So, in this reawakening of joy is also the reawakening, the reclaiming in this wondrous time of Transition the ability, the allowing of receiving. It is not just about letting go, it is not just about clearing, it is about receiving and creating and recreating and demonstrating to your fellow human beings what is possible.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, author of The Great Awakening
and the Council of Love, I’m GD. Our guest today is the Universal Mother Mary. Hi Linda.

LD: Welcome Graham and welcome to everybody else to this nice Thursday afternoon-night-early evening as we head into the end of the week.

GD: We’re chugging into June already, can you believe it?

LD: I can’t believe it, I was just saying to Patricia, my assistant, that I can’t believe I’m looking at the calendar and I’m still in February….I guess time…(talking over each other)

GD: …does that mean you’re getting 100° days already? Not 100° but it’s getting hot isn’t it?

LD: Awfully close, yep. And right now in Florida we’re in a tropical depression so everything is sort of gray and misty and very close.

GD: Ah, gotcha, gotcha. Would you like to do a meditation?

LD: I’d would, I really would. So let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of blue and let’s make it that perfect blue of twilight as the end of day moves into night, what the French call L‘Heure Bleue when the Purkinie shift begins to brighten everything. And relax, and let go of the day and the week and just allow yourself to be in this wonderful sacred space, this wonderful space that we are sharing today with Universal Mother Mary and feel all the shades of blue that are meaningful to you to begin to surround you. So breathe in the blue sky and the blue of the ocean, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Caribbean, breathe in delphinium and blueberries, forget-me-nots and just allow yourself to drift as if you were up in that sky of blue twilight simply drifting across a sky as the beginning of the stars come out. Today we’re going to go deeper into our hearts and take a little journey with our Mother, our Universal Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine energy.

As you drift along that twilight sky, as you drift into midnight in the Milky Way, your body becoming lighter and lighter and feeling the freedom of your expanded self. I want you to travel back with me in time as we roll that calendar back, back through current time and current space, back through your 20’s and your teens, just allow this to happen because we exist in all time and space reality.

Come back, come back to the time when you were a child and don’t spend time judging or even trying to discern what those years were like. Come back with me, back to infancy. Go deeper into your heart, deeper into your core and together let’s drift back to before earth, before form, back to that time when you were sheer energy, thinking and planning with the Council of Love and your guides about this upcoming journey, about this journey to earth during this time of miraculous change, during this time of the Shift. Allow yourself to drift again and as you do so feel the energy of our sacred Divine Mother, feel the love, feel that overwhelming sense of nurturing and the knowing of your perfection, your wholeness in the heart and the mind of the Mother. Allow yourself to bask in it, to languish in it and allow yourself to open and receive this unconditional love, this full appreciation of who you are. And let it fill you.

Now feel the guides and the guardian angels that surround you and their sense of wonder and awe at who you are; at your bravery, your courage, your sense of adventure and your deep sense of service and commitment to our Mother as you are going to begin this journey of re-incarnation of another life. And open your heart wider and feel and receive that love. Now let’s bring this forward regardless of the experience that you have had with your earthly journey, with this incarnation, with this earthly mother. Let’s bring that sense of complete unconditional love forward. So drift with me again and feel yourself entering into form, not through the birth experience but into that tiny infant’s body. And carry that love with you and breathe and allow; you’ve never been separated from it.

And as you drift across the midnight sky, as you race by the Milky Way feel yourself getting older carrying that love through childhood, into your teens, into the growing awareness of who you are, who you really are, into your 20’s and if you’re older carry it into your 30’s, your 40’s, your 50’s and onward. The love of the Mother never varies, it never wavers. And as you are carrying this feel that whatever wounds, whatever longings, whatever transpired with your earthly mother is healed and the love that you shared with her in whatever form is amplified.

Now feel yourself back in that twilight sky and feeling that presence of the love of our Divine Mother, that nurturing, hopeful, amazing trust in you, the confidence in knowing that you can do what you came for and that you can create and be and find your joy. Let that sink deeply into every pore and fiber of your being. Now also feel that energy of the Diving Feminine within you. It does not matter whether we are masculine or feminine each of us carries that energy, each of us holds and transmits that energy. So let that blossom within your heart right now like a beautiful rare red rose and breathe it in and feel the beauty of who you are and the perfection and the love that you have to share. And then when you’re ready find yourself relaxing in your perfect spot, conscious yet joyful. And then we will continue. Thank you, Graham.

GD: Well that was beautiful Linda, thank you. Before we bring on Universal Mother Mary you have something that’s kind of neat with the book right now.

LD: Well I do, talk about a change of pace, right? OK I’ll put my two feet on the ground…

GD: I’m thinking about how we do that with tact and grace…

LD: That’s ok because what I wanted to talk about tonight is actually kind of fun. Yes you’re right. I have recently written a book that many of the listeners are aware of called The Great Awakening. And I think that at some point we are going to discuss this on the air and that really isn’t the purpose of what we’re doing right now. But when I wrote the book, it’s a channeled book with many meditations and a process – 8 Steps to Ascension – and it’s straight forward, it’s readable, it’s accessible. But my purpose in writing it and particularly in writing it at this time, the Council actually writing it, was to let everybody on earth and I know that’s a big order, but to have everybody on earth have the opportunity to have this method of Ascension because it’s really straightforward and simple and it’s joyful and it’s fun and it’s fulfilling and it works. So in order to get broader circulation of this book The Great Awakening, what I’m doing is I am holding a contest and the contest is really simple and it is posted on my website which is

And basically what I’m doing is if you’ve read the book and if you haven’t you still have a chance to read the book because I’m not closing the contest until July 1st. But if you read the book and write a very brief, heartfelt review on which is where the book is sold, for a very, very cheap, reasonable price including all the audio downloads, is that I will put your name in a hat and what I’m going to do out of the people who write the review, I’m going to choose 3 lucky winners and give them the prize that is a one half hour reading with the Council of Love. And of course when you can get that reading, when you win that contest is that it will be up to you to decide who you want the reading with; whether it’s with Mother Mary or Archangel Michael or your own guides, it doesn’t matter. So this is my incentive program to get the word out so that people can begin this Ascension process. You and I, Graham, have talked about this, here we are already in June and we’re on the rapid train to December, 2012. And so I am trying to reach as many people, as much of humanity as I can, so this is one of the ways in which I’ve been guided by the Council to do it. So, write a review, 5 words, a paragraph, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s from your heart and let me know and you stand a chance of winning a free reading.

Terrific. Wonderful. Shall we bring on Universal Mother Mary?

LD: I think that’s a great idea. Just let me get out of the way and let me say that one of the themes that Mary started talking to me about for today’s show, today’s program, had a lot to do with joy, an awful lot to do with joy. And the gifts that she’s bringing forward today are three-fold; and first is her Cloak of Invisibility and then her Golden Cloak of Joy and her Golden Veil of Joy. Now I want to just talk a little bit and then we will come back after, about the Cloak of Invisibility because this is something that I have worked with a lot. Now when Mary, in an earlier program gave us the Gift of Removal and you will all remember that, it’s when you let go of something and then bring something back into your heart that you’re wanting to bring back into your life or to create, she briefly spoke about the Cloak of Invisibility but I think because the energy of the Gift of Removal was so intense we sort of glanced over it. But the Gift of Invisibility, that Cloak of Invisibility and let me tell you, this was a decade before Harry Potter was ever written, but it’s exactly the same idea, is you can put on this cloak and literally you become invisible. Now, I had my questions about this and it’s a great cloak to put yourself in, particularly during this time of Transition when we feel that there are days or times when we just really want to be left alone and want to be by ourselves to do our integration or to feel whatever’s coming up in the trough. Well, I travel a fair bit when I’m going across the country to do workshops but I also use that travel time on the plane to either do preparation or to just ‘veg out’ and do recovery. Well the first time after Mary had given us this gift of the Cloak of Invisibility I was coming home, I think I was coming back to Canada at the time, to Niagara where I lived, from California and I was lucky enough to be in the middle seat between two women of roughly the same age and normally these would be women that I would chat with and share information with but I, after a workshop I tend to be pretty exhausted, so I got into my seat and I put on Mary’s Cloak of Invisibility and I just settled in quietly and thought ‘you know, this is going to be the time when Mary fills me and the Council renews me so that when I get home I’m ready to go.’ Well let me tell you, the entire trip these two gals got into a heck of a conversation, back and forth they talked, it was a direct flight, back in the ‘good old days’ when they had direct flights, but they talked back and forth pretty much non-stop for 3-4 hours and it was as if I simply was not there, they didn’t see me, they didn’t observe me. When the air person, the service person came along and she offered these girls’ drinks and dinner and what have you and she never even looked at me to offer me anything, not even peanuts.

GD: Were your eyes closed?

LD: So this is a miraculous gift that when you are in that place, either because you are not feeling safe or you just need to go into your cocoon that you use. So with that…

GD: Did you look like you were sleeping?

LD: They didn’t see me.

GD: They just didn’t see you? That’s really neat.

LD: They simply didn’t see me. It wasn’t like I was sleeping, because I was reading my book, I was relaxing, I was looking around. No, they simply didn’t see me.

GD: How about that. I was on a plane flight years ago and I always…I can’t remember if it’s the 2 or 3 seat aisle but I was sitting near the window, I think it was a 2 seat aisle and a woman came and sat next to me and just started having a general conversation, and as I was talking, about 15-20 minutes or so into it, this has never happened to me before, I turned around and was talking and looked at her and she had put one of the blue blankets over her head and body and I totally got the message, you know me I’m not an obnoxious, space invader kind of guy but apparently she needed some down time, quiet time and that was her way of telling me and the rest of the world that that was what was going to happen. But next time I see her which will probably won’t happen, but I can tell her about Mary’s Cloak of Invisibility.

LD: And in fact, Mary’s Cloak of Invisibility is blue like her cloak. So there you go, she was practicing it. So let me move aside…

UMM: Greetings I AM Mary.

GD: Welcome.

UMM: Welcome sweet angels of light, angels of hope, angels of change, children of my heart, children of my soul. And I welcome all of you here this day and I wish to fill you first with my love that you will come to know me, not as some distant goddess or deity, some ascended energy, but as the Mother who loves you, who cherishes you, who cherishes all of you. Not bits and pieces, not aspects, not what you so often deem as ‘good behavior’, but all of you because every particle of your being is completely loved and lovable. And my beloved ones I want you to know that you are love.

I give you this day my Cloak of Invisibility and yes it is my blue cloak, it is the velvet cloak of blue and yes there are times when you wrap yourself within my cloak and I pick you up and I put you in my arms to nurture and restore you that you may simply rest there until you are healed, until you sweet angel are prepared to continue on. The journey of life and particularly of this life and this journey is not always easy, is not always straightforward. And there are times in the human experience when you have felt the absence of love. Now this is changing and changing rapidly as each of you are penetrated directly from the Father and my heart and you are coming to fully acknowledge the truth of your being of love. But there are times when you have simply need to rest in my velvet cloak, but there are also times sweet ones when you have need, either for reasons of protection or regeneration, when it is prudent and graceful and intelligent to simply be invisible.

This is not as difficult as you imagine, in fact it is the alchemy of imagination that assists with this; if you allow it to be, it will be. Yes it is useful and I encourage you to use it particularly those of you whose journey and path of service brings you into places of mayhem, of chaos and yes even at times, darkness. Of course you have your sword and shield of my beloved Michael, but there are times when it is simply necessary to disappear and that is when you use my Cloak of Invisibility; do not forget the hood, dear one. Now there are also times when you have been simply exhausted, when you have need for restoration and you do not particularly wish to come and rest in my arms. It is a physical gift, it is a gift that manifests within all dimensions and realities as you choose but particularly very active within the 3rd reality or dimension.

Simply declare your intention, wrap yourself in my cloak of blue velvet, invoke invisibility and let it be. That is all you need to do. When you wish to re-apparite then simply remove the cloak hopefully with gratitude within your heart, certainly regenerated and go about your busy day or business. This is my gift to you. You have utilized this in many ways, in many times, in many lifetimes that you may or may not recall. So I bring it again to the forefront not only of your heart but of your mind, of your intelligence, of your awareness so that you may call on this as you go forward.

Now I also wish to speak to you this day about joy and you have noted, each of you, that this is the theme of creation, of Ascension, of the paradigm shift, of the shift to the consciousness of your heart, to the fulfillment of your dreams and the fulfillment of your mission, the fulfillment of who you are. This journey was never intended to be painful and it certainly was never intended to be anything but hum-drum. I am tired of being known as the Mother of Sorrow. I wish to be known as the Mother of Joy, the Mother of Love, the Mother of One and sweet angel that includes you. Never does that mean that I do not ask you, that I do not beseech you to bring your troubled heart, your grief’s, your sorrow, your dismay and yes at times your disillusionment, your disappointment to me. Of course I do, I am your Mother. But the reason I ask you to bring these illusionary qualities to me is that I may lift you up and restore you, restore your being, your heart, your soul to its natural state of joy.

And yes there is the gently, quiet joy that Gabriel and Sanat Kumara have spoken to you of, the golden pink, the pink gold, but what I wish to speak to you today and to give you from my heart to yours is my Veil of Joy and my veil is accompanied by my cloak, my Golden Cloak of Joy. The ray of joy is gold, in all its magnificent hues and colors. It is bright, it is brilliant, it is subtle, it is soft, it can be the brilliant gold of a harvest moon or the gentle haze of sunset. It matters not. Sometimes my beloved, when you feel joy it is outrageous and explosive and contagious and then there are times when it is silent and deep within, like a burning ember. All facets of joy are equally valuable and important.

Joy is not something that you are going to acquire. Yes you have lived on a planet and in a society, various societies, where acquisition has been a norm. That is not my purpose in bringing my gifts to you today; it is to simply reignite and to help you remember the joy deep within you, the joy that is reflected in my heart to yours and back again throughout the entire universe. It is who you are and yes, many of us have said but I repeat once more…joy is not simply happiness. My beloved ones, as you move and most of you already have, you need to understand that, you are already occupying the 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th dimensions and in that you are joyful, you are not reactive. So you are not happy about this or that or unhappy about this or that. You carry the presence of joy and it is the starting and the finishing point of creation and partnership with us. So this is not simply a casual element that you may or may not choose to embrace. It is the core of who you are and what you utilize to create Nova Earth and your own sweet Nova self.

Often in your art I am portrayed with a cloak of blue and that is the essence of my being, but I am also surrounded by brilliant golden stars and there are times in the magnificence of what you think of as the Company of Heaven when my cloak is brilliant gold and it shines brightly throughout many universes for all to see. And that is particularly true during this time of Ascension when there is so much to celebrate. This is the time of the unfoldment of my plan and of your plan sweet angel, sweet child of my heart. This is not simply a plan that is laid upon you. Is it eternal? Yes. Is it infinite? Yes. But your part within it is also eternal and infinite. So what I wish for you to do and what I wish to assist you with is the deep, complete reawakening of joy. It follows the Universal Law of Above and Below, of Mirroring, of Within and Without. Sometimes with the density of energy, with the tiredness of waiting, of saying to me “Mother, when?” you become leery and you forget the joy that burns within you. And so I place my Cloak of Joy, my golden cloak upon your shoulders and I surround you with this cloak, I wrap you in it. Now take a moment my beloved ones and feel the warmth of my sunset, feel the warmth of that joy reigniting, bursting forward within your heart, within your throat, within your solar plexus, within your tummy. Let me do this with and for you. It is not simply the quiet joy, it is the outrageous joy, it is the golden laughter, it is the song of the seraphim, it is the light that has birthed universes.

Now because as a human race, as my sweet humans, as my children that have learned to live so much within your mental and emotional bodies I also wish to place my Golden Veil upon your head. And why do I do this? I do this because too often your thoughts are not of joy and that transmits to your emotional body, to your physical body and you allow doubt and fear and lack, which are illusions, to creep in. So this is my gentle silk, my gauze, my veil to shield you from such thoughts and to penetrate you and it is also helping with the activation of your pituitary, your pineal and the spheres of your brain.

And my gauzy golden veil again is embossed with golden stars that you also remember your star heritage, your star brothers and sisters and the help, the assistance and the incredible love that is given to you from that realm and that dimension. There is not one of you who has not spent at least one life in what you think of as the stars, as the distant planetary systems. It is from that experience, it is from that breadth of understanding of the journey of the soul that you bring compassion and joy, wisdom and courage to the planet. Yes many of you are earth keepers but also many of you are star beings, star seeds, and many of you are simply angels but you are also, always incarnations from distant planes. And this will help you not only recollect that part of your memory that has been perhaps closed or hidden from you, that you have hidden from you…let me be clear about that, it will also activate and send telegraphic, telepathic messages to your star brothers and sisters. It will open that connection, it will increase your awareness.

But it is also to assist you with your mental body, with the stray thoughts that sometimes will still plague you. Do not fall into judgment my beloved ones; simply feel my veil caress your head, your hair, your face, your shoulders. Wrap yourself, encase yourself in my veil and cloak and allow the joy that is mine and that is yours and that is the Fathers and the universes to be yours. And from that place of joyous wisdom and knowing open your heart, open your heart sweet ones to receive, yes to receive my love but also to receive the gifts that the Father and I wish to bestow upon you. Each of you is selfless, you have mastered giving and you have done so since a very young age and that is born of your innate knowing of who you are and that you came to serve and to make a difference and to assist humanity and Gaia in this Ascension process. And for this I embrace you, I thank you, I commend you; I could not even begin to tell you how proud I am of you, of each of you. But in the balance would you deny us the opportunity to co-create with thee? To bestow upon you not only our gifts but what your heart desires as well? Of course not. You have never denied me. So, in this reawakening of joy is also the reawakening, the reclaiming in this wondrous time of Transition the ability, the allowing of receiving. It is not just about letting go, it is not just about clearing, it is about receiving and creating and recreating and demonstrating to your fellow human beings what is possible. So with my cloak and veil around you, receive the gift of this balance, of your ability in joy to both give and to receive with glee, with gratitude, with giggles and laughter. And yes, sometimes with tears but of gladness, of deep final recognition of who you are and how deeply you are loved and cherished and honored. We are in the sacred union, not only in partnership but of family. And in that balance, sweet ones, there has need always to give and receive. You give me so much every day, your unqualified service, your love, your commitment, your actions, your behavior, let me bless you.

Now let me be clear as we draw to an end, my cloak of gold, my veil of diaphanous gold embossed with golden stars is not simply a symbol, it is a replica. It is a material gift for you to have and hold always. Go with my love and go in peace and outrageous joy. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thank you so much.

Channeled by Linda Dillon