Mary and I want to touch your hearts and reassure you how deeply you are loved because nothing, nothing maintains the highest vibration in the universe other than feeling and being, accepting and acknowledging love.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Our guests today are Jesus Sananda/Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. Our topic is about holding on and maintaining higher vibrations and frequencies while letting go of old paradigms and belief patterns. You are welcome to join in on the conversation today by calling 323-784-9697 and Suzanne Maresca will be receiving your call and will be helping you out. If you would press 1 when you come in which indicates to us that you’d like to be brought into the studio and we’ll do our best to get you on air.

But first I’d like to bring on Suzanne just to have you Suzanne say hello to everyone. You’re helping out, keeping the show going and helping us with managing callers and it’s a really important component to helping the show go in a smooth, fluid way. So, Suzanne maybe you could say hi to everyone and just mention a little bit about yourself. Pause…are you there? Well, why don’t we continue and Suzanne when you’re ready you can come on and join us. Linda hello.

Linda Dillon: Hi there and hi everybody who’s listening. Welcome and welcome back to the second week of Heavenly Blessings with a call-in feature. Last week we didn’t get to that many callers but apparently we had many more than we ever got to and maybe like 50. So we’re going to try this week to go a little faster, but you know you really can’t when you’re channeling or when you’re really trying to explain something, sometimes the energy just doesn’t allow for you to give a quick, pat answer. So our apologies if you’ve called in and you were waiting and hoping, but don’t give up we will get to you.

GD: We actually had about 50 or so total people using their phone to call in, hundreds that used their internet to call in and out of those probably about 15 or so wanted to come in onto the studio. So we weren’t that far off, I think it’s challenging within the span of one hour to accommodate everyone and do a channeling and have some discussion. But this is something we’re trying out…yeah we’re giving it a shot and hopefully everyone listening will have as much fun as we’re having. Welcome everyone and Linda would you like to say a few more words about tonight before we start the meditation or are you ready to go?

LD: Well, you know, the only comment I would make about the theme for tonight is really it’s a continuation of what we have been talking about over the last couple of weeks and really over the course of months, but in the last couple of weeks with St. Germaine. And it’s how do you begin to live and anchor in the 5th or 6th or 7th dimension and maintain that vibration while still living or dealing or reaching down into the 3rd? And I know that one of the things that I’ve been writing about and commenting on in the last little while is this issue really of revisiting of letting go of old paradigms. And the one that seems to be up for grabs at the moment is control. And that’s, you can’t isolate one of these paradigms and say “OK, now we’re going to work on this” because as soon as you work at control you are also working on trust and letting go of greed and fear and frustration and lack. So it will be interesting to see what Mary Magdalene and Yeshua have to share with us because they lived in human bodies, they had that human experience and they know what it’s like. So…

GD: Very appropriate guests to share some perspective and some insight and help us with this journey. So I’m looking forward to it for sure.

LD: Right. So shall we begin with a little meditation?

GD: Sounds great.

LD: OK. So, spirit seekers of the world, relax. Simply feel yourself sinking into your chair, or your bed or the floor, wherever you’ve chosen for this sacred time and feel yourself following your breath as you inhale slower and slower exhaling. Exhaling the day, everything that needs to be done or believes needs to be done, or that you left at work as we come to the end of a week. And I’d like you to take a nice deep breath of turquoise, that beautiful color of aqua and breathe it in and as you bring it in through your nose, fill your entire head, your brain cavity, activate your pituitary, your pineal and then bring it down relaxing your shoulders, bringing it into your chest cavity, into your lungs, your heart. Beautiful turquoise, the color of a robin’s egg, the color of the Caribbean Sea, parts of the Indian Ocean and feel yourself embraced in that liquid turquoise energy, that shade of sacred blue and let it fill you. Now let’s join it, let’s pair it with the magenta of Yeshua, of Jesus, that beautiful, rich claret, the color of plums, of rich red grapes, of a beautiful red wine. And breathe in the magenta, that perfect balance of blue and red and bring that into your body and again let it caress every part of your brain, your occipitals. Feel your neck relax, your shoulders, your abdomen, your legs and thank yourself for being here and for being on track, for paying attention, for caring, for being the essence of love.

JS/Y: Greetings, I AM Yeshua.

GD: Greetings. Hello.

JS/Y: Welcome. Mary and I welcome you this night and it is my pleasure, my honor to address you and to speak to your hearts about this matter of maintaining vibration, of going forward in your sacred journey and each of your journeys’ is different, unique, magnificent and yet at the same time a piece, a small puzzle piece of the bigger unified whole. The thing I note about so many of you my friends is you worry about this mission; you worry about this mission night and day and in-between. Am I doing it right? Am I letting anyone down? Have I fulfilled my purpose? Am I on track? I do not hear you say “Am I having fun? Do I feel loved? Do I love? Do I feel the connection to my family above and below?” No, not simply your star brothers and sisters but us as well for we are part of your family, we always have been.

One of the ways, one of the surefire ways to maintain your highest vibration is to simply remind yourself, not only that you are not alone, but that you are wholly and completely, without any exception, loved. I know we have given you many tools and I could sit here, we could sit here and we could talk about prayer, ritual, meditation, we could talk about the esoteric studies, but what we wanted to do tonight is to reach in and touch your heart because during this time of Transition, during this time of such massive change and yes, during this time when many old issues that you thought you put to bed ages ago are coming to the forefront. And that can be nervous making, anxiety provoking and fearful. So Mary and I want to touch your hearts and reassure you how deeply you are loved because nothing, nothing maintains the highest vibration in the universe other than feeling and being, accepting and acknowledging love.

If I have ever had one message to each of you, it is that ‘you are love’, it is the molecular structure of your being, the subatomic fibers of who you are, the light quotient, it is not something that disappears, it is not something that can ever be taken from you, it is the core, the essence, the spark of you, unique and beautiful. I wish to share a couple of ideas and methods of how my Magdalena and I would maintain clarity. Let us use the word clarity and love in exchange for high vibration because as we speak you may notice it makes it easier and it perhaps makes more sense to you.

One of the things we did and it sounds trite perhaps, but we stuck together and when I say that I mean that we spent our time with like-minded, like-hearted, like-believers. Yes, the disciples, the apostles, the many followers and friends and that group grew exponentially every day. We would spend time with family, with those who knew our truth and who loved and accepted us for who we are, who we were and who we are. If you are not fortunate enough to have family that understands the fullness of your mission and purpose and who you are, we still suggest, unless it is very chaotic, that you still take time to be with them whether it is electronically, on the phone, or in person because these people know you and they love you. They may not know the truth of everything but even by being with them you are changing their vibration. There is no being that did not come into a family with a soul agreement. Now many of these soul agreements have been violated, I understand that, but if it is possible it is reinforcing, it is like entrainment when you spend time, whether it is work time, play time, free time with those who are like-hearted, like-minded, who are on the same journey, it reinforces you. It gives you permission to be yourself. Then when we would walk out to do the work that I had chosen, for which I volunteered and yes been selected, one of the things we would do, would be to assess it beforehand. Will this be reinforcing? Will this group that we meet with, will it be resistant? Do they believe in love? Do they believe in what I have to share? If the answer was ‘yes’ we would plunge right in but when the answer was ‘no’ we would do a great deal of preparatory work. We would have soul conversations, we would send energy, we would ask the Mighty Ones to surround not only us but them as well, we would use the tools at our disposal, we would prepare the way. Another thing we would do would be to create time for our sacred self and yes to do whatever we felt like doing; and sometimes it was nothing except staring at the sky, playing with the baby, sitting quietly, sharing tea, sometimes it would be rich, deep, philosophical discussion questioning to open our hearts and our minds even further to bring that communion of all parts of ourselves. That is the gift of sacred union, of having one that you can truly share your hopes, your fears, your concerns, your dreams with. Yes I know not all of you have been blessed in this way but I do tell you that most of you have come with the intention and therefore the plan to have this experience of love. The sharing, the community, whether it is a community of thousands, community of twelve, or a community of two, it is community and unity that helps to maintain the vibration. It is that sense of common mission, of being united in purpose and belief and knowing. But I do not wish to take up all the time. Where do you wish to begin today?

GD: Well thank you Jesus for coming to speak with us and thank you for your words of wisdom and your guidance. I’m resonating with something that you said at the beginning of what you are sharing and that’s this idea of having fun and enjoying the journey and that’s something that I’ve been thinking about for my own journey, in fact I write a little list every day and on that list there are practical things that help me accomplish things that I want to do. But there are also some key things that I focus on and one thing I write down is: what brings me joy today? Follow, do something that brings my joy today and it might be taking a walk, it might be like you said, looking up at the sky, it might be taking a bubble bath, just something that will bring me joy. And it might be connecting with a good friend or reading an inspirational post or something and the other thing, and this is getting back to this idea of maintaining a high vibration, I think it takes practice, at least for me. When we’re experiencing this 3D realm and illusion, for me it’s important for me to continue to put out that I choose love and joy and high vibes and to be that and to master my energy and to be present and mindful of how I am as I walk in the world. So I really resonate with everything that you’re sharing and I just want to share and perhaps this is helpful for others, that I think it takes practice and it takes being mindful and it takes being present and it takes dedication.

JS/Y: Yes it does. It is not what you, or most of you have been trained to do and it is a shift also in your planetary humanness that you are becoming conscious of choosing joy, of choosing heart, of choosing love. And the way in which many of you have been trained, brought up, however you think of that, educated even, they did not put choosing joy front and center. And that is really unsatisfactory. So yes it requires diligence, it requires practice, the same way that most things require practice. Many of you are just beginning to learn, or remember, how to communicate with your hearts, to be honest and truthful and trusting and hopeful with disclosing what is in your heart.

GD: Wise words, wise words indeed. I want to be able to get to our callers but before we do that I’d like to bring on Suzanne, Suzanne Maresca has been helping folks on the switchboard for those people who like to come onboard, she’s also helping with the other talk show on InLight Radio, Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond”, Suzanne how about you come on and say a few words about yourself and help everyone get to know you a little better.

SM: Hi, how are you this evening? I’m happy to be here.

GD: Hi there. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about where you’re from and a little bit about yourself and why you’re helping out.

SM: Oh, ok, well I live in New Jersey, I’m a single mom taking care of my beautiful daughter and I was led to answering a call for help by The 2012scenerio and Steve and by grace and coincidence, if there is such a thing, I started answering emails and things and the call goes out for more help of course I think it’s what humans are starting to really be all about now is wanting to help, so here I am wanting to help and I really am thrilled that there’s so many different ways that I can.

GD: Well we’re so thrilled to have you on and thank you so much for helping and folks, when you call up and you would like to come on to the show and I certainly encourage you to do that. For those of you who are listening by phone right now and would like to call or come onto the show, maybe you didn’t when you first came on but all you have to do is press 1 any time and that will start the process for Suzanne to come visit with you in a separate, what we call screening room and get a sense of who you are and what your question is and we’ll go from there. Well, thanks so much Suzanne.

I’d like to bring Joe on and Joe maybe you can tell us where you’re from and what your question is. Hello, welcome.

Joe: Hello there, I’m from Canada, Alberta, Canada. My question it’s basically “I’m wondering if I am wasting my time trying to evoke or have intent to helping a lot of people but it may seem trite, as you’ve stated before, maybe even shallow, to try to win a lottery to help people like Dr. Steven Greer with all his zero point technology projects such as the ‘Lightworkers Fund. I’ve got nine other brothers and sisters and they have lots of kids. Am I just like wasting my time with this intent or is there some way I can strengthen my intent if I’m not wasting my time?”

GD: Well I think the objective is so noble and what you’re trying to do is assist others by providing them abundance so they can continue to serve in the light and we can get out of this place of struggle. So I want to acknowledge and recognize that, but I think I just cut someone off. Go ahead please.

LD: No you didn’t cut me off at all Graham, its Linda. And I just wanted to also add my kudos to this, but this is something that a lot of lightworkers that I talk to are working on and you know, sometimes it just feels very frustrating. But what I also believe that, and what I’ve been told by the Council time and time again is that if we have a push to really try and do something, then it’s because somewhere in our knowingness that we’ve been programed, you know we’ve programmed ourselves to try and do this. So I would say, have at it, but the key is to have fun with it and that’s exactly what Jesus would say; he would say when he created all those loaves and fishes, which he did by the way, it wasn’t just once, I mean people would just show up and food would show up, so he did it on a regular basis. And he did it with his team and he did it in a joyful way like ‘oh my gosh, we’ve got company for supper’. So the key to it is not to become too serious or too attached to the money; become attached to the vision of helping people, then detach and let it flow.

Joe: Well that’s precisely how I see it too, because I don’t need all that money. I mean it’s going to be worthless very soon and let’s just find some ways, like you said, having fun, let’s go with it…

LD: Yeah and helping people out in the meantime. So as long as you’re holding the intent of clarity and fun I’d say “Good luck”.

GD: I suspect Joe that you and this is in tandem to what Linda was sharing, you have a vision for how the world should be and will be and just by what you just shared, yes, money as we know it, well money is not going to be around in the new world, it’s just not needed and so you’re probably already experiencing and living and embodying what the new paradigm is going to be like, where everyone has abundance and there is no struggle and people are thriving and the earth is thriving. So I just want to acknowledge and give you all kinds of kudos for your intention and hold onto that vision because this is part of co-creating and bringing in the new world. It’s holding into our hearts what this vision, what this new world is going to be like and so your end objective is right on.

LD: And it’s also a way, when you buy a lottery ticket, which I do now and then, it’s a way of saying to the universe “I accept abundance.” And when I buy a lottery ticket I may or may not think I’m going to win, I never have won, but it’s a way of saying “I accept abundance to come to me however you choose to bless me.” So I see it as an action of acceptance, of saying “Yep, I’m open.”

Joe: Well, thank you…

GD & LD: Thanks for calling Joe.

GD: Steve, welcome to the show. Where are you from?

Steve: I’m in northern California, in Los Scatus (sp?).

GD: Well thanks for calling in tonight. What is your question or comment?
Steve: Well just completed a series of letters called Letters from Christ. Are you familiar with the letters?

GD: I can’t speak to it personally but I’m sure Linda or Jesus can. What was your experience of it?

Steve: My experience, it took me, there’s 250 page book and I took one a day, read the letters, it was an incredible experience. Those letters are filled with information and knowledge that is not available to the public, we have never…for example, when Christ was baptized he was stricken with this spiritual vision where he could actually see that everything under the surface of the water, or plant or whatever, everything was alike and he noticed the harmony and all the elements and all the elements, how everything was working together. And this is what, he went on to the desert and for 40 days studied nature and it was an incredible experience. I would advise anybody, everybody to read those letters. He didn’t die for our sins, he didn’t rise from the dead; so all that is in the letters.
GD: It sounds like you really connected to what you read and…

Steve: Oh absolutely, absolutely. You don’t read one letter a day, every day for two years and not be connected with it. Absolutely I was connected; I loved them.

LD: And that’s where we’re being given these wonderful messages and these tools in order to open our hearts and to reach understanding. One of the key elements of the inter-dimensional person, the trans-dimensional person is that ability to really connect in nature and to see the unified grid, to see the unified threads. So that’s wonderful and I think it’s a blessing that so many of these different works are being brought forward for us at this time. So good, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Steve: You’re welcome.

GD: Did you have any other questions or comments for tonight?

Steve: I’m ok. I just wanted to bring those letters to everyone’s attention.

GD: Yeah and thank you very much for your call and thanks for participating. Linda, I was thinking about the article that you posted here recently where you were talking about letting go of old paradigms and belief patterns and you were talking about control and the tendency for humans to control. And you spoke to the controlling environment of the 3D and where control comes from and one of the things I really liked about what you posed or you said and this is just getting back to ‘how do we keep our vibrations high?’ and ‘how do we really maintain high vibrations?’ and it’s really checking in with ourselves, and I invite you to speak to this more, in any given situation to ask ‘does it feel like love, does it feel heavy or does it feel good?’ And I think that is really helpful in terms of as we’re mindful and as we are in the moment, when we are in a situation and if something comes up to really check in with ourselves and have that be our guide.

LD: Yep. Absolutely. And you know the Council has said since day one, and I can feel Jesus and Magdalena just sitting here nodding their heads, but they have said since day one that the final arbiter of everything isn’t the Company of Heaven, isn’t our star brothers and sisters, isn’t our Guardian angels, it’s our heart. And this is the barometer, the compass that we’ve been given in order to go forward, in order to do our journey and in order certainly to complete Ascension. And the thing about control is that it can be really insidious because there are so many layers to it. And sometimes we try and control situations because we think we’re being helpful, we think the person is not on track, or we don’t trust that they are going fast enough. And so we have to really take that deeper look in our hearts and what I’m doing is it really loving that divinity in the other person or the collective?

GD: And honoring where they are, too.

LD: Absolutely. Absolutely.

MM: I AM the Magdalena.

GD: Hello and welcome.

MM: Welcome, welcome my beloved friends, fellow journeyers, fellow travelers, my soul family. And yes I wish to speak to this issue of control because dear hearts, what do you really have control of other than your heart, other than your very being? And sometimes you must even wonder if that is up for grabs. When I engaged with my beloved Yeshua, when we chose to go forward in sacred union we knew of many of the trials and tribulations that would be faced. But none of that outweighed the love and the rightness of sharing that love and not only sharing that love with each other but with our families, with our circle, with our communities. And there were many efforts external to us that attempted to control both my actions, my behaviors, my beliefs and certainly those of Yeshua’s and efforts to control how we proceeded. We did not see this as offensive, often the advice, the desires to have us adhere one way or the other was based in love and concern. But what did we do? We listened to our hearts, each of us were given the gift of enormous clarity and foresight, of knowing the path that lay ahead and behind. That is not what we focused on and it is not what I encourage each of you my friends to focus on.

Yes it is important to hold intention of outcome but you cannot live completely focused on outcome because then you lose the joy of now. And it is the joy of now, it is the love that you share in this very moment as you are sitting there listening with me. It is this now that will sustain you. It is the joy that you choose each and every day that will feed and grow you and fortify what you think of as your vibration. It is your decision to say “I will not allow those ridiculous paradigms of the old way to hold me back.” It is a warrior’s stance and it is a peaceful stance and it is an individual decision and in that individual decision you make yourself known but you also stand with billions. Do not let any situation, any hardship, any illusion rob you of your joy of now, of the sweetness of a child’s smile, of a drop of dew on a leaf, of a starry sky, of reaching out to somebody who needs to know they are loved and of letting someone know that you need to hear those tender words. It does not mean simply intimate relationships, for what does that mean anyway? All relationships are intimate and sacred, yes each in a different way, each equally precious, even the relationship with those that you think distain you, do not agree with you, would betray you. These are sacred and intimate, perhaps even more so because they give you the opportunity, yes Graham, to practice love and to hold that vibration no matter what. It is a statement that you cannot be interfered with, that no matter what the thoughts, the rumors, the allegations, the mythologies, you are love and that is the beginning and that is the end. And it is not in the future, it is not in the past, it is in your very breath of now. Thank you.

GD: Oh thank you. Such wise, wonderful words. I’m hearing your invitation and the emphasis that the joy is in the now and seek the joy in the present moment and choose joy each and every day. And that’s certainly something that we can do to assist with our own and in keeping our own vibrations high and you spoke of love and you spoke of all relationships as intimate and sacred and here we have this wonderful opportunity with you and Jesus here with us today. And I’m thinking about the old way, in at least the western society where in the United States we have a divorce rate that exceeds 50% and clearly relationships are evolving and changing as we go into a new paradigm, but please give us a vision, please give us a sense and it doesn’t have to be intimate love as you pointed out, but tell us what love in relationship looks like and feels like in the higher dimension.

MM: It feels and looks like everything you have dreamed of. It is excitement. Do you really think what you would translate as the heart racing and jumping, that excitement of being so deeply connected and in that is acceptance and I would suggest that is one of the reasons why your divorce rates are so high. You have never gotten to that bedrock of acceptance, because inside acceptance is also the knowing of your beloved spark of divinity. So you accept them wholly and completely. Now I am not suggesting to you that there are not moments when Yeshua and I would look at each other and the sparks would fly; but it is acceptance that knowing even if there are moments where your viewpoint is different, that doesn’t change the love that you have for that person. It cannot be changed, it is unalterable, it is bedrock and in that is surrender to one another, that wonderful embrace of knowing that you are cherished for not just the good, not just what presents, but for all of your being. And in that surrender and acceptance is an honoring, a deep respect that says ‘I will respect you, I will protect you, I will have your back no matter what. I may not agree with you but I trust your heart, I trust your wisdom and I will follow you as you will follow me and if it means separation at times and letting go, then I will honor that, I will be strong enough.’ It is elation that there is a bond that can never be severed. We have spoken to you, Michael has spoken to you a great deal about cords and there are most cords that need to be severed to free you so that as you choose love and joy you are not corded. But then there is a different level of bond that is so deep and so profound that it will never be severed. So for example, your connection to Mother/Father/One, that is never broken, that is the downfall, the illusion that has created the old 3rd. But there are bonds of love, of relationship and I don’t just mean with your beloved, I mean in friendships that are so honored and so deep that it is like sisterhood and brotherhood. There are children that you love, that you will never, ever let down or betray, that you would die for. It is that sense of unity and I use the word unity, not completion, but complement that you are truly united, that it isn’t one heart anymore, that every choice, every decision from where you choose to live, to what you choose to eat, to what you choose to pursue as your sacred work or your daily work, they are all from this place of united heart because it is inseparable. I cannot simply feel for my joy without taking into consideration yours. That is the unity consciousness, that is where Yeshua and I live and it is where we invite you to live with us.

GD: That’s such a beautiful vision and I have yet to experience that fully myself in this 3D experience and to know that’s where we’re headed in the new paradigm, especially as we realize, the collective realizes that we are connected, that we are from the same source, that we are indeed brothers and sisters and connected in a very deep way. I’m envisioning how that is, how we are with our neighbors, how we are with our families, how we are with our children, how we are with everyone and certainly how we are with intimate partners should we choose to go that route. I really appreciate you speaking to that, that’s just so lovely I think it’s important to hold, to talk about, the vision so that we have something that we can shoot for. Thank you so much. Linda, is there anything else you’d like to add as we wrap up the show, or Jesus or Mary?

LD: Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we’re already at that point of wrapping things up. You know to be in the presence of the Magdalena and Jesus and to be reminded about choosing love and you know she was talking to me even as you were speaking, because she was saying “When you do that there is a lot of laughter, there’s a lot of giggles, there’s a lot of smiles.” You know love, we tend to take our work so seriously, because we’re committed, because we care, but we have to take time too for the laughter, for the play, like you said Graham. And what she’s reminding us of tonight, what I’m really hearing through the layers of her beautiful energy is that so many of us are focused December 21, 2012 even though the Council keeps saying “Ascension isn’t about a date or a line in the sand”; what they’re saying is we’re creating the Ascension, we’re creating the Shift every single moment of every day when we choose joy. We’re being the Shift.

GD: And be it now, continuously, every moment.

LD: Yeah. Consciously, this is about conscious, in our body. You know as lightworkers we have drifted and drifted but this is about getting it into our bones.

GD: And for those of us who are awakened to this new paradigm, where we’re headed, and a new way of being, a different way of being, a more evolved way of being, a place where the theme is peace and love. I just want to acknowledge that it can be challenging and we can forget, we can mess up in the moment when we may be confronted, I’ll speak for myself, when I’m confronted with a very challenging, tense, provoking situation and I think it’s important to extend forgiveness to ourselves when we might not get it exactly right; ‘shoot I could have said that differently’ or ‘I could have been differently’ and not beat ourselves up over that so I come right back around to what we’ve talked about on this show before and that’s forgiveness and we’re all learning and we’re creating and we’re actually creating something new that hasn’t quite been done before. And if we can do all of that and then bring us right back into a place of joy, whatever that is and it could be a challenging moment, it could be maybe a fight with a spouse or a child or maybe you had a little car wreck or financial issues, that we can be mindful, be in the moment, be present, and I’m just echoing everything that’s already been said tonight and then do something that will put us in a state of joy, in a state of high vibration, do something for us as a gift to us individually but also to those around us and to the world because that energy just grows and grows and grows.

LD: And that’s what they keep saying is when you catch yourself, laugh, just stop yourself. The picture they keep giving me, you know there’s that ad on TV where the guy smacks his forehead, he says “I could have had a V8?” That’s the image they keep showing me, smacking your forehead and laughing and thinking ‘oh my god, here I go again’ and just laughing. And as soon as you laugh the vibration changes and you forgive yourself, you’re having compassion for yourself and you get right back on track.

GD: Terrific, well that’s probably the best place to end the show tonight. It’s tough to end because these conversations are so rich and wonderful. Thanks so much Linda and thank you to our guests and our callers.

LD: Oh thank you and thank you to all who called in, we’ll talk to you next week.

GD: Sounds great.

LD: Take care, bye-bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon