The first steps in creating and bringing to the forefront what you and we think of as Nova Earth, anchor as Nova Earth, is the shift in the internal, in your spirit, in your soul, in your emotional body, in your mental body, in your causal, your astral — you name it. The most significant piece of creating Nova Earth is the letting go, that you are doing and have done and have been doing, of the false illusions that were created over eons by the human race…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m GD.

In the States today we honor Martin Luther King for all his work and service, and it’s the inauguration ceremony of our beloved president, Barack Obama. So it’s an historic and significant day, to be sure.

Welcome, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, dear hearts — all of you, not only those of you who celebrate in the United States of America but those of you who celebrate all over the planet, all over Nova Earth, as you claim the truth and the rightness and the wholeness of who you are.

Always, it is my honor and my pleasure to be with you.

SB: Lord…

AAM: This marks a day of freedom. And it is not to just those who participate in the United States of America. That is but a symbol, but it is a significant symbol that many may attach to, or observe, if you so wish. But it is a day when freedom reigns, when those who are willing not only to proclaim change but to take action, focused, intentional action, and to move through the quagmire of human beliefs, of the old paradigms, and to hold and to stride, and to hold my blue flame of truth and declare it for all beings, everywhere — above, below and throughout the galaxies.

This is the significance of this day. So I ask you, as we begin this new time, as you begin yet again, to once again receive and instill and welcome my blue flame of truth. It is also the flame of righteousness. It is also the flame of communication, for this is something the human collective is truly learning and absorbing and embracing on an entirely different level.

You have abandoned and let go of the reality of the old 3rd dimension, and yes, many of you stride and straddle inter-dimensionally. And many of you say, “Lord, I do not feel different. I do not look different.” And what I suggest to you is that you take a moment with me, with all of us, and to reflect back, not to bring it into your being, but simply to reflect back where you were, where you were thinking, what you were feeling a year ago, four years ago, ten years ago, and to not only be the witness and the observer, but truly see where you have been, the growth that you have chosen, not simply that has been bestowed upon you.

Yes, there has been love that has been sent to your planet from above, from your galactic brothers and sisters, from the inter-galactics, from below, from Gaia. But all of this has been dependent upon you, upon your heart, your heart opening, the shift to heart consciousness, and the willingness to go forward.

Do not deny or in any way minimize what you, what each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, what you have accomplished, what you have integrated, what you have welcomed into your life. Do not deny or minimize what you are creating, what you are bringing forth.

It matters not what you call yourselves, whether it is wayshowers or pillars or gatekeepers or light-holders or love-holders. You are the creator race and you step into the fullness of that role. It is not something new; if anything, it is something ancient. It is that closing of the circle and the beginning of the new.

So I invite you, I hold out my arms to you as do all the mighty ones, all the ascended masters, the Divine Mother, the Company of Heaven; we hold out our arms to you and say, please, join with us now in partnership. Yes, you are learning, you are remembering, you are inventing what this new realm of partnership truly entails. There is room for maneuvering. There is room for you to think and re-think, feel and re-feel, fill and re-fill, design and re-design who you are, but also who you are in terms of your plan, in terms of the Divine Plan, and in terms of your role in bringing forth the fulfillment of Nova Earth and Nova Being.

So I welcome you. I welcome you to this new chapter, this new book, this new adventure. Dear hearts, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, Lord, there’s no doubt that what you’re saying right now is supremely important, and I do want to spend the bulk of the hour discussing it. But I also know that many of our listeners on this inauguration day will want to know just a little bit about President Obama and the events that are happening there.

Can you tell us, please, what is happening behind the scenes at the White House? We’ve heard rumors that Speaker Boehner was going to replace Obama, that there are visitors at the… there’s going to be a visitor at the inauguration…. There’s even a story out that the maharishis visited the White House. What is actually going on behind the scenes at the White House? How much does President Obama know? What’s he doing?

AAM: First of all, let us suggest to you, and let us suggest to you very strongly, that it is time for the human collective to stop engaging in the drama. There are beings that are still, hmm, shall we say caught in the quagmire of the old 3rd, who wish to stir the drama and create reality that is simply not true and not coming to pass.

Do not embrace this. Please. President Obama is just that. He is the President that you, and in many ways we, have selected; that you have garnered your energies behind, and with, and for. There is no subterfuge. And I suggest to you that it is absurd to think that this will be changed.

I also say to you that things have actually been quite quiet at the White House. Rumors are rampant. The work that is being done at the White House is mostly energetic, and it is not only being conducted by we who serve and are in partnership with you, but by many of you who are lightworkers and light-holders, who have been assigned very specifically to work not only with Barack Obama and his family but with the various stakeholders, that they may feel and see and embrace the love.

This is the beginning of a new chapter, but it is not a day of revolution. And that is really what you are talking about. You are talking about the old paradigm of revolution, of the potential for bloody upheaval, for armed massacre. That is not the way of the 5th dimension, and it most certainly is not the way of the 7th dimension.

Barack Obama and those who work and serve with him are guided mightily, might we say divinely guided, as each and every one of you are. Do not put his role and pathway above or separate from yours, because what you are doing as a collective is holding the vision of shift, of change, of an acknowledgment and an embrace of heart consciousness.

Are there plans to correct some of the political, economic, social injustices, inequities? Yes. And you will hear about some of those today. But it is not the day where all mayhem will break loose. It is a day where there is a line in the sand, but it is also a day of celebration.

Now, one of the things that Barack Obama brings to this term as President is that he has nothing to lose. He does not have to work within constraints. Now, that does not mean that he does not honor and respect the structures and the way, the Constitution, that has been set in place for this particular nation. But what it does mean… Many of you think and use the term “politics as usual,” “life as usual.” Well, what I am suggesting to you is that nothing is as usual, and politics as usual will take on an entirely different meaning.
Is that clear?

SB: Yes, Lord. Thank you, and let me ask another question, just — just for which I would like just a very short answer so that we can turn to building Nova Earth. And that is can you tell us what may be happening or what may be blocking pre-NESARA and NESARA at this time, please?

AAM: Of course there are politics involved in NESARA and pre-NESARA. But the biggest blockage is the opening of the hearts of the entire collective in saying, “I deserve and demand my birthright of abundance.” You do not live in a universe or a planet where there is lack. And this is a key component to what we are discussing.

It is absolutely not only talked down — the game has changed, my friend — but it is also the bottom up and the middle sideways, and your very individual, personal recognition that you can create and call into being, whether it is pre-NESARA, NESARA, the funds, the trust funds — all of it.

So what we are saying, in fact, there is no blockage. Yes, we know this is not a popular response because it is very easy and welcoming to look at something outside of yourself. No, this is not about fault, blame, guilt. That is of the old 3rd, so you cannot go there.

So what I am saying, the collective that listens to this tonight, call it forward. Call it from the ethers, call it from Washington, call it from Geneva, call it from the International Monetary Fund. Call, whether it is from Gaia herself, the riches of gold. Call what you deserve, and that which you have always, always been worthy of. And in that calling forth, what you do, you are like a bulldozer breaking through political intrigue and blockage.

Will we help? Absolutely. But we wish to do this with you, right now.

SB: Okay, Lord. Thank you. Why don’t we plunge in now to building Nova Earth? Could you…. We recognize that we’re to build Nova Earth, we’re aware of that. But we lack the vision of what it is that needs to be built, how we go about building it. We’re also, almost all of us, financially strapped. So it’s not as if we could, say, call a conference tomorrow, or do very much. So it isn’t plain to us what we can be doing to build Nova Earth. Can you help us with that, please?

AAM: I would be honored and humbled to discuss the building of Nova Earth. And, as I do so, I also wish you to know that I speak for the collective, for what you think of as the Council of Love, as the Company of Heaven, for your star brothers and sisters and so many more.

So often we refer to you as the collective, but as you well know, we are a collective as well, and there are times — and this is one of them — when we speak as the collective. Now, normally it is my beloved sister, Gabrielle, who speaks for the collective, so I am honored to do so.

First, let us back up and talk about your puzzlement, about your query, which I do not wish to dismiss, because it is one of the most important questions that has ever been posed. But I also wish to say to you — to you, dear Steve, to you, dear Graham, to this platform that you have built, constructed, manned and sustained, and, might I say, without money — that you have been building Nova Earth, that you have been pulling in the new reality of Gaia and everybody and everything, every rock, every stone, every tree, every mountain upon her.

Now, what you are doing in the construction now is you are aligning more clearly with all the elements, with all the factors. And that is good news. But let us talk about Nova Earth.

Now, Gaia herself is addressing many of what you think of as the physical aspects of Nova Earth, of the restoration. She has not done so, and she will not do so violently. Now, that does not mean that there are not climatic changes, that there are not slight shifts in shorelines, that nothing ever happens for she is not stagnant, she is vibrant and alive. Of course she shifts.

The first steps in creating and bringing to the forefront what you and we think of as Nova Earth, anchor as Nova Earth, is the shift in the internal, in your spirit, in your soul, in your emotional body, in your mental body, in your causal, your astral — you name it. And what you are doing is you are changing… The most significant piece of creating Nova Earth is the letting go, that you are doing and have done and have been doing, of the false illusions that were created over eons by the human race.

So all of those tendencies… and I have to say the letting go of war — and that is war within, it is war between individuals, it is war within communities and nations — that is critical. And what you are doing is letting go of all those belief systems that have never served you.

Oh, you can say to me, “But, dear Michael, there have been times when conflict has catapulted me forward, when lack has made me create.” And what I am saying to thee, what we are saying to thee, there are better ways. There are more efficient ways. And there are certainly easier ways.

So, the first element of Nova Earth is the complete eradication of the old. Now, let us suggest to you that much has been done. The last decades, and certainly the last two years, have not been for naught. You have let go and cleansed so much, to the point where your generosity has shined not only to us but throughout the galaxies and all over the planet. But it is the elimination, until it is a vague memory, the way it is in so many of the other galaxies.

Now, the memory of war — and we use that in the organic, generic term — will never completely fade. And the reason being, so that you will not revert to it; that it will be such a horrific memory — no, not one that hurts — but simply something that you know at all costs will be avoided.

The creation of Nova Earth comes with the kind, considerate, what you consider Divine qualities, what this channel has called blessings and virtues. It comes with the anchoring of those qualities not only within thee, but in every interaction — in the microcosm, within and without, in the macrocosm. And it reflects….

Now, you say, “But Lord, I do not have money.” And we acknowledge and accept that. Do not think that we are ruthless and do not know the struggles that you have been feeling. But what we also say to you is you are a living, breathing example, leader, demonstrator of incorporating the Divine qualities, and the trust, without money, because it is not dependent on money.

Money, abundance, is the reflection, the outcome, part of the generosity that emerges from that love and trust and sharing and prudence and temperance — and patience.

Now, we know — and I particularly know — that these are not particularly popular qualities, are they? But as you anchor these qualities, it is reflected; it is reflected in economics. Let me explain.

Not only does the spirit of sharing, of generosity, of caring, of consideration, expand; the belief system — that some have the key and some do not; that some have chosen to live or die in poverty and some have not — disappears, so that there is this burning desire to share what one has. And that shifts. It shifts institutions, it shifts markets, it shifts neighborhoods and it shifts families. Similarly, it shifts power structures, what you think of as political structures.

How can there be oppressive regimes? Oh, and I include the western world in this. How can there be exclusion, when all are united in heart, when those who wish their opinions to be heard, their priorities to be counted, their desires for participation to be included?

Yes, it means that those who wield power, which is a very small percentage of global population…. Does it mean a change of heart for them? Yes. But how does that change of heart take place? Well, it takes place in a number of ways — and I know I am giving you a global overview; and we will spend many hours talking about the specifics.

But if the collective is saying, “Share. Let me participate. Let me be free. I demand my freedom,” at the same time as those who are in power, who have wielded power — and we are not just talking about those in containment; that is a whole other, separate discussion; and yes, they are still in containment; and no, it is not a whimsy or a fantasy; that would be ridiculous — those in power are also having a change of heart.

How is this occurring? Because the energy upon your planet, not only within you, but upon the planet, Gaia herself, is shifting, so that there is a different longing, a different desire, so that their focus is no longer on holding on to what they’ve got, so there is an easing and saying, “Yes, I think it is a good idea that there is broader participation.”

No, not everybody has any desire to participate in what you think of as the political process. And at the same time, what I suggest to you in the anchoring of my Peace Initiative is that in so many ways everything is political, the same way everything is economic. So there are shifts taking place on every level.

Now, you say to me, “Okay, how does that reflect in the outer world?” Let us use the example, well, of the Cities of light. Let us use the example of your galactic brothers and sisters. Let us use the example of architecture.

When there is a vision of access, of sharing, of beauty, of grace, then what you choose to build are not stone edifices that keep people at bay. Cities shift. And the term, even of what you think of as city, which has become fairly unmanageable, in human or divine terms, they become places of gathering, of welcoming, of accessibility, so that those who construct, who design, who participate, who gather in the cities, whether it is for a place of healing or commerce — commerce takes on a different meaning — they become places that are welcoming rather than exclusionary.

Now, your Cities of Light are at hand — cities that were once 800,000 years in the future. This is why I say to you, you have been creating Nova Earth, and co-creating it, with us, with your star brothers and sisters, and you have been pulling those cities closer and closer, because you are ready.

The vibration with your star brothers and sisters — which, by the way, is not simply the 5th dimension; but that, again, is a different conversation; there is so much to talk about — but that vibration more and more and more is compatible because you are not carrying that debris. You are coming into the full partnership, yes, but you are also coming into the fullness of your being. And I mean each and every one of you, and who you are, who you are claiming, who you are becoming.

Are there needs for the platforms, and particularly this one, to continue? It is seldom that I am at a loss for words, but we really don’t know what we would do without this platform. And that is why we encourage you, and we request you, in the spirit of equality and partnership, to please continue on. You are serving, but you are also creating with us.

Are there need for conferences, for gatherings, for people of all realms to come together, not just with the intellect, not just with the information, but with the heart? Because if the heart is not present, if the love is not present, there is no Nova Earth. So if the love is not present, the creation is a false illusion. It is a deck of cards that is blown away by the wind. The bedrock is your spirit, your soul, your heart, your intentions, and yes, your actions.

It is time for the best and the brightest — and we are not meaning just those who have been identified by former regimes as the best and the brightest — but it is time for the best and the brightest hearts, intellects, spirits, healers, communicators to come together and to formulate (to use your terms, dear heart) what is workable, what is sustainable. Might I add, what is joyful?

Repeatedly, we have said to you, it is not of love if it is not of joy; don’t do it. It is a very simple test. It is a very simple litmus test. If it does not make your heart sing…. And I do not mean that everything is easy. Heaven and Earth knows what you have decided to construct, and what you have already seen and done we would never term as easy. So, are there moments where you feel befuddled, confused? But that is when you return to your heart, to your core, to us, and to each other, and you receive the support and the love.

So, is every step smooth? No. But the creation of what you are doing has need to be loving, joyful and reflective not only of what you want, but what sings the praises of Gaia. That is so deeply respectful of this mighty one who holds you, that is in harmony and alignment. It cannot be a zigzag line. Yes, it is a spiral, but think of going up the center of the spiral.

Alignment is just that. And it isn’t saying, “Well, I am not having a good day, so today I am not in alignment. Today I am not in joy.” It is claiming and breathing and living your joy, no matter what, every single day, every moment, and not accepting anything else. We don’t.
Are there times when we have looked and felt the pain of each of you, of your planet, of your hearts, how distraught you are? Yes. And so you would say to me, “Michael, Gabrielle, Raphael, what do you do when you feel this?” And the answer is, we gather, and we gather in the heart of the Mother until such pain — which is much greater than yours, different, but greater — until it simply dissolves.

And you say, “Well, I did not know you experience pain or distress.” It is not the same as yours, because, yes, we are gifted and we are blessed, because we have the bigger picture. But do not think, dear one, that when in the past we have seen bombs drop and children mutilated that it does not cause distress.

So when you feel this, can you gather together? Can you gather with us? You, in the past — and you will hear me say this again and again and again — in the past, you have come to a place where you have felt the distraught, disappointment, disillusionment, sorrow, grief — many of the “disses” — are personal. Now, some of you have broken through that. And yes, Sanat and I have heard this very clearly. But many of you still have this attachment to thinking it is private, that it is something that must be processed quietly, discretely and alone; as if it is something within you that you need to take care of.

And subtly what that translates into is a feeling that somehow you have failed, that you are not worthy, that we have forgotten you, and that there is separation — all not only incorrect, but untruth. If you hear one thing I communicate to you this day, it is to please let go of that. Cleanse your being of that.

When you share your tears, your questions, your doubts, what you are doing is letting it out. And you are giving it back. And it can be completely transmuted and returned to you as a bright, shiny, effervescent light that lifts you up and that gives you and awakens within you the energy to create and to co-create Nova Earth. Nova Earth is a joint project. As you proceed, no matter what, the money will come. Simply claim your abundance. It is right there on the table.

Now, I know I have gone on, but I wished to address this.
SB: Lord, I’d like our listeners to know that I have a list of questions, but as has happened so many times in the past, you answered them one by one! So…. it’s not as if I needed to ask them.

But perhaps we could spend the rest of the short time that we have left on inauguration day in this inaugural discussion of building Nova Earth. Perhaps we could address the fact that lightworkers are itching to get to work co-creating, building Nova Earth. And what… what… what would you recommend that they be either focusing on or doing in the areas of the outer social structures of the world, or the outer technological structures of the world, to bring in Nova Earth?

AAM: Now, you have some of the platforms, and for this I thank you. Begin with your communities. And the wondrous thing about community is that it has been completely redefined on your planet in the past several years. Yes, there is the community of your neighborhood, of the building within which you live, of the block within which you live, but community has also taken on completely broader terms because community is now global.

You have the technology within which to communicate. You have your social networks. Now, I do not criticize the back-and-forth-ing, the games that are played, for that is a way in which to play together, to communicate. But can I suggest that you start to eliminate criticism, debasing? Share what is uplifting.

The biggest peace right now that you are engaging is the practice of discernment, the quality of discernment, as completely divorced from judgment. Build your communities globally. You have had tastes of what is possible, with the Occupy movements, with Arab Spring, with many institutions that are in place to assist those in need.

Now, do they need to be cleaned up? Yes. And can you do that? Yes. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. What you need to do is perhaps clean up the wheel, and put in a few new spokes, and fill the tires.

Begin the communication. Expand the communication. Become involved in your community, whether it is in a community garden, in a community action group; whether it is bringing together thinkers who are interested — and we do not mean simply scientists — who are interested in the issue of free energy. There are many among you who are in very active collaboration with your star brothers and sisters. Why are you not coming together and sharing what you are learning? And I do not simply mean about the technology or the play, I mean about the vibration that is required for you to actually come and conjoin.

So, choose your area or your areas that you wish to address and get going. And then come together in collaboration and in groups to deal with any issues that are coming forth that need to be eliminated, eradicated. Use the Law of Elimination, dear heart. This is something that Sanat Kumara has not talked of very frequently in the old days, in the past. But now it is time to bring this and anchor this law firmly within you.

I hear the music, and it is the Heavenly Host. I give you my love and I am anxious to continue with you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. So are we, Lord. Thank you.

AAM: Go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon