557455_300832103321042_179181975486056_734506_1747369049_nSerenia explains what the galactics are doing to help “clean up” Gaia’s air and water, how they are infusing these elements with light, love, and the divine qualities to help us along our path of Ascension…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m GD.
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Okay, Geoff. I’ll pass it over to you, my friend.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. Last week, Ashira, the commander of UFOG, or the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, commented on the kinds of healing interventions that were taking place on humans at this time. Some humans required more tweaking, as it were, while others required less, as they were already more aware. However, we are all experiencing everything in uniquely different but equally beautiful ways.

And Ashira had suggested that a member of the science team or perhaps of the medical team could address some of these issues better. An invitation was given and accepted by a member of the science team who appeared on this show last July. Her name is Serenia, a Pleiadian galactic member who originally came from the 11th dimension to serve at this time and in this capacity. At the time, she was serving aboard a ship called the [Ageum?], which, if I remember correctly, most closely translates in English to Pleiadian gem.

Serenia, welcome back to our program, and thanks for sharing your time with us.

Serenia: Oh, welcome to you! And I am pleased and honored to be invited back. In fact, there are many that would have liked to have come. But it is always an honor for any of us to be chosen and to have this opportunity to speak, not only with you, sweet one, but with all who listen this night or who listen to the archives, for archives are very useful. Let us even begin there.

When we are doing a show, whether it is here — well, this is our preferred spot, to tell you the truth — but there is a download of energy that takes place directly during, shall we say, the live transmission into the individuals who are listening.

But never think, or feel…. Let me put it this way, I offer reassurance that as these programs — and I do not simply mean those that are with the intergalactics or those of us who are from the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies — each of the archives, for all of your shows, are imbued and magnified with healing and expansion, awe and wonder, so that the energy that is received is of a very deep vibration, what you would think of as a very deep bass vibration. But it moves directly into the bones, the skin, the organs, the fibers of the human being. This is one of the things that we do.

We also have the capacity, and have taken the liberty, to do that, which the Council of Love has done for eons, but we have added our energy to the written or the printed material as you would think of it. So that is a way to begin, by saying, “We are amplifying you in ways that you are aware of and not aware of, and not in ways that are interfering, but that are joyful for both of us, for all of us.”

So, thank you for inviting me.

Now, I have big news. I have a new ship. Well, let me say it is a ship that is re-commissioned, re-outfitted in terms of this current task that we are all working on. And you are correct, it is a combination of what you would think of as medical, but we would think of as healing, technologies, science, but also education as well.
My new ship is called the Seraphim. It is in honor, of course, to these beings that we along with you love so dearly.
So that is the home news, to get started!

GW: Well, that’s absolutely wonderful, Serenia. Congratulations. How… what is your capacity on this new ship? Are you kind of leading the science/healing team, or…

Serenia: Yes.

GW: …how many people are involved on this ship?

S: On this ship… it is not a large ship, and of course as you well know many of the controls are… functions are in your terms automated. But there are about a dozen of us, sometimes as many as 15, sometimes as few as 11. But 11 is what we would consider bare bones. And yes, I am pleased to say, yes, of course I am still a science officer, but for this undertaking I am also officer in charge.

We do not think of things necessarily as promotions, although there is such a thing as progression within our teams and ranks. But from time to time there are special projects that require the skill and expertise of a group of us, or one of us. So it is my honor to lead this group.

And partially this has been contributed, shall I say, by my close understanding and my connection, through you and through your delightful team, to these wondrous beings called humans.

Now, we have always known you. That is not the issue. But the partnership and the way in which we are permitted, opened, allowed to work with you during this phase of Ascension is more liberal, more broad. And so our unity and community — with you, with each of you, individually, specifically and of course collectively — that connection grows.

Now, for some, the growth is not even at the awareness level because they have no interest or curiosity or desire to know us. Now, we do not… we are not of a vibration, or a frequency where we take that as a personal affront, but there are many who do wish to know us more clearly, more personally, and to work in tandem. And that is the reason why I have accepted this invitation and been given the go-ahead by everybody concerned, both on Earth and, as you can think of it, here.

So, the closeness of our relationship, particularly for those who are open to this form of exchange and mutuality, including friendship, is growing very rapidly. Now, we know, as brothers and sisters and as observers of Gaia, how impatient so many of you have been. The desire for what you term Disclosure has been on the tip of your tongue and creating irritation at times. But, shall we say that we also are very eager, not anxious, but eager for this full Disclosure to take place, simply because what it does is it brings us to the point of building community that has been planned for so long.

In many ways you think of holidays… you celebrate Christmas or such feasts as birthdays, and there is great excitement about what you will receive as a gift or a blessing. But when gifts are exchanged, we are just as excited. And there’s part of you that thinks, “Well, what can you possibly give us? For you are bringing us technology and healing, new understandings, quantum leaps.” What you are bringing us, what you have to offer, is your humanness, your hearts, this wonderful quirkiness of the human collective, the diversity that is present not only in your species but upon this magnificent planet. There is nothing monochromatic about this magnificent Gaia.

But it is the community and the friendships and the going forward together, hand in hand, heart in heart, to build not only Nova Earth, Nova reality, Nova universe. So we are eager as well, and we are eager to understand, not study — because never do we wish for you to ever think or feel that you are ants under a microscope — but to study and understand this human trait of free will, and the ability to marry the free will, the changeability factor, as we look at it, with the spiritual path, with the intellectual path, and with what you think of as the personality path.

These are of great interest to us. And the fact that you have made this significant is too mild a word, that you have made this shift from really being very much a race that has been individually focused. In the past, yes, last year, much attention, much human focus was placed on going forward on the individual path of either Ascension, enlightenment, becoming, being — we have many names for it. And yet in what appears, particularly in galactic time, as a millisecond, as an opening, you shifted. You shifted from that individual, can we say, ego-based desire to go forward, in a beautiful way — we do not say this in a critical way — but the desire as an individual to go forward no matter what, to this collective where you say, “Well, we will go forward, but we will go forward as one.”

This is such a substantial change in the matrix of your species that we are very anxious to talk to you about it, to discuss it, to understand it — as I know you are as well. And then there are the projects that we are working on, as you have referred to as ‘tweaking,’ to assist you as a collective and as individuals — as we say, we do not have permission, or would we wish, ever, to interfere with free will — but we are permitted to assist with air, with water, with sound, with light, with augmentation of what is being made available to you.

I know I have gone on and on, dear heart. My apologies. I did not mean to. Please, go ahead.

GW: Well, that’s quite all right, Serenia. I wanted to offer our listeners a few moments to establish a bond with you, as you do not appear regularly on the show. So, certainly as we transition into the science and the healing aspects of the work that you are taking on, maybe just a quick question.

So, you’re currently on the Seraphim. And is this ship … where is this ship currently stationed? Is it beyond Earth? Is it within Earth’s atmosphere? And over which continent or country are you primarily working right now?

S: We are going back and forth. Of course our home base is the Neptune. You are aware of that. Although we do take side trips to the Pleiadian sector a great deal. We are working just outside what you think of as Earth’s atmosphere, but with incursions into Earth’s atmosphere when we are doing a specific test or service or attunement.

So we hover, I guess you would say, positioned just outside what you think of as Earth’s atmosphere. And then, when we are on full purpose in the mission, then of course we enter into Earth’s atmosphere, because we are working not only with the planet, but truly at this point, yes, with the elements of Earth, but the elements of Earth in order to work with and assist the human race.

GW: Umm, okay. Wonderful. Now, you had indicated that you had joined I think what you had called a refurbished ship. What does it mean to recondition what is essentially a sentient being?

S: You have an expression on Earth in your military that people go on leave or furlough, and so it is the same with our ships. As you well know, the Gem, I have worked with her for many, many, many years. But what it means is the ship is given time out, R&R. Now, we are not a static civilization. And perhaps I am introducing new understanding. I hope so. Our civilization, our science teams particularly — because I speak of that because that is my specialty — but we continue to do our research and development of technology, twig [tweak?] it to have it be more applicable to the group or to the project or to the planet that we are working on and with.

And then those advances in technology, even while the ship is in bay as you would think of it — because it does not simply go to rest by itself; there is healing that takes place. And we know it is difficult for you to think of a ship as a sentient being, but when a ship is commissioned, for example, it does absorb energies and frequencies. And so there are times when it needs a rest and a good polishing, a good cleaning, and then the upgrades in technology or science that has been made while that ship has been out, commissioned elsewhere.

So think of it in terms of your own airplanes that come to rest, to be cleaned up, reworked, tuned up. But it is a — not just a mechanical issue, it is also a healing issue.

So, once that has taken place and there is agreement amongst not only those who are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep and fine-tuning with the ships, not to the ships, but with the ships, and the ship itself says, “Okay, I am ready to go back into action” — and sometimes that is prompted because someone, such as myself, will say, “I would really like to work with the Seraphim; I would really like for that ship to be working with me” — so these kinds of conversations take place; it is a joint agreement on assignment. Yes, there are times — not so much for ships, but for all of us — where there is a more urgent need and things are called back into service rather quickly. And of course all of us adjust in those situations but by and large, all beings, including our ships, which work in harmony with our emotions and telepathy, and they work for us as well. So that is how it works. Is that clear?

GW: Yes, it is. Thank you. Now, just as we move into some of the more Gaia and humanity related questions, I found myself chuckling a few moments ago as you mentioned humanity’s quirkiness. In preparing for this particular interview, I know that science and higher math are most definitely not my particular strong points. These subjects almost buried me in high school. So I guess it’s safe to say my twin flame must have that part of me.

However, in terms of history, a song popped into my mind as I was preparing this interview, and it’s a song from Thomas Dolby called “She Blinded Me with Science.” And I have a feeling that this is kind of what you are going to do to me today. [laugh] So, so I’m rather looking forward to what you have to share in terms of Gaia’s healing, the science behind it, and what you are all doing to help humanity in raising our frequencies right now. So we know that….

S: … be gentle.

GW: I’m sorry, Serenia?

S: We will be gentle!

GW: Well, we know that our galactic families came here primarily to assist Gaia, but then secondly to assist those of humanity who choose it or who have accepted at a higher soul level to receive it. What areas of Gaia’s healing are currently being focused on?

S: It is a multi-pronged approach. There is the completion of air, of water, of Earth, of resources, of the chemistry. Now, let us back up. The old definition — because I know that you are not wedded to this — the old definition of healing or working on an issue — and this relates to the ships as well — is that there is an injury or a tear or a pain or something that is out of alignment, that needs to be remedied, repaired, fixed.

But from our perspective — and I speak for many now — from our perspective is that that is just the starting point. So, let us use an example. The chemtrails that have been so damaging to your air, to your skies, to your people, and of course to Gaia, because what is up does come down, the removal of things like chemicals, harmful chemicals, radiation, from the air or from the water, is only the first step. Then there are the upgrades.

At first you go for purity. And you know what it is, the differences, when you take a breath of fresh air and it fills your lungs and within that you can feel the tingle of that substance of that fresh air all the way to your toes, or you can feel that it is still … it is not an air that you really wish to breathe deeply of because you, on an unconscious or subconscious level, realize that there are still particulates in the air that are not favorable to you and we don’t mean just your human, physical body, but the totality of your field.

Now, sometimes those particulates are remnants of human pollution — and that is a very broad category — but sometimes it is also pollution that has been of a spiritual nature or an emotional nature, so that you don’t want to take a deep breath because you just realized that the area that you are driving through or that you are visiting is filled with emotional debris, heartache, grief, control, greed, lack. And so it literally prevents you from taking those sweet breaths.

So, one of the things that we are doing — we are speaking of air right now — is removing all the levels of what you would think of as pollutants, as those particulates that are not harmonious to the true higher dimensional beings. And when I say ‘the higher dimensional beings,’ I include the humans in this category.

Do not forget that we have many, many… thousands and thousands of forces on the ground as well, assistants. They are not coming as conquering anything. And so for our own forces on the ground also it is important that this air be made clean. Then, after it is cleaned up — and interrupt me if my Science 101 is not clear to you — what we do then, and what we are doing — and these are our incursions in and out of your atmosphere — is we fill it with what you would think of as crystal clean air. You are thinking of it as air, but it is so much more. It is light, it is love, it is what you think of as divine qualities, it is stamina, it is strength, it is the ability to see.

There are certain programs that we are now permitted and are very actively doing — that are being put in your air, and particularly your water, that are activating parts of you such as your third eye — that have not been available or fully available to the general population.

Now, why do we do this? We do it to help you because we love you, but we also do it because as that is activated, that particular aspect, say, of your third and fourth eye, you begin to be able to witness and to see what is really going on. And when you begin to see what is really going on, well, you begin to see us. And when you begin to see us from that vantage point of the clarity that’s been imbued and the formulas that have been put therein, mathematics, on a whole different level, what happens is the fear element is not there because you are simply seeing truth. So you are not seeing the illusion. And because you are going forward as a human species, you are ready for these openings.

We are also working… and there is another ship, a sister ship, that works in tandem with us, called the Nautilus. And many of you have been hearing and feeling this energy of Nautilus of late, but… this is a science ship as well that is working particularly with the waters — same process. First the final removal of pollution. And where the Nautilus is working right now is actually trying to finish up [the] east coast of United States of America, including the Gulf of Mexico where there is still a great deal of pollution from the oil spills. So, but that east coast that stretches… think of it as the Arctic Circle down to Bimini, is being cleaned up at this moment.

That is not to say that there are not other activities taking place, but again it is similar: the removal of pollution, the infusion of light and particulates, and then the final step is the infusion of what you would think of as programs.
Now, some of you are very familiar with what you think of as programmed water. And there has been some magnificent, inspired, shall we say, scientific work done on the programming of water. And this has laid the foundation for the human acceptance and understanding of how these programs that we work with operate.

So, you have learned if you place crystals or prayers or intentions in your water, that the very molecular structure of the water changes. Now, take it the next step, for we have formulas that are for emotional healing, collective healing, sometimes of what you have thought of as negative archetype healing. And it occurs with the planet, with Gaia, and with the human beings.

And the infusion of formulas that raise your vibration and act as catalysts for your expansion of your brain, the expansion of your heart consciousness, the completion of your transfer from carbon to crystalline — all of these things, all of these things are now begun. And we have begun them with complete agreement, not only with Gaia, but with the collective, shall we say, consciousness of the human race as well.

So while we have been impatient for the invitations to show up, and have community with you, or even to be invited for dinner — although our patterns of eating are very different! But nevertheless, an invitation would be welcome — but this is preparing the way. So, in fact, there is a great deal going on.

GW: Absolutely. No question. Now, obviously, time is flying; lots of questions here. But I want to go back a moment, because you brought up a point about the ground forces, and I’m curious about what they are doing. Because at a higher level I understand that you are doing a lot of the energetic work. And we’ll talk in a moment about what you are doing to help individual humans.

But in terms of the ground forces, are they the ones who are moving on issues such as Monsanto, for example? Like doing the legal work to help stop companies like this so that foods can be produced in much more healthy, harmonic ways? Is that kind of the task that they take on? And then you do the energetic work, individually, on humans as they require it as a result of eating that kind of food?

S: It is a mixed bag. So, let us put it this way. When the forces are placed — and it is usually a completely voluntary assignment — but there are groups, even though you think of them as individuals, who come from their training, maybe in science, it may be in healing, it may be… within the healing it may be psychology, emotional healing; it may be a legal understanding of intergalactic law, universal law and human law. So, their function is very often multifold.

So they are there holding the energy on a subtle level that human beings are getting used to having their brethren next to them. Whether they are aware of it or not, they do always know, “Oh, there’s something different about that guy or gal.” So there is that. And yes, then they are doing very practical things.

So some of them are positioned, or implanted, if you wish to use that word, in tech jobs, particularly very high tech jobs. Some of them are being planted in grassroots social media, to expand that and to move that along. Some are planted in the governments, such as the White House, or in the fields of conflict or war. Some are simply based in communities. Some are working with Monsanto, BP, other organizations. Yes.

So that is how it works. But they are bringing their expertise, whether it is in science or technology, which we think of as very closely interchangeable, or medical or healing, or as teachers as well. There are a large number of our forces that are working in the schools, particularly the grade schools.

GW: Hmm. Very, very reassuring, absolutely. So, in terms of the healing aspect of individuals, then, at soul contract levels you obviously cannot interfere with those who have chosen for whatever reason not to move forward. But you can work with those who are… have agreed at some particular level.

Now, last June you indicated that in comparing humanity’s — last July I guess it was — you indicated that in comparing humanity’s knowledge of quantum science compared to your own, humanity was at a level one while you were at perhaps a level twelve. And I’m mixing these two questions together here, but is this what has been described as the twelve dimensions of human consciousness, or was that merely an analogy to help understand the difference between awareness? And how are you applying this quantum energy to the healing of humanity?

S: It is… we often work with cycles and realms of one through twelve. You can think of it as our… one of our measurement systems, thirteen being of course the ultimate and the return to One. So there was, yes, some very subtle comparison.
Now, that is not to suggest to you that you are in the first dimension. But you are in every dimension in reality, and that is sometimes what you tend to forget. But as you are breaking out of the old paradigms of the third and feeling more free, you are coming to understand that you can drift and travel pretty much wherever you want.

That is part of the very active healing that is taking place for the human collective. You are about a 1.2 right now, in terms of your understanding of the science. It has not moved significantly. But let us say that on the spiritual or awareness, the community unity grid, you have moved remarkably.

So that is, to us, in many ways more important than understanding our science that we have developed over thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

How are we working with the human individual? Let me preface… by saying… as you are fully anchored in the 5th dimension, situations like disease or disability do not truly exist. Or one way to think of it is that it goes dormant if the individual chooses not to have it completely cleansed and removed because of soul contract or soul purpose. But it is very difficult, it would be a huge challenge for a human being — and we are talking singular now — to ingest the air with the fortified programs that we are speaking of, or to drink the water that has been cleansed and programmed, and to be able to hang on to that addiction to pain.

There are many beings upon your planet who have been compassion, patience, perseverance teachers. And they have had severe maladies to show that they have faith and continuity and that they do not give up. Or to show others… the lessons of compassion and patience. But there are very few who have signed on as a soul mission and purpose for that to be completely permanent.

So even… say someone had HIV, and this has been a rampant, terrible plague upon your planet. And we use this example because it is highly charged with all your prejudices. Now, as you shift into the new reality of compassion, of divine qualities, of love, there is no need for this disease because the lessons that it has been used to teach have dissipated and disappeared.

So even if you chose as an individual to hang on to it the same way you would hang on to a pet lunar rock, it would not be dominant and it would not be active. It is something that would simply be tucked away in a safe place.

The biggest area of healing the technology and our science teams are addressing is the emotional field, as it drifts back and forth with the mental field of stratified beliefs about the way things are. It is … I have said you are quirky, and I meant that in the kindest, loving way, but you are also stubborn! And I say that in the way that you also practice perseverance and forbearance. But when you have a belief about something, it is very hard for you sometimes to let go of that belief, and just to let it float away. So that is a great deal of what we are focused on in terms of healing both individuals and the collective.

And you are seeing, or you will begin to notice — let us put it that way — that you will think, “Well, you know, I used to think that way, or believe that way,” and all of a sudden you realize, it is nothing but a dim memory, it is because you are being healed.

You have had this collective belief — one of our biggest challenges is you collectively, not individually, which has been our bright star of hope — but collectively you have said people don’t change. And this leaves us aghast. Our mouths are wide open and we are thinking, it is the only constant. And even though intellectually you know this, there is this judgment factor which of course is the cancer of humanity that has plagued you. So this is one of the programs that we are definitely working overlaying new programming — because you have said yes — to let things like that just completely go.

GW: So, in terms of what we’re witnessing right now unfolding within the orthodox religious community, especially with the Vatican, it’s quite certain that many people who have been very strongly held on — or who have very strongly held on to traditional beliefs — must be going through some degree of pain right now. And I guess that will require additional focus and resources from your teams to help?

S: And they are being helped. What they are being shown, very, very gently — because as you know the work we do is very subtle; now, the outcome or the output may be seen as highly dramatic, but the work that we do is very subtle — so not only have we worked with those, say, in the Vatican system who had need to let go — and that is true throughout that entire institution of the Catholic Church — but there is an overlay of comfort and of promise, of hope, and using hope and promise as synonymous, that is being put into the hearts of those who have based their entire spiritual journey on believing in that institution as their foundation rather than their soul as their foundation.

So we are assisting them, comforting them, but also overlaying new belief systems, ideas.

Now, it is not… [ ? ] you think of as a not-safe ploy. That is not the way that we operate. It is just to help and to heal, not to deny. So, for example, someone who, in, say, South America, whose entire life has been built around the community of church and the belief system — and we are saying the adherence to the rules that aren’t reflective necessarily of unity and love; but they have bought the package — now, all of a sudden they are seeing that package wobbling. What they are being given is the infusion of promise that, oh, this looks kind of bad, this looks kind of very negative that the cardinals and the Pope and so many are going by the wayside; they are over-ridden with the hope that the Church is reinventing itself, with new vigor, with new qualities that will be even more meaningful to them.

So it is not that we are ripping away the Church. We are not … that is not our role, although that is the overall plan of the Mother. But we will reinforce the individuals so that they can go on rather than simply get caught in a quagmire of a crisis of faith.

It is the same with someone who has placed all their faith in an Ayatollah. So it is not merely the Roman Catholics; it is all of the various institutions that are being worked with.

GW: Okay. So, I’d like to try and find a way to unite a little bit the healing of the human soul with perhaps the science of what is happening beyond us as we currently know it. One source has indicated that dark matter, as we humans currently know and understand it and it cannot be seen or measured yet with our instrumentation, but if it was possible to view it, it would be experienced as bright light with multi-colors.

And even with my limited knowledge of science, I think I can grasp the possibility of this. It sounds plausible to me. Could this dark matter be considered what some of us think of as the veil of separation that some of us in our… in terms of trying to understand Divine Creator and this space, however one chooses to feel it, that exists between humanity and what we know of as Divine Creator, could this dark matter be that veil of separation? And if it is, could this be what some people experience when they have near death experiences, such as going down the dark tunnel, transitioning through the dark matter into that veil that becomes the light?

S: It is a bit of a stretch, but yes. Yes, that can be one way to conceive of it. Understand, our use of dark matter is very different than your understanding, because it is a brilliant collection of light. It is the collection of every fiber of light throughout the multiverse. So it is very useful. And one of the things that we have been doing through our incursions, particularly with the science ships, is that we have been placing what you think of as dark matter in the Earth. Literally in the Earth, what you think of as dirt, as rock, as gaseous layers. So there is infusion of that.

Now, the illusion that you think of, the veil, the veil, for humanity is truly an illusion, because it was removed years ago. But because you have individually and collectively insisted that the veil is still there, it is still there. But for those who have had, for example, sightings or encounters, angelic or star brothers, there is a knowing that the veil does not exist. You have had moments where you have seen through the veil and you know with great clarity that that veil is simply an illusion.

When one goes through a near death experience, you do travel through a portal of what you would think of as dark matter. But as soon as you embrace it, you go through to the light. You see the truth of all the rays and particulates that are there within that matter.

So, yes, you also have a tendency to think of wormholes as dark holes or light holes. So that is something that you will also be learning about in terms of how to travel and to move.

GW: Umm. Well, thank you, Serenia …

S: I’m sorry, I have not given the full explanation of what we are up to.

GW: Yes, it is unfortunate that we have come to the end of another episode of An Hour with an Angel, but we hope that we’ll be able to have an opportunity to further elaborate on this in the coming moments of now. Thank you for joining us, Serenia.

S: I am so honored. Go in peace, my brothers and sisters of Earth. Farewell.

GW: Farewell. And until our next moment of now, thank you for sharing your moments of time with us. Blessed be.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-25-13