Graham and Linda have an informative discussion regarding the timely information in Linda’s book as channeled by The Council of Love…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, I’m GD. Today we’re going to do something a little differently. Linda has written the book “The Great Awakening” which I’ve read and it’s a delight and we’re going to talk about the book because it’s all about Ascension or The Shift, how to do it, what it is. It’s a real “how to” guide wouldn’t you say Linda?

LD: Hi Graham. Yes I would say and that’s exactly the way the Council wanted it, they wanted it straightforward, accessible, applicable and something that everybody can pick up and do. So that’s why our subtitle was “The Spiritual Primer” yea, so no one would get scared off.

GD: Right, right. Before we get started into the gist of the book and how it’s laid out and get into some of the important offerings of the book, for those who don’t know perhaps you could describe who the Council of Love is, you are the channel for the Council of Love, but who are they?

LD: The Council of Love is a beautiful, beautiful very large group that consists of what I call the Enlightened Beings, the Ascended Ones, Universal Mother Mary and Yahweh – Divine Mother/Divine Father however you conceive of that energy – the Archangels particularly Michael – Mikhail – Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and of course our Lily of Love, Gabrielle. It also includes the Ascended Masters from all traditions, both east and west, including our star brothers and sisters, Grener, Wa’Ka’Na’Taka who has been the Earth Keeper for the Council fire of Earth for eons who’s now our representative on the Intergalactic Council, some saints, some apostles, it’s a massive, massive group, the Brotherhoods, the Sisterhoods. If you think of the Council of Love the analogy I like to use is that it’s like an umbrella and in the umbrella, of course, when you open it up there are all kinds of spokes and on one spoke there’s the Ascended Masters and on the other side there is the Archangels and the Brotherhoods, the Great White Brotherhood, or St. Germaine, the different traditions, different pathways even but all meeting in the middle. And that’s exactly what the Council of Love is.

GD: And you did this book in concert with the Council of Love so in it there are many channeled messages, there’s guidance, there’s gifts, meditation with your input and sharing and insight.

LD: Exactly. So the book is filled with channeled information that’s been downloaded over a period of at least 15 maybe 20 years and it is filled with meditations that the Council has chosen that will lead you through a process, a progression of how to get to your place of Ascension; your process of Enlightenment which is part of your process of Ascension. And so, yes, it’s chock-a-block. There are 4 audio meditations because the Council was very insistent that they actually wanted not only the words but the sounds to be transmitted, the energy to be transmitted. So there are written meditations, there are written channelings, there are some of my stories, some of my experience and then there’s the audio meditations as well.

GD: Well as I’ve said, I read the book and as you know I’m well on the Ascension path and its definitely my work to get the word out about this great Shift, this significant time on our planets history for humanity and I’d like to touch upon what is Ascension for those who are just getting to know or waking up to what’s happening and just briefly, and then I’d really love to spend a good chunk of our time talking about the guidance that is offered within the book. I found that there were some really good words of wisdom, some really excellent guidance that I found really helpful and I’d certainly like to share that with others.

But firstly the Ascension, otherwise known as the Shift, often times people refer to it as something a little different, there are some big things going on right now that people are already feeling it and to define it we are, in brief, moving from the dark to the light or from the 3rd dimensional world to the 5th and higher, you could think of it as going home and uniting with the heart of God without leaving our form, using the words of Linda’s book and I particularly like the quote from Jesus Sananda “The time has arrived for the vibration of pure love to be permanently anchored upon this planet and within the heart of all who inhabit her” and that “This Ascension is underway now, all are welcome.” We hear a lot about the December 21st date in 2012 and yes it’s significant, it’s good to have dates, but we’re also encouraged, directed, guided perhaps not to get too hung up on dates, but this year in particular is quite significant. Is there anything you’d like to add to what Ascension is?

LD: Ascension is a shift in consciousness. It’s that shift from having the mind and the ego perhaps in many cases our emotional/mental bodies as being in charge, or being the primary driver of the bus to shifting downward to our heart center, into the seat of our soul and allowing that to be really the place from which we are operating; for letting love be our guiding principal. And the Shift is really, you know there’s a lot of talk about a shift in dimensions, shift in consciousness, shift in…you know for many years there was talk about pole shift…well that was taken care of by the work of the lightworkers. For those who have known me and worked with me for a number of years they would be chuckling, what’s the expression ‘laughing in their beer’, to hear me talking about Ascension, but I wanted and was guided to use language that everybody understood. The term that I used for years and still really like was “Descension” and the reason I was so emphatic about using that is that a lot of people when they’re thinking about Ascension they’re thinking about either leaving their body, which this is not about or leaving everything behind and so it’s not about that either. What it is is really expanding, expanding, expanding who we are and anchoring such a high vibration and a frequency of union and of love in our consciousness as well as our subconscious and our unconscious so that we are living, rather than being in the old paradigms of illusion which to me means lack, limitation, greed, death, destruction, disease, all those things, as living in a place of co-creation with the universe. And of course in order to do that we need to be in a place of expanded consciousness. And the miracle in all of this is that we are doing it in our physical bodies without leaving because if you look at the religious references or the historical references to Ascension or sumati or what have you is that very often it has meant leaving the shell of the body behind or taking your shell and just descending up into heaven. That’s not what we’re talking about here; we’re talking about staying on earth, expanding our consciousness and going forward in a new and different way.

GD: That’s never been done before.

LD: Nope.

GD: Never.

LD: Never

GD: To Ascend with Gaia in physical form.

LD: Yeah. It’s never happened, not anywhere, not this way. And the other thing is that we tend to think, as human beings myself included, is that we tend to think that this Ascension business is about us but in fact the Ascension is primarily about Gaia; it’s about earth returning to her plan and the Mother’s original divine plan. And yes, we are all welcomed to join her in that journey but primarily it’s about Gaia and we are going along for the ride. Now the trick is of course is that we can’t go along for the ride, even though she has generously supported us and been very patient and kind with us, we can’t do that of course unless we are raising our vibrations and our frequencies to be compatible with hers for where she’s going.

GD: Let’s talk about that and maybe before we go there though, I think it would be good to talk about what Ascension is not. As we’ve discussed, this hasn’t happened quite like this before and so there are some unknowns and a lot of it depends on humanity in terms of influencing the process, in terms of bringing about what we will eventually experience, but we know that there are some things that Ascension is not. So it’s not about the planet coming to an end, it’s not about Armageddon. In your book, though, you did speak about massive destruction and relocation of the population, you mentioned pole shift earlier, that’s not happening but a one point that was a possibility is that right?

LD: That’s exactly right. When I very first started channeling, when the Council came in, the Council of Love came in and announced themselves and started talking to me about my purpose and my role and what they were doing in talking to me because that was pretty much of a chocker, is that they said they wanted to talk about the Shift and the Shift was the pole shift, it did mean massive devastation, it meant at that time that only about 3% of earth’s population would survive. It was very dramatic but what happened and this is part of what the Council and certainly many others have taught us is that over the last 25 years, starting with the Harmonic Convergence and various portal openings, 11:11, 12:12, the 13th Octave, everybody who was awakening and becoming a lightworker or remembering they were a lightworker or love worker or love holder or starseed or earth keeper started sending Gaia healing and love and started to acknowledge that wonderful partnership that we have with her. So that changed; we changed it.

GD: After the Gulf Oil spill for example and it’s just one example that really inspired a lot of lightworkers, light holders to really send lots of love and light and healing energy to Gaia.

LD: Yeah, yeah because I think we realized the severity of what we’ve really put her through.

GD: Sure. We often hear about December 21, 2012 and you mentioned dates, there are dates that serve as portals where there’s energy that comes into the planet, comes to the planet, to humanity, to all beings and by the way this affects all beings including humans. December 21st, it’s not going to be well December 20th go to bed, will wake up on December 21st and everything’s different, would you say?

LD: No I would say that’s not true, it’s not a matter of going to bed like you started to talk about and I got you off-track, is that there are a bunch of things that Ascension is not. And it’s not about going to bed one night and waking up in another reality; it’s a process of unfoldment, it’s a process that the Divine Mother, her plan that has been put in place eons and eons ago, it is not about death, it is not about earth splitting into two and having two parallel earths, that seems to be a really popular theme with some folks, it’s not about only a select few lightworkers who have done their work being invited to ascend, it’s not about any of that, everybody’s welcome.

GD: Linda, I thought that if people wanted to remain, this is an option, it’s not a mandate, it’s open to everyone, if people wanted to stay within the 3D realm that they can do that but they wouldn’t be able to stay assuming a lower vibrational state on Gaia because she’ll be increasing her vibration with those that wish to increase vibration with her and that they would be in a physical form relocated, which I thought was to a parallel earth.

LD: Nope.

GD: So, am I incorrect?

LD: You’re incorrect. You’re about 90% correct. If someone chooses that they are still madly in love with the chaos and the illusion and all the things that we’ve talked about that are false paradigms, they of course have that option of free will and yes they will be relocated to somewhere else that they will think, believe, experience as earth but it will not be Gaia because Gaia is not breaking in two and she’s also not replicating herself, she’s not bi-locating herself; she’s done with the old 3rd dimension, she’s done. So where people will be going, the vision that I’m being given is sometimes it looks like a planet and sometimes it looks like a hologram. But to the people who make that choice and God bless them, is that they will think that their life never changed.

GD: Interesting point because if I’m assuming the 3D paradigm and choosing to remain there and I’ve chosen not to increase my vibration, am I conscious in witnessing others increasing their vibration and leaving earth? Do you know what that Ascension process looks like from the vantage point of someone maintaining a 3D perspective?

LD: I can share what I’ve been told and shown, yes. Now if you’re married to the old 3D, what we call the old 3D, because don’t forget when we’re in the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, we can still have physical experiences, that’s why we can keep our body. But if you are one who is choosing what we call the old 3D what it looks like to you right now especially and certainly for the next 6 months or whatever, is that there is something going on and there is a lot of chat and there is a lot of people making a great fuss about nothing. Now, even to the most wedded to that belief system, they are aware that something is shifting but if they resist and say “no, I’m staying in the old 3rd” how it will appear to them is that nothing happened so that they can wake up February 1, 2013 and say “ha ha ha, I told you so.” What will happen in terms of how they perceive us who are going through the Ascension process and how they will perceive Gaia is that it will become a very, very dim, distant memory that will just fade.

GD: So they’ll be aware of it and they’ll observe it on some level and be conscious of it and at some point that will be a memory that will go away?

LD: They won’t really be fully conscious of what is taking place. It’s like they might glimpse it out of the corner of their eye, and those are the people that will run for the finish line but their full consciousness will not be aware because they will be in transit.

GD: Well if I’m married to someone or I have a partner who chooses not to ascend, we’re in intimate relationship, what is my experience of that partner? I mean, what is that partner experiencing of me? Because clearly they are going to be conscious of me not being aligned and eventually leaving their consciousness.

LD: The partner would be aware that they are married and in relationship and what I’m being told is that when they are in their ‘other place’, their alternate 3rd dimensionally reality, is that they may remember you, they may not remember you, they may have a new partner and find themselves married but with someone different.

GD: I see. Back to December 21st, the date is significant but it doesn’t mean the whole experience is going to change from one day to the next and I just want to speak to that a little bit more. Like 11:11:11, like December 12th of last year, this date is significant in that it opens up a portal of increased energy that’s coming to the planet, it assists with the Ascension process to the extent that it is a portal like other significant dates we’ve seen already with 11:11:11 and December 12th of last year, more energy, more light comes to the planet to assist with the process but it doesn’t mean…

LD: That’s exactly right. So we’ve had these portal openings for a long time and it really did start with the Harmonic Convergence, I think they gave the human beings about 25 years to work within because that’s probably about our attention span. So we had the Harmonic Convergence, then we had the opening of 11:11 in ’92 and that was the opening of more, then the following year we had the opening of 12:12 which was a completion. None of these openings, including December 12th of last year stops; it’s not just a day, it’s not just an event, it’s like a floodgate opening and so those energies continue to flow through and intensify and build and help us build our grid, our lightbody, our frequency. So it’s not just a day in time. So people who are looking for a day in time, that’s why I say in the book that it’s not about dates it’s about your process, if you’re looking for a day and this is the day I wake up and everything’s different that’s not how it’s going, it’s not how it’s being prepared. And that’s why we’re all being encouraged right now to get underway with our process.

GD: We’ll talk about that in just a moment, I think it’s important to speak to the fact the Ascension process is very individual experience and process even though we’re doing it collectively and there is free will. But these portals, in terms of how these portals translate into assisting with the process, as we see more energy and love and light be beamed to the planet, through these significant dates, we’re seeing the shift in consciousness, people are awakening, we are seeing the light assuming more of a presence over the dark and how that translates is in social systems and institutions and I’m getting into now more details around our financial, global approach and structure, governments will change and are in the process of changing, greater accountability, the controllers that we’ve identified as controllers no longer become controllers and we begin to embody more and more on an individual level and on a societal, global level what the 5th dimension and higher looks like. And so the theme becomes peace and unity and love and certainly unity consciousness and service for others as opposed to service to self and that’s where we’re headed.

LD: That’s exactly where we’re headed and although we have a tendency to look to dates, you know we love dates, I mean gosh birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, we love dates, today’s Flag Day by the way, for those who live in the United States of America, it’s also my husbands birthday…

GD: Flag Day? I live in the United States and I didn’t know about that, should I be ashamed?

LD: No. The only reason I know is that it’s my husband Isaac’s birthday and he tells me every year “it’s Flag Day and it’s my birthday” but we love dates. But then the universe intermingled with that gives us these little surprises and treats on times that we haven’t even thought of. So for example towards the end of April and the beginning of May this huge floodgate opened unexpected, not predicted really by anybody, thank God, we don’t like predictions, but this floodgate opened where we are being absolutely penetrated and some would say bombarded by this love directly from the heart of One to really give us that oomph, to give us that boost, to give us that hand up in our Ascension process and that was something that wasn’t tied to a date, it’s just something that the Mother and Father decided “ok let’s give them a little extra help here.” So they’re all these things that are happening that are part of the Ascension process that we may or may not know about. That’s part of the unknown quality, we are in unknown territory and that’s where the courage and all the sword and the shield from Archangel Michael and all the tools that the Council of Love is giving us are really coming in handy.

GD: I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that we have loads of help, I mean obviously the Council of Love through this book and through other vehicles is providing assistance but the heavenly realm, the angelic realm, our star brothers and sisters are here in full force witnessing and assisting with this process. We are not going it alone, we have lots of help. Let’s talk about some of the guidance and the gifts that the book speaks to and this is what I find most helpful and I guess I would think of it in terms of ‘how to Ascend and do it well’ and there is one theme throughout the whole book that’s offered in different ways in terms of what we need and what it is … it’s love, trust, forgiveness and unity and it’s embodying where we’re headed, it’s embodying this new place of love. And I keep seeing this and hearing this over and over again and certainly the book throughout the book stresses that time and time again…be love…stay in the place of love.

LD: And perfectly put, eloquently put because that is the crux of the book, it is the crux of the process. For me every year the Council of Love has an annual gathering that we call the Sedona Gathering and basically they give us our agenda for the year and over the years, we’ve been doing this now for 16 years, they give us what we’re working on. Well the very first gathering was the gift of the 13th Octave and that has remained the bedrock and the foundation of everything we do with the Council of Love and in our daily lives. To put it really succinctly is the 13th Octave is a process of union within the heart of One. Now prior to that gift being bestowed upon us you had to die, you had to leave your body to have that experience, so this past year when the Council told me that the process for the upcoming year was going to be about the Shift and about Ascension I was very keen but also very curious…how were they going to walk us through this? And especially out of all these years of things they have been teaching us and what happened is finally it was like, you know, sort of like a Rubik’s cube, all of a sudden and it happened after the workshop I channeled and wrote this book following the Sedona Gathering in a very brief space of about a month and it brought all the pieces together of the Council saying “OK we’ve given you a plethora of gifts, God knows, but if you do A B C and D that will get you there” and each piece builds on the previous piece. And so everything that they have been giving us over the course of the years just all of a sudden it made so much human sense, you know Linda sense, so that ok I get it, they’ve been building this foundation and it’s been building and building and building and now if we take, it’s like cherry-picking, these prizes that they have bestowed upon us and if we take them then we’re there. And we’re not talking about a ‘maybe’, if you do this process and you do it from a place of love and heart-centered and you do the reading and you do the meditations it takes you home.

GD: And I want to acknowledge that we’ve been spirits, we’ve incarnated on earth, we’ve been living a human experience, we’ve been exposed to the 3rd dimensional paradigm, illusion if you will, and we’re going through a transition and it takes some patience, it takes prudence, it takes practice, I find myself switching back and forth, I’m much more mindful than I used to be and more in the moment than I used to be, so I’m aware when I’m embodying 3rd dimensional attributes and qualities and it’s a focused intention, commitment to embody these principals and these areas of guidance that the book gets into and one, I don’t remember who said it in the channeling within the book but the more you practice being the 5th or higher, the easier it becomes and I’m finding that.

But there’s something that I really appreciate that is spoken to in the book and that’s ‘be gentle, be gentle with yourself’ and there are so many really great words in here if we can think of words as really capturing the beauty and all the gifts in the book but I see words like ‘forgiveness’ and ‘trust’ and ‘surrender’ and ‘balance’ and ‘joy’ and ‘connectedness’. And speaking about surrender one of the things I really liked and I think this came from Jesus, this is a process of surrendering to, or to Ascend, it’s surrendering to God and to the self and it’s a leap of faith that and I’m paraphrasing here but ‘we are choosing in this process to believe in the miracles of love with no evidence, it’s a complete separation from all we’ve known in this human plane of existence.’ That’s quite a step, I mean it’s completely stepping into the unknown and trusting and surrendering.

LD: It’s huge. And there is that fine balance that we all walk of practicing fortitude, practicing courage, being brave, being temperate, at the same time being really, really gentle and kind with ourselves. If we’re not kind with ourselves, if we’re not gentle with ourselves how can we embody the way that the higher realms interact? And how can we be kind with other people? How can we be kind with other kingdoms? How can we be kind and gentle with Gaia?

GD: There are two things that I wanted to speak to that are really important here and we can get back to, if I cut you off Linda, what you were about to say, and that is to make peace with the 3rd; this isn’t about escaping the 3rd dimension, it’s not about excepting earth, God knows I’ve wanted to get off this walk many times, but this is really about making peace with it and sending blessings to the experiences and the thinking or the beliefs or the idea that we have about the 3rd dimension. And the other piece is to stay connected to Gaia in this process. What do you want to say about those two items?

LD: They are both incredibly important; let’s start with Gaia. If you aren’t connected, if you do not take what we think of as our cord, our red cord that comes out of our root chakra or the bottom of your body, however you envision this or the soles of your feet and anchor deep inside of Gaia, within her heart, then we’re going to be ungrounded and we, especially with all these energies that are being sent to earth and with the last kick at the cat and the people who really want to embrace the chaos and keep the chaos, we won’t be able to manage and stay in that place of our heart center if we aren’t connected with Gaia. The other thing is Gaia is already well underway, she’s already spinning in the 5th dimension, so the sense I get is just as we are reaching down to help people through the Ascension portal, Gaia, with our cords connected to her heart, is reaching down and lifting us up into the 5th, the 6th, the 7th so that connection of staying close to Gaia is not just a choice, it’s part of the essential journey.

GD: And in addition to Gaia there are spirits in human form that are already underway in the Ascension process that have gone into the 5th, 6th,7th, and are also reaching back to also assist humanity.

LD: Yes, and we call those people ‘gatekeepers’ or ‘showers of the way, way showers’ so yes there are absolutely many people now who have already gone through their Ascension process and who are, the visual is that they are reaching back through that portal and pulling somebody up and through, helping them in their process and I think that’s the role that many of us came to do. I know it’s what I came to do.

GD: Well there’s the honoring, too, of where people are and that there’s no judgment, one of the key recommendations here and the guidance that’s strongly offered is to stay out of judgment that we as individuals might feel really clear and really passionate about what’s happening now and the steps to ascend and again the Ascension process is different for everyone and it may not be at the same time. And to your earlier point it’s anticipated that there will be a significant number of people who will jump at the opportunity at the last minute and so the process is very different for everybody.

LD: And it’s unique to each person and that is part of the new paradigm that we’re working within, is really that deep honoring of each person’s path, their choices and their free will. So I remember when I first started channeling and I would, you know, I wanted to share everything I was hearing, everything that was going on and I wanted the people that I loved and cared about to believe, to buy in, to share what I thought was this phenomenal experience and I still do, I do not have one single day when I do not have a big ‘wow!’ But I was driving people crazy and even worse I think I was driving them away from me because I was so excited and I wanted them to buy into what I knew to be true. So yes, in this Ascension process each of us is going to have our own unique experience. But there are some fundamentals like anchoring with Gaia, like uniting in the heart of One and the reason that that is so important is if you do that you’re floating down instead of climbing the ladder up; so there are some things that we share.

GD: Well I think when working with other people. I think it’s important to listen and give people an opportunity to share and be available should they have questions and be really tuned into their comfort level and where they’re at and just respect that we’re all on different journeys even though the collective experience might be similar for a lot of people. And I think and expect that as the energies continue to come to earth, as the light continues to grow people will continue to awaken and they’ll likely think back to a conversation that we may have had within a month ago and come back and say “hey, you know that thing you were talking about about a month ago, tell me about that again” and there’s the opportunity to continue that dialogue.

Linda about a year ago, and it wasn’t just a year ago, but I was feeling a huge desire to get the heck out of here and I just was done with this whole 3rd dimensional experience and wanted to get off earth and go back home and for me it was about escape – how do I get out of here? – and I just want to reconnect to this important piece of advise about making peace with the 3rd, it’s not about escape and I guess I just wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about that. For me it’s about finding joy in the process and finding meaning in the process even if it feels hard. It’s hard to think about 20,000 kids a day starving; it’s hard to think that we are still experiencing genocide and war and I don’t need to go down that path, there are many examples of the illusion that we’re leaving, it’s very difficult and it can be hard initially to find peace with that and bless it until I take a higher perspective and recognize that there are roles that people are playing, that the dark is actually serving and that we know the light when we experience dark, it helps us experience contrast, it helps us make decisions and helps with our growth and our expansion. Then I can start to get to a place of blessing the experience, blessing the 3rd, and then I can get to a place of coming to peace with it. So it’s been a really pleasant and helpful process to go through. Is there anything else you’d like to say around that?

LD: Yeah, I can’t emphasize how important it is to make peace with the 3rd and as you said it’s not about running away, it’s not about escaping and believe you me, I’ve certainly gone through periods of my life when I just thought “this is ridiculous, what am I doing here, I should have taken my exit point when I had it…and I’ve had several…” but what I’m also seeing and maybe it will help our listeners tonight to hear some of this is that I do individual readings, as you know, and I have my ‘law of three’ when I start to witness a theme and I’m seeing a lot of people who have had issues, financial issues or a lot of IRS issues and think about it, you know, the policeman of certainly many countries because there are all kinds of forms of taxation, just or unjust it doesn’t matter what, issues of money and we saw that in the financial collapse really, certainly of our stock markets, of our financial systems, we’re seeing it in Europe. So we’re seeing this disillusion and we’re seeing this disillusion because that’s what’s happening; the old 3rd as the Council calls it is falling apart, you can’t rely on it but it’s not a matter of distaining it and it certainly isn’t a matter of judging it because all of us at some point have participated in this illusion. So it’s a matter of being again that gentle, kind, forgiving being and allowing that sense of peace. Now sometimes making peace with the 3rd is going to feel hard because there are certain things that you’ve experienced in your life that you’re now blessing and letting go. So sometimes it’s a destructive relationship or a non-fulfilling relationship or a job that isn’t truly what you are supposed to be doing or what your heart desires to create, maybe it’s making some financial resolution, but it is definitely that sense of peace, ‘I am reaching resolution with what the 3rd has been.’ And as we do it individually we’re also doing it for the collective. So it can be making peace with an illness or a dis-ease you’ve had and letting it go and I can hear the listeners, I can hear you saying “there is nothing I would like more than to let go of my dis-ease.” So go into your hearts, ask your guides, ask Archangel Raphael, ask St. Germaine to help you let go of that, bring in what we call the Pink Diamond energy which is the image and the essence of your wholeness. As you work with that, that peace with the 3rd is going to become easier and easier. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the rent anymore; what it means is that you reach a place where you can pay the rent in peace and without judgment of either the landlord or yourself.

GD: I really like what you said Linda, as we heal ourselves and find peace within ourselves, that has a ripple effect to the rest of the world, it’s really important to remember. The book is chock-full of all kinds of tools and guidance for going through this process and obviously we’re having a condensed conversation within this short period of an hour here to touch upon some of these things. We’re talking about the attributes that are important to embody to help us with the Ascension process. So staying in balance is key; the book talks about and offers suggestions and guidance for staying in balance, the book talks about how to stay in joy, keep vibrations high, the book talks about patience and prudence and not getting caught up in the drama because that’s a 3rd dimensional experience. It also talks about following our hearts and all the wisdom that we know and all the guidance that we know is within us and I thought that was really important as well.

LD: It’s the bedrock and it’s the bedrock of the teaching of the Council and it comes from that place of love. But first and foremost, don’t look to anyone outside of you, not to the Council of Love, not to Graham, not to Linda, look to your own heart and not to the surface of ‘I want’ or ‘I feel’ but really go inside and see what’s sitting there and what you want to create and what your heart has been telling you. Your heart is the final arbiter for everything you do and if your heart is saying ‘no, this isn’t right’ even though you think ‘oh maybe I should do it or maybe it will help’ don’t do it. And when your heart tells you ‘go for it, go do it now, go do it yesterday’ then you listen and you follow that guidance because that’s our internal compass, it’s the equipment, just like the joy, that we came with to help us through this process of realignment, of realigning, that’s the entire purpose of our life is realigning, putting ourselves beyond choice into that alignment with the mind, the heart, the will of One.

GD: And it’s connecting to our hearts and connecting to our selves where we can connect to what we are passionate about and I think it was Mother Mary in the book who was encouraging us to take actions that you are passionate about, do what excites you, what makes you smile and laugh and what helps you feel good and if you’re not passionate about something, then why do it? And take a risk, speak up about this and process and what’s happening in the world. It’s good advice.

LD: Yeah, not to be strident but to be enthusiastic, to share what we know and to share without that fear of being judged or being thought different, crazy, woo-woo, out there; it’s what we’re here to do, it’s where if you’re thinking about things like Ascension and more and more I hardly know anyone who isn’t and I’m not talking about just lightworkers, I’m talking about the guy down the street who just says “you know, I just feel like things are changing” and when you share a tid-bit, not overwhelm but just a tid-bit about what you’ve been feeling or thinking or what you’ve been reading, what you’ve been observing…

GD: It’s the floodgates for a discussion.

LD: Yeah, it starts to open that door.

GD: One of the things I really liked about the book Linda is there’s a really great description about the different dimensions. So if someone wants to learn about ‘well what happens in the 1st dimension and the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th on up?’ do you go as high as the 12th I’m trying to remember?

LD: Yes I do, they do.

GD: And we hear a lot about the 5th dimension and that’s where love and joy is the theme and so the 5th dimension is where we’re headed but it doesn’t stop there and so embodying the 5th dimension now, embodying the 5th dimensional qualities and attributes now. Is there one channeling tied to Ascension in the book that you really connect with and resonate with?

LD: It’s in the final chapter where they really talk about what lies ahead and it’s, you know, we’ve gone through the Ascension and what lies ahead, what does our new world look like? What does it feel like? What does it promise us? And it touches me because I think it’s the energy to keep us going. I want to read this:

“These are the watchwords for the coming year, patience, prudence, passion and action.
If you do not know, if you do not know which way to turn (and this comes from Universal
Mother Mary) turn directly to me I will help you. That is my greatest joy, that is my passion.
I am prudent not to interfere, but the unfoldment of the plan is at hand. You must mingle
amongst people and take the risk to express what you know to be true, to share in the
light, the light in your way, not in mine, but also in ways that are prudent enough for
people to hear you. We have enormous faith, confidence, trust, belief in you; that is
why we are in partnership forever. Let us proceed with great joy and passion.”

And that to me just sums it up that we’re going to this place, but the point is to extend our hands and our hearts to our friends, our neighbors and the guy in the street that we don’t know and invite them to come along. You know, if the circus was coming to town or some famous, you know, well our star brothers and sisters, we would invite our friends to come and see and to witness the miracle. And this is part of it, this is the miracle, this is the plan that we’ve been waiting for, this is the gift, this is what we’ve been building to.

GD: And the road to Ascension, the Ascension path is full of all kinds of wonderful gifts and blessings and there are bumps along the road and this is a guide book, it’s a reference, a resource to assist us on this path as we come to this place of greater consciousness and joy and love and peace as the theme. So Linda, I appreciate all of your work in getting this book out, you just got it on the shelves within the last couple of months, right?

LD: Yep! And I want to say, because I know we’re coming to a close and I want to pick up on what you just said, it’s not always smooth, it’s not always easy. What we’re doing together and individually, each and every one of you, is work and at times it feels a lot more like work that joy, but don’t give up. And if it means going back and rereading a passage or going back and redo the meditations again and again because it builds the energy, but don’t give up. You’re already under way.

GD: Well said. How do people order the book?

LD: Oh! Good question. They go online, it’s through Amazon and you can buy it in hardback or you can buy it in Kindle, I also have a website that is called The Great Awakening, if you go to the Council of Love’s website – – and click on The Great Awakening you can order it there. And I want to share with everybody, we had a debate when we were publishing this book, where to put the instructions for the downloads for the audio meditations…dear friends they are on page 190, they are free, they are part of the cost of the book which I very purposely kept cheap so that everybody could buy it, so that everybody could do this. So yes, it’s available, Amazon, CreateSpace and on the website.

GD: It’s a great book, I encourage everyone to pick it up, it’s certainly timely and a very helpful tool. Thanks so much Linda.

LD: Thank you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss this with you and with everybody here tonight.

GD: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

LD: Bye.