…these three unique roses, these three unique flames serve you incredibly well, each distinct, useful, powerful and wonderful in their own right, so take a moment and ensure that these three roses are blossoming right now and that they’re equal in size and fragrance and vibration; not the same, but equal…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you tonight. Tonight we’ll be talking about the Tri-Flame and we’re going to see who shows up as guests to join us and if you’d like to call or join in on the conversation please do at 323-784-9697. If you’ve already done that just press #1 and we’ll do our best to bring you in on the studio. Hi Linda, great to be with you.

Linda Dillon: Hi Graham, hi everybody it’s great to be here as always, one of my favorite times of the week. We have a really big agenda tonight and I’ve been pushed, encouraged, nudged by the Council of Love to talk about our heart’s Tri-Flame. Certainly as you know Graham, but our listeners may not know, well they know because of the way you announce me, but this past year I wrote a book called The Great Awakening, it’s a channeled book by the Council of Love and all the Ascended Masters and Archangels. It’s basically 8 easy steps to Ascension.

GD: Really, it’s easy? (laughter)

LD: It is, well that’s what they say. You know when you think about the hundreds of gifts and methods that we’ve been given not only by the Council of Love but by the various traditions, by the yogis and on and on, then when you think of if you do step 1 to 8, it really is easy.

GD: Well sure and I don’t mean to suggest that…well it’s interesting, because I certainly think of it as dedication, commitment, there’s intention behind it, right? To your point, your book does a wonderful job laying out the steps, the ingredients if you will, to do this well and to not have to go through incredible challenge and hardship because it’s not meant to be that way.

LD: No, it’s not meant to be that way and I think that’s why the Council really insisted that I commit what they were saying to paper and of course there’s audio meditations that go along with it and many meditations in the book. And I’ve always been reticent to really talk a lot about “the book” on air. But for the last couple of weeks, you know as you and I have been chatting back and forth about what our topics would be, the Council has been saying “You need to talk about the Tri-Flame.” And the Tri-Flame is the Tri-Flame of our hearts and it’s one of the basic steps and what they’ve been saying to me and what they’re saying tonight, because even as I’m talking now I’m beginning to channel, is that it’s as important to be working with our Tri-Flame right now during this time of Ascension as it is to connect to the heart of Gaia. And you know, they repeatedly say if you do nothing else, if there’s love and connecting to the heart of Gaia.

But right now and I think it has to do with the opening and the expansion of the energies that we’re dealing with. It’s really important as lightworkers and way-showers and people in the middle of the Ascension process, not at the beginning because even if you just started yesterday you’re not at the beginning, that we be working with the Tri-Flame.

GD: Tell us about what that is.

LD: OK great and I want to excuse myself if I’ve got a little bit of a Lauren Bacall voice, I don’t know what’s going on, so let me just clear my voice if I can…excuse me.

The Tri-Flame, I want you to think that within your heart, within the center of your heart, actually lower, a little lower within the seat of your soul, you have a bright Tri-Flame. Now we’ve talked a lot both on this show and on An Hour With An Angel about different flames and we’ve talked about St. Germaine’s Violet Flame, which is the I AM Presence, Archangel Uriel has given us his Silver Flame, Archangel Raphael has given us his Emerald Flame, but all of us in terms of our balance and in terms of our essence have this wonderful Tri-Flame within the center of our heart.

And that Tri-Flame is three different flames and the first flame that we work with is the Flame of the Blue Diamond and basically what that is is the energy of the Universal Mother, the Divine Feminine, Mother Mary, Shakti, however you think of that, it’s the energy of the Divine Feminine. And it’s the anchoring of that energy and that balance and that essence, reawakening that essence within ourselves and drawing upon that energy for nurturing, for healing, for calm, for change, for hope, all those qualities that we think of as associated with the Divine Feminine, including birthing this new reality.

The Golden Flame is the flame of the Divine Masculine and you can think of that as the Father energy, the universal, transcendental energy and that energy is all the qualities of the Divine Masculine; wisdom, strength, valor, all the things that you think of as that. And some of us avoid that. What I tend to see when I look at people is that you’re leaning to either one side or the other and that’s not what we want to do.

In the center is the beautiful, sparkly Pink Diamond Flame and that Pink Diamond Flame, that energy is the essence of our Universal Self, of our Higher Self, of our Oversoul, of our Universal Essence. And it’s the anchoring, the full anchoring of our divinity into our current being. So when we talk about working with our Tri-Flame it is also important that we’re thinking about this anchoring into our physical reality and into our bodies…

GD: Is that the same thing as integrating aspects, all of our different aspects?

LD: Not exactly, no. This is bringing our aspects of really our Divine Self into, you know our sparks of divinity, so our spark of the Divine Masculine, our spark of the Divine Feminine and the spark of our own unique self. When I think of aspects I tend to think of as pieces of ourselves, so in a way you could think of it as an aspect but it’s more than that. So our aspects are…you may have and God knows I sure do, have pieces of you that are living elsewhere, so you may have, for example we’ve done work where you integrate your Lemurian self or you integrate and call back your Atlantean self or your starseed self or your healer self or even your angelic self and you anchor those. And that’s been part of the pre-work that’s done before we even get to the Tri-Flame.

GD: The anchoring of our divinity into our physical form, it suggests to me or embodies for me what really Ascension is all about or at least this particular Ascension, wouldn’t you say? Because when we do that, then our knowledge is returned to us, our abilities is returned to us, is that accurate?

LD: That is accurate but what the flames are doing for us and with us, and this isn’t a new concept, this is an ancient concept actually, and what the flames are doing with and for us is it is giving us that ignition, that lift-off as we go into the higher realms or the higher dimensions. So if you think of the Discovery, you know what do you call those things, the jets that take off, these are the flames that are going to give us the boost, the rocket booster, to really take off. And if we’re not anchoring, not only the Divine Feminine but the Divine Masculine and ourselves, our own divinity, then we don’t have that integration to go forward.

GD: Well I can certainly see and understand and I’m sure our listeners can too, why this is so important and of course when we talk about masculine and feminine energies it’s not about male and female, we all embody masculine and feminine energies, so it applies to all of us. So this exercise tonight is quite important for the Ascension process.

LD: It’s vitally important and it’s part of our next step or our preparation. And as we know and as we were chatting with Suzanne and you and I just beforehand, this is part of the preparation that allows us to make that quantum leap because it is a leap as we’re shifting through the 4th, into the 5th, into the 6th, into the 7th and keep going. So, yes, this is important and as I say what tends to happen with most of us is we will lean towards either the feminine or the masculine and sometimes even ignore that Pink Flame which is beautiful and is the anchoring of our own divinity. So it’s all three working together and as you feel it within your chest, as you feel it within your body what you want to feel is that they’re all burning evenly. You know, if you had three candles on a table usually there’s one that’s much higher than the other, so you want them burning pretty much evenly.

GD: A Tri-Flame candelabra perhaps, a nice vision to think about.

LD: Beautiful.

GD: Well, would you like to start us off with a meditation, ‘the’ meditation for the night?

LD: What I’d like to do…excuse me…

GD: It’s really ‘the’ meditation for tonight…

LD: Yeah it is and yes, I would like us to do it altogether because that’s the guidance, that’s the guidance right now and if the Council is really urging us to do this there’s always a really big reason. So, yes, I would love to do this meditation with everybody and then to have some discussion with whoever comes in. As I said to you, I’ve been feeling Sanat Kumara but the energy of the Blue Diamond as we often think of it as Mother Mary and the energy of the Gold Diamond is the masculine, which of course is Sanat Kumara but it is also Yahweh and then, of course, the pink is us.

GD: Well, a full house tonight.

LD: We have a really full house tonight. So, OK, let’s begin. And let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of pink, that beautiful, sparkly Pink Diamond and feel yourself sinking and anchoring into your heart and relaxing, bringing yourself towards the end of this day and feeling that kind of gentle glow that you do when the sunset touches your face at that golden time of day. So relax and let go of the day, let go of the week and thank yourself for being here, for giving yourself this time for your journey, for your passage of enlightenment, for your Ascension. And come deeper into your heart and feel in the center of your heart your Tri-Flame right in the middle of your heart. I want you to see it and to feel it and to experience the most beautiful pink rose that you have ever smelled or sensed. It is a pink rose that isn’t fully opened yet, the bud is just beginning to blossom and it’s that soft, gentle sweetheart rose and feel the soft velvet of those petals and smell, breathe in that damp, fragrant freshness.

Take a nice deep breath of that pink, in through your nose following your breath out through your mouth and with me and with the Council of Love, go deeper, deeper. Feel all of your energy, all the love of who you are, of your sacred divinity, of your unique spark centered in that pink radiance and really feel it and breathe pink.

Now staying in the center of your heart I want you to notice that there are three roses; there is your beautiful masculine self and your feminine self and yes you have worked with both and you have done different exercises and been diligent in bringing these into balance. But now we are bringing it into balance with the gift of Mary’s Pink Diamonds, which is the essence of your sweet self.

So see your pink rose, see all the glistening dew drops, all the sparkles of the Mother’s Diamonds, feel that radiance and anchor into that rose with the totality of your being. Bring all your energy from above, from below, from within, from your arms and your legs into that center of your pink sweetheart rose.

Now I want you ever so gently to look to the right of your heart and to see the second rose. Look at the rose or feel the rose or perceive the rose that lies there. It is the golden rose and it is not just the rose of one of the Ascended Ones, it is a part of you, part of your sweet self. So take a moment and feel it, perceive it, allow it. look at it and breathe in, breathe in that golden rose, bring in that essence of gold, that scent, the strength and the wisdom and whatever qualities this golden rose is carrying for you, just for you, so that it is not prescribed. Take time and go into that golden rose and feel what it is bringing you, feel what it is offering up to you tonight. What is this masculine part of your being? Is it strong and thorny? Does it hurt when you touch it? Or is it weak looking and half dead because you’ve ignored it? If it does look weak in any way reinvigorate it, share the dew drops from your pink and make it vital and healthy and vibrant and feel those qualities and again, allow yourself to be comfortable with this golden rose, this part of you. Discover, allow yourself to explore and discover what it is about this rose, this part of you and thank it, thank it for being part of you, for being there always.

Now go back to the center, back to the pink and go to the left, to the beautiful, feminine rose that is sitting on your left-hand side, the left-hand side of your Tri-Flame roses and breathe it in. Deeper. And look and feel this unique, incredible, rare blue rose on the left-hand side of your heart. And what does she feel like? Allow yourself to explore, to touch, to feel, to breathe, to allow it to communicate to you this essence of the Divine Feminine and your Divine Feminine. Is this rose strong and vibrant? Or is she withering? And if she is, again reinforce her. Find out what is so unique and what you love about her because this blue rose, like the pink and like the gold is going to be slightly different for each of us because it’s unique to you. And breathe, breathe in that blue rose and the fragrance and relax.

Now come back to your center, to that beautiful, sparkly pink, your sweetheart rose covered with the glistening dew drops. Anchored there, I want you to turn to each side, to your right and to your left and hear the prayer, the heartfelt, deep pleading request from each side of you. What does your feminine want you to do? What is the gift that that feminine part of yourself has been waiting for? For even if you feel that you are in perfect balance with your feminine, there is always further to go, there’s always more to learn, more to experience, to grow, to expand, to ascend. So listen very carefully and receive that information with a completely open heart. What does she want?

Now turn to your right, to your masculine and ask him the same thing. What is the heartfelt request and desire? What is the acknowledgement needed of your masculine self? Gently open and breathe and receive the messages and information. You can do this. And bring it back to your center.

We together have learned from the Mother/Father/One that there can be no separation and yet these three unique roses, these three unique flames serve you incredibly well, each distinct, useful, powerful and wonderful in their own right. So you aren’t going to merge them and yet you know, in your very core, that there always needs to be that unity, connectedness and balance, each honored equally and represented equally, not only within your heart but within your life and within your physicality. So take a moment and ensure that these three roses are blossoming right now and that they’re equal, they’re equal in size and fragrance and vibration; not the same, but equal. Let them blossom in your heart right now and let that energy fill you, not just your heart but your whole being, your whole field. Take a minute and breathe it in and keep going.

Now take the stems of each of these roses, these wonderful, precious roses and feel them coming out of the back of your heart into your central column, that beautiful column down the corridor of your spine and feel yourself beginning to braid them, braiding these stems of the pink, of the blue, and of the gold, begin to intertwine and interweave into a single braid down your central column. You can do it. And see as you’re doing this that they are turning into filaments of light, they are brilliant. Your male and your female are sharing equally the divinity of your sacred space. Bring this braid all the way down to the tip of your tailbone like the strands of your DNA, right down to the tip where your kundalini sits, that flame at the base of your spine. Bring it down. And as you bring that Tri-Flame braid right into your kundalini center feel yourself beginning to heat up, breathe into it and allow the heat to build. Let it happen, you don’t need to do anything just let it happen.

Now bring all that energy up, feel it pulling up your spine, up the braid and up into your third eye with the kundalini energy, with that life force energy. Feel it rising up, that woven strand of three, that braid, that filament of light, pull it up and right into your third eye right now. Warmer and warmer, come on, and breathe, breathe the colors of your flame, of your roses. Breathe in the gold, the pink and the blue and bring it in to your third eye. Feel the warmth, relax, allow.

Now up into your crown, up to the top of your head to the soft spot of a baby’s head, up to your very crown, right up your central column. Pull the filaments and the kundalini together. Yes you feel warmer, keep going. It’s as simple as that, just feel that you’re pulling up, come on. Feel like the temperature on a thermometer is going up, up, up to your crown. Let’s go. And feel that blending of energies, the spiral of light and open, open your crown wide open. Good.

Now bring it back down, back into your heart, back down your central column, through the back door of your heart, right into it and feel the radiance of those three roses and the expansion balanced and acknowledged, welcomed.

Now with the pink in the middle, take a nice deep breath of that pink, deeper, anchoring again in the pink, in your divinity, in your wholeness. Now what I want you to do is to allow the roses, the gold and the blue to switch sides. I want you to feel your masculine moving to the left and your feminine dancing to the right. So now the gold is on your left and the feminine blue is on your right. Feel it. Now switch it back again.

Feel the integrity, the integration of balance, of honoring both sides, all parts of yourself knowing that each plays a role, a critical role, a pivotal role and feel yourself loving these three sacred parts of yourself. And tell it, tell all parts, all three roses, fragrant and beautiful how much you love it. And agree to do whatever it is they have asked you to do tonight in terms of honoring the feminine and the masculine. And that you will continue to do so when you repeat this exercise, working with your Tri-Flame, with your tri-roses and feel that beautiful bouquet that is absolutely unique to you. No one else is like you. You are incredible and you are whole and you are balanced and see that balance every day in your heart. And if it ever feels out of balance just ask it to adjust.

Mother Mary: Greetings, I AM Mary.

GD: Hello, welcome.

MM: Welcome dear hearts and yes, I have a repeat performance, do I not?

GD: Well. We are blessed.

MM: I wish to speak to each of you about the divinity of your sacred Tri-Flame, about the balance dear hearts, for the balance is necessary as you begin your Ascension process completely and finally into the 5th dimension. It allows for this very smooth transition. But let me also tell you this, my beloved ones, even if it was not the time of the unfoldment of my plan, and it is, I would still ask you to balance your Tri-Flame because it is part of who you are, it is part of who you have always been. And it is because you have not been in the fullness of this balance that you have not always acknowledged and known of the fullness of your sweet self and of your heart’s desires. So I ask of thee to do this daily, yes with the Father and I and your sweet self. But enough now, let us begin with the questions.

GD: Wonderful to have you back and I really happy to bring on Joanna (sp?) from Michigan. Welcome Joanna (sp?).

Joanna (sp?): Hi Mary and thank you. I’d like to ask “Are we, as part of our Tri-Flame balanced self, are we part of the Council of Love? And when does this occur?”

MM: Dear heart, and I speak to all of you, you are part of the Council of Love. That has been part of your mission and purpose forever. What occurs with the balance of the Tri-Flame is your acknowledgement of your wholeness and divinity and your full participation in this Council. But understand, the Council is massive and it is composed yes, of angels and Archangels, Masters, Enlightened Beings, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, pure energy and the angels, starseeds, hybrids, the courageous ones in form who have come to Earth, some wearing the colors of Michael, some of Raphael, some of Ariel, but all united with this Council and with this undertaking of Ascension. So, it is not that this is new to you; it is like finding out that you have been adopted and just never knew your real name. So, Jolena, acknowledge that you are part and always have been of this sacred Council.

Joanna (sp?): Thank you. I will do that daily.

GD: Thanks so much for your call tonight. It occurred to me as you were speaking that we haven’t really checked in recently on the show to see, get a sense how the Ascension process is coming along generally now. We have talked a lot about Gaia’s own Ascension process and how each individual is going through their own Ascension process, I’m talking about humans, we know animals are too. How is everything going with the Ascension process?

MM: It is going far better than you think with your mental body or even sometimes with your emotional body; it is further along than you are recognizing. So from our perspective and from my perspective, because this is the unfoldment sweet angel of my Plan, have there been setbacks, and I’m talking now of the collective, of the humans? Yes. But have there been huge, quantum leaps? Yes. And because so many of those quantum leaps have been done in the silence of the heart, in the shift of the emotional, mental and entire field, they have not been acknowledged externally, fully. And yet, that is the crux, that is the essence of how the Shift, how Ascension is occurring. It does not occur from the outside in.

Are we sending the energy from the Father and I? We have never stopped, in fact it is increasing daily and yesterday we increased it even more. So you may be feeling it and we’ve told you a new chapter has begun in this Ascension process. Dear hearts, you are well underway. Now are the lightholder communities ahead of the wave as it were? Yes. But that has also always been part of the plan.

So do not despair if you look at certain communities and you say they are not aware as yet, the work is being done within. We are not concerned. And one of the reasons, sweet one, we are not concerned is because each of you, the way-showers, the healers, the teachers, the channelers are doing your job. You have stepped forward in magnificent ways and you have extended yourself and I do not mean in discussing the plan or Ascension or the Shift, you have extended yourself in a new way of love, in a way that is without judgment and increasingly without doubt without despair, without blame, without fault. You are simply looking at each other and sending love and that is the key because yes, we penetrate the heart of each and every human being, but when you do it in the human realm, person to person, heart to heart, it explodes.

GD: I’ve been feeling, I’ve been noticing recently that I’ve had within myself a deeper calm and peace, I’m less interested in external benchmarks to measure progress and I’m feeling content to co-create and be patient and let things unfold. And this is significant for me to notice as a theme most recently, why is it that I’m not feeling the swings of doubt and frustration, the highs and the lows? You’ve touched upon it a little bit but is there anything you’d like to expand on?

MM: Because you have made peace with the 3rd. Because you are going deeper and deeper within and the deeper you go within your sacred self and that is why I have prodded the channel to ignite the Tri-Flames tonight, the deeper you go into that place of balance, of love, then the less the externals matter. And the less the externals matter the more they can simply drift into alignment with the Plan because you are not nervous about it.

GD: Indeed, right, right. It’s a wonderful place to be in.

MM: It is where you have always belonged. When I birthed you, humanity, hybrids, seeds, it was never intended that you would live in doubt and shame and fear, that has never been of my essence, it has never been of the essence of the masculine and it has never been of your essence. These were the illusions built up, oh by many reasons, but by the humans and as you have released them they no longer have the ability to threaten your sense of stability, of knowing, not just of thinking or being in that state of wondering, but on knowing, of being. That is the peace that I speak of and that Michael speaks of and that is the benchmark that we are looking for. So when I say “you are doing magnificently” that is what we are referring to.

GD: In addition to being at peace with the 3rd and being in balance and the Tri-Flame meditation and discussion we’ve had tonight is so important to be in balance, I am thinking about the other key ingredients, if you will, to ascend because we often get those questions and I’d like to add to that and you’ve spoken to it, it’s to be love and to be in the love now, to stay rooted to Gaia because we are staying with her as we ascend and to have the intention and the desire to ascend, is there anything else that you feel is key to add to that?

MM: Connect not only as deep as you do with Gaia but with us in that place of divine union that we have brought you to before, what we refer to as the 13th Octave, but what you know as divine union of being. It is beginning for you to understand your multi-dimensional self, you’re anchored in One, you are anchored in Gaia, you’re anchored and balanced in your heart, you have made peace with the 3rd and therefore you can simply drift and ascend into the 5th.

It does not need to be a dramatic occurrence. It can be as gentle as a spring rain. You do not need a violent snap. There are often many questions from the listeners about cataclysmic events either within the human collective upon Gaia herself or what we have planned. But the key is to avoid as much drama, because that is of the old. So this is gentle, this is smooth; this is why we talk about it as an awakening.

GD: Thank you. I’d like to bring on Donna from Maryland. Donna, welcome. What is your question or comment tonight?

Donna: Yes, thank you. I am recently been introduced to the 2012scenario website, I’d say within the last three weeks, but as I’ve been reading this and from what I’ve always felt as a child, everything really resonates and it seems to answer a lot of how I’ve been feeling through the years. Now here recently, I understand, this is hard…

GD: It’s OK…

Donna: …I understand that our souls have been, our destinies have been planned from creation and as we are here now then in our souls contract we agreed to be here, to be part of this process. Am I understanding that correctly?

GD: That’s right.

MM: Yes.

Donna: OK. Now when this happens, I understand our physical bodies will ascend with the Earth and in this process or whenever, the Earth also heals itself of the damage we’ve done to her over the ages. During this time will I go to bed tonight and then wake up tomorrow morning or the next day and the process has been done? Is that too cut and dry of a question? Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

MM: And that is why I have come tonight, to talk about the process and to encourage each of you to do the work that not only smoothes the way for each of you but for the collective as well. So what you are saying to me is “Mother, is it going to be the snap? Will there be infusions of energy that absolutely just shift the Earth?” Well let us tell you dear heart, you are already underway and so is Gaia. It is already begun, that is what we are saying to you. It began a long time ago. Will there be a day when you wake up and you feel the universe has shifted and it is different? Yes. But why would you wait? I ask you to begin tonight, yesterday, tomorrow. Go forward right now.

GD: Thank you so very much and thank you everyone for your calls tonight. Please join us again next week.

MM: Go in peace. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-11-12