A wonderful sharing post from fellow lightholder Daniel Amick. This makes your heart sing and simply feels really good. Thanks you Daniel! “I don’t have to wait for disclosure, or a new monetary system, or better government or militias or December 21st. I am in love and I want everyone to know it. For me, ascension is here. What else is there? Love has wings and so do I.”

“I woke up this morning to discover that ascension has happened. Here’s the whole story.Yesterday on InLight radio I was listening to St. Germaine talk about our relationships. What he was saying was good as always but what was even more interesting was the experience I was having while listening. I was lying on my bed with my earphones on and my eyes covered. My whole attention was focused on the disembodied voices of Linda channeling St. Germaine and Graham asking questions. I lost all awareness of my body. I was in another location especially when St. Germaine said he would send a healing to all who were listening. I felt as though I was no longer on my bed but was standing right next to him where ever he was. When I came to after the show I felt as though something had happened to me – something profound. I was somehow different. Eventually I went to bed and to sleep.

I had a very busy night during my sleep as I have been having lately but I don’t remember most of it. These days I wake up in the morning feeling as though I have traveled long distances and been very busy during the night even though I can’t remember most of it the next morning. Upon awakening this morning I quickly realized that I was feeling an incredible sense of being in love. There have been times in my life when I was “in love.” But I have never felt before this morning how it felt to be so much in love with everything in life. There are things that I have always loved, such as animals and plants and nature and music and theater, etc. But now I was feeling that same love for everything and with the intensity one feels when one is “in love.”

As I lay there in bed I thought about some of the characteristics of love. When you are in love with someone you want only the best for that person. You want them to have everything they have ever wanted. You want them to be happy and satisfied and fulfilled. Think about your child or children or your spouse/partner and how much you love them. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for them. You would throw yourself in front of a bullet for them. You would literally give them everything you have because they are you. They are an extension of you and in the case of children they were literally created out of your love for your partner.

The same goes for pets. Sometimes I love my little doggie so much I can hardly stand it. She must get tired of me nuzzling her ears but she never complains. I am anxiously waiting for her to grow her little wings so we can travel the airways together. There is no way I would fail to keep her safe or do my very best to give her all that she needs for a happy and content life.
All my life I have had cats and dogs and I loved everyone of them. In my back yard when the scrub jay I’ve named Scruffy flies over to land on my hand or leg to raucously demand a peanut from me I am filled with waves of love for him or her. The same is true when the squirrel who lives nearby comes up to me to pull a peanut from between my fingers and puts one little paw on my hand to hold himself steady. He/she is so cute I can hardly stand it.

This morning, my day of ascension, I thought, “What would life be like on this planet if I felt that way about every person living on it?” Then I realized that as of this morning I do feel that way about every person living on it. I also feel that way about the planet itself and everything else. What if everyone on the planet felt that way? What kind of life would it be if everyone was in love with everyone else?
What if everyone felt all the joy and ecstasy one feels when one is “in love?” Can you remember what that was like? I can. Everything is bright and wonderful – nothing can go wrong. You nimbly leap over the rocks in the road that you stumbled over previously.

If you thought about it you might say, “Just yesterday I tripped over that rock. Today I have leaped over it light as a feather. I hardly noticed it was there.” You’ve heard the phrase, “love is blind.” When you’re in love you don’t see all the little smudges in the mirror you see only the beaming face looking back at you.

So, what if everyone felt that way all the time? That’s when it hit me. That’s what ascension is. That’s what the 5th dimension is all about. The simplicity of it all blew me away. What makes lightworkers different from others is that we are all in love and know it. Our job is to remind the others that they are also in love as well but have forgotten.

I can see gas stations in the future which will then be called love stations. You drive up in your little space ship and order 7 gallons of love/light. When it comes to love there is only one question that’s relevant and that is, “How much do I want?” A lot of people think all they deserve is a little bit. “Oh no,” they say. “I’m on a diet. I have to limit my intake of feeling good. People might be resentful if they see me in wild, abandoned, passionate love of life. Just fill up this little quart jar. That will be plenty.”

I wonder how we humans would treat our planet if we were in love with her? Would we spoil her air and waterways? How would we treat our animal co-inhabitants if we were in love with them? Would we kill them for sport or to eat? Could we stand to see them suffer in any way? How would we treat our own physical bodies if we were in love with them? Would we poison them with tobacco and alcohol and unhealthy foods? (I’m not trying to pick on any body in particular, just making a point.)

How would we treat our neighbors across national borders if we were in love with them? I know I would say, “Come on over. Is there anything I can get you? Are you hungry? Do you need a place to stay? Do you need a place to practice your religious beliefs? Any thing I have is yours. Please help yourself. Your well-being is important to me.”

It’s funny that it’s all so simple. Jesus said there are only two commandments we need to keep. Love “God” (the Source) and Love your neighbor as yourself. That seems like three things to love. God, other people, and yourself. In reality of course, what seems like three are one. Loving any one of those three is loving them all.

Humans like to complicate things because we feel so smart when we master complicated issues. The truth is, even a small child can understand love. In fact, they are really good at it.

So that’s how my morning went; being in love with the universe. And, of course, I thought about the source of all that love. How could I not be in love when I was created because of love and with love and by love and for love? How could I not be in love with the one who created me? How could I not be in love with all those who demonstrate that love no matter on what dimension they reside or what religious beliefs they have or don’t have?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am in love. I don’t have to wait for disclosure, or a new monetary system, or better government or militias or December 21st. I am in love and I want everyone to know it. For me, ascension is here. What else is there? Love has wings and so do I.