Before we begin I simply offer you yet again my blue flame of truth…you have talked about the global changes that are well underway, and it is important that they be viewed and experienced from the perspective of truth and that perspective of truth lies within each one of you — within your hearts, your throats and your third eyes, within the core of your very being…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for life. I’m GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you all. Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all on this November 5th program, the eve of the US presidential elections. So here we are, on the eve of the election that some of the celestials and members of our galactic families have indicated will be a game-changer.

There has been talk of numerous changes of governance world-wide, and there have already been significant signs of changes taking place not only in the global political structure but also within the banking industry. We are beginning to see signs of cracks beginning to form within the structures of the mainstream media as more and more become informed about the information that the mainstream media have been covering, or not covering at all, for years.

You could say that we are entering the home stretch now, as it is called, as we enter into the final seven weeks of 2012. This year has just disappeared before our eyes. We have been witnessing the energies rising and have not only been witnessing that but feeling the energies within ourselves, as issues come up for healing and release.

We are being challenged, and we are being called, perhaps now more than ever, to remain present within all that is coming up within us, and remind ourselves that we are the ones we have been waiting for, and that it is we who are to be the example of how to handle and rise above any and all challenges that could potentially affect our service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families.

This evening, Archangel Michael joins us once again to give us an update on global events, to try to understand any truth behind some rumors that are circulating, and to try perhaps also to offer insights as to what we may see energetically over the remaining period. Michael, welcome back as always, and for sharing your presence here this evening.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, Geoffrey. And welcome to all of you. I am Michael, Archangel of love, warrior of peace, yes, unifier of One. And before we begin I simply offer you yet again my blue flame of truth.

You have talked about the global changes that are well underway, and it is important that they be viewed and experienced from the perspective of truth. And that perspective of truth lies within each one of you — within your hearts, your throats and your third eyes, within the core of your very being. So ignite it, my bright friend, as we begin to journey together again this day. I welcome you all back.

GW: Thank you, Michael. Perhaps it is appropriate to begin with the storm, Hurricane Sandy, as this is now winding down. Sources are indicating that it was both human-created and natural. The fact that some weather sources were able to so accurately predict the path of the storm and its exact location, where it would come ashore, while the storm was still near Cuba has suggested that it was a human-created storm. We also know, however, that there is much negativity in this region, and healing had to occur and energy had to be released.

May we start by confirming this: Was the storm human-made, fully natural, or a combination of both?

AAM: No, the storm that you are thinking of, Sandy, was not a human creation. It was a natural phenomenon that was very clearly guided and targeted for the removal of negativity, for the clean-up of the people and the planet. Can we talk about this just for a minute?

Yes, it was very clearly directed. But it was not directed by what you would think of as negative human forces. And please understand that Gaia and her ability to direct energies is much stronger than any of the humans, and that is particularly true when a clearing is done with express intent.

Now, you say that the clean-up is underway, and of course you are right. And of course it is so that Gaia would never wish to create massive devastation if it were not part of the energy of Ascension, of the culmination of what has need to be removed from the planet at this time. But let me also suggest to you that the impact of the storm and the true clean-up, cleansing, rebirth, resurrection, is occurring now.

So yes, there was physical sweeping away, cleansing away, washing away of a great deal of negativity, but truly it is the outcome and the out-pouring of empathy, of support, of love, of compassion, of camaraderie, of unity. That is truly the purpose of Sandy, and that is what you are witnessing in most of the areas and with most of the people who have been affected by this dramatic event.

The human beings — and there are many within this quadrant — that are still, or were, very addicted to drama. Well, they have received an event of monumental dramatic proportions. And what is occurring is they are saying, “You know? We don’t really like all this drama.” But what you are witnessing is neighbor helping neighbor, community helping community, government helping government.

Now, within that, are there still some seeds of drama and chaos? Are there those that are acting out on a very negative vibration or trying to take advantage? Yes. But what we would suggest to you is that in terms of the balance, or shall we say, the re-balancing of the energies in this area, it has been tremendous and a great deal has been accomplished, is being accomplished, and will be accomplished.

GW: Would it be fair to say that this particular storm had divine timing as well, right ahead of the election?

AAM: Yes. That is correct. As Gaia has indicated in other situations or channelings, is that there were many layers that were in effect in terms of the phenomenon of this storm. Now, one of the things that has occurred, to answer your question about the election, is that it gave the people the opportunity to actually see the President of the United States acting in a way that was very caring, compassionate and of leadership responsibility rather than simply day-to-day politics. So it brought him back to front and center and gave people yet another opportunity to witness who he truly is.

GW: Okay. That’s wonderful. Now, I was going to ask this question earlier, but since it appears to be tied into what you have just shared, Michael, I think I’ll go to this question.

One of the states that was hit hard was the state of New Jersey. The governor of that state, Chris Christie, is a Republican and has historically been a very strong and very vocal critic of Obama. Yet in the last week he has been showering praise to no end upon Obama, and doing it publicly.

I don’t wish to spend much time on this, but is this merely two humans demonstrating their true humanity ahead of politics, or is this potentially a sign connected to a larger change that will unfold within the political structures?

AAM: It is actually both. It is a governor seeing and moving away from simple rhetoric and the rhetoric of party politics, of alignment in terms of self-interest and the desire for power, to a place of actually entering into his own humanitarian heart and seeing that the reason that he got involved in the political arena in the first place wasn’t for reasons of power or greed or control.

It brought him back to his own first principles, which was he really cared about people. He really cared about people within his geographic area, the state. And then what he has witnessed and what he has seen is that there is a camaraderie with the President and that in fact there is no difference and, the rhetoric aside, that they both care about the same things.

But in the bigger picture, as you have asked, what you are also seeing is that people are going to put away many of the labels. There has been a huge emphasis on labels, rather, “I am this,” “I am that,” whether it is political party or not. The shift is to, “I am a human. I am a galactic human. I am part of my community. I am part of this family,” and the need for the labels is dissipating.

Because when you see someone drowning, whether it is emotionally, physically or mentally, you do not call out and say, “What is your political affiliation?” do you? No, from the core of your heart and from your physical body you reach out your hand and you assist however you can. And that in fact is exactly what the gate-keepers, the showers of the way, are doing. They are reaching out their hands and helping others to a higher realm, to a different understanding.

So what you are seeing is a catalyst, yes, a very dramatic, what one would say very devastating, catalyst that is opening people’s hearts.

GW: Great. Thank you, Michael. There are some rumors that have been circulating as far as the storm is concerned, but perhaps, maybe we could seek some clarification upon. Some, or at least one source in particular, has indicated that the storm may have been a cover for the take-over of the Federal Reserve, or perhaps even a full shutting down of that institution. Can we look at this particular rumor first?

AAM: No, the storm was not a cover for a coup or a taking over of the Federal Reserve. That would be incorrect information. Now, that would be a — either a human-directed storm or an imbalance. But what this was was truly Gaia conducting part of her balancing and the cleansing of east and west that had need to happen.

You know, my friend, there is no need — oh, there is always human greed and there are always forces that wish to interfere or influence, or simply garner wealth — but there is really no need to do absolutely anything with the Federal Reserve. That is not really the source of abundance that any of you are looking to.

GW: Umm. Very true. So that pretty much answers the question of the next two, about the possibility of a stock market reset during the storm, or perhaps that alterations have been made to the records systems of the New York Police Department, for example. Those are, would be, rumors as well then?

AAM: No, that is not so. Not necessarily so. And let me tell you why. There was a reset, as you have said, not in the way of drama, not in the way of subterfuge, but there was a shut-down of Wall Street for a number of reasons. And yes, during that cleansing, do you really think that they were exempt? Of course not. If anything, there was a concentration of a great deal of energy into not just, and we use Wall Street as a generic term, let us be very clear about that, but the investing and the trading and the financial institutions and the stock market have been fraught not only with dishonesty but with disregard. There have been a great number of thefts, of manipulation that were to the advantage of what we would call power holders and to the disadvantage of those who have been basically trying to protect or to earn money.

Yes, it is all a game. But it is a game that you have all agreed to as well. And it is a way in which values have been assigned, and it has been helpful in some ways. But during this time of shut-down the first criteria, and we have said this has worked on many levels, is that many people came to realize, first of all, that the world does not end if the stock market is closed for a couple of days. So that was an important realization and awakening. So in many ways that alone was a reset.

Then, secondly, during this downtime as you would put it, there was a massive infusion, not a manipulation, because we do not wish to give that impression, but there was a massive infusion of light and of love into that entire sector or environment, including every single person all over the globe that is involved in this type of activity. So think of the massive nature of that.

This was an infusion directly from the heart of my legions, from the heart of Mother/Father/One, and a great deal of clean-up and infusion of light by your star brothers and sisters. Now, did we fiddle with the stock market? No. But it was infused with light, and which is why it opened, and re-opened, on a very vibrant note, shall we say.

Now, the other issue there is that while the stock market was closed it also helped people to realize that what was important was not just the markets, but those in the streets, those trapped in their homes trying to take care of their children and staying warm and find food for them. So again it brought the focus back to what is truly important in the re-balancing and the re-establishment of that rheostat of humanity.

So that is what happened with the stock market. It was also protected from what you sometimes think of as dark forces taking advantage. That was not permitted, number one.

Number two, about the records of the New York Police Department. Now you know I am a archangel of justice, of balance. And so let me also tell you that there are many beings that are in that database, or who have been arrested or accused or processed by these forces, that are completely innocent. So there was some readjustment done, nothing major, nothing harmful, but there was some readjustment done.

GW: Okay, great. Thank you, Michael. I realized as I gave that question that I may have … I might cause some confusion within some of the listeners. So I’ll just very quickly review that. I had indicated that there were two other rumors suggesting that the stock market may have been reset and the New York Police Department files, and you indicated that this was not entirely so. So, it actually… what you have now clarified is that there is some degree of truth to these particular rumors.

AAM: Yes, but not in a negative way.

GW: Great.

AAM: In a very positive way!

GW: Thank you. Thank you. Okay. I think that may help clarify for some of the listeners.

So we move over to Obama now. I think it is pretty clear that he will be re-elected. There probably will not be so much drama within that. This will immediately set into motion a new timeline, and I’m going to assume that this will be a very important timeline. Does Obama now have enough freedom and support within the halls of the White House to immediately begin implementing his original vision? What things can he potentially do immediately upon his re-election, and does he have a green light to do so immediately?

AAM: Now, we have said immediately that of course we are not going to vote for people, but we have also said that we support and predict — and you know how this channel hates predictions — that yes, this will be an election that clears the way for Obama to embrace and to step into the truth of his being and of his leadership role in co-creating the new Earth, Nova Earth, and creating Nova Beings, which is your sweet selves, my friends.

So yes, he will, and he does have the support that he will require in order to go forward. But let us say that everything went awry, which it will not, by the way, but let us say if that did occur, we need to emphasize, this does not change the role, the purpose and the mission not only of each of you, but more importantly of Barack Obama and his team. This will go forward.

And yes, it will result in what people may think, and I emphasize “think”, is radical change. Will it be the whirlwind? Well, yes, it probably will be, actually. So, get ready.

GW: Hmm. Now, I think we have confirmed that a new banking system has been quietly implemented over the last little while and is waiting to be implemented. Is this the same system that is tied to the apparent agreement that exists between what we know of as the BRICS alliance?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. And it is the realignment of monetary systems, and [ ? ] becomes a more international system of equality.

GW: Now, it has been claimed that there are at least 140 countries that are now aligned to this new system. Is this …

AAM: They are not only aligned, they are signatories.

GW: Okay. Is it greater than 140 now?

AAM: No, that is about right. 143.

GW: Okay. Now, there is another source claiming that a specific protocol, the Wanta, Reagan, Mitterrand Protocol, has now been implemented. Are you able to give us a sense of what this might mean? It appears to be tied to the International Monetary Fund. So if I am reading this source correctly, it appears that the IMF is now on board with serving the light. Will the IMF be doing something immediately? Or are they already doing something? Is Christine Lagarde in containment, or is she simply choosing now to serve the light?

AAM: Well, she has been in containment, and because of that of course she has shifted more and more towards the light. The International Monetary Fund, let us go back, and it certainly precedes this accord. The purpose of that fund is not just equalization, but balance. So it is a fund that is, has been and is created for the balance of energies, so that there is an avoidance of upheaval, of chaos, and of monetary or national collapse. So what you will see is a kinder, gentler, more equitable distribution of resources.

Now, will this happen overnight? No. But will it happen rather quickly in realization of what needs to take place in order to help several sinking ships? Yes.

GW: Great. So does this protocol contain, therefore, some of the keys that will allow various abundance programs to be unlocked finally? Is there a connection?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. And particularly was the — one of the primary functions of this accord, which was agreed upon long ago, particularly the major players being Reagan and Mitterrand. The agreement was truly to allow re-evaluation of currencies and resources so that they are in alignment.

Now, one of the things that we have said, in the future, that there will be for some time a stabilization of currency and a presence of currency, because human beings love currency! And they love currency of all kinds. But what this will allow for is some readjustment, yes.

And the keys to it are keys that do it in an orderly fashion. And one of those keys, by the way, is that there needs to be peace and a modicum of stability. It is not the peace that you and I speak of, Geoffrey. But it is peace insofar as there needs to be not complete civil unrest or a country at war. So in order for these re-evaluations and these stabilizations to take place there would need to be a presence of stability.

So you see, what occurs in this, and what part of our plan and the Mother’s plan is, that there, you have an expression, there is more than one way to skin a cat? Well, this is a way to encourage many nations to come to a place of non-violence and non-war. It is a very strong human motivator.

GW: Wonderful. Now, Benjamin Fulford wrote in his weekly message last week that the Committee of 300, which includes the Queen and the Pope, are now supporting Obama for President. Does this mean that they have now agreed to surrender to the global changes taking place? And is this significant?

AAM: What is significant is the amount of support, and yes, the quality of the support, can we say, from every corner of the planet, but also from very diverse interests that are there to support Obama. But what you are also seeing in many of the listeners who always say, “Show us the signs, show us the change.” So this is a very significant indicator of change, that those who have been in containment, from full containment to what we call very light containment, are being penetrated and their hearts are shifting and opening.

We have been very clear. Everyone is expected, invited, and welcome to ascend with Gaia. And so you are seeing the shifts of heart in those that you previously may have had, been, very skeptical of them changing their agenda.

GW: Wonderful. Thank you again, Michael. Maybe a question I’d like to kind of know personally, for me, a geopolitical question about Canada, is Canadian Prime Minister Harper in containment? Can we expect a shift in his actions, or will events have to occur to bring a change in governance?

AAM: He is in what you would think of… Harper is in middle containment. He is not in severe containment, but he is in mid-containment. And so there will be a change of heart there as well, and a change of heart in the rigorous nature of his policies.

GW: Okay. Great. As we move along the next seven weeks, there are at least two significant energetic alignments that are taking place, one being the 11/11 portal and the other being the 12/12 portal. What is the 11/11 portal meant to accomplish? And what is the 12/12 portal meant to do?

AAM: The 11/11 portal, which as you know has been opened on November 11th, 1992, and has been available to the human race and to all upon Gaia since that time, is being intensified. So you may think of it as gates that have been open, but now they are being flung back. The purpose of the 11/11, 11/11/11, even though it is a 12, you are reaching the completion of not only 11/11s, but 12/12 as well, and the purpose of it is the installation, the expansion and the growth of love within the heart, the interconnection upon the grid.

And we talk about not only the planetary grid of Gaia, not only the human grid, but the universal grid and the multiverse grid, the omniverse grid, the interconnection, what we call the connectedness in love, in open-heartedness amongst the human beings, whether they are angels or hybrids, starseeds or Earth-keepers. So there is an intensification and a deep personal anchoring and expansion of that feeling of love.

It is a very important date, both 11/11 and 12/12 — and you know the divine plan and blueprint does not always go according to dates. But these are human reference points that we say to you are important. And they are important to mark with occasion, with ceremony, with meditation and prayer…. Think of 11/11 as a declaration of universal peace.
Can you imagine — and I invite you to do so — that this is the day that all nations, all beings, from the depth of their core, have the opportunity, are they required? no, but are given this golden-blue opportunity to not only choose peace within, but also to choose peace without all over the planet, every nation, every leader, every schoolchild.

So this does not simply mean the fulfillment of my strategic peace initiative; it is the fulfillment of your strategic peace initiative as well. It is not simply about the ending of wars or civil unrest, the slaughter in Syria; it is about the end of gang wars; it is about the end of family violence; it is about the end of torture. It is about recognizing the importance of peace. That is what this day and this portal, that will knock some human beings quite literally on their heels.

So what we would also recommend is that you plan events, that you plan unifying events related to love and peace for this day, to declare this on behalf of yourselves and your brothers and sisters of Earth.

GW: Wonderful. Thank you, Michael. I will have to… I apologize to you in advance as the following questions may appear to jump around a bit. I love the way, how you keep us on our toes in testing us this way because the questions that I planned, I almost expected you to fill for the hour. So I just had to….

AAM: And I want to talk also about 12/12.

GW: Okay. I’m… please continue. My apologies.

AAM: No, my friend. You know how sometimes I like to ramble. So now you have dates, and you love dates, do you not? 12/12 is highly significant. And again, it is an opening, a further opening and anchoring of energies that began on December 12th, 1993. And this was a period that was to endure and grow — and it has — for 24 years. So you are not quite at the end, whereas 11/11 is a period of 22 years. This has all been part of your preparation, as you know. But think of it in this way: Yes, time is short, and yet time is eternal and time is nothing. But, nevertheless, let me speak of 12/12.

Now, you have the peace, and you have the peace initiative. So what comes next? It is the balance. We have spoken often — unity, connectedness, balance. All you have need to get home, love, trust, forgiveness — you have done it well. Unity, connectedness and balance. Well, think of the 12/12 opening as the time also of the opportunity for the collective to mark, to celebrate, to create, to embrace balance and re-balancing upon the planet. And we mean geopolitical, social, financial, community, family, on every level — physically, well, physically your bodies are being enormously rebalanced. And yes, you have all felt it. But at this time you are pretty much completed.

So, what occurs after you anchor peace? Well, there is a practical creation, is there not? There is a practicality that comes in not only internally but within the global community of creating, adhering, and honoring balance amongst all — balance for seven billion people: peace with the 3rd on 11/11; balance and ready for lift-off on 12/12.

Now, I am telling you this not because we want to create a plethora of false expectations; we are telling you of energetically what is occurring so that you can fully participate in this magnificent unfoldment of the Mother’s plan.

So I am sorry I interrupted you, but it was important for me to explain the significance of both these upcoming widening of the portals so that you can prepare and joyously partake of the energies that are flooding each of you and your planet. I have one other thing I wish to address, if I may.

GW: Please do.

AAM: Steve Beckow has written on your joint platform about the cessation of war, how you have been to war, and how the war has been won (one). And it has been won (one) with love, W O N and O N E. And I wish to confirm that. I wish to invite all of you to acknowledge that everything you have been through, the darkness, the despair, the disappointment, the struggle and the rising up, the letting go of the old and the embracing of truth, not of my truth, of your truth and of the truth, the honoring of each other and the allowing of the blossoming of love.

You have done this, and yes, you have won the war. You have won the lightworker’s, light-holder’s, love-holder’s war. Now, I bring you back. When there have been wars in remote places, or even on the battlefield of World War II, there were places the war was over and some did not know it. So they did not acknowledge that that struggle, that violence, that devastation had ended.

So there are places, in the heart and on the planet, where there is not an acknowledgment that the war has been won. So that is why I am encouraging these events, this acknowledgment, and the spreading of the good news.

The war is over, and you have won. Which also means we have won. Which also means we go hand-in-hand, and hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart; that we go forward in this completion and re-creation. The boulder is at the bottom of the hill, my friends. You can jump off now and dance in the meadow. Thank you, Geoffrey. You may continue.

GW: Well, to be honest, Michael, I’m finding myself smiling and even giggling a little bit, as I listen to hear you say hand-in-hands, heart-in-hearts, as I, as I… And in my mind I ask the question, if you’re watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas or something to that in mind…

AAM: Yes.

GW: … is just sitting there…I had to smile with that. As we move towards this Ascension, a lot of people have been asking questions. We know that some people have fear about relations and pets, and many of those questions have been answered. As the timelines continue to merge, I mean, we know that time as we know it is compressing and we are experiencing it as speeding up. And as these timelines merge and certain experiences and outcomes no longer are necessary, how will those who remain experience the Ascension of another close to them? Will people just disappear? Might they experience a physical death? Could it be either of those? If they do disappear, will this shift a timeline involving the physical memory of them? Or at least until that individual ascends him or herself?

AAM: So, are you referring, my friend, to those who do not wish to ascend?

GW: Or those who just do not ascend right away. As I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, some are choosing to ascend earlier than what we perceive as a timeline or a date known as December 21st. So will people… how might those who are close to an individual who ascends early, how might that be experienced by those who have not yet ascended or who will ascend at a later time?

AAM: I understand. Let me break it up this way. For those who ascend, the memory and the presence, if you can think of it that way… because what you are really doing is looking at an energetic imprint. The memory and the presence of those who have been left behind or who have chosen a slower lifetime of unfoldment is clear and perfect and ever-present, because you have passed that point where the veil, that has always been an illusion anyway and does not exist any longer, although humans cling to it as though it is the precious pearls. But they will always have that fullness of knowing of who is present, who is not present, who is in the third and who is even elsewhere.

For those who are choosing a slower path, can we say, of Ascension, who are still perhaps in the process of making peace with the third, getting what they believe they have to do in order, trying to energize their family to come with them, et cetera, will they miss someone who has gone ahead? No. And I tell you why.

First of all, those who have taken early Ascension will be reaching back and making their presence known, even if it is to strangers. That is the role and the purpose of gatekeepers. And so the humans who are in the 3rd dimension and doing the slower process, they will not experience you as a memory, or even forget about you. They… you will be fully present in their life, although it will not be the fullness of your being. It will be — I did not want to use the word hologram; I would prefer to use the word imprint — will be present with those people.

So, for example, let me give you a practical example. There are times when many of you have an impression of my presence in your room. Some of you see bright blue. Some of you feel an etheric shadow. Some of you see the fullness of my being. Some of you simply sense me. But you are not getting the full impression, or the might of my physical presence standing in front of you, well, a few of you are, but not consistently and not day to day to day.

So it will be with those who have ascended to those who are remaining on the longer timeline of the 3rd dimensional reality, who are choosing to ascend, not to relocate — let us be very clear about that. So they will have a sense of you that is as real to them as I am to you. Will it be the fullness of you? No. But it will most certainly be enough.

Now, those who are in the, shall we say, the slow lane of Ascension will also have full memory of who has gone before and who has chosen not to go. Will those memories eventually fade with a feeling of love? Yes, of course they will. The few and I emphasize, because our plan, and we do not give up, is that everybody goes, everybody, but if there are a few who, by free will, free choice, choose to relocate elsewhere, they will feel and think that nothing much has changed.

There will be an explanation of where you have gone or not gone. There will be a sense of that imprint of who you are. But they will continue on in an illusion which has been very dense and very thick for them regardless. So it will not be heart-breaking; it will be taken care of. For this is not in any of these scenarios a cruel, unfeeling, punishing process. This is an upliftment. This is the miraculous unfoldment.

So even for those who choose not to engage at all, it will not be painful and harmful. And they will be given their opportunity also to progress as they choose. And the only thing we say, there is a window there. So we are not talking about 20,000 years. We are talking a window for them to decide to come and join in this miraculous process. Is this clear to you, and is this what you meant?
GW: I believe that is relatively clear enough to me, so thank you, yes, for sharing that. So the next question that might seem appropriate at this time, as lightworkers or light-servers or light-players have… are seeing through these changes, how might the role of those who are serving the light see changes? In other words, how might their particular missions change as a result of what is now unfolding?

AAM: Well, what is now unfolding is the fulfillment of the plan. So there is an intensity to the next while, as you would think of it, or as I choose to put it, that will see an amping up, if you will. But it is more of a joyous amping up rather than a struggle of, “Will we make it? Will we make it? Will we make it?” That is an absurd, painful way to proceed. So it is more joyful. As you have put it, it is the heart to heart, the skipping and the laughing together. So there will be the continuation of the work that you are doing.

Then there is the next phase, what we would call, even though we have called what you have been going through transition, there will be a transition as things begin to shift. So there will be a great deal of assistance, and you will not be alone. It will be in the presence of your star brothers and sisters as well. The assistance to assist those who perhaps have not fully engaged, those who are on the slower track, to bring that vibration up to a collective norm.

But that is a very temporary assignment. It is like triage and treatment at the end of the war when you are bringing all the warriors home. So there is attendance to those who have been blinded or injured, or who feel or believe they are injured.

But then you begin your new assignments. And we need to emphasize in this, of course it is your creation, and it is your co-creation with us, with each other, with your star brothers and sisters. So there is choice. But you have already made those choices also long ago.

But, for example, you would have said — and yes, I use “you,” my beloved friend — you would say, “Well, when I go and it’s time for the new assignment, I want to bring with me two or three choices.” So, for example, one would be emissary, intermediary, galactic communicator between the ships, the Earth people, the cities of light; the building of new forms of media and communication, where there are different matters, different realities to be discussed and anchored. Joy.

Or you may choose to completely, simply, be on ship. Some of you may choose to continue your Ascension process and return to different dimensions. Some of you may choose to in fact leave or apparate or reincarnate on other planets and other realities. Some of you will be going home to your star brothers and sisters, to your home planets.

So there are a variety of choices. But let us be clear: we are eliminating the sense of work, drudgery, struggle, out of balance, completely. That has been the history of the 3rd and of the human race, but it does not mean that you stop, in quotes, “work, play, creation.” So, think of replacing the word “work” with “creation.”

GW: Great. Thank you, Michael. We’re just coming up to the end of the show. Just as we wrap up quickly, can you offer us a hint as to which countries, institutions or situations we should keep our eyes and energies focused on over the next seven weeks?

AAM: Well, certainly the United States of America, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Syria, Venezuela, Austrailia. That is a good start.

GW: Absolutely.

AAM: Go with our love, with peace.

GW: Thank you, Archangel Michael. And here we come to end of another Hour with an Angel. We send love and light to all; we hold the vision of light and peace in our hearts. Until the next moment of now when we come together again, be at peace, and farewell.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-05-12