This is a delightful article by Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario which reflects so many of my experiences and feelings about the recent 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona. It was fabulous!

Well, I’m back in the Northern temperate rainforest of Vancouver, out of the warm red-rock desert of Sedona, and I still don’t know why it is that we love our own part of the world best. Be it ever so modest (and my place is truly modest), there really is no place like home.

I have Pachelbel switched on, I have a hot bath running, and I plan to sleep for twelve hours.

But I wanted to review what I think was accomplished at the two conferences before closing down for the night. From a personal standpoint.

I think for me the lesson is at last sinking in that love is all there is. Love is the essence of everything created, the building block, the solvent, the residuum, the ocean into which all dissolves again.

I was surprised at the amount of love that was generated at both conferences. I still can’t quite explain it. But I know I, the rest of the speakers, and I believe I’m correct in saying those in attendance were ready to open ourselves to love in a way that we never were before.

Yes, a great part of that is the rising energies. A great part is what Matthew Ward, Archangel Michael, and the Divine Mother called the expectation produced by the countdown. But there was something else that I’m having trouble putting my finger on and I’ll try my best to see if I can put it into words.

And, in doing so, I have no interest in playing up something that isn’t there. You know I prefer the truth to positive thinking and I have no need or desire to puff or boost things. So this is not some kind of pitch. If the conference fell flat, I’d be the first to say it.

But not only did it not fall flat; it soared. And here is one big reason, I think, that it did. And it comes from listening to you.

You know that I heard you talk about being recovering Catholics and recovering Mormons. I heard you discuss the terrific illnesses that you’ve battled. Some of you were managing MS, chronic fatigue, chronic poverty. Others have left jobs and relationships to live in the knowledge of what is occurring.

I looked back on my own recent life as well. In the course of my musing, I remembered Archangel Michael saying in his address to the conference that Hurricane Sandy “is a balancing, particularly of North America. It is a bit of a cleansing. Not dramatic.” (1)

And I thought to myself that you and I and everyone at the conference have been through a war together. That’s how it showed up for me at that moment.

As communicators and lightworkers, we’ve fought the cabal to see that no second 9/11’s could occur, that HAARP was exposed, and chemtrails, and assassinations, and thrown elections, and so on. We’ve been part of overthrowing the cabal and ending their influence on Earth.

And we’ve risked our lives to name the criminals in the cabal and their crimes and make disclosure of our galactic family when government leaders were afraid to do so. And behind the scenes we’ve been working on NESARA and other projects that even now cannot be revealed (but soon will be).

We’ve been through a war to end elitist control of this world, to focus on the inequity that sees efforts to create universal medicare foiled, to end unequal taxation or the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, to prevent a nuclear Third World War, and to bring peace and harmony to the planet.

And we’ve succeeded in that war. Certainly not without the help of the invisibles and the galactics. But we put everything we had on the line and we triumphed.

It wasn’t a war of our making or desiring. It was a war that was thrust upon us and one we didn’t even know was transpiring until it was almost too late.

At Sierra’s two conferences, there was a tacit recognition of what we’d all been through. How many times did I hear people call this blog and others like it, or InLight Radio, a “lifeline”? We’ve offered each other lifelines to get through a time of unprecedented restructuring of the world and we’re just weeks away from celebrating our victory.

I liked what GD said at the conference, when he asked what if all this was hogwash? He confessed that he had grown so much in recent years that it wouldn’t matter and he added that the way we’ve been leading our lives in the run-up to Ascension is the way he’d choose to live his life anyways. And I agree wholeheartedly.

This planet has come alive in recent years. We’ve shaken off the dumbing down which the cabal perpetrated on us through chemtrails, food additives, fluoride, television transmissions, educational starvation, and every other means they knew how to employ.

We defeated a military-industrial complex that had overwhelming force in its favor and never hesitated to eliminate its enemies. We defeated governments who resorted to such death machines as the School of the Americas and hybrid super-soldiers.

And, without any need or desire to punish those who would have enslaved or killed us, we stand proud of our strength today and rejoicing in the triumph of freedom, democracy and love. I say without chauvinism, false pride or exclusivity: We did it.
There was at the conference an unspoken recognition of what we’ve been through and that we’ve won. Without strutting, or posturing, or belaboring the point, we know we’ve won. And because we’ve won, peace has won on the planet and love and compassion. The two conferences were a celebration of love – of the power of love, of the irresistible force of love, of the healing and soothing nature of love.

Now we have an election to win and a new economy to birth and our good friends from space to introduce to the world and then a banquet to set. And then, when the banquet has occurred, and the shift has happened, whether it occurs all at once or gradually, we can all rest and smile at each other and spend an endless time as we did at the conferences, hugging each other and cheering. We fought a war together and love has won. Peace has won. The planet has won.

Thank you all, at home and in Sedona, for sharing our celebration with us.


(1) “Archangel Michael on the First Sedona Conference, the East Coast Storm and the West Coast Earthquake,” at I believe I may have confused comments from another source with what AAM said to the conference about Hurricane Sandy. I apologize for my incorrect attribution of comments to AAM.