407876_245868492150737_179181975486056_604389_2022148223_nAshira of Neptune was the guest speaker on the Feb 18th show of An Hour With An Angel . He came to discuss what is transpiring, from the galactic perspective, on Earth since December 2012, our collective Ascension, Disclosure, and the significent changes ahead.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m GD.
Our guest today is Ashira. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. Over the last two months or so, we’ve drifted away from our original planned routine of having a mixture of members of both of our celestial and galactic families. This week we are checking in with our galactic family members. And as Graham has introduced, Ashira will be joining us. He is the commander of the Inter-galactic Forces and will be spending some time with us this evening.

Ashira, welcome to the program, and thank you for sharing some of our precious time with us.

Ashira: Thank you for inviting me, and yes, I am Ashira, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. And you also know me as Ashira of Neptune, for that is like my family name. And what I say to you, dear heart, is selecta va’ [sp?] and that is a greeting, an international, universal, inter-galactic greeting that means not only “Welcome, brother of the stars,” but “I honor you.” And so I say this to all of you.

As I greet you and welcome you to this brothership, to this kinship, and to this circle of one — for we are and we always have been in partnership with you and in partnership with the Company of Heaven, in partnership with the Council of Love, in partnership with many throughout the galaxies. What has changed? What has transpired with the collective human desire and decision to come together as a unified force, as a circle of one?

You have our utmost, not only cooperation, but admiration. For this is a sign of the growth and the maturity of your species, of your hybrid species, upon this wondrous planet called Gaia.

So we work with you — yes, sometimes in unseen ways, mostly in unseen ways — but nevertheless we work, we cooperate, we join with you. And we join with you more intensely than we ever have before. So let me explain.
For many, many years, decades, hundreds of years, we have worked with the population of Earth, and yes, with the kingdoms and with the planet herself. But particularly our mission has been also working with the population of Earth, holding you steady, lifting your vibration, adjusting your frequency as a collective, helping to eliminate the many fears that had… plagued you, and assisting in eliminating many of the false ideas and belief systems that you had, particularly about — about us, about your star brothers and sisters from the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions.

But we have also done this in a very collective manner. With this decision to go forward in unity, as one circle and one heart, you have also opened the door for us to work more specifically, particularly in our healing quadrants with individuals, with families, with groups. And so that is where a great deal of our focus is at this moment.

But I know that there is much news that we want to talk about this day, and I have jumped ahead. My apologies, dear host. Let us proceed.

GW: Well, thank you, Ashira. You have talked a few moments ago, reaching out more to people. And in that line, I think I will apologize a little bit in advance because I’m tired and I’m feeling rather frustrated at the moment, and I know many are — and I’m not an exception. I have something that I kind of really need to ask before we get started, not only for me personally, but I’m sure also for many others.

Since last year our celestial and galactic families have been telling us to simply ask to connect with you. And I’m sure many, but I … almost every night last spring, summer and autumn, I would go outside even if only for a few moments, to ask. And I keep looking for something, anything, that shows me that you’re up there, at a conscious level. Although I’m… at an unconscious level, although I know a lot is happening, I still have not seen anything at a conscious level, and I suspect that this is the same with many.

However, people around the world are experiencing sightings, while others are not. My other program has been pushing for disclosure, and although I have no regrets, nor have I lost my faith, I’d just like to understand why some have been so strongly… some who have been so strongly… some who have been so strongly in the corner of Disclosure are not getting some kind of concrete sign to reinforce, empower and energize us a bit more in our service?

Is it too much to ask for even a small, very private sign, if not a public one, that you’re there supporting us as opposed to having to continue experiencing what we are at this time?

A: Your frustration and the frustration of many is known and shared. Now, do we experience frustration or anxiety in the same way that you do? No, we do not. But that does not matter, because it is you that we are talking about. And when I say “you” I do not simply mean you, specifically. But in fact you are a shining example of perseverance, of hope, of persistence. For never have you deviated from your journey or your path.

Now, often, when you have traveled outside in the nighttime, sometimes even in the daytime, you have seen or witnessed the movement of the ships, but you have not completely acknowledged it as us winking at you or basically saying hello and communicating. Because you are looking, and you deserve…we are not saying that this is an issue of worth or deservingness, but there are also certain protocols that we are bound to and we cannot, in any situation, ignore or break. And particularly at the… potential of disappointing or creating false expectations amongst humanity.

We have heard your pleas to come on board. And since the fiasco with Grener, of Ashira, of Neptune, my father, we have assiduously avoided. Now, that is not to say that there are not many who are present upon various ships. There are. But you are saying, “Why not me?” And that cry, that plea for help, for support, is absolutely understood.

And you are correct. Because there are times and moments when it is those who are most doubtful who are given the most obvious signals to help shift a great number of people, because they have been so anti- or in such magnificent doubt that they needed a very large demonstration. But what you are saying is, “I am basically being punished for my faith, for my belief, for my absolute knowing.”

You know, this is not only uncommon, it is something that is particular to those who are very much, can we say, hybrids or plants, starseeds, upon the planet. And while you think that there are many of you, in fact when you break it down, break it down, break it down, there are not. That is why I use the word ‘uncommon.’ and it is also part of your ardent desire to have that reconnection.

Now, I will not try and explain all the accords… well, maybe I will. But let me preface it this way: your desire, your eagerness, not anxiety, your eagerness, to be with us is shared. Yes, it is true that there are thousands and thousands of galactics, inter-galactics. We do not make that distinction as much as you do upon the ground of Earth, preparing and quietly going about the business of preparation, various missions and purposes.

Do you not think, or feel our desire to simply show up? That we have waited and waited and waited, and that there is a desire for us to simply be present and visit with our families, our friends, those such as yourself, that are part of this mission?

It is a fervent desire and yet we will not do so and I, as commander, will not in any way be precipitous in giving that command until there is such energy where things are compatible, not homogeneous, but compatible enough to not cause disruption.

Now, had the original plan, shall we say the primary plan, for Ascension taken place, then Disclosure would be history by now, because those who had shifted fully and completely with Gaia to the 5th would be in a state where such Dislocation would simply not be an issue.

But that is not the decision. Does it make us impatient? Yes. Does it make us amazed? Yes. Do we bring forth more and more information of our presence? Yes. Is it already planted and accepted by governments, what you think of as power mongers? Yes.

What you are saying to me, as brother to brother, you are saying, “I need furlough. I need leave. I need to simply come home for a while.”

And I couldn’t agree with you more. But it is also a case that if we do so for one, where do we draw the line? So the compromise is all the signals, all the disclosures that are happening. We have said to you many times, as have Archangel Michael, our beloved brother, do not look to the government alone to be the vessel for Disclosure, for the Shift. The change is coming from the people, and your show alone, your videos alone, have touched the hearts and minds of many. And we have said it before, but we will say it again “Even we listen to these programs.” That’s one of the reasons I have accepted this invitation — with some trepidation, but also with incredible gratitude and glee.

GW: So, if I’m understanding you correctly, Ashira, there are certain things you are not allowed to do. You are allowed apparently at this time to have mass sightings over areas where there appears to be doubt. By not, for example, by not giving me or another individual a conscious, concrete sighting or connection, does this mean that there is something within our higher soul contracts that is forbidding it?

A: You are permitted to have a sighting. And what you see sometimes in the sky, your conscious mind is editing out, because you know in your core what the ships really look like and how we appear. And so a blinking light or a moving star is not quite enough for you.

The other part of this is there is a soul contract, yes, that you have said, “I will go down, I will hold the space, I will do the work. Don’t tempt me until I can come full force home.”

But I also tell you, and I don’t mean, again, just you, that there will be many of you back and forth and back and forth. That has always been the plan.

So, are we working on the bigger groups right now? The answer is yes. But what we are also doing, speaking of individuals, we are working on many key individuals — no, not beings in containment; yes, that does continue. Let me explain. There are people that you would think of as key informants, people who are very pivotal in news media, and so on, who are doubting Thomases. Not only are they visualizing and seeing, witnessing, the ships and Disclosure, but what is also occurring with many of these is we are now permitted to be working on them individually. We do not do it person by person by person; we tend to group them, because it is more efficient that way. And you would need to speak to the science officers for all the science involved, and the healing technology people as well. But let me give you the overview. In fact, let me give you an example.

On Earth you have many healers who are energy healers. And they may sit in their homes and send light, say, to Afghanistan or the Middle East and gather the collective. Now, that is what we do, continue to do, and what we have done in the past.
But then there are situations where you will actually go to an energy healer, and they will insert their energies or add their energies and come within your field, your various bodies, and work on the attunements that have need and to clean out the debris, so that there is clarity and freedom to move forward.

That is what we are focusing on. People like yourself do not need that kind of work, because you are already there. So, is our focus elsewhere? Yes. Have we forgotten you? Never.

GW: Okay. I’ve got a fair number of questions here, so I guess I’ll have to try to move along a little. But one other source whom I shall leave nameless has said that some people have demanded a contact experience, and when they finally got it they ran away in fear because the vibrations were so high that what was being reflected back to them or mirrored back to them was too strong for them to handle.

Yet, as you have said, you are having connections or meetings with various members of the… lower vibration members of humanity, shall we say, and you are appearing to them. What is taking place within them if they are not running away scared?

A: No. Let us be clear; and perhaps I have not been clear enough. Many of those that we are working with in what we unfortunately call the lower vibrations, for terms of reference, not judgment, many of those beings are not even aware that they are being worked on. They simply feel some shifting internally. They feel themselves saying, “Well, maybe this is true. Maybe this is something worth pursuing. Maybe these videos that I am witnessing, or these sightings that I am seeing in the night sky are really accurate.”

So it is not that they are fully cognizant of the work that is taking place with them. Now, some are. But let us go to your original question — and this is where we say we have been working with the frequency of groups and, for a long time, with the collective.

Now, you have heard me say that your star brothers and sisters, all of us, are within the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. We do not make all the same categorical distinctions about that that you do, because what you are doing is rising out of the old paradigms and the chains of the 3rd dimension.

That vibration — of the old 3rd dimension, and people who are still primarily attached to those belief systems — have a very, very difficult time; in fact, it is unusual that they are meeting with us. And it is a vibrational disconnect.
Now, some are meeting because it is part of their soul contract, their mission and purpose, and it is a form of being a wayshower. But, basically, you get bombarded with such energy fields, with such love, with such light, that if you are not prepared and open-hearted to accept that, it is tantamount to being short-circuited. And that is why all this work, all this adjustment, has had to take place in terms of our civilizations, our cultures, coming together.

So that is part of what you have heard about people being overwhelmed and running away, because the energy, the force-field that each of us carries, and that the collective carries, is very strong. It is loving, but it is strong. And there are many people, humans, who think that they are kind and loving and want love — they all yearn for love — and yet when they are given the impulse of love, it is overwhelming.

Now, that is one of the areas that we have been and we continue to work on. Not only is the love sent from the heart of the Mother/Father/One, but there is a very gentle pink impulse that is constantly pervading your atmosphere, your bodies, the collective, and particular strong, more strongly in certain groups of beings, to bring them up to a level where that ability to connect will not be harmful.

GW: Okay. At this point in time, how many different galactic families are currently stationed around Gaia?

A: Oh, thousands and thousands.

GW: Oh, okay. Wonderful. All right. Is — is it your team or another team that seems to be working with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev personally, or with the Russian Government generally, to start bringing Disclosure to the world?

A: It is our team.

GW: Okay. Are you able to perhaps kind of quickly elaborate on anything that’s taking place there? Because I’m trying to reach out to him.

A: And what I suggest to you is that this is part of how you are being worked with, not interfered with; we need to be clear with that. And it is part of what he is working with as well. There are no accidents. Let us be very clear on this. In terms of sightings, in terms of the unfoldment of Disclosure, in terms of the presence of beings upon your planet that are suspected to be galactic or inter-galactic, there are no errors. Our error rate is zero.

Medvedev has chosen, long ago, to be a vessel for Disclosure. He has been timing it, he has been pacing it, there is an internal knowing, and, might I say, external guidance.

He knows that in many ways it had need to begin almost in an informal way, because this is the way that human beings — you are funny creatures in some ways — you love to get a leak; you love to learn a secret. And so you are being provided with leaks, with secrets. Because, for some reason, you tend to be more trusting of those Disclosures, “Oh, we weren’t supposed to know, but here is the evidence.”

Now, as that evidence continues to grow, Medvedev will continue to speak out and become a — one of the political spokesbeings. But then it will mushroom to other leaders, because as we well know about those involved in your political systems, is that there is an ego attachment to not being outdone. Which, for our purposes, is perfect.
We have no desire to eliminate ego. It is part of delightful personalities. But we certainly do not want it to rule the planet. But I digress.

One of the issues for Russia is that there is a feeling that they have lost their place in terms of ascendancy and power in the planetary system, in the world system. So there is a desire, and you remember that they have been very interested in space for a long time, there is a desire, a collective desire and a political desire, to allow themselves to become planetary leaders in this movement of making contact with the star beings.

And they have put a great deal of their efforts and sense of future direction, because they believe commercially, politically, financially, economically, that the future lies in this direction. And, by the way, they are correct in that. It is not economic terrorism; it is our desire to share technology, information, and everything we have.

But what is happening in this situation in Russia is that the desire and the opportunity to become the leaders in this field is growing very strongly. Whereas in other nations there is a belief that other issues are more pressing. We do not desire or design to alter political priorities, but we most certainly are accepting this opening with Russia.

Egypt is another area where there will be a major opening for Disclosure as well. So there will be several nations that will step forward.

Because he is already a star being, the first and foremost announcements will not come from Obama. But the cooperation, the support, will. So continue your outreach to Medvedev, because he has decided that this is part of his mission and purpose.
We are not saying to work the regular or accepted political channels or consular channels. Make it more direct than that. You are a media informant and broadcaster. That is the direction that we would urge and support you in advancing.

Now, you have also talked, dear Geoffrey, about many of the, shall we say, mainstream media journalists and talking heads, announcers, writers being prepared for this information and Disclosure. And you are correct in that. That is becoming more of an accepted item on the storyboard.

But let us be very clear. Our plan is not to exclude anybody. But we have already put in place those that we will be working with, those that we know the integrity, the purity, the commitment of heart, of mind, and of body, to this undertaking. This is not intended and will not be — well, it will not solely be a media circus. We will work with those whom we know to be our colleagues, our cohorts and our brothers and sisters of heart. And you and InLight Radio are first and foremost in that list.

GW: Okay. Thank you, Ashira. Maybe just while we’re on the topic of Russia, an asteroid recently passed by Gaia and we are now seeing reports of various meteorite events taking place around the world, most notably the one in Russia, where, first of all, one actually crashed, but there is a video showing what appears to be ships interacting with whatever it was that entered the atmosphere over Russia.

Was this an actual meteorite, or possibly something else, as some others have claimed? And are there, or is there a special significance, energetically or conscious — at a consciousness level, related to this particular meteor shower?

A: This is a cosmic event, and it is one that has been interfered with, and I mean this in a positive way. The meteor shower, the meteorite and all the activity that is taking place, inside and outside what you think of as your atmosphere, is a very blatant appeal to the human race to look up and pay attention. But it is also linked, as we say, to Russia and their desire to be on the forefront.

So it is to look up and pay attention, and yes, there was… many of the ships of the various fleets ran interference so that there would not be massive damage to human life, what you think of as your cities and even the rural areas, and to Gaia.

Now, Gaia is fully aware that these events transpire from time to time. She is an ancient being, and she is, shall we say, used to it. It is the humans that are not used to it. But what happened was that there was visible help from the ships, from the fleets, diverting a great deal of the meteorites, or what would become meteorites within your atmosphere, and diverting them and destroying them, what you would think of as exploding them, or simply sending them to the outer limits. So that is what has taken place.

The other indicator that we are giving the collective human race is that all over your planet there are human beings — and I use that in the generic term — that are hearing very odd, distinct sounds. Sometimes it is sounding like a pop, as if the layer between the dimensions has popped, sometimes to the extreme of almost feeling like a sonic boom.

Now, as you know, all of our ships are completely silent. And that is one of the ways in which we have been identified and identifiable. But there has been a decision, agreed to by the various councils, that we will be available and allowed, permitted, to create these noises. So they are not really coming from the ship, but they appear to the human senses to be indistinct and unidentifiable until such information comes from bodies of science, such as NASA, that this is being caused by intergalactic movement and ships. So that is the other piece that is actually going forward even as we speak.

GW: Okay, great. So we’ve come through some important energetic dates recently, and various energies have moved things further forward. There are apparently some key energetic dates in February also, but as far as what you and your team have been up to, what are… what have you been primarily responsible for during the last two to three months? What are you allowed to do right now that you may not have been allowed to do several months ago?

A: Several months ago, we were working on the collective as a whole, assisting in the plan of unfoldment, trying to raise the collective vibration. So what has changed is we have been given the go-ahead to work on specific groups and projects, governments, and… attune would be the word you would use, attune and inform. Sometimes it is active informing, sometimes it is subtle informing, but inform those groups — and they are all over the map, from religious to social to economic to political to the man on the street. So that the collective consciousness, in terms of reaching a place of… not that they acknowledge our existence, but that it is acknowledged in a friendly, courageous, unfearful, excited way, is taking place.
That is one of the things. The other is, as we say, the permission to create noise, as it were. Working directly with certain specific political groups or individuals more intensely, not simply, or merely, shall we say, on an unconscious or subconscious level.

There are meetings scheduled, of which you are aware, for the very, very, very near future. Yes, my beloved one has made me promise that I will not speak of dates, but might I say that February is indeed a very important month, particularly the 20s. I have not given anything away.

So, then, there will be increased, massive increase, so think of the sightings that have been taking place, how it has increased, on your scale the increase in sightings has increased about tenfold since the December dates. Now you can look at it to increase about a hundredfold, so that it will be highly unusual to be able to see a broadcast with any credibility that does not acknowledge that there are sightings that have no explanation within the current realm of explanation. That is another shift that is taking place.

There will be an increase in the number of feet on the ground and the number of intergalactics that are declaring themselves very clearly as visitors. So that this becomes something that is more commonplace rather than something that is spectacular and unusual.

GW: Okay. Great.

A: There will be landings. Observable, tangible landings, not on the White House lawn, in more remote, obscure places, but they will be witnessed. It will not be motherships. That would be too overwhelming. They will be some of the more small explorer ships. It will not be full contact, but it will be observable landings.

GW: Wonderful. Excellent. So it would seem that we are now on a slightly different timeline, as it were, towards this experience we are calling Ascension. May I ask for a little bit more information about this new timeline and what it means for Gaia, for humanity, but also for all of you?

A: Well, it means for us that we are being given the wonderful opportunity to practice patience. It is something that we have not perfected. And I say that in jest. But in fact, yes, it has meant an adjustment, in our planning, in our thinking. But we are always working with far more variables than the human collective.

It has made us stand somewhat in awe, for although we came, long ago, to assist, to observe, to participate in this Ascension — you know, it has never been simply about Gaia or the kingdoms or the humans; it has been about all of us. But I must say to thee that very often there was a sense of distinction, not separation, but distinction between our mission and purpose and the human collective because it has been so dense. I do not say that in criticism. There is not one being upon the planet at this time that did not come to assist with the Ascension process. And so, why are we surprised that, as a collective, you said, “No, no, we will do it together. This is what we came for.”

But in fact it has changed our feelings, our admiration, our understanding that we are far closer in heart union, in spiritual oneness, connection, than ever. That is why it hurts to not proceed more rapidly and to hear the frustrations that continue at our non-presence. But we are freer to exist because as a collective you have said yes. Not everyone consciously, but nevertheless.

In terms of what you think of as timing — now, do not forget, this has been a process of thousands of years. Now, I reassure you, as brother to brother, that we are not talking about another thousand years, or even another one of your decades. We are talking about a process that has slowed slightly simply so that everyone can participate. So there is no alienation, there is no separation from our perspective, because, do not forget that one of our sacred purposes is that this, what you are learning, what you are doing, what you are going through is the Course in Miracles for the universe and the multi-verse. You are showing the way, not us, but you the collective of humanity are setting the template about how this Ascension and physicality is done. And did you pull a game-changer? Yes, you did. But from our perspective the fact that it isn’t piecemeal, that you are doing it as one, is incredibly joyful.

Because we, what you think of as your star brothers and sisters, we have various councils, various fleets, many families, from all over, but we operate as one. There is not that sense of distinction. So to witness and to participate with you as one is a gift. So yes, we are practicing patience, but your evolutionary jump to that decision also makes you collectively more available and ready for our union, our partnership.

That decision alone increased your vibration and frequency. Gaia is anchored in the 5th. Many of you have felt more and more elated, joyful, detached. That is only growing, and it is growing not in the political leaders or the economic powers, it is evident there, but it is growing in each one of your hearts, in your personal lives.

We can’t wait to shower you, to share, true abundance. For this entire facade of lack, of limitation to simply be gone. So it has actually catapulted forward many opportunities. We are working with several upon your planet right now, consciously, with new technology. And so the doors are open and you, dear hearts, are holding that door open. You are holding that portal open. It is not simply a portal to the 5th dimension, it is a portal to us as well. And we are holding the door open as well. The welcome committee is ready.

GW: Great. Thank you, Ashira. I’m sorry, I apologize if we’re kind of rushing here. We’re running a bit out of time. But just while you mentioned that you were working with people with technology, does that include Mehran Keshe?

A: Yes, it does. Now, are there some issues? Yes. But let us say, we are working diligently with this group, not simply the individual, but with the group.

GW: Okay. Is it appropriate or possible to comment on those issues, or is that perhaps something that’s not important for us to know at this time?

A: Humans have personality issues. Sometimes they are overblown egos, sometimes they are political alignments. And these need to be resolved prior to going forward with the completion of the project.

GW: Okay.

A: I think you can read between the lines.

GW: Sure. Yes. Thank you. Okay. So, from your perspective, and I realize that even you may not have the full picture of all that’s unfolding as the members of our celestial families might, but from your perspective, those who are awakening, are there entry or leverage points that we should be working on or perhaps looking towards for getting things to move forward more quickly in co-creating Nova Gaia?

A: Yes. The leverage points, the catalytic converters as you would think of, are those undertakings that let go of your attachment to the old and move the energy from the individual to the collective, so that it is no longer about “me” and it shifts to the “we.”

Now, you cannot — let me be very emphatic — when we say this, we do not mean a relinquishing of your person, of your soul, of your dreams, of your hopes, of your creations, but taking it within the context of the “we,” of the “us.”
Thank you for having me. Farewell.

GW: Great. Thank you, Ashira. One quick question, if you quickly…

A: Yes?

GW: … when you speak of political alignments, does that include Iran and Ahmadinejad?

A: Yes, it does.

GW: Thank you very much. Okay, that brings us to an end…

A: Iraq as well.

GW: Wonderful. Oh, this is great news. Until our next moment of now, thank you for sharing your time and energies with us. For this moment, we bid you farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon