First of all, I want each of you to feel my gentle embrace. I want you to feel my presence in your heart, and the blue flame that I have placed within each of you time and time and time again. But this day I also want you to feel very clearly my sword and shield…

An Hour With An Angel Radio Show

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings. Thank you for sharing your time with us on this 90-minute extended Hour with an Angel for October the 8th. As always, Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening, and tonight it’s Steve Beckow, founder of the 2012 Scenario.

I’m Geoffrey West, filling in for GD this evening, and I will be occasionally joining in for this extended program with Steve and our guest Archangel Michael, and also Linda Dillon as herself. With this, I turn things over to you, Steve and Linda, to start things off.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Geoff, and welcome to all our listeners. It feels like we’ve been away for a wee while. And, Linda, I think you have something to share with us before we start the program. Please?

Linda Dillon: I do. And hi, everybody, and welcome, as well. And I hope you’re all making your plans to be with us in Sedona for the 2012 conference, 2012 Scenario Conference. But as I was meditating this morning and getting ready for this wonderful time that we get together every week, I was channeling with Archangel Michael. And he asked me to remind people of the channeling that the Council of Love had done on the 13 Blessings and Virtues. So this is out of my book The Great Awakening.

But more importantly than that, now is the time when it’s really important for all of us to be working deeply and diligently with what Steve calls the Divine Qualities and what I refer to as the blessings and virtues. But they’re one and the same thing. And what Archangel Michael had asked me to do was to read for you, to set the tone — because I think today’s going to be a blockbuster program! — but to remind us, as we get started, while we’re in our hearts and in that place of peace and calm, what the definition, the channeled definition of the quality of Hope is.

And it’s different than what we have perceived or thought of as Hope in the current realm, if I can put it that way.
So, Hope: It’s the gift of heart-knowing of the presence of God; the ability to understand that very often things on Earth are not as they appear; an ability to pierce the illusion of the veil; the only reason for change.

Hope encompasses serenity, total and perfect calm; to be in the world but not of it; to be able to remain centered and still, one with who you are, regardless of the externals. And hope is the color of deep twilight blue, almost navy. It’s the color of our beloved Divine Mother.

So, with that understanding of what we’re holding together — because we are in this together — I’ll just take a second and step aside, Steve, and let you get going.

SB: Thank you, Linda.

LD: Let us all get going.

SB: Thank you very much. And I’d like to point out to our listeners, because it’s always nice to get evidence of things, that I have it in my questions to ask Archangel Michael about Hope. But Linda doesn’t know that. We don’t send our questions to Linda. So, here Linda has said that Archangel Michael wants to discuss Hope. If you get a sense of how he… he knows about what we’re going to talk about. And, okay. With that, we have a very full program today, and I welcome you, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And I welcome you. I welcome all of you across the planet, and far beyond, because do not forget your star brothers and sisters also tune in! So yes, I am Michael, Archangel of Love, Warrior of Peace. And each of you, my beloved friends, are also warriors of peace.

As you have seen, in the platform that we have formed, this issue of peace re-emerges front and center, important, crucial and pivotal. But it is also the peace of one’s heart, of being in harmony, of being in love with your sacred self and everything else.

You cannot experience or be in peace, or have what you think of as peace, upon your planet if it is not being held within you, if that vibration and frequency is not being held and practiced, nourished and embraced — hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, year after year.

Now, many of you work with me every single night on the mission of peace, on my strategic peace initiative. And for this I am mightily and eternally grateful. But it also contributes to the exhaustion that many of you feel. Yes, it is also the adjustments and attunements in your frequency, the expansion within your field. You are holding more energy than human beings, either individually or collectively, have ever held before.

But know that we are in sacred partnership with this undertaking. And it does not matter whether you call it the Unfoldment of the Divine Plan, the Shift, Ascension, or the Anchoring of Peace on Earth. These are all one and the same. They are all part and parcel of one achievement, of rising to a higher frequency, new dimensions, new octaves. So, I welcome you and I welcome your conversation this night.

SB: Thank you, Lord. And of course you’ve surprised me again because I think you’ve just referred to the newest blog, called Achieving World Peace Now, and you said that you formed it. Could you tell us a little bit about what you mean by the fact that you formed it? Did you inspire this creation?

AAM: Yes, I did. Now, part of our conversation this day will be about what has and has not happened, both in the external reality and within your hearts. Now, I have had and been in charge of, or charged with, the honor of anchoring peace upon the planet, and far beyond, for eons. But yes, I have inspired the re-emergence of this dedicated interest of formulating peace on Earth now.

So it is an expansion, my dear friend, of this platform that you and I have agreed to, the foundation for the conversation across the planet about what is relevant, what is important and what is timely. So, yes, I have inspired this, and I thank all of those who have stepped forward, and I thank those who are about to step forward.

SB: Well, thank you very much. And again, listeners should know that you have anticipated that I wanted to ask you about our accomplishments outside, in the outside world and the inner world. So you really do know what my questions are here on this question paper. Two straightforward questions first, Archangel Michael. What is the true count on the number of views of the video I know My Galactic Family Is Here as of today?

AAM: As of today, at this very moment, you are looking at… 731,000 views.

SB: Wow. And can you explain to us what is happening at YouTube-Google, that somebody is all along under-counting the number of views of the video?

AAM: And it is not just your video, it is many such videos. They do not always accurately allow the counting to happen. So there is some interference. It is actually quite amusing, is it not, that they will allow millions upon millions of views of happy cats or mischievous dogs or things like of that nature, or even horrendous things to be viewed. But when they think that something is perhaps needing to be toned down a little, there is a mechanism where the counting goes askew.

It does not matter. But you do raise a question, and it is the question about Disclosure. May I proceed?

SB: Please.

AAM: First of all, I want each of you to feel my gentle embrace. I want you to feel my presence in your heart, and the Blue Flame that I have placed within each of you time and time and time again. But this day I also want you to feel very clearly my sword and shield that I have also gifted you long ago, and have reminded you of time and time and time again.

You are warriors of peace, and you are warriors of disclosure. You are warriors of change, agents, starseeds and angels of change. You have looked to the powers that be, those that have had authority and control in your old third-dimensional reality to acknowledge disclosure. And ideally, yes, that would have been nice. And it will be nice, when it occurs. But that is not what I wish to address.

I am asking you to give yourselves, all of you — because this video has been sent around the world many times already — give yourselves the credit that you have already announced disclosure. Do not put yourself into a secondary position where you are saying and asking whether it is for the President or the Pope to acknowledge that what you say is true and valid, to give it legitimacy.

You are the agents of change. Your legitimacy comes from on high. It comes from a power high above Earth, and it is not a controlling power.

So I am asking of you, all of you who have watched the video, who have shared the video, who have made the video, accept as your star brothers and sisters have that disclosure, the first step, has already been taken. You hear us — and there are many of us — when we hear and say to you, “Job well done. Keep going. Be brave. Be fearless. Be outrageous.” And then you step back.

Stop stepping back, and claim your position truly as the bringers of change, as the forerunners, as the anchors of Nova Earth and Nova Reality.

SB: What would you like to see as the next videos, Lord?

AAM: I want you to have fun with these videos. And I know that this is a tremendous investment on your part. But I would like the next video to be on the creation of peace right now. Again, peace is in the hearts of people. It is in the agreement of harmony with all things, all realms, all kingdoms, including the human kingdom.

But you, my friends, are working in the human realm, and therefore what we are asking you to do, your next project, if I was given my preference, would be on the Declaration of Peace.

Now, you have already done, dear Steve, a great deal of work on this subject. And so have you, Geoffrey. And so have you, Linda. And there are many, all over your planet, who wish this Declaration, this clarion call, to go out. And I most certainly do, because peace is going to be declared by the people. It is a response.

You know! Very seldom are machines or bureaucracies such as government pro-active. The only time they tend to be pro-active is in war, and even then they are re-active. They do not take stances on matters of true importance. What they react to is where the people are. And that is why there is such change upon the planet, and, yes, such chaos and upheaval. Because the collective is saying, “No. What you are doing is not acceptable, and what you want us to do is not acceptable.” It is not of love in any realm. So, declare peace.

SB: Now, Lord…

AAM: Start this ball rolling.

SB: … you remember that we’ve talked many times about how you are the author of the Declaration of Human Freedom, which comes under my name, but I know I didn’t write it. So, would you acknowledge here on the air that you are the author of that, please?

AAM: I would be proud to acknowledge this.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: And it is not, dear one, that I wish in any way to minimize, because we are in sacred partnership. And that is the perfect starting place for the Declaration, is it not?

SB: Yes. Now, will you channel a Declaration of World Peace through me?

AAM: Yes, I will.

SB: All right. And should that be the basis of this video?

AAM: Yes, and then expand it like you have in your other video to include many from all over the world.

SB: Very good. Okay. I think we can well do that. And is it your thought that InLight Radio will do it or that the Achieving World Peace Now blogsite will do it?

AAM: It is the blogsite. It is their baby.

SB: All right. That’s very good. Okay. Thank you. A few more questions now about YouTube and Google. When I went to start a discussion group for World Peace Now, Yahoo would not allow me to do that. And yet, when I said, “Okay, I’ll start a different group. I’ll start a group called Strawberry Jam Now,” Yahoo allowed me to do that. And then I could change the name to World Peace Now. Again, is Yahoo… is there something happening with Yahoo that they’re opposing a cause like world peace?

AAM: They are reticent to become too involved in what they think are controversial matters. So, if you had said World War Now, it would have been the same reaction.

SB: Okay. Well, that’s good to know. Lately we’ve been having a lot of trouble on the 2012 Scenario with our daily digest. 500 subscribers at a time are dropped. Is Yahoo censoring the 2012 Scenario site?

AAM: From time to time, yes.

SB: What is their motivation? What is their reason for that?

AAM: It is not really a motivation at all. It is more a case of a single individual who…. Do not worry. It’s being taken care of.

SB: Could you just explain that a bit more? Is…

AAM: When you think of organizations, whether it is any of these social media, there are certain flags that are raised now and then — and certainly the 2012 Scenario has raised many flags over the years! — and then it is at the discretion of what you can think of as managers, technicians, to either proceed or simply let things flow. So what has happened in this situation — and it is an isolated situation time-wise and content-wise — is that you have irritated or challenged the belief systems of an individual.

SB: Okay. I know you don’t like to judge people or name people, so I’ll let it go there. I’d like to switch over to a discussion of containment, and Geoffrey would like to ask some questions in this area, Lord.

AAM: And I would be pleased to answer.

GW: Greetings, Michael. A number of things are coming up in the global events of this time — one primarily involving the country of Iran, but also things that are happening in Israel. I’d just like to start out by asking, is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in containment at this present time?

AAM: Yes, he is.

GW: Okay. And was he responsible directly for the repressive policies in Iran, or perhaps was he under the control of a cabal shadow government? Is he… I’m being very cautious in using the term, but some perhaps have believed that maybe he is working for the Light or at one time even was a lightworker.

AAM: And understand this has happened a great deal. And this is one of the things and opportunities I want to take to address these issues. How does it happen that someone who has started as a lightworker, as a lightholder, has become involved in, shall we say, less than love, or very controlling and abusive energies or policies? And that they have aligned themselves with what you think of as those who would wish to harm or hurt or kill or destroy or oppress people?

It happens when they lose faith and hope, when they forget who they are. And then the door is opened, because the person no longer recognizes their worth and their divine spark of essence. So this is a very good example of what has happened. But now he is being brought back into the Light. And you will see indications of that. Well, you already have.

GW: Is it possible to go into a little bit more detail? How exactly is this taking place? One source has said that he’s working with a walk-in soul. Is there… can… is there something that can guide us a little bit from you, Michael?

AAM: No, no, it is not a walk-in soul. Now, there is a phenomenon that we do not talk about a great deal, in that when, say, someone is a lightworker/lightholder in their present heart and then they diverge, they take the detour or the scenic route into areas that are not of light and love, and they commit or experience things that are abhorrent, then, very often what will happen — and particularly this is a factor of containment, of someone being put and re-penetrated by the Light; now, it does not always work, and there are some that will remain there for thousands of years; but that is all right — but very often what will happen is the person, rather than… because what happens is they depart. When they are not being true to themselves, think of it as a large chunk, a large piece, many aspects of your being leaving, because they cannot tolerate the energy of the lower vibration.

Then what happens with the light infusion is re-integration, reconstruction in many ways. And so what happens is the person basically walks into themselves. So it is like, and akin to, a spiritual death and then a rebirth.

GW: Great. Thank you, Michael. There are so many directions we could go on that flow but for the purposes of sticking to our planned schedule I think we’ll have to leave that for now. But I would like to know a little bit more about what is taking place with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. It seems like his plans are falling apart miserably. Could this perhaps be his, quote-unquote, “final curtain,” so to speak?

AAM: He is being given a choice. He is being given a choice, as are all human beings, and it is just that some are more visible because of the power and authority and the profile that they have maintained. So he is being given a choice to step into the light of cooperation and peace, or not.

GW: Hmm. Okay. Great. So, obviously with the timeframe that we’re working with, things are going to be taking place fairly quickly. I would just like to…

AAM: They are going to be happening far more rapidly than you can imagine.

GW: Well, I think that’s cause for excitement around the world, for sure. I’d like to ask…… a question about Mehran Keshe and his foundation to release technologies to the world. I and others have had this strong feeling that there’s something about this story that has not yet been revealed. He seems to be very careful not to talk about disclosure in any official sense, and he seems to strongly emphasize that all ships being seen at this time were of terrestrial origin.

So there was something in the energy of a discussion with him I had recently, and I don’t want to ask specifically, but is this feeling that some of us have on track? Is there something more definitive to come that will either support the work, or is there an attempt to perhaps discredit the work?

AAM: We do not really try to discredit anybody’s work, for that would not be fair. And there is a great deal of this work, of this individual, Keshe, that is of value. And, as you know, both your star brothers and sisters, humanity, but also we of this legion of light have an interest in formulating completely free energy, for all of humanity, everywhere so that that bond of control and that harness of control is completely broken. It is an absurd harness to start with.

So, what we are saying is that we do not throw out the baby with the bath water. But there are some discrepancies and some, hmm, I am sorry, but ego agendas that are at play here. And there is a desire to discredit the star brothers and sisters. Now, this is also based in a belief that the energy has to come from the human collective, that humanity themselves are fully capable of solving and resolving this issue. And in fact that is very true. But it is also true that it is possible to be solved and resolved because of the ideas and implants and the technology that has already been shared from your star brothers and sisters.

So I think it is a question of not living in isolation and separation and giving credit where credit is due. Why does one wish to even think, let alone put forward, that you are alone in the universe? That your star brothers and sisters are not as close as the next room or the next chair? So there is some further work to be done in this project. Can I say that?

GW: That sounds rather appropriate. And at least that helps bring a little bit more clarity to that. So, thank you, Michael. Okay, Steve, I’ll turn things back over to you.

SB: Thanks, Geoff. I wonder how much can be done, Lord, in a mere 73 days with Keshe? I mean, is it possible to bring in new technologies at lightning speed, or will his tech…? Yes, it is?

AAM: Yes, it is.

SB: Okay. [laugh] Can you expand on that a bit?

AAM: The technology…. You are thinking in three-dimensional human terms. Now, Steve, you are not even in the third dimension anymore, but you are helping out. So we’ll address it that way.

SB: All right. Thank you.

AAM: What you have forgotten is you tend to put things in human terms: Well, the technology needs to be developed. It needs to be tested. It needs to be trialed. It needs to be manufactured. It needs to be exported. It needs to be put in place. And you think of this in the processes of the time continuum — and that is an issue we will talk about today — about the time continuum that is the reference point of the old third dimension. But it is not necessary.

Understand: change — whether it is change of heart, change of technology, change of government, change of attitudes — can happen overnight. Yes, the technology might take a couple of days in terms of your reference points. But technology can be shared very rapidly. And what I am suggesting to you is that technology is already there. It has already been developed. It has already been tested. It is all ready for distribution.

So then you say to me, “Well, Lord, what is the problem?” We are waiting for the shift, the bigger shift in the human heart, to accept that this is possible.

So that is my request to each and every one of you, this night and every day. Can you, in the fullness of your being, in the fullness of your heart — and yes, with your clock as you look at it, 73 days and counting — can you simply make room for the spontaneous change, for the instantaneous miracles?

SB: Perhaps we could talk a little bit about that, Lord. Because there’s a lot of discussion in the air about some mysterious change, event — some have called it a chiropractic shift — and at the same time, there’s also a discussion in the air about what has been called on occasion the return of the Masters. And maybe I can just say a wee bit about that before you answer.

You’ve said that there’ll be waves of people ascending, going first and being the wayshowers for others. You’ve called these gatekeepers. You’ve said that these ones who go first can exhibit, that is to come back here, to reach back and bring others through. And you’ve actually said that this is a great part of the return of the Masters. Now, in conjunction with that view, there’s also a discussion of some kind of shocking or surprising or awakening event in the offing. Can you talk about that whole subject that I’ve just related, please?

AAM: There is an awakening that is taking place, and it is already underway. But let us talk to what you are referring to as a cosmic event. And this is also very attractive, is it not, to the human collective? You love events, and you do not especially like it when I talk about process. But that isn’t going to change what I talk about, simply because it is not what you want to hear… as I am a truth-bringer.

But let us talk about the return of the Masters and this event. But while I am doing so, I ask all of you listeners to understand:  you are already in the process of your Ascension. So open your hearts and keep going.

The return of the Masters is twofold. First of all, it is you, and I mean all of you, every single person listening and every single person on the planet — can you imagine? — not just claiming but being in their mastery, being in the fullness of their divinity, to be the embodiment of that light, of that love, in form. Because that is the quality — yes, with variation and delightful variation — of the Masters. It is that place of enlightenment, and it is the place of kindness, and the ability to create and co-create.

So part of what we have not talked about in great depth in terms of the return of the Masters is each of you assuming your role. When you volunteered, when you turned to me and to the Mother and to your guides and you said, “Yes, I will go, and I will be part of this transformation and unfoldment,” we did not take or recruit, or even accept, if you can think of it that way, souls who were not having the potential to reach this state of being. They aren’t here on your planet. So that is the first part.

Then there is the second part, the return of the Masters, of many of what you think of as the Ascended Ones, that can walk with you as friends, as teachers, as allies, as family. Because the vibration and the frequency that Gaia, and each of you who choose to come, who choose to accept that invitation in the fullness of what it really is — they will walk with you. They will be with you.

Now, there are some that are very clear that they are not interested or enamored or wishful of doing that at this time. But there are many Masters who will return, and to be with you. Now, if you are asking me, my dear heart, “Is the great event that there will be a Master manifest in the third dimension” — that you are occupying now and then — “in order to wake people up?” the answer is no.

You, each of you, are necessarily the masters. It is the awakening — and believe you me, the alarm clock has rung already — it is the awakening of the human collective.

Now, you would say to me, “Well, Michael, a lot of people have slept through the alarm.” And I would say, “Yes, they have, and as they are sleeping they are being worked on. They are still integrating the love directly from the heart of the Mother/Father/One.” So we do not worry about it.

There are beings on Earth, even that you know, who have accepted the fact that their role is to work with the collective, with the masses — and I am not talking about small groups; I am talking about millions — and that they are awakening them in ways that may not be even conscious, the same way that we are working with the human collective to awaken, and much of it is unconscious or subconscious.

But the key is bringing this to consciousness for the awakening to be, for someone to wake up in the morning and say, “I feel completely different. I do not know what happened, but I feel different. I feel like the clouds have cleared, the despair is gone, the fear is gone, and I am free to get on with my life and what I really came here for. I feel that I love myself, I love my partner, I love my family, I love my neighbor.”

And this change, which is the fundamental change, is happening by the millions every day. And beyond that… let me be clear that the tipping point that so many refer to has already been reached. So now it simply spreads. Gaia herself is also going through events, through transitions, through reconstructions. And as she is doing so, so are each of you. I am sorry I interrupted you, dear one.

SB: Oh, as I’ve said many times, Lord, the listeners are here to hear you, not me, so… please. You have mentioned on many occasions with me, in personal readings or on this program, the subject of early Ascensions. You’ve talked about steps, stages, waves.

Now, in this discussion of the return of the Masters, what I’ve been trying to edge towards is that these Masters, which are ourselves, are part of this early wave. Can you talk more, please, about early Ascension and the steps that we’ll be seeing in stages or waves, please?

AAM: Yes. Because many of you have and are already through the greater part of your Ascension process. And may I liken it to some of the humility or the other issues that we have talked about today — for example, when you are waiting for someone else to announce disclosure when you have already done so. So what you do is you step back and you minimize, you downplay, where you are and how you are in this process of Ascension.

Most of you have gone through the transition, through the reconstruction, through the disconnection. You have traveled the waves and the troughs. And some of you still are. What you want to know, what you are really asking me, is: “How do I know, dear Michael, when I am there? How do I know when I have truly embraced my mastery, which is a reflection of and in alignment with One? Is it a light bulb? Is it an event?”

What it is is surrender, when you have reached that point, when you absolutely feel, know and are in the state of being that all you are, all you ever have been, all you ever can be is love. And it is a feeling in your terms of almost overwhelm, of the tide breaking through, of the dam breaking, and the opening of floodgates completely opening, and that you cannot go back and really touch or relate or engage with those old, false paradigms. You may acknowledge them, but they do not and cannot exist within your field.

It is like the memory of a country that you traveled to years or eons ago. Now, one of the things in this process — and it is unique to each one of you — one of the things that is happening just before that letting go, that surrender, is the last vestige of fear. Because you are literally jumping into a sphere… no matter what we say or how much detail we give you, you are moving into a dimensional reality that you do not fully know or understand or embrace. You embrace the concepts, you embrace the idea, but you cannot fully be there until this surrender and this fullness is felt.

This channel has talked about this to many, and certainly to a dear friend just yesterday. And I have spoken through her to this one, and I have likened it to the moment of birthing. And even if you are male, you have been female and you know what it is to birth. And there is the excitement with the pregnancy and with the child growing, as the energy has been growing within each one of you, and your fields have expanded enormously, courageously, fearlessly, joyfully.

And then comes the moment of delivery, when you are in fear of losing your life because the pain is so intense, and you wish that this child had never taken up residence, and you would do anything to get rid of it and have it slip from your womb. And it is that moment of fear and desperation and excitement and then surrender into the totality of love.

The birthing process in the human race is one of the ways in which you learn unconditional love and surrender. And that is where you are. Most of you are right there. And you are petrified. “Will I make it? Where are my signs?” And the truth is that you are the sign. You are the catalyst. You are the outcome. It is that surrender into the beingness of love, and nothing else. And from that emerges, like the phoenix from the ashes, the master, the co-creator, the catalyst who is ready to assist with the birthing of others.

So, you have asked me many times, is it a moment? Yes. Is it an event? Yes. And it is a process. Yes. And you are going, and you have gone, through all of it. And you say, “Well, then, why do I not feel the fullness of the, what you refer to as the higher dimensions?”

And I am asking you, I am begging you, go into your heart, into your spirit, and allow that to be. And go far beyond feeling or thinking, because what you are doing is you get afraid, and then you look externally: “Give me more information. Give me more signs. Let me understand mentally.”

Now, we are not trying to eliminate your mental body or your ego. Quite the contrary. This is an integrated process. But stop looking outside and go within, because as you are the change, as you are the shift, it catalyzes the shift for humanity. Many of you are in that place, in that moment of birthing. And I am asking you, hang on and let go.

You cannot turn back. You can turn away. And of course that is a choice, a choice that we do not believe that you will make because we know you and we love you. But are you free to turn away? Of course. But let me also say about that, do not think, my friends, that if you turn to me and say, “This is all too much, Michael. I give up, I turn away,” it does not mean that I am going anywhere. It does not mean that Gabriel or Raphael or the Mother is going anywhere, because we are not abandoning you. So we will be by your side while you breathe and rethink your position — and I use the word ‘think’ — and then with our hands gently on your shoulder, and with love, we will turn you back to where you have decided to go, long ago.

That is why we say everyone is welcome. Everyone! No one came for this transition, for this magnificent, cosmic event to then turn away and say, “Oh, no thanks.” Are there those who have patently refused to prepare? Yes. Are there those that will go to an alternate reality? Yes. But even that can be considered a form of transformation or Ascension. Everybody upon Gaia ascends.

And we have said, and we say again, the passport is love. But let us be very clear: we have no intention of elongating this timeframe. Timeframe is something that you are working with. What we say is the time is now. Do not wait. Do not wait one more day. Come with us. And come now.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Excuse me. I have been juggling the questions I want to ask you because we only have about 15 more minutes before I’d like to invite Linda back to speak with us. So, if I could have just very short answers from you to these questions we’ll see how many of them we can get through. That would be very much appreciated. And I’ll just run through them quickly.

How far down the Illuminati’s hierarchy has containment reached at the present time?

AAM: To the very core. To the very base.

SB: All right. Why then are people still fighting against NESARA and disclosure if they’re in containment?

AAM: Because there is still a human collective belief in terms of worth and deservingness.

SB: Okay. So being in containment doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to become sweetness and light just overnight. Is that correct?

AAM: Not only that — and I will be brief — we are talking about the collective as well. And if you are talking to millions and millions of people who would believe that such shifts are possible, and possible overnight, they would say, no, no, no. Now, this is not because they are evil. This is not because they are of dark forces. It is just that they are so anchored and in-bred in what they believe is their logical mind that their heart does not believe, as yet, that they are worthy of such miracles. So there is an energy of the collective that also acts as a stopping point.

SB: Okay. Can you help us understand why there would still be conflict in Syria if Bashar al-Assad, and I presume many of his colleagues, are in containment, please?

AAM: The situation in Syria is critical, and it is very sad. And most of you who are working with me at night are going to Syria and to that segment of the planet. One of the reasons why the atrocities in Syria, and in Iran, by the way, have continued, is that it is a way for the collective to say, “This is completely unacceptable and peace must be put in place right now. This has to stop.” So, many are volunteering, tragically volunteering, to be the catalyst for change.

SB: That’s a very interesting explanation. Thank you for that. Is Mitt Romney in containment?

AAM: Yes.

SB: How do the chances look for the re-election of President Barack Obama?

AAM: Very, very, very positive.

SB: Very good. Now, Mitt Romney’s in containment, but he still has a very political edge to him. Can you just explain…

AAM: He most certainly does. Now, we are trying to walk a fine line here to not fully interfere with his free will. And also it is very important in this case because the United States of America is a picture and in many ways a litmus test for the collective. So some things are being permitted because it makes the choice very clear.

SB: I suppose it’s not that we’re interested in Mitt Romney one way or the other, per se, Lord, but more that we’re interested in the process of containment, what the limits of containment are — what it can achieve, what it can’t achieve.

AAM: Think of containment as a…. Let me give you a human example of various levels of incarceration. So there are those who are on day passes, there are those that have anklets, there are those that are in minimum, recreational facilities, and then there are those who are on death row. So there are various levels. And depending on what they are playing out in terms of the scenario to effect the change that is necessary upon Gaia right at the moment is the depending factor. If they are in complete isolation, they are completely ineffective. If they are being…[out?] shall we say containment-light, they are still able to express free will.

SB: Oh, that is very helpful. Thank you for that. Are there any obstacles remaining in the path of the announcement of pre-NESARA and NESARA?

AAM: None.

SB: So, why is it not here today?

AAM: The worthiness issue that we have talked about is the only, and we are not calling it an, obstacle. Because the pieces are in place. This is going to unfold in ways that you do not anticipate. It is going to unfold with ways which have the assistance of your star brothers and sisters, the cooperation of the Company of Heaven. It will be in place very shortly. No, I do not mean soon, I simply mean shortly.

SB: What’s the difference between shortly and soon, please, Lord?

AAM: Days.

SB: Days. Okay.

AAM: Days rather than months.

SB: Very good. Will NESARA simply consist of the addition of zeroes to everyone’s bank account, as rumor has it?

AAM: Yes.

SB: So… [laugh] I privately had the joking thought to myself that I should make sure my balance has a nine in it rather than a one, so that the zeroes have maximum effect!

AAM: That is a very good idea. But understand, if you really want maximum effect, simply add another zero.

SB: I have the ability to add another zero?

AAM: You have the ability to request another zero, of course.

SB: Oh, very good, Lord. Okay. Now, again a quick question. A reader has asked me to ask you what the fate of Gary McKinnon will be. Gary was accused of hacking into a large number of United States Military NASA computers. Are you protecting him? Will he be okay?

AAM: He will be absolutely fine.

SB: All right. How about Julian Assange?

AAM: Absolutely fine.

SB: Very good. What has happened to Bill Brockbrader?

AAM: Underground.

SB: Okay. But he’s all right?

AAM: Oh, absolutely. He is all right.

SB: Oh. Okay.

AAM: There is a form of what we call hiatus or time-out or sabbatical. That is the situation here.

SB: Is that connected with the Inner Earth?

AAM: It is connected with someone being pushed to their limit and needing time out.

SB: Okay. Thank you.

AAM: And you are going to see that, and you have seen it, in several situations.

SB: All right. Now, there’s a kind of an intellectual issue that comes up around words like hope and want, and the issue is that if we say “We hope for this,” the Law of Attraction will bring us hope; or “We want this” the Law of Attraction will bring us want. And that has kept some people from hoping or talking about hope. Can you help us find our way through that discussion, please?

AAM: And that is why I had the channel read the new definition of hope. It is the inner knowing of the presence within you and around you of God, Divine, of One. So it is not a state of yearning, it is a state of knowing.

SB: Is there a better word than hope?

AAM: We do not want to change all of your language. And what has happened is you have given and dissected words — again, an intellectual exercise, rather than holding in your heart the knowing. So if you wish to replace hope with inner knowing of One, then do so.

SB: All right. That’s very helpful. Now, we have about five minutes remaining before I ask Linda to join us again. Could you use that five minutes, please, to give us kind of a capsule history of Ascension so far by telling us what have we accomplished in the outer world? And so I think of things like the clean-up of depleted uranium, the shutdown of HAARP, et cetera, the removal of the underground bases, and then, what have we accomplished in the inner realm?

AAM: I would be happy to do so. And you have already mentioned some of the very important shifts that have happened in the outer realm. And it is in many ways what has happened in the outer realm has been… can you think of it as the protection and the clean-up, the restoration, of Gaia? Because by cleaning up your air, your waters, by removing things like underground missile sites, by eliminating a great deal of technical pollution — think of the chemtrails, the pollution in the air, the pollution in the water. This prepares the stage for her to be in the full brightness of who she is. And that is very important.

But also let us talk about, yes, in the kingdoms. You have also noticed the trees, the animals, the plants. Everything is thriving on a higher level. Yes, there have been droughts. There have been dramatic shifts in your weather patterns. But that has also been part of the clean-up and the readjustment of the grid of Gaia, and of, therefore, of course, your grid as well.

Your political landscape has changed significantly. You tend to look from day to day to day. We do not criticize or chastise you for doing that, because that is the way right now your human mind thinks. But if we invite you to look at the shifts that have happened over the last two decades, over 25 years. Then you will see the nature of leadership, the nature of participation of the human race in the political realm has changed. There has been massive shift in what you think of as your — and I am not just talking North America; I am talking monetary systems all over the world — the financial systems and institutions have shifted and are shifting even as we speak. Your economic bases in terms of what is valued, what is innate, has shifted.

Look at your financial systems, at who is in control and who is not in control, and the responsibility that individuals had assumed by transferring their monies to things like community banks or credit unions. Look at the movements of people all over the world claiming their rights — political, economic, financial, spiritual; the freedom for religion. Now, that is not always an attractive sight, but it is still movement for people to say “I am free to choose, and I am free to pursue my liberty, my beliefs,” and to hold that.

The biggest shift has been in communications. And you think, “Well, this is not spiritual.” And I beg to correct you. The advancement of the universal internet and the application of the universal internet to Earth has connected the family of humans. It has made the ability of humans to come together in unity and community, in balance, yes, even with hacking, even with people interfering. It has not stopped the growth of communication and unity amongst people, the ability to freely exchange information.

Are there still problems with this? Yes, of course there are, and those are political problems as well. But this is a significant shift that was not in place long ago. And it is growing, and it is changing, and it is changing at the speed not only of light, but of love. The acceptance in attitudes of the divine realm, of the angelic realm, of the unseen realm, the acceptance of your star brothers and sisters, of the presence of galactics, inter-galactics, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies — this is a given. Yes, there are horrendous take-offs on the part of your media, movies, et cetera, that make it look fearful. But understand, beneath that, what is happening.

People love to be scared. It is part of the human make-up that we do not completely understand. We never have. And I guess that is an understatement. But think of it: they love to be entertained by fear and mayhem. But that is simply their entertainment. Underneath that is the full belief and understanding that of course the extraterrestrials exist and are present. This is a huge shift. The belief that one can achieve and witness and be part of miracles, of energy healing, of the shift in medicine, of the ability to heal oneself — in many ways it is a return, it is a closing of the circle to the time of Yeshua. It is the acknowledgment of the power to heal oneself or to receive Divine intervention.

These are all changes. These are all part of the shift and the creation of Nova Earth within you. I do not ask you to travel back 25 years, although I would like it if you did. But even think of how you have shifted in the last year or so, your understanding of your capacity to expand, to hold frequencies that you have never held before.

And even when you have had Ascension symptoms of headaches and displacement and nausea and vertigo, you have kept going. You have exhibited a willingness to look and to let go of emotional debris and issues. You have gone into the trough and you have accepted the help not only from us but from your own guides, from your own circle. You are learning new ways of operating. You have learned and you are exhibiting.

This radio show is an example of creating something from a mere idea, an inspiration that was planted, and how you feel about your capacity to love, to be tolerant, to be prudent, to be in that state of acceptance and surrender rather than judgment, fault, blame, guilt. It has shifted, my friend. And it has shifted in all of you. Yes, there are moments when you are in fear, that birthing fear. There are moments when we hear your cries. But you have come so far. Now is not the time to turn away. This we ask you. Look, chart yourself — mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and how that division has dissipated, that you no longer even think of yourself that way.

This is a glorious achievement. You are sitting here, in union, with an archangel. I would suggest to you that this is a universal shift. And one for which we are very grateful. Thank you, and go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. That’s been so helpful for so many people, I’m sure. Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell. So I’m going to give Linda just a minute to surface again and inhabit her body. And I hope listeners — well, I don’t know how it’s possible for you to know how much Archangel Michael anticipated my questions and answered them ahead of time. It’s quite miraculous. Linda? Whenever you…

Linda Dillon: Hi. Hi, I’m sort of….

SB: [laugh] A little groggy?

LD: I’m here and I’m here.

SB: Yeah. What did you want to say about what Archangel Michael has just brought through?

LD: The thing that I keep hearing, feeling, seeing, getting is that we are so much further along in the Ascension process than we realize, than we consciously realize. And that we tend not to give ourselves credit for all the enormous work — and I mean everyone who’s listening, and then far beyond — how much work we really have done. And if I hear one thing right now, you know, from the entire Council, not just from Michael, it’s like, “Hang on.” You know, “You’re almost there.”

The vision I tend to get is that we’ve been doing a marathon. You know, the — what is it? The 24 K? And we’re at the 20K point or the 20 mile point, and it’s we’re exhausted, we wish we’d never signed up. And yet all of a sudden the sun is out and the breeze is coming off the lake or the ocean, we can smell the flowers, and we get that second wind. And that’s where so many of us are… we just need to keep going. We’re almost there.

And it’s not about waiting, you know, for December whatever day to have the heavens open and you’re changed, although I guess that will happen for some people. But for the majority of us who are on the, you know, the front line, it’s about doing the work. Because when we do it we’re doing it for so many. I think we have no idea how much we are in partnership in this undertaking with Heaven.

SB: It’s just becoming a little bit clear to me in the most recent days how some of all this fits together. So I agree.

LD: Yeah. And so I guess it’s a matter of continuing on. And…. You know, this is the thing, too. Trusting ourselves — and I know trusting is one of those words sort of like hope — but if I had a choice, if you were to tell me, Steve, well, Ascension isn’t going to happen, and, you know, we’d all fall on the floor and be gnashing our teeth.

But I’d also tend to think of it as, well, wait a minute. I choose — and sometimes it’s minute to minute and day to day — but I choose to live my life this way because it’s richer. It’s more meaningful to me. It’s why I’m here. I mean — and it’s why in every incarnation we come on this pathway towards enlightenment.

So, what would we do differently? You know, we say, “Oh, I give up. I quit.” You know, “I’m turning in my membership card.” But really, this is the life that we’ve committed to. This is the path that we’ve committed to, that has supported us. And we might say, “Well, I didn’t get everything that I’ve been asking for, or that I wanted. So I don’t understand.” But I really do trust and believe and know, and sometimes it’s hindsight knowing, but I’ve sure as heck got what I need, what I need to go along my next step along my path.

And I also know, you know — Ascension isn’t an idea. It’s not a hope, in terms of that old definition of hope. It’s something that’s already underway. So, I’m going for it.

SB: I’ve had that thought myself, Linda, that… what would I want to do other than this? I mean, this has been so wonderful that I’ll just continue no matter what happens. I mean, it’s just been inspiring.

LD: Same here. Same here. You know what? I… you know, and I, I say this, I have… I have the best job in the world! And I wish we could all feel this way. Because to be able to talk to angels and archangels and ascended masters, and to feel that energy and that sense of connection, I mean… it’s the best!

You know. Are there rough spots? Are there times when you get discouraged because of that dreaded word ‘predictions’? Yes. But, boy oh boy, I wouldn’t change this, not for anything. And that’s the thing that we’re being asked to do right now. That’s what I take away from Michael, is “hold the line”.

SB: I have the second best job in the world. I interview archangels! Do you not get tired as a medium, Linda? It must be a really hectic pace for you.

LD: I do get tired. And I have to be…. I’m learning, especially lately, that I have to pace myself and be considerate of, you know, Linda. Because there’s this one thing. I mean, I feel this is why I came. I came from the day one the Council talked to me about being the channel for the Council of Love and for the Shift. So, I feel like now is like prime time, right? But yes, it physically takes a toll, and so I have to watch it.

SB: Umm. Well, you’re doing invaluable work for everyone on this planet, Linda. Thank you very much.

LD: Oh, thank you! Thank you for listening! Thank you for inviting me. And thank you, Archangel Michael.

SB: Thank you, Archangel Michael, exactly.

LD: Bye.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-08-12