it gets. And everything that we’ve been doing and this was one of my real insights this morning, is that how everything is so interconnected, we’ve talked about the Creation Codes, we’ve talked about the Creation Formula and how it sits in this basket of joy and love, etc. But part of being in creation is also coming from this place where we are anchored in the Blessings and Virtues so that we can create and that we’re creating not the old 3rd drama but the new, the Nova Earth, as Graham was saying.

So there’s 13 of these little sweethearts and I’m just going to read them out because so that people will have a little sense of where it is we’re heading, because when we looked at the list, and these are sequential, so we’re not just picking and choosing what might be the most popular, because it builds. So, the first one is Prudence, the second Fortitude, Hope, Purity, Beauty, Joy, Compassion, Truth, Wisdom, Awe, Charity, Humility, and Grace. So we’re going to bring these into our bodies and you can feel it even as I am saying it that these build to a crescendo and lifting us up because when Suzanne and Graham and I first talked and we said, “Well, what is the first one?” and it’s Prudence, well we all know that maybe Prudence isn’t the sexiest or the most popular of the Divine Qualities to start with. But, there you have it. So…go ahead.

GD: I invite people to certainly, I mean, one of the beauties about these shows, is that especially with what we’re doing with Heavenly Blessings, this show, it’s really working this stuff, it’s going in more in earnest and working on these spiritual teachings and practicing them and embodying them and continuing to, as you spoke to Linda, it’s infinite in terms of our ability to grow and expand and step into these qualities and what we talk about. And so, the archives are available with these shows so we can go back at any time and I certainly appreciate going back and hearing “oh yeah, what a great reminder” or if I’m feeling down or I’m feeling bummed out or if I need just some additional perspective or to understand something a little deeper, these shows really help us do that. So you can follow along as we go through over the next few weeks as we discuss the 13 Blessings and Virtues and I also encourage you to check out Linda’s book and Linda, how do people order it? because people can follow along in the book as well.

LD: Oh absolutely. You can go onto my website which is and order it in our Sacred Store or you can just go onto Amazon and order it either as an e-book or as a hard copy and the book includes, not only the step by step Ascension process but it also includes four download meditations, it includes many meditations but four of them are audio that really lead you through this process. So, that’s how you find the book and yes it can be really helpful to be following along.

GD: It’s a very nice read; my copy is all kind of mangled and bent because I’ve gone through it a bunch of times but I encourage folks, if you haven’t picked it up to certainly please do. Linda, you mentioned the ‘elephant in the room’ and we didn’t talk about doing this in advance and maybe Suzanne and Linda I’m putting you on the spot a little bit, but we have been off air for over a month and there had been a lot that has changed and we can speak to what’s been happening globally and yet I think it might be good if we were to share personally right now what changes that we’ve seen internally. I remember toward the end of last year we had Sanat Kumara on and he said the real change happens within ourselves and within others, our neighbors, our community and that’s the barometer to see if change is really happening.

I know, for me, I’m experiencing myself and others, there’s a theme of people and myself feeling more gentle and more considerate and kind and I’m feeling a greater sense of peace and calm and that’s not to say that things don’t come up, like there are waves. But I’m also noticing that the troughs, if you will, the depths or those downward spirals are shorter and I can come out of them more and what I’m observing is that the clearing, the letting go of old ‘stuff’, it could be old wounds or as Steve Beckow often refers to vasanas, the gunk, the mud, the yuk that can hold us back fully shining our light or just things that we need to clear up from present life stuff or past life stuff, karma stuff, I’m able to identify it, see it, and release it quicker and I’ve heard others identify that as well. And I’m noticing a lot of people going through moments of what feels like some real challenge and my take-away is that that is the process of letting go of the old and letting go and releasing that which doesn’t serve us.

And the other thing I’m noticing is my intuition has become much, much stronger. The other day a friend of mine, who was working on a retreat, she said “Hey Graham, guess how many people I’ve signed up for the retreat?” And I said “You have 17” and she said “How’d you know that? I didn’t tell you that. How did you know that? I just barely signed up 3 more people.” I said “It’s cool, there’s some really neat stuff happening”. So I’m connecting more into my own inner power and gifts and my internal compass is guiding me more and more and more. What’s been coming up for you two in the last chunk of time here in terms of changes?

LD: You go first Suzy.

SM: Okay. Um, well, gosh, a lot has happened um, but it’s sort of on a really subtle basis so what used to be available only during meditation has become available sort of…it’s much easier to plug in on a regular basis, you know. I could be sitting at the computer and if a thought pops into my head I can follow it as if I was in meditation. It doesn’t take a long time to settle myself, it’s like it seems like it’s all right there and it’s an easier process to plug into guidance and intuition. But I’m also noticing that people are more cooperative, I think that that might be a reflection of the internal changes because what we radiate ourselves, okay, the Divine Qualities, if we’re living them already that’s what is going to be attracted to us, you know, the whole like attracts like kind of thing. So, when you are practicing love yourself you going to notice more love around you and people interacting.

Now that doesn’t really hold true for me when I go to the grocery store because I notice people don’t even have eye contact sometimes. But I smile and talk to everybody and when I do there’s always a good reception, it’s not like anybody’s nasty but…you know there was snow on the ground when I went out with my groceries and I just walked by this lady loading groceries into her car and I said “Safe home” and she didn’t know what to do with that, she didn’t say “Well safe home to you too, thanks so much” she just made this sort of like weird laugh and kept loading groceries into her car. And I thought how strange that is because…I don’t know… but I guess that just speaks to some people not really feeling what’s going on or being affected by it and I wonder about that too, but for the most part the changes have been subtle and wonderful and it’s just so much more freeing experience and I’m feeling much more connected and available to guidance, which I feel like the Diving Qualities are sort of following intuitive guidance that we get from the heart. To just be this way it almost seems like a natural progression of what’s happening for us.

LD: I can really relate to what you’re saying Susie about the lady with the groceries and the thing that popped into my mind is that now we are being told that, whether we know it or not, that as a collective we’ve decided that we are bringing everybody along and for that lady that may have been the first time in a long time that anybody basically said to her “I care about you, I hope you get home safely,” so even thought there was like “gee, are you talking to me?” it sunk in, somewhere it sunk in.

SM: Right, right.

GD: Nice.

LD: And that’s part of us stepping forward.

GD: And you’re planting seeds and helping people awaken and helping people open up to a new way of being and we all have that ability in spreading the light and spreading our joy and creating Nova Earth and every little bit counts and so you going to the store and shining your light and smiling and having eye contact and extending that comment, that is part of building Nova Earth, it’s embodying that vision that you choose where we are in harmony and there isn’t separateness and there is unity and collaboration and cooperation and a feeling of peace and calm so that’s embodying that. Linda, what’s been going on for you lately?

LD: Um, well I don’t think I was as upset or taken a-back as some people by the non-event of December 21st because for me 12-12-12 was such a huge opening and then that opening continued to expand and to welcome and to embrace and to just be there through December, including the 21st, but I think that I always felt that the Ascension is a process, I don’t have any doubt that we are right in the middle of Ascension. But what took me a-back was…because I feel things, I think we all feel things, but what I really felt was the dismay, discouragement, disappointment, disenchantment of so many of our community. And so that sort of threw me for a loop and the form it took for me was some very serious re-evaluation about whether I even wanted to continue as a channel and whether I was just going to do something completely different — go and get a job packing groceries at Publix. And so because the last thing that I ever want to do, I mean, here I am, supposed to be, well I am obviously the channel for the Council of Love and however you look at that ,and I thought I don’t want ever lead anyone astray and yet every time I thought of quitting Archangel Gabriel, who is my ‘go to gal’ just kept holding me and comforting me as did the Divine Mother and saying “No, this is why you are here, this is what we are doing, and what you the collective have chosen to do is so much bigger than anticipated, it’s just that you don’t see yet how big it is.

GD: I’m sorry for interrupting, I was mentioning the team at InLight Radio kept saying “No, no, Linda…you are our girl.”

LD: So I took some time out and I got some wonderful, wonderful, wonderful letters and support, not only from you guys and InLight Radio but from our listeners and from people I’ve known for years and obviously I’m still here. But what I have noticed, just what you guys are saying, is there seems to be a greater gentleness in the air. You know that song “Love is in the air” it does, it feels that somehow we have shifted and I know we are in the 5th dimension. We may not all realize it, we may not all fully be anchored there and frankly there’s a part of me that says “I don’t care what dimension we’re in as long as we’re in the love” because if we’re in the love we’re actually in the heart of One. But I do feel that there’s this massive expansion and this desire to go forward, not in terms of ‘we’re catching a train’, like a date, but almost like a migration that we are continuing on, no matter what. So, it’s been a real interesting journey for me and one of reflecting back to “Why am I doing this?” and to that reassertion of “This is what I came to do.”

SM: Ok, I have this prayer song that I sing every day and it used to be in my vision as I was singing this song I would see colored dots on the Earth, strange vision, but as I’m singing I would see the colored dots turn to white dots like pop, pop, pop, popping sounds all over the place. And like one by one or just like many happening or whatever, but lately what’s been happening is it’s not like a one by one basis, it’s like a wave that takes over a great many people at a time now, you know what I’m saying? Does that make sense?

LD: Like that tsunami of love.

SM: Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly.

GD: You speak to feelings Linda and then we can start the transition in to today’s meditation. I’ve been feeling…I’ve definitely had my moments of questioning on “What the heck?” and I thought on the 21st was going to bring about…I didn’t have specific expectations, but I thought there were going to be some notable, external benchmarks that would come about. So I think the take-away with all of this is I feel and know that this is happening and it may be more of a processing, actually it is, and again my reference point is what I’m feeling. I’m feeling so much more at peace and more joyful and more love, the capacity attribute of love has grown tremendously in recent times and it keeps growing and growing and growing and I just have a knowingness that this is unfolding and it’s worth staying the course. For me it’s always been about the vision of bringing forth a planet that does live in harmony and peace, where all thrive and there is a collaborative support and unity consciousness. So I really resonate, I so resonate with that dream and I’m staying the course and this is all part of it and it’s embodying these qualities now and so that’s why we’re working these through and more in earnest over the next number of weeks here.
So, it’s wonderful to be back with you both, it’s wonderful to have everyone join us again and we’re going to try out this new time and day and see how it goes. You never really know exactly what works with folks because we have people listening in from all over the globe and we do have the archives available so people can listen to them at their leisure.

Well Linda, you have someone that we’ve not brought on the show before, St. Bernadette. What would you like to say about her?

LD: Yeah, and you know what’s funny, when I very first began to channel the 13th Octave was there was a group of 13 Ascended Ones, Sacred Beings that stepped forward and said “We want to be your core team.” And I think I’ve mentioned before that there were beings from the east and from the west and star beings and earth keeper beings like Waka’na’taka, but St. Bernadette was one of those beings and I certainly have a Mother connection, you know, and I know of St. Bernadette because I was raised Catholic, so I call myself ‘culturally Catholic’ in some ways, but I have not channeled St. Bernadette very often. I often feel her presence but she’s not a big talker, I don’t know how else to put it. But boy, as soon as the three of us started talking about Prudence, she was jumping up and down, you know in my office, saying “I want to be the one.” And very often what we see…well a couple of things…very often what we see when we talk about saints or gurus or Ascended Beings is their mature self, but the being that’s been appearing to me, and she’s standing right here, was the girl, the 14 year old girl, who had that initial vision of the Divine Mother or Mother Mary as some people think of it. So she has been very present.

The other thing that I wanted to say, again asking her and talking to her over the last couple of weeks as we’ve been planning this resurgence was “Why Prudence?” because I would have thought of St. Bernadette as maybe in terms of Fortitude or Humility but nope, she’s very insistent on Prudence.

Now her story is that she’s French and for those of you who don’t know, she’s the one who had the visions at Lourdes that became a sacred healing place and many people of every faith or no faith, of every description and culture, go to Lourdes to take the healing waters. And there have been many miraculous healings documented, miraculous healings of people who were crippled or terminal who have taken the waters at Lourdes, France and who have been completely healed. Now Bernadette, this young girl in France, born in 1844, was desperately, desperately poor. Her family lived in a dungeon. And the nicer pieces of information they call it a basement, but when you go the French translation it really means that they lived, because think of the time, they lived in a one room, and there were nine of them, one room dungeon, in the basement of a relative.

She was very sickly, she had ill health, she had cholera as a child and as a result suffered from asthma her whole life, contracted TB, lots of digestive problems and this relates to so many of us who, and I include myself because I have asthma and I’ve had TB, who have had these health challenges and yet, for whatever reason, using your words Graham, she’s stayed the course. And St. Bernadette was guided to this area where there was…it was just out in the fields where she started to have these visions and she was guided by this “Lady” who would appear in a rose bush and did over the course, I think there’s about sixty visions that she had. Eventually she was told to dig in the mud and people of her village and the police and the District Attorney, you know these male power figures, tried to stop her and control her, but she started digging in the mud and from that flowed this wonderful spring of healing waters. Now that analogy can’t be lost on any of us because I think, if we’re talking about the ‘elephant in the room’ so many of us have felt, in this what’s next, that we’ve been digging in the mud and praying for this wonderful healing water, this spring, to come on up and cleanse and heal us and help us on our way.

So, when I was refreshing my memory about who Bernadette was it was like I’m laughing, thinking okay this is why you want to go first because you’ve been there, done that. And then what she did after, because I think she was a very private person, she had no desire to be a public figure, she retreated, she went into a nunnery, became a nun and basically, because of her physical fragility, really retreated from the world.

The thing I wanted to say, she asked me actually this morning, to talk about the issue of “Saints”. None of the beings that I channel, other than St. Germaine, because that’s a family name, not because he’s a “Catholic Saint”, identify themselves as Saint. They don’t think of themselves that way. If you think when we’ve had St. Francis on the show he doesn’t say “This is St. Francis” he says “This is Francis, you can call me Frank.” So they are speaking to us in a universal way not as some Catholic being that has been tagged as someone special; in fact most of the Saints really shy away from that nomenclature.

So, that’s the story of St. Bernadette and she’s standing here in some peasant kind of garb and she’s got the most deep, almost black eyes that you can see the soul through, and she’s plain but she’s got that light of a young girl, a young woman, as they are becoming. So, she’s beautiful. So she’s the one that’s going to talk with us today. But the other thing I want to say just as we get started in our meditation is that the exercise, because you know we always work a lot with color, but the overall exercise when you’re working with the Blessings and Virtues is to work with the Silver Ray and you begin with the breathing in of seven deep breaths of this Silver Ray. Now Prudence in and of itself, and the Council has said that Prudence actually is a very unusual trait for earth. I think Prudence is one of those things that we see our star brothers and sisters and maybe the Ascended Ones practice, because it’s all about moderation and it’s all about balance and when we’re in that place of temperance and moderation and balance that really defeats drama.

So the colors of Prudence are Halion which, if you recall, is one of the star being colors and Siroun, which is again one of the new colors and the new rays and that’s the color of high heart, of where your thymus is. So I thought what we’d do today in terms of our meditation is work a little with those colors and just really sink in and allow this Prudence to blossom within us. So….

GD: That’s great Linda.

LD: Make yourself comfy and relax into your chair or your bed or wherever it is you’re sitting, maybe you’re sitting on the floor, but simply give yourself credit and a hug and gratitude for being here and for choosing, in your sacred self and in your human self, for embracing these Divine Qualities. So let’s begin, feel yourself getting heavier, letting go of the day, the week, as we take seven breaths of this Silver Ray, in through your nose, holding it for a little second, out through your mouth. Open your crown, see it as the aperture of the camera opening to wide angle, that beautiful lotus flower. And the Silver Ray is also the ray of Archangel Uriel and Uriel, as we know, is the Archangel who says he is the ‘Bringer of the Future’, but he also says now “that the future is now and we are in that ‘eternal now’”.

So think of silver, think of the flash of blades on a skate, the silver on a water, on a lake or the ocean when the sun shines just a certain way before a storm, the silver of a grandmother’s wedding ring and the gray of storm clouds. Allow yourself to feel all the range of silver into the grays and the grays tinged with violet and lavender and just feel yourself breathing in and letting that Silver Flame of Uriel penetrate your third and fourth eye and the center of the palms of your hands. And this Silver Ray is the ability to see into situations and even in the darkest places or the darkest night of the soul, the Silver Flame is always there for us. So breath it in, three, four, six, and on the seventh let’s bring all that energy down into your heart and anchor more deeply into that wonderful center, into that heart consciousness, into the totality of who you are, because my beloved friends and family, you are incredible.

Now let’s begin to work with the rays of Prudence:

Halion. Halion was once a planet evolved to sheer energy; they know all about Ascension; the Halion engineers. The color of halion is electric blue, Electra blue, mint green, like lightening bolts of blue, that beautiful cobalt blue, so breathe it in, there’s a touch of lavender there and let it fill your heart, your head, your torso, your legs and let those Halion engineers in to construct and reconstruct anything within any of your fields and bodies that needs attention, to bring you into perfect balance not only with the universe but with who you are.

And now let’s take another deep breath of siroun and siroun is that peachy, pinky, gold color that is the color of the peach fuzz or a perfect sunset and it swirls and it moves and breathe it in and feel that high heart, which is your center for harmony, for balance, and feel that heart, your heart chakra and your higher heart chakra opening and blossoming like the perfect peach rose.

St. Bernadette: I AM Bernadette. Bon-jour. It is my honor and my privilege to speak to you this day and always of course, I speak on behalf of the sacred Mother. But I also speak to you from my experience as a human being, as a young girl and later as a woman, no not a nun, a woman who chose her path despite many obstacles. Yes I speak to you about Prudence, but I also speak to you about these obstacles, what you will call human obstacles, because let me tell you, when I began to share, first with my sister and my good friend Marie France that I was seeing a “Lady”, not only were they afraid, they thought that I was crazy.

And you, my friends, have experienced much the same thing when you have said “Well, we are going to shift dimensions, we are going to take care of one another, we are going to lift up out of the poverty in every sense of the word, of the human existence, and we are going to be prudent in our actions, not only with ourselves, but with one another. We are not going to interfere in the passage of another being, but we are going to be there as support and sometimes the observer.” Many have thought you crazy, no?

And it does not matter because you are being true to your sacred self and you are practicing not only prudence but you are also practicing temperance and balance and moderation. And when you are a way-shower this is of particular importance. When you are a teacher or a channeler, as you have been talking about, yes of course I have been listening in, when you have been talking about your increased intuition you know very well when to say something and when to keep quiet. And this is a very important quality, to know exactly where to place the word, where to place the energy, where to place the look in the eye, the smile on your lips, the touch of the hand that is encouragement not theft and when to stay still and understand that in that quietude that you are holding the energy for the person or the group that you are working with and that this is something that they need to proceed with, that they are perhaps not quiet ready to hear, or that it is something that they need to discover for themselves. This quality of giving others the opportunity to discover something for their selves is often overlooked and underrated. You see it all the time in the petit enfant, the little children, that it is so important for them to understand how things work. You will see them sit and stare at something, explore it, bring it in their mouth, in their hands, until they have a concept of what it is, and then they begin to play with it, or they discover that it is foul tasting and they avoid it. And it is in this way that so many human beings learn.

But I also wish to speak to you, my dear friends, my dear friends that I have offered my help and guidance to for many, many years. No, I am not just speaking of the healing waters because I can not and do not claim that as my assistance to you; that is a gift directly from the Divine Mother. So, other than digging in the dirt, it has very little to do with me. So when I have stepped forward and I have offered my assistance to you, I do not do so as some ‘miracle worker’, I do so as a sister and as fellow journey-being. I do so in prudence and that is why you do not hear me talk a mile a minute or all the time because I feel that I can be of far more help simply helping you to discover your balance.

When you have learned, in your culture, how to skate, how to ride a surfboard, how to ride a buffalo, how to ride a bicycle, how to ride a ski or those boards that you use now, you can receive instruction and it is very helpful. And there is much instruction available to you on the sacred passage, but there is that moment where you find your center of balance and everything falls into position, into place, it clicks in. And that is not something that can be taught and even when the instructor demonstrates it time and time again it only happens when it occurs for you and it is this place of your center of balance.

Now, in this process of Ascension, all energy and all focus has been on the love and on the heart. But you will notice that in Prudence, the focus is on the halion, which is at the bottom of your rib cage and your connection to the star beings, your brothers and sisters who are very present, not only above but in your neighborhoods as well and the siroun which is the high heart. Now, why is this so? Because when you are opening both of these centers what you are doing is allowing now for the heart, without interference, to come into balance, into that place of moderation. Moderation and particularly in the current western civilization is not always a very popular notion and yet it is an absolutely necessary and essential ingredient to your forward movement in Ascension and in the anchoring of Nova Being and Nova Earth because in moderation there is no high drama. Now that does not mean that there are not moments of incredible excitement. Do you no think, my cher, that when I saw the “Lady” that there was not great excitement in my heart, in my mind? And my very body felt like it was on fire. Excitement is absolutely wondrous; it is akin to the Virtue of Awe and Joy. So do not think that Prudence is so blasé, it is not, it is in the place of moderation and so it is the balancing between this fire and the healing waters.

And let me say to you before I step aside because I do not wish to usurp all your time, that any water is healing water. When you say a prayer to the Mother and you ask her to bless your water, to turn it into the sacred healing waters, that request and that prayer is always heard and as you sip that water I will be there with you. So, I am not one of the more fancy or gregarious beings, but I wish you to know that I am with you and I know what it is to have your faith tested. Be strong my beloved ones. Farewell.

SM: That was wonderful. Something might have happened with Graham’s internet. Would it be possible for me to ask Bernadette a question?

LD: Absolutely.

SM: Okay. I’m excited to be speaking with you Bernadette and I feel like…you feel like a sister to me and I feel in following the Divine Qualities, it’s intuitive and natural and I’m just wondering for people who feel that they can’t access their intuition and guidance, have you got any advice for them?

St. B: It is not a matter of simply feeling that you are intuitive or that you are blessed in some extraordinary way, in fact, that is why we have outlined and suggested the practice of each of the Blessings and Virtues. It is not so much expansion as anchoring and in the anchoring is the expansion. So yes, I can be very practical and it is a matter of practice, so do not become discouraged. But, for example, when you are practicing Prudence, and you can say this on a weekly basis, that this is my week and this is why we have chosen to do it this way, that this is my week of Prudence and you can check yourself.

So, when you are doing something, and it is very important that Prudence takes into account yourself. So, for example, you are sitting down to think about or to prepare a meal…now, as a child I often went hungry and when the rare occasion occurred where there was bounty or much to eat, I have to tell you that all of us stuffed ourselves. Now was that prudence? No, because, in fact, our bodies were not used to processing so much food. So think of it in this way, when you are thinking about what to cook for your family for yourself, for your supper, then you look and you have twelve pieces of vegetables and two pieces of different meat perhaps, you have different drinks, you have water, you have very often too much. Now this comes from a sense of wanting security and it also comes from a sense of when you are eating it is often social but it is also celebration, it is a sacred time for many families, in fact, for many families it is the only time that you are sitting together or gathering together. But one of the ways in which you can practice Prudence is to look at the food and say “Now is this truly prudence and balance and moderation or am I overdoing it? Am I wasting? Am I cooking for tomorrow? Is this ridiculous or is this what we need for the day?”

Very often you have a tendency to fly into the old way which is blame of self and you take responsibility for something that you have done or not done and you go on and on and on, not necessarily to whoever you have offended or mistreated, but to yourself. That is not in balance, that is not in moderation, that is not in temperance or prudence. The prudence is to acknowledge where you have gone awry, to look at it, to do whatever repair work is necessary, including especially letting it go, to apologize to yourself, to the universe, to whomever you have harmed, and then to proceed. It is not to dwell on it day after day after day “I made a mistake, I can never go on”, that is not prudent, that is not kindness so bring it to the practical level of how you live your life.

Is it prudent to spend $300 on a pair of jeans or not? Now if you are saying it is prudent because these jeans will last me a lifetime and by the way, I am giving myself a treat, then fine, but examine your motivations first. Live in that place of balance because it is going to make you feel better, it is going to make yourself feel that you are exactly where you need to be. This is the reward of prudence, it is not prudence for prudence sake, it is that it leads you to a place where you feel that you are not living in scarcity and you are not living in drama, because what I suggest to you, dear one, is that a $300 pair of jeans is drama. Is this clear?

GD: Thank you so much for speaking to that St. Bernadette and I want to thank you for joining us today. I feel your energy and I feel this wonderful connection with you. Why is that?

St. B: Because I am one of you. I am not some distant Saint and let me tell you, all three of you and most of you who have been listening have had occasion to visit me at Lourdes, to visit me in France. Now I say that, not that we were there all at the same time, although many of us were, but also in other situations you have talked about bi-location or leaving your imprint somewhere. Well, I have left my imprint not only at Lourdes, not only in France, but on your heart. I do not wish to be some Ascended Master that you honor, I do not place myself in that category. I wish to be your friend, I wish to be your sister, I wish to be the one who helps you out.

GD: And your presence and your assistance is most welcome. I was thinking as you were sharing earlier about moderation, I was talking with my 9 year old son this past weekend and we were talking about moderation and I was describing to him or sharing with him what that word meant and I talked about everything in moderation and this little bubby, he comes back to me, he says “Well dad, not love.” Wow, how delightful. You know what, we can’t have enough of that.

You have experienced while on Earth, you experienced considerable hardship and challenge, can you please share with us a little bit more about staying the course when things feel so challenged , when there is so much criticism or when one follows the road less traveled the support doesn’t feel like it’s there and there’s judgment from others and people don’t understand, can you share a little bit about your own process and guidance and assistance around staying the course, following one’s own intuition and not giving in to the pressures of others?

St. B: Yes I can. Now when I was within the cocoon of my family, even after the visions, but particularly beforehand, although we were very poor and as I have said there was rarely enough, there was a very strong component of faith and the faith and trust that was embedded within me from my mother and father was very strong. So that there was an acknowledgement that although we did not have the riches of the many in society, we had this other richness and that sustained us and we did not look to the sacred beloved Mother or the Father as some distant deity, but someone who helped us out on a daily basis. So that was the background. Now when I first began to see the “Lady” it was so beautiful, magnificent, not just her beauty but the light that filled her and then filled me, what I have described as the sacred fire. It gave me no choice. So you may call me a very stubborn child and believe me they did because as this began they wished me to recant what I was saying because such occasions of visitation do not happen to a young, poor child who has no stature, who has no place, no claim in society.

So they were very rough with me and they were quite cruel, oh I have long since forgiven them, even at the time. But I could not betray the “Lady”, I could not lie and I knew despite the fact that no one else could see what I was seeing or hear the messages that I was hearing, that I could not deny this precious gift. Let’s face it, it was the only gift, other than my family, that I was ever given. And even when the “Lady” instructed me to do what many were thinking were quite bizarre undertakings such as digging in the mud, even eating the mud, eating the grass that grew from this spring, they thought that I was becoming more deeply psychotic. They did not use that word in those times, but that was it and they threatened if I continued that they would simply lock me up, that they would put me away in an asylum and I suggest to you that the asylums for the insane at that time were nothing like you have today. But I still could not deny, and I emphasize this, this stubbornness, this stick-to-it-ness, yes fortitude, because this is what many of you are facing.

How can you do this without any external evidence? Where is the proof? Well finally and quite quickly, thank goodness, the proof came in the spring that flowed and healed others. But each of you are truly facing this dilemma; where is the proof? And this is one of the reasons why this Council of Love has asked you to focus on the Blessings and Virtues, because the proofs, the landmarks, the markers have become internal rather than external, and this is something new for you to learn; this is a quality of Nova Being. And so you are learning a new way of measuring proof and it is within. And when I had this proof within me, I would rather die, I would rather be locked away than deny what I knew to be true. I could not do this and neither can you.

GD: Thank you so much for speaking to that. When you speak about having no choice or not denying what you feel, I so resonate with that and we were talking earlier about the vision of Nova Earth and I feel like I have no choice but to work for it, work toward it, and I can’t deny the feelings that I have that it’s unfolding and it’s happening even though one could argue “Well the external benchmarks aren’t there” I feel it and you’ve been talking about the internal knowingness. I really appreciate you speaking to that. Linda, I’d love to bring you on so you can share some of your comments and for those of you who are listening on the show by phone, if you’d like to ask a question or two prior to our closing the show in about 13 or so minutes, just hit #1 and Suzanne will bring you on. Feel free to share a comment or ask a question. Linda, what’s coming up for you?

LD: Oh I have to tell you, I am in the bliss. I also, it’s funny because I’ve said to you before that Archangel Gabriel is my ‘go to angel, my gal’ and one of the ways, in a very teasing way that Archangel Gabriel describes me is, she says “Child, you are as stubborn as a pig on a rope.” Now you have to picture that, trying to walk a pig, right? and when they don’t want to go somewhere they don’t go. And I’ve always taken that as a complement and I know especially in the early days when I actually had a plan in place, if I get locked up with a few trusted friends, come and get me. I know exactly what Bernadette is talking about because there is this feeling, and it wouldn’t matter if I never channeled again, that I know it’s real, I know it’s true, I know, and you can’t deny it because it’s as solid as this chair that I’m sitting in. And it is this, you know, I can remember the conversations “Linda, you’ve got a good job” “You’re doing good work” “Like why are you going off on this tangent?” “And talking to angels, please come back” And there was no turning back, there just isn’t because you just know like ‘this is what I have to do.’

Now I think what I’ve learned and learning, because I still do it sometimes, is this prudence is, you know in the early days I really tried to shove this down people’s throats. I was so excited I wanted to share it and I wanted you to believe and get the vision, get the program and I think I’ve learned, like you know, people will get it when they’re ready to get it, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t say anything. You just drop these seeds, just like Suzy did in the parking lot at the grocery store, you drop the seeds and they fertilize and when the time is right people get it. Now of course right now with the building of Nova Earth and Ascension we’re on this, you know, my god we’re doing NASCAR, we’re speeding, it’s not so slow. And you know what else Bernadette is showing us? It wasn’t so slow for her, these visions occurred over a period of a couple of years, the spring came up and finally they said “Oh my god, you’re right, they’re healing waters”. And what she did she said “Okay, now I’ve done my job and I’m going to retreat, I’m going to do something else because that piece of the journey is done.” But she held the course. When I was thinking about this I was thinking of Juan Diego, the saint as we think of him, in Mexico who had the visions of Our Lady of Guadeloupe and it was the same situation, he kept going to the Bishop and they beat him up, they threw him out in the street because he was some crazy peasant who said he was seeing the Divine Mother on the hilltop. And it wasn’t until there was some tangible evidence that they began to believe him. So I think where we are right now is we’re staying the course and the tangible evidence is coming.

GD: Thanks Linda for speaking to that. Thanks so much. I am off the internet so I can’t see Suzy if there are callers coming in or if you are trying to communicate with me. Suzy, do you have a caller to bring on or do you have any closing comments?

SM: Hi. No there are actually no callers right now. I just really appreciate everything that’s been said and especially the part about staying the course because I feel the same way because I’m isolated so it really doesn’t matter to me if anybody thinks I’m crazy (laughter) I’ll just do what I’m doing anyway ‘cause there really is no other choice, this is my life, this is my interest, this is what I’m all about right now so for me to get a job at the supermarket or something like that it’s just not possible, I’m just not a good worker bee any more and that’s fine, you know, I celebrate that I am this way now and it’s a very freeing kind of feeling.

LD: It’s amazing how many of us are isolated, you know, I mean we have this community, this online community and this radio community, but so many of us are really out there in the boonies, even if it’s in the middle of a city, by ourselves.

GD: The marker, the internal marker, we spoke a little bit about this already but, how are you two feeling compared to like internally in terms of your level…in terms of the qualities that you feel within, I’m talking about the peace and the calm and the love and the ability to experience and receive love and give love and the capacity to have gratitude? How is that changed over the last year or so for you?

SM: You go Linda.

LD: It’s exploded for me and it’s funny because at the same time, and this is more recent, and you know we go through phases, attach/detach, but I do feel more detached and I think that’s part of letting go of the drama because it can just eat you up. But the ‘big love’, if I can describe it that way, that I feel has really grown and the gratitude that I feel has really just exploded, like I am really grateful for what I have and I don’t mean just materially, I mean in every way, shape and form. And what I’m finding is the more gratitude I have the more that I have to be grateful for.

GD: How about you Suzy, what’s coming up for you? Suzy, you with us?

LD: Did we loose our Suzy? One of the things that the Council has really recommended is that when you’re working with each of these Virtues, if you were at a Council of Love workshop we would do an interactive, almost like mini-theater thing to demonstrate a Virtue, but to pick an object or a situation or something tangible where you can look at it, so eventually you will have 13 things that represent to you the quality of Prudence. Maybe it’s a bowl of fruit, because that would represent prudence and balance in our eating, but something tangible that you can look at and say “Okay, this is my reminder”. Maybe it’s a stone but something that you can hold on to and that can remind you that you are in that place, of everything is in the correct measure.

GD: Um, very nice. Linda, what do you think about bringing St. Bernadette on for some closing remarks?

LD: Alright, bye-bye.

St. B: I AM Bernadette.

GD: Welcome back. What would you like to share for our listeners today as we wrap up today’s show?

St. B: It is not in reference to the Prudence, it is in reference to the joy because, of course, in the moderation and the balance you will find the joy. This is something that you have not talked or asked me about a lot this day, but in my life, in my visitations with the “Lady”, with my life that followed and with my life with each of you, because do not think that my life, my existence is over, it is not. I find enormous joy, this gladness of my heart and so this is something that I would also like you to bring forth in your life. So often Prudence is seen in the way of denial and that is of the old way. Prudence is not denial it is being in the balance of your joy and doing, not just thinking or holding faith and trust, but doing what brings you joy.

GD: Wonderful. Thank you so much for joining us today, we really do appreciate your being with us and joining us on this journey.

St. B: It is my honor and I give you my blessings, each and every one of you my beloved friends. Goodbye.

GD: Farewell. Thank you.

LD: It always comes back to love and joy. It always comes back to love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon