Fortitude is the ability, the stamina, the courage, the bravery to return to center and it is the center, not only of the heart of love, of Mother/Father/One, but to your center…it is a passion, it is a drive and it is such a deep sense of commitment to complete and to do what you have promised in your heart, your mind, your soul contract to do.

Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, Suzy Maresca, and myself, GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you. Today we’ll be continuing our series on the Divine Qualities and we’ll be discussing the quality of Fortitude which encompasses courage, endurance, forbearance, patience and stamina. Last week we talked about Prudence. This week we can continue our discussion and talk about Fortitude and joining us this week through Linda will be Jesus. We welcome your calls today at 323-784-9697; join us with your comments and questions and when you come in press #1 so Suzy knows you’d like to join us. Well, welcome back you two, welcome Linda and Suzy.

Suzy Maresca: Thank you, good morning.

Linda Dillon: Good morning. It’s great to be here.

GD: I wanted just to reflect a little bit…we changed the show day and time, we started that last week as you well know and some of our listeners may not know that and I think it’s been a really nice move in many respects. We still have retained many listeners and wonderful comments and we really value everyone’s comments and you can share your comments on the show page or reach us through BlogTalk Radio if you ever have anything you’d like to share and maybe not feel comfortable not doing that on air. But certainly what we’re doing here is a journey together and we welcome everyone’s comments and participation and if you’re on the phone today press #1 and share a little bit about what’s coming up for you and I’m so thrilled we have Jesus joining us today to talk about this most relevant and timely quality, Fortitude. What’s coming up for you Linda and Suzy about this?

SM: You go.

LD: Well it’s interesting, you know, because as I was saying to Suzy earlier is that Fortitude, I really think is what we are in the middle of, the midst of right now. And I certainly have seen it and do see it in my own life and certainly in the lives of those that I’m working with and playing with and living with because, and there’s almost a physical aspect to it, this Fortitude, this strength to keep going even when you feel exhausted or perhaps a little emotionally beat up, but…

GD: We know nothing about that, do we?

LD: No, not personally (Laughter)…but I’ve heard. But it is, it’s this quality of just putting your head…the picture I get is putting your head down and just keep going. And in some ways, as I was looking at…the Council knows what they’re doing, I guess, I would tend to think, but when you look it in terms of Prudence too, about what they taught us, talked about and taught us last week with the balance and the temperance and now we talk about this form of valor, of courage, of bravery to keep going, keep going and that quality of patience when we all do reach various waves of frustration where we feel like either jumping off a cliff or pushing somebody off a cliff and it’s a really important Quality.

GD: Indeed. Suzy, what’s coming up for you around this?

SM: Well I agree with all of that and something that’s occurring to me is that just being here on the planet at this time requires fortitude and even if we don’t think that we have it or that we’re very brave, just being here, which we agreed to be, requires the greatest of fortitude. I think it’s only becoming clear now just how challenging it’s been having this human experience and how much easier it’s going to be when we pop over to the other side (Laughter).

GD: I wanted to share something with you both and it’s relevant to our discussion, there are times when we’re preparing the show and I know, I think I speak for all three of us, there are times when it may be feeling like ‘ah! geez, I don’t know if my heart’s really into it today’ or ‘I don’t know if I’m quite there yet’ and the music kicks on and this rise in me, just so much love and gratitude for what we’re doing and appreciation for all the listeners and the support that we get so I wanted to extend my gratitude for you both and for all you wonderful listeners that have been following us for over a year now and joining this journey with us. So I wanted to just take a moment to extend that gratitude and appreciation.

SM: That’s wonderful. I agree completely and I’m also happy to be here and I ‘m grateful to the listeners and to you guys ‘cause, you know you’re exactly right as soon as the music comes on and as soon as we start talking it just feels really wonderful.

GD: Well Linda, would you like to start us off with a meditation?

LD: I would. But I’d also like to echo what you and Suzy have said about our listeners and the people who come to our archives because part of Fortitude is that sense of purpose, that strength of purpose and we’re doing this together and just being on the planet and putting your feet on the floor every day is, at times especially, a massive exercise in fortitude. So, keep going guys, keep going.

The vibration, the color, the ray that the Council of Love has identified for Fortitude is Orange. And as you know, that sits in our sacral area or our tummy, so let’s begin this morning by working with a little bit of that orange.

GD: Linda, I had a comment I wanted to share before we moved into meditation. I just wanted to check in with you both, this, as we mentioned, is a journey and this is a really rich opportunity to reflect and share what’s coming up for us and yes, it can be really difficult at times on this walk, especially the lower vibrations of the 3rd as we transition to the higher vibrations, but wouldn’t you both say it’s getting easier and easier in staying in the love and the bliss and the joy is much easier and it’s more and more the theme? I’m feeling better. Are you feeling that too?

SM: Absolutely. I am absolutely feeling that, it’s like any challenge I hit I know it’s going to pass and underneath it all is the solid as a rock foundation that I know that this is just human experience, you know, whatever challenges, whatever illusions that we are facing, it’s just a small part of our experience or it could be a large part of our experience but the truth in the matter is that underneath it all we are still magnificent, shining, beautiful light beings god-selves.

LD: Yes, I agree Suzy. And it is getting easier and sometimes I actually sort of pinch myself or worry about myself, you know you always have to have an excuse to worry, right? Not! But I worry because I feel detached and it’s not so much that I feel detached from the person or the group or the situation but, like Suzy said, I feel more detached from the drama of the situation. And that’s what I think Fortitude brings us too, it’s like that bed-rock, it’s really a firm foundation that you can stand on. And so, the drama can come and go like the waves at the ocean and you’re still standing there and you know sooner or later the storm is passing.

GD: Well said. Okay Linda, the floor is all yours. Thank you both for your comments around that.

LD: Oh! Thank you Graham, you are such a real gift to us.

GD: (Laughter) Thank you.

LD: Yeah. So, I love doing this show in the morning. I am a morning person, so, let’s start our day together by just relaxing, by sinking into your chair, or your bed, or the floor, or your seat at the desk, wherever you are, maybe you are in the car, and just relax. And give yourself a little hug and thank yourself for having the fortitude and the stamina and the patience to be here at this time of such incredible change. And give yourself a hug and know that you’re not only just here at this time of incredible change, but that you are a pivotal part of this change and we’re all connected and united and without you, each of you listening, we wouldn’t be doing this. So, hug yourself and hug yourself again on behalf of the Council of Love and then again on behalf of the whole InLight Radio team and know how deeply you are cared about and appreciated.

The color of Fortitude is Orange and even in feeling and thinking about orange it is one of the more solid colors. So let’s begin by taking a few deep breaths of orange and the beauty of this ray, of this color. It’s not only its brightness and its clarity but that we can smell that fragrance and scent. So breathe in that wonderful scent of orange, of freshly squeezed orange juice and bring it in through your nose and bring it all the way down to your sacral, to your spleen, to your stomach, maybe place your hand on your tummy and feel that orange and that chakra opening and spinning. And this is a chakra that is connected to your creativity. So it’s very interesting that Fortitude has this ray because it’s connected to our ability to create in our own lives and on Nova Earth.

So breathe in those marigolds, the orange peel, the peach, the cantaloupe, the fireweed flowers, the orange tanager, breathe the orange and taste it and feel yourself relaxing and welcoming in this wonderful quality of Fortitude and as you open that chakra, feel it align and activate all your other chakras and simply be.

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua.

GD: Welcome, welcome.

JS: And welcome to you my brothers and sisters and it is my pleasure and honor to be here this day and to speak of this question of Fortitude for there are many, in fact most of the Ascended Ones, the Masters, of what you think of as Masters, your star brothers and sisters, the Archangels and many, many, many human beings who could just as eloquently, perhaps more so, speak to this question of Fortitude; certainly my beloved Magdalena, my mother, my father Joseph, and so it is my honor to be chosen. Fortitude more than any other quality that you are embodying, I do not use the word ‘practicing’, I use the word ‘embodying’, within your heart, your mind, your emotional field, your physical field, your environment and your planet. You are embodying Fortitude perhaps even more so than I ever did as human man. But this is not a contest is it? It is a growth and it is a journey and it is a pleasure to be with you.

I have practiced fortitude and while I have practiced and embodied fortitude, in and out of form, and in and out of different lifetimes, I speak to you this day as Yeshua, as the one you know as Jesus, I speak to you as your brother Yeshi. It is that strength of character and purpose and it is the knowing in every fiber and core of your being, not that you are right but you go forward no matter what.

That is where I wish to start with this discussion because on your planet and particularly in many societies, this addiction to being right is very strong and you know that is not what Fortitude speaks to. There are times in all lives when you misstep or you turn the wrong way, or you think you turn the wrong way, and I use that work ‘think’ for it is a mental judgment that is not of love, or that you have simply wandered off your path. Yes, of course, forgiveness comes into this in terms of your ability to forgive others, but also to forgive yourself. But what is even more critical is Fortitude, it is the ability, the stamina, the courage, the bravery to return to center and it is the center, not only of the heart of love, of Mother/Father/One, but to your center and then to know that ‘the center’ and ‘your center’ have no differentiation. And that, my beloved friend, takes courage. So I wanted to begin that discussion of Fortitude by making this distinction, that Fortitude does not always mean that you are right. Righteousness most certainly does not mean that you are always right, but it is a passion, it is a drive and it is such a deep sense of commitment to complete and to do what you have promised in your heart, your mind, your soul contract to do.

Being upon your planet, even as I have walked thousands of years ago, is not an easy task. Let me play with you…think about it, I am not just human, I am the embodiment – the Son – of the Mother/Father/One. How much easier could my journey be? Go to Earth, tell people to love one another, show them how to do it and practice it. There might be some people against you and they might even be vehement and kill you, but no matter because I am an eternal spirit and I will simply return home. So, how hard could that be?

And I laugh with you and I cry with you because sometimes we can make light of our journey, that simple soul contract, that task that I undertook on behalf of the Mother was so difficult. Yes, it allowed me to be the expression of who I was and who I AM, but even in that there was family conflict even as a child. “Yeshus, must you be so outspoken? Can you not simply listen to the Rabbi’s teachings instead of correcting them? Everyone in the village thinks you are conceited and full of yourself, arrogant”

And of course I would listen to these criticisms, but I would know, I did not have thousands of years to reach people, only a handful like you. And I was so clear on what it was that I was to do and what I wished to accomplish, not just in service to the Mother, but because it was meaningful and important in the human, worldly sense. I could see the pain and the suffering of people and my people because they have forgotten about love and many of them had fallen into the belief system of a thundering, painful, punishing God. So here I was with a new message trying to heal the hearts and then to spread that message all over the world when many did not think I should speak outside my faith. But the faith was in One and it was available to all.

And so yes, I practiced fortitude and I put one foot in front of another and I also had my human experience. I had my beloved one, my marriage with the Magdalena and that required fortitude on both of our parts. She did not marry me blindly but with full understanding on both our parts of what lay ahead. Yet we proceeded because even the demonstration of our love, our ability to create and co-create was important to show. I practiced fortitude with the death of my little son and in so many ways, although I knew he had returned home, it broke our heart and we felt that in some ways we had been forgotten or ignored. Now I do not bring this up to make you cry, I bring it up because I know the challenges, the difficulties, the tests as you have thought of them, that so many of you have faced and are facing because what you are doing is creating entirely a new face of the planet. And that face begins with the hearts and minds and actions of every being. This is enormously ambitious — seven billion people. You are far more brave than I.

So I speak of this because Fortitude is about staying the path, it is about endurance even when those around you nay-say. It is about putting your head down and then having it fully erect and saying “No, I know where I am going and I know my mission and purpose. I know my star brothers and sisters are here, I know our governments, our institutions, our economic systems will change and I am doing it. I’m not merely supporting it at a distance.” Fortitude is very action oriented so I want you to know I do not admire you and honor you from afar. This is a difficult transition. Joyous? Yes. Worth it? Beyond what you know. But we would not pretend that it is easy. I support you my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my family. So now I pause because your questions are always welcome.

GD: Thank you, Jesus, for such rich and timely and relevant sharing. I’m so captivated by what you were sharing that I’m wondering, you spoke to it a little bit…I heard you share that people on Earth are embodying fortitude perhaps more than you ever did and you speak of stamina and courage and bravery and when I think of what you accomplished here and what you did, particularly in the wake of such personal challenge, I have a hard time getting my head around that and I’m wondering if you could speak to that more? And again, you spoke to it a little bit, but how is it that what we’re doing is so much grander, not grander, I don’t want to suggest that what any one person being does is insignificant or not powerful and important but can you just play that out a little bit more? How is that so from your perspective?

JS: Because you are doing it in the wake of little evidence. You are doing it, most of you or many of you without the support of community, of family, yes you have your lightholder community but many of you, your families, you see I had my family. Oh yes, at times they would tell me “Do not be so visible, you are just irritating the Romans” but they supported me. My brothers, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, my disciples, my followers, my apostles, I was surrounded by support. Did their faith waver at times? Yes. Did they return to Fortitude? Yes.

So what many of you are doing is very lonely and even while it is lonely, we are saying to you, the Council of Love is saying to you “Do not believe in the illusion or the false paradigm of separation or isolation.” And yes, since 12-12 you are in a unified grid and you may feel more connected, more united in heart and purpose than ever but you are embodying fortitude because you are often, often, too often for my liking, doing this alone.

So when I say yes, you have your lightholder community, a very few of you can walk out your front door and knock on your neighbor’s door and say “I am having a crisis of faith. I feel so desolate and disappointed. Can you walk me through this?”

Now, Fortitude is the quality of way-showers, of pathfinders and while that is wondrous it can also be lonely because you are showing the way so there is no one really ahead of you or next to you other than this community that you are building miraculously. I do not wish to understate that but you are bedrock in terms of your fortitude. Have some of you wavered with the events of December? Yes. Maybe you have questioned your fortitude and your faith, your trust, but I do not question your fortitude, we do not question your fortitude. May you need time out? Perhaps. But most of you embody it, to the point, just as I, and you would say “I would rather die, I would rather return home, in fact, does it not seem sometimes more attractive? But I would rather not exist than to give up what I know is the truth and my ability to contribute and activate and be part of the return of love, the building of Nova Earth. It is the only reason I am here and I’m not giving up.”

So yes, that is why I mention my support, our support. But do not underestimate you are the embodiment of Fortitude.

GD: Thanks for speaking to that some more. It is really helpful and I think that it is likely helpful for those listening. And before I ask my next question, I do want to encourage folks that are listening on the phone right now, if you press #1 that will give Suzy the opportunity to know that you have something you’d like to share and in terms of sharing, it could be a way of showing or showcasing or sharing how you have demonstrated fortitude on your path and your journey. I think, I know that as we all walk this journey together, it’s so helpful and so important to share, to reflect, and to hear others and how they’re doing it. And so I encourage you to share a little bit about that, if you’d like, I encourage you to ask your questions or share your comments. Can you speak, Jesus, to that internal compass, the intuition, the knowingness that is so important when we think about Fortitude?

JS: Yes and it is that compass is also not only your internal guidance, your intuition, but it is balanced by faith and by trust. But one of you have said that the knowing of the shift to the 5th dimension is that sense of intuition growing stronger and stronger, more clear, that sense of knowing, not thinking, certainly not guessing. And that is something that is magnified every day within each and every one of you. And that is why I have mentioned, as we have begun this conversation, you listen to your internal compass, that intuition, because you know when you are veering off course, when you are not true North and it is important, if not daily, certainly on a regular basis, not just periodically, to check with yourself. Am I on course? Not the course that a group or your parents or your wife or husband has defined for you, not what society expects or anticipates for you or of you, but you, what do you desire? Are you in alignment with your mission and purpose?

And in doing that what you are also doing is you are saying “Am I taking the most efficient path?” Now I use that word ‘efficient’ or ‘planned’ rather than easiest because there are times in certain peoples journeys when they will climb the Himalayas rather than go through the pass because that is their mission and purpose and they are demonstrating and teaching that strength. But do not think or believe that taking the hardest journey is also in some way practicing fortitude. Fortitude is always tempered with your compass and dear heart, with what you can manage, with common sense. We are not out to destroy logic, quite the contrary, we are raising logic to a new level.

GD: I appreciate what you’re sharing about when veering off the course that there’s an opportunity to reevaluate, reassess, and I’m paraphrasing obviously, when we veer off course or when we’re out of alignment I think you or Linda spoke to it earlier, it’s so important to extend to ourselves forgiveness and compassion and self empathy because this is, it can be very challenging and to your point, it can feel isolating and lonely at times when we’re stepping into the unknown and we’re setting a new paradigm, setting a new way to be and I feel that it’s really important to emphasize that, to be gentle with ourselves.

JS: You are the modern day explorers. You are the adventurers and yes, check your course but also do not hesitate, my dear friends, to ask for directions. We can help point the way, you know.

GD: I’d like to bring on Jelena. Jelena welcome to the show, what is your question or comment today?

Jelena: Thank you, thank you. Linda, hi and I wanted to ask, I’m not sure if I have the right exact concept, but since we’re more oriented in the 5th dimension and we’re correcting our course, what would be perhaps holding us back or perhaps distorting our true course correction. I mean, are they lessons that we are learning that we get off course and get back on? Is it in the old 3D was it maybe ego? What might we be looking at refining as we’re operating in a higher awareness?

LD: This is Linda and that’s a really good question, Jelena, because as you say, what we’re doing right now is setting our compasses for the 5th, different electromagnetic field to start with. One of the things that came up in one of the Saturday Conference Calls a couple of weeks ago was the new way to anchor on Gaia. And so, I think in terms of going forward that one of the most important things we do is first off, because it is such an important part of Ascension as well, is to make sure we are fully anchored. And that process is a little different than how we have traditionally anchored.

So you go into your heart and that’s where all the work that we do during this Ascension work, and everything, is anchored from, you drop your cord down as you always have, down through your central channel or down through your chakras to your root. The cord comes out and it hooks into Gaia. That’s the first piece. But what I see, how I always used to see it, is that it went down, down, down, down through the floor, and we’ve done this exercise on this show, down through the floor, the gaseous layers. Now I see my cord hooking up, it’s almost as if it’s doing a U-turn and it’s going up into the 5th dimension and hooking into the heart of Gaia.

The second piece of that is a cord or a laser beam of light that comes directly out of your heart, directly like an emerald green laser light beam or cord that goes directly into the heart of Gaia. So we’re literally connecting with Gaia in the new reality, in the new electromagnetic experience, in a new way so that we’re not in any way anchored to that old 3rd. So in terms of following our intuition, if we’re connected and referring our compass to the wrong place, then we’re going to get wrong information, information that isn’t going to help us. So more than ever it’s also Gaia herself, I mean, yesterday on An Hour With An Angel she was talking to us and we were celebrating Nova Earth Day on Valentine’s Day, telling us how willing she is to help us. One of the beings I thought that could come forward today and channel about Fortitude was, in fact, Gaia because if anyone has practiced fortitude it’s her. So make sure, in terms of your direction, that you’re pointing your compass where you want to be. Does that make sense?

Jelena: Um-huh, I’m just wondering as you’re speaking, I might be jumping into a little separate side note, but what is Gaia anchored in and what is the heart of Gaia? It’s more of a visual for those of us who are curious.

LD: Gaia is anchored in the heart…where does she anchor at? Is that the question? She is anchored, connected to the heart of One, so that’s her cord and her anchoring point. And the picture that I have of Gaia and if any of you have, well I hope all of you have read The Great Awakening, but that visual that I see with Gaia is of a beautiful old woman, you know one of those older ladies who’s face is radiant with light, and she kind of looks indigenous but I wouldn’t give her a culture because she’s beyond that. But she’s this ancient, ancient wise being, and she’s standing there waiting and when you give her your cords, and she’s got bouquets of them, she’ll just take it and hold it to her heart and hold you firm. So, I see her as a grandmother, an ancient grandmother type and I always get the same picture, I just love her.

Jelena: What is the heart of Gaia?

LD: The heart of Gaia is her core, is her heart, is her soul

Jelena: Um-huh, because she’s a sentient being.

LD: Yes. She’s a sentient being who began her journey as an Archangel and then took on form of a planet in order to serve the Mother. So if we think our journey, in this lifetime or even what Yeshua was saying, his journey, it’s a handful of years. She’s been in this service for a long, long time.

GD: Jelena, thank you so much for your call today.

Jelena: Thank you very much. Thank you all.

GD: I have a listener that wrote in a question, Jesus, if you could please respond to this. He’s asking to have you please speak to the act of courage that has us emerge from our fears by an act of self-presence and taking a stand, standing forth intentionally and self consciously putting our fears aside. Could you speak to that please?

JS: I AM Yeshua and yes I will continue. The key, my dear friend, is also to embrace your fear. And you say no, no, lord, I want to eradicate my fear. And what I say to thee is that as you embrace the fear it transmutes and transforms into the very courage, the valor, that you are speaking of. Part of Fortitude is stepping forward and holding the course of being your strength and purpose even when you are frightened.

When I was arrested, and yes there is much talk of my arrest, my persecution, the sacrifice on the cross, but let me tell you, I was arrested many times. When I was arrested I would be fearful, I was not fearful so much of the physical harm that could befall me at the hands of these persecutors who did not want me to speak the truth. What I was afraid of was two things: the impact on my family and my extended family, my followers, my friends, because I did not have one follower that was not dear to my heart; and the second overriding fear would be that I would be silenced, that I would not be strong enough, that I would be intimidated and that I would not speak the truth or continue on. These were real fears. It is not that I never experienced fear or prayed for courage and bravery to do what I knew, not only what I had promised, but what was right.

What Fortitude helps you do, as I anchor it within each of your hearts this day, it allows you to step forward in spite of. The very act of stepping forward, not in grandiose ways, because you do not want to make your opponent feel that they need to defeat you, I learned that, but step forward in ways that eradicates, it dissolves your fear because you embrace it. You say “Yes, I am afraid and I’m doing it anyway.” And as soon as you do Michael is with you, I am with you, Jophiel has your back. Begin in small ways to challenge your comfort zone but do not leave you exposed and feeling overly vulnerable. So perhaps it is expressing your truth to a friend, to a colleague, and might I say this “Do not take yourself too seriously.” When we have challenged the status quo often we would use the tool of humor. I use stories, often parables, because it entertained, everyone got the message, but it did not make people feel overly defensive. You always want to give the person you are speaking to, the situation that you are shifting, room to maneuver so they do not feel that their back is against the wall. That is kindness, that is consideration and that is Fortitude. It is Fortitude married to Prudence, knowing the balance, the exact measure of what to do. I hope this answers your question.

GD: Thank you for speaking to that. Suzy you had a question.

SM: Hi Yeshua. Greetings. It’s so wonderful to be speaking to you this way, my brother. My question is about, my visions have become…it seems more simplified but also much grander and my visions I see myself as merging and being one with the earth and being one with the sun and being one with the Milky Way Galaxy and out farther. My perception of what is out farther just feels like very glossy and I can’t even put language to it, so it’s certainly beyond my perception right now and I’m just wondering…my accepting that as truth and my perception of that as reality and that I’m really doing that, could you speak to how Fortitude comes into that please?

JS: You have to be brave to go that far and Suzanne you are an explorer, my sister, my friend, my beloved one. I have said to you long ago and I say to you today with deep reverence and love, keep going. You are seeing that you are part of the unified whole. That was the entire purpose of 12-12, of the opening of unity, connectedness and love. Way back when you would say to me “Look, let’s go on to the next village, I hear there are some people that want to speak and listen to you.” Now you say to me “Yeshua, let’s go on to the next galaxy, the next universe.” You are a child and an angel of the omni-verse, you all are. And this is the time to let the expansion happen, not merely for the sense of adventure, but in doing so, in extending and traveling so far when you come back it is not with a diminished self, with a smaller sense of who you are but a much grander, expanded sense of who you are and your place within the universe and what you are capable of within that universe and you are also receiving and coming to know that the entire universe, not simply a handful of Masters, but the entire universe supports you.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you.

GD: Yes indeed. I’d like to bring Linda back as we think about Fortitude and I think about all of the lightworkers I work with Linda stands out as one who has embodied that time and time again. And dear Linda, I’m wondering if I can put you on the spot so you can share what is it that kept you going? How have you embodied Fortitude on your walk?

LD: Oh my. You know, of course there’s always choice and heaven knows, heaven does know actually, that we are in a period of choice. But there’s a part of me, Graham, that never really felt that I had a choice, that somewhere along the way I just made that choice to put myself beyond choice and when its wavered, when I’ve said “Am I a voice in the wilderness” or “Is this on course, on compass?” there is this part of me that just says I have to keep going. And if I’m wavering then Archangel Gabriel steps in, and yes I’m lucky, and says “Child, this is the reason you came.”

And let me tell you there have been many times, not just an occasion or two, where I have had no money, no rent, on the potato diet because that’s what I could afford was a 5 lb. bag of potatoes, no electricity, and poor health, and that still somehow has always worked out. And the times when I did veer off compass and try and adjust, it never worked out. So, I think it’s just figuring out “Why am I here?” and in some ways closing your eyes and just keep going because, you know what?, you know, probably most of our listeners know, there are times when this does not make sense and we are going on sheer intuition and faith and trust that somehow we just know and it’s not a matter of being right and someone else being wrong, it’s just we know this is what we’re supposed to do.

GD: Thanks so much for sharing that Linda. I have been noticing that as the love expands within me, the bliss, the joy, that the fear and the doubt can’t stick to me as much, right? We know why, because we’re in a higher vibrational state and those base kind of experiences, behaviors, attributes is probably a better word, really just can’t survive in the higher dimensions, the higher vibrational state. So, when I put myself in a place of love, bliss and joy, then I connect to my soul purpose, right?, I connect to what brings me joy, I connect to why I’m here, I connect to my intuition, I connect to the Divine, and so, honoring the fear, honoring the doubt, but also not sticking our heads in the sand around it, feeling it but releasing it and letting it go then get back to who we are, we are joy, we are bliss, we are love, that’s who we are so staying connected to that has really helped me stay the course, has really helped me know that I’m on my path because it feels right, it feels joyful, it feels on purpose even though it can feel challenging and it can feel isolating and lonely and questions do pop up. I think that’s really important to include in this discussion.

LD: And I think you’ve touched on something that’s really important and that is being in full connection with the love because when you are in the love you can’t help but feel supported and fortified. And I know that when I’ve had moments of doubt, whether it’s self-doubt or universal doubt, that as soon as I go to my guides or the Council of Love and I say “Fill me up” and it’s just that simple, I feel like I’m just pulling up to the gas station and there’s actually an attendant with very big wings and they fill me up. And when they fill me up I’m okay. But when I don’t take time to connect, when I don’t take time to meditate, when I don’t take time to take time for myself because I think that everybody else’s needs are more important than mine, that’s when I get into trouble.

GD: So well put. I find that a daily practice of meditation and it doesn’t have to be a long meditation, dedicated time to be in the quiet, to be in the peace and the calm, being out in nature, doing yoga, doing something that’s with intent to help me connect to Source, help me connect to my divinity is so key because I get filled up with that. And it could be other things too. I offered that because as people might be listening and be reminded perhaps that yeah, that’s right, I love to dance, that brings me such joy and that brings me such peace. I love to get out and go to the beach and look at the water; I love to go into the woods; I love to color with my son or my daughter; I love to…whatever that may be…taking time out for that in a regular way is so key, forgiving us, to your point, filling us and giving us the fortitude to move on. So I really appreciate all that you’ve shared. Should we bring on another caller?

LD: Absolutely.

GD: Okay, Peter from Miami, welcome to the show. What’s your comment or question today?

Peter: Thank you for taking my call today and my question is for Yeshua. Yeshus, this morning I was speaking to you because I was so fearful of things that are going to happen this week with my finances, but I was reading The Child Emanuel and I felt that that’s the most authentic gospel of your life and I wanted to know if it’s authentic and should everybody just read it because it’s a beautiful history?

JS: There are many stories of my life, some complete and some not complete but the spirit and the information is this treatise is sacred and let it sustain you my dear friend, let it encourage you as you go forward facing your, what you feel are persecutors and people that would drag you off your path. Do not forget I am instilling the gift of Fortitude within your heart and your very being this day and always.

Peter: Well thank you Yeshua, thank you so much. Thank you Steve.

GD: Peter, this is Graham actually, I know the InLight Radio team keeps growing and growing and we have Steve and Steven and Geoff, which gets confusing at times. It’s really nice to have you on the call. Is there anything you’d like to share around what you were feeling this morning? I know finances can be a real challenge for people that are doing their best to stay the course and to meet basic needs. What has been going on for you today and what are you doing to bring fortitude in your being as you move forward?

Peter: Well, I pay the rent where I live on a weekly basis and I am going to be short on Friday and the Friday after that until my income tax check comes back in. So I was just fearful that they would lock me out or things like that. So, instead of asking people for loans of something, I just said “Let’s see what happens day to day” and that’s how I was speaking to Yeshua. I said “Listen, you take care of this because I can’t do it if I do it all myself, so, you just take it” and then I kind of walked off and went to the store and kind of left in peace and came back and saw the email of your show and called in and I’m still at peace.

GD: I really appreciate what you’re sharing and it’s so key, right?, what…a couple things come up…we’re not alone on this walk and we do have, and you’re speaking to this, we do have a wonderful resource and cheering section with our guides, with our angels, with the heavenly realm and others to assist us and sometimes it’s okay to say “You know what, not only do I need a hand and I’m asking for your help, but I surrender and I hand this over to you because I need help, I need your assistance with this.” The other key point that’s coming up to me as you’re sharing this and Suzy sent me a little note as well, I find it so key to stay in the present and stay in the now and when I do that then I can say “Oh you know what? I have a roof over my head, I have my health, I have beautiful people in my life, whatever it is, and experience that sense of gratitude joined with being in the now and then I notice that my fears just dissipate and then I can get into a place of empowerment and clarity and connect with my intuition and the divine to help give me the guidance I need to move forward. And it sounds like you did a little bit of that today.

Peter: Yes, this morning I just surrendered to divine order, I said “Yeshua you take it because I can’t manage it.” I’m not the Federal Reserve Bank I just have to go with the flow and see.

JS: And my beloved friend, and all of you who are out there, and it is particularly trying for many of you with this financial issues during the transition and yes, this is a test of fortitude but it is also the opportunity to surrender. Surrender. We are in sacred partnership but there are times when we surrender to your will. Support you? Yes, but surrender. And there are times when it is equally important for you to surrender and allow us to work the miracles. When you are in the way, when you are constantly reclaiming whatever issue or whatever actions you think, and I use this word ‘think’ in the mental, ego capacity, then you are interfering with the flow. So, it does not mean not taking appropriate action, but there are moments, and there are many of them right now, when surrender is the action and the key. So let the worry go.

GD: Peter, thank you so much for your call.

Peter: Thank you. Thank you, God bless you.

GD: Jesus, may I ask if you’d be willing to share a story or a parable as we wrap up today’s

JS: Yes I will do that with incredible gladness. I well share a very modern parable and it is the story of a young man in your time who had incredible dreams of hope, of faith, an ally not only of mine but of St. Germaine’s who had a vision for this country called the United States of America. And this young lion-tamer did not grow up in favored circumstances, no not in dire poverty at all, but certainly in situations that were less than favorable.

But what happened to this one, he held the dream and he held the reality that his mission and purpose was more important than any and that he could make a difference in bringing the light and the love to the planet. And he endured and he practiced fortitude and he did so in my name and he is victorious in my name. It may not appear victorious because there is times of conflict, of need, of disagreement.

Each of you are that man, each of you is the lion-tamer, each of you are stepping into the arena of Nova Earth and doing your best to create what you know is based on truth and love and hope. You are the heroes of the parables, you are the embodiment of that Fortitude, you are that being that says “I will not give up and no matter how many nay-sayers there are, how many falsehoods are perpetrated, how many back room machinations take place, I will bring forth the new world.”

So this is the modern parable and it is no different. Each of you has the ability to create and to change the planet, not just the dimension, that is almost incidental. Your Ascension is the fullness of your heart, your Ascension is the anchoring of love on Earth, that is what the Shift is, that is why fortitude is so necessary. Because to allow things to continue in the old way is easy; but to change the world requires valor, stamina, and determination. And you have this, my brothers and sisters, you have always had this.

GD: Thank you dear Jesus for joining us today, it has been such a treat.

JS: And for I as well. Go with my love and go with fortitude.

GD: Farewell.

JS: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon