…because tonight we’re working with a group of energies, ascended energies, that come from distant, ancient planets and who work with our chakra systems…they heal, they build, they construct, they are here to help us with our Ascension process…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I’m GD. Our guests tonight are the Healers of Tralana and the Halion Engineers. Welcome Linda.

LD: Hi Graham, hi everybody. I’m glad to be back and yeah, we have a new venture tonight into an area we haven’t really talked about before on Heavenly Blessings or on any other show for that matter. So, thanks for having me.

GD: That’s right, we’ve had a theme of Archangels and Heavenly Realm and this is a bit of a break from that. What would you like to start with tonight?

LD: I’d like to start with a meditation and then I’d like to talk a little about my experience with each of these groups, the Healers of Tralana and the Halion Engineers, and channel them as well and have room for your questions and for some discussion.

GD: Perfect.

LD: So let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of the deepest blue you can imagine or that you’ve ever seen. It’s the blue of the deep Atlantic, of Atlantis, of the midnight sky, the deepest, darkest blue pansy or iris and feel yourself breathing in through your nose and releasing the day, the week, we’re almost done, and follow your breath and feel your energy sinking down into your heart. And feel that relaxation come on in as you follow your awareness, your energy and your love into your heart. But because tonight we’re working with a group of energies, ascended energies, that come from distant, ancient planets and who work with our chakra systems, take a moment and simply feel yourself centered into your central column. Keep breathing blue as you feel your chakras open and balance starting at your root with the beautiful ruby red, up to your pubic area with the color of rich red clay, up to your creative center, to your sacral, to your tummy, to the orange, to your umbilical, the color of honey or maple syrup. Up to your solar plexus, to the seat of your will, your hara, your power and feel and taste and see and perceive that beautiful yellow, daffodils and buttercups. Now up again to the bottom of your sternum, to the bottom of your rib cage, and this is the color of halion, and this is the color of a midnight sky and teal shot through with the emerald and turquoise and a tinge of lavender and open. Up to your beautiful emerald heart and again breath blue into your green and feel the love and thank yourself for giving yourself this time tonight. Up to your high heart to the color of siroun, the color of peach skin, peach fuzz, the perfect sunset. Up to your collar bones, to that hollow between your collar bones, the color of lurion; these are all our colors from our star brothers and sisters, pale blue, ashen blue, pink and mauve. Now up to your throat, to the blue, up to your fourth eye between your brows; this is the color of grayelsha, this is one of your centers of vision and sight, it is the color of gasoline on water, all the rays of silver, lavender, of grays; to your third eye of magenta and up to your beautiful violet crown. And feel yourself open and balanced and available not only to hear and to listen tonight to the gifts that our beloved friends from Tralana and Halion have to offer us, but to also bring into you and experience those gifts as we take this little journey together.

One of the things I wanted to mention Graham is that I had a little, wonderful back and forth with one of our listeners last week, over the past week. And I felt it important to share with our listeners a little bit about my process; when we enter this sacred space even when I’m not quote/unquote “channeling” which means that the Ascended Beings are speaking through me, using my voice box, I enter into that space where I am channeling, where I am being directed by divine guidance. So when we’re talking it’s not just Linda Dillon and her theories and opinions, although I love to share those, I really enjoy having the opportunity to share my experiences with all of you; but I’m also sharing with you with the Council of Love, what that huge umbrella body has directed me to share with you.

GD: Well this show, from my perspective, offers so many opportunities to share from a personal perspective, you, me, and then there’s that whole collaborative team which you have with the Council of Love which is rich and diverse. So I think any time, from my perspective, any time that you are talking and sharing it’s so valuable.

LD: Thank you. So, shall we get started?

GD: Sounds good.

LD: I want to talk first about the Healers of Tralana and I’m going to jump forward and then I’m going to jump back, I’m going to tell you about what I know about the Healers of Tralana and how I met them and how I’ve worked with them over the years and then how they work with each of you. And then I’d like to step aside and let them speak directly to you.

Tralana and Halion as well, by the way, are planets well outside our solar system, our galaxies that had the experience of evolving to sheer energy. So what happened in each of those cases, each experience being slightly different but never the less, they evolved collectively, both the planet and every body and every thing upon the planet evolved to a place of such love, of such enlightenment that they ascended. And in that ascension they released their form, they released the form of the planet and they released the form of their bodies, the Tralanian’s bodies, and all the other kingdoms, as we would think of them here on Earth, released their form. And they became this consciousness, this mass of energy that travels the universes (plural) to do healing work. That’s the mission that they collectively decided upon; that was their new mission and purpose, and that’s what they do. That’s what they decided was their gift not only to the universe, to Mother-Father-One, Source, All, however we think of that, but it was also their determination, from their experience, what was most needed and what they could most offer as they travel throughout the universe.

I first encountered the Healers of Tralana probably about 20 years ago. I was invited to Mexico to do a workshop, to do a class and I took full advantage and so had arrived a couple of days early because at that time I lived in eastern Canada so I wanted to get rid of my jet-lag and get acclimatized and really take advantage of the beautiful oceans and seas and the climate. So I was sitting on the edge of the cliff facing the ocean one morning doing my meditation and as all of us I’m sure have experienced, there are times when we are looking out to the ocean and we see these sparkles of light. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation but we’re not going there tonight. But we see these sparkles of light dancing not on the waves but above the waves and it can happen on an ocean, it can happen on a lake, sometimes it just happens when you are looking outside and what I’ve noticed is it’s happening more and more, and I’m sure many of you have as well. It also happens sometimes when you’re looking at snow, you’ll see these sparkles in the air and these sparkles can be gold or silver or white or copper or bronze or pinkish-gold and they are phenomenal. So there I am in my meditation, my morning meditation, looking out to the ocean and enjoying just the light show and this collective of sparkles starts talking to me. Another way to think of it is literally thousands of tiny, tiny orbs, of dots of light, and they declared themselves “We are the Healers of Tralana” and I was aghast; I said “Oh, ok, hi!”. And at that time I certainly was not involved in healing work and didn’t consider myself a healer, I was still very much wedded to the fact that I was a channel; of course St. Germaine tells us that to be a channel, a teacher and a healer are all one in the same. But as I began to engage with these light bodies they lifted up more and more off the ocean and just came to me and surrounded me and started this conversation that they wanted us to know, us the collective of humanity, to know that they were here and that they were available to us and that they were here to help.

How the Healers of Tralana work, these are very powerful, I mean think of them, these are Enlightened Beings who have evolved to sheer energy; phenomenal. How they work, and they work as a collective, very rarely have any of them ever assumed form, and I’ll talk about that as an aside in a moment, but what they do and how they work with us is they come in by invitation through our throat chakra. So through just below where your Adams apple is and your lower throat chakra which I was talking about earlier which is that hollow spot at the base of your neck, so you open this area up, your throat chakras area and you invite them in and you are filled, and it feels tingly or sparkly, you are filled with this healing energy. The thing about the Healers of Tralana is they absolutely need no direction; all they need is your invitation. And so they come inside your being, and when I say your being or your body I mean not only your physical body but all of your fields, your expanded auric fields, your mental, your emotional, your causal, etc. and they work on you and they heal whatever may be out of balance. And when the job is done, and they determine that, they simply fly out of your throat chakra and continue on out into the universe to the next task. And their healing abilities are nothing short of amazing, miraculous, phenomenal, the list would go on and it’s so easy.

Well in preparation for this show and in light of what Archangel Michael has shared with us on An Hour With An Angel on Monday night, this time, this time of transition, we all know that we are preparing for Ascension, that we are already in the Ascension process, but right now we are also being flooded directly with love and energy, those words are interchangeable, from the heart of One, from Mother-Father God. And what the Healers of Tralana and the Halion Engineers have asked and are offering is to also help us in this transition for Ascension for each and every one of us because there are billions and billions and billions of them. Think of the number of molecules there would be if Earth and all of us just turned into molecules of light. But they will come within us and surround us and stay with us if we ask them to and help us with our healing and adjustments for Ascension.

Now my take on this, and Graham you may have a point of view in this, is that what the higher realms are doing and helping us with is that they’re saying “stop worrying about this business of Ascension and whether or not you are going to make it, and how are we going to reach 6 billion people, relax and we’re going to help you in ways that are so straight forward and easy.” When I was reflecting on that earlier today, really at the crack of dawn, it hit me and I realized that this offer began a few weeks ago with Universal Mother Mary coming on and saying to us “here, give me your 3rd dimensional self and I will give you back your 5th to 7th dimensional self.” So this is another piece of the help that is being given to us.

GD: What dimension are they from?

LD: They were chatting with me as I was preparing for the program and they said “you can find us”, because you know as human beings they laugh and they say “well we’re not in your dimension” but then they laugh they said “well within the realm of human experience you will find us in the 8th dimension and also in the 12th dimension.” They explained that the 8th dimension because what they are doing, healing is a form of creation, of re-creation, of bringing back to original form and blueprint, and that’s one of the parallels with the Halion Engineers; so we’ll find them in the 8th dimension of creation but we will also find them in the purity and the grace of wholeness of the 12th dimension.


LD: So what I thought we would do is I will step aside because they are telling me that they want to do the exercise to bring this energy into people. So, everybody who’s listening relax and open your throat chakra if this is an invitation that you want to extend or to accept. And I’m just going to step aside…

GD: Great. Thanks Linda.

LD: Thank you.

Healers of Tralana (HT): We are Tralana.

GD: Welcome.

HT: Welcome to you, welcome to all of you. Yes you know us as healers but we are beings, we are light beings, we are orbs of light, sparkles of joy, essence of love, a unified field of consciousness and we are pleased to announce ourselves to so many in this way. You have known and seen us your entire life and you have felt our joyous presence particularly when you were innocent as children. As you have gotten older too often you have looked at something and ignored the significance. Now we can say this to you as will our brothers and sisters of Halion because we know what it is to be in form and to go through this process of Ascension. Now we made the choice, but it was made over a very long period of time, to ascend into sheer energy, back into the form of One and then to jump back out again as a unified field to conduct healing on behalf of One throughout many universes. But we also tell you that much of our energy at this juncture, at this time, is focused upon the human race and upon Gaia. We have worked for eons with the various kingdoms and with the planet herself, so they are very familiar with us. You see us sometimes dancing in the leaves of trees, yes of course on the water. We are not elementals, as you think of; we are the Healers of Tralana.

Before we released our form over a space of about what you would think of as a couple of million years we went through our Ascension process much the same as you are doing right now and in our collective memory we remember not only the joy, the ecstasy, the bliss that came while we were in form because it was not until later that we relinquished form altogether. But we also collectively remember the struggle to let go of illusion, of what you tend to think of as individuality, of ego, of the sweetness of physical experience because yes, we were physical beings as well; not so different than yourself. You would be surprised my dear friends to know how common the humanoid or the variation on humanoid form is; you are certainly not alone in the universe or in the multi-verse. But our desire and what we learned individually and collectively was that healing was the key to Ascension; it was the key to reuniting completely and forever in one field. It did not negate in any way who we are and that is why we play as dots of light, of energy dancing before your eyes in the myriad of colors just like the stars do.

Our gift to you is healing that is exceptionally rapid and can help you relinquish not only your own obstacles but what we would call your collective obstacles so that you are truly free to receive all that is your divine birthright and all that is being sent to you right now by the Mother-Father-One, by the Source core energy. Yes as the channel has said, we do this by entering through your throat chakra and do not worry there are many of us; she has said billions but you may square that.

I ask of you, we ask of you to close your eyes and simply relax and if you perceive our sparkling waltz or our jitterbug in front of your closed eyes, your vision, this is wondrous. But simply open your chakra of your beautiful indigo blue and allow us to help you. We will stay with you, it is our commitment to heal you, so we will stay with you until our job is done. Now sometimes we will do this in waves because your physical form or your emotional body is only prepared to handle so much. We will leave if we feel that you are at that precipice but we ask of you, we invite you, we give you the freedom to invite us back as often as you desire. We will not come unless invited and it is as simple as saying “I invoke the Healers of Tralana”. We can adjust anything, your heritage, your past lives, your current lives, your emotional, mental, physical, causal, astral blockages, it does not matter; all you need to say is “Please.” And like all beings throughout the universe, we always appreciate ‘thank you’.

Sweet Graham, do you have questions of us?

GD: I heard you mention that you can adjust anything and I’m wondering what needs the most attention right now for humanity, if you were to identify a theme?

HT: It is the emotional body, it is the eradication of fear, what we see is that as anxious, excited as the human beings are eager to go forward whether you call it Shift, Ascension, going home, it does not matter, we really understand what you were talking about, but there is a fear, there is a fear of losing identity, of uniqueness, and there is a fear of letting go, which we also understand, of what is known. So the fear is ‘I am letting go of who I am, of the world, of my planet, of my relationships, of my day-to-day existence as I know it, and I am going in faith into the unknown.’ And it does not matter how much you read, how much we tell you or share, dear hearts this is a leap of faith; so it is this fear of loss and it is also a fear of failure. It is ‘what if I do everything I know how to do and I don’t make it?’ And the fear is that it will destroy you, that you have had enough pain in enough lifetimes and that you simply cannot bear any more disappointment or let-down. And it is particularly true because you are doing this, yes individually, but you are also doing it as a collective and, like us, this means having faith and trust in many beings, humans, hybrids, starseeds, that you do not know. So there is this fear but there is…(both talking at once)…yes sorry.

GD: Excuse me…I also hear your recollection of your own Ascension process of being one of joy and ecstasy and bliss and so that’s something that we can look forward to and I’m so grateful you’ve come to share that with us as we go through this process, we have something to point to, we have an example that we can look to.

HT: And when we come within you, as we already have even as we have been speaking, we fill you with joy, our light bodies are the essence of joy, of love, of bliss. That is why we are so effective at healing; Love wipes out everything that is not of like, so does joy.

GD: Well thank you and thank you so much for coming tonight.

HT: It is our honor. So we are in service, all of you please call on us, we are only a whisper away. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

LD: Hi. Now we’ll talk about the Halion Engineers.

GD: It’s tough to let them go, Linda, we’re just getting to know them.

LD: I know, I’m still floating out there. They just decided that they were going to give us a double-header tonight; we could have spent the whole hour with them.

GD: Sure.

LD: The Halion Engineers, Halion again was a planet, it was an incredible planet, and Halion, when I first learned about Halion was when the Council of Love started explaining to me about working with the 13 chakra system rather than the traditional 7. So when you think of Halion in terms of your own body or your own chakra system, that is the chakra that is at the base of your rib cage and that chakra is a bridge out to your star brothers and sisters. So it’s also the way that we receive information from our star brothers and sisters, it is very much one of the communication chakras only it’s operating not on what we think of as words, I guess. Then about 6 or 7 years ago we started or I started hearing in private sessions about people who had guides who were Halion Engineers or who themselves were Halion Engineers. So these are beings, again a planet that evolved to sheer light.

Now what a lot of people don’t know is Halion again, these processes are long and Halion is the planet where originally, and we were just talking about this yesterday with a brilliant young man from Australia, the beings that emanated from Halion are the dolphins, the whales, the elephants, the rhinos, the wolves, the dogs, they all went to Sirius and from Sirius then migrated to Earth. So Halion has a very deep connection to our own heritage and to our own planet. And of course because it’s this blue, teal colors, like those aqua colors and lavender and these shots of emerald green, there’s a lot of similarities to Earth. But when Halion ascended, again with everything on it, except for those who chose to do this migration so that we would have the richness of those energies upon the planet eventually.

They are builders, they are architects, they are engineers; they construct stuff and when I say stuff I mean that in the biggest sense possible. When you think of sacred geometry, think of the Halion Engineers, when you think of the pyramids, when you think of the Cities of Light, which are these magnificent cities that are being anchored and emerging all over the planet right now. They are future cities that are being anchored now, into the now as we go through our Ascension process. When we first started talking about the Cities of Light they were something like 800,000 years in the future and they have gotten closer and closer and closer. The Halion Engineers build these magnificent temples and Cities of Light, but what they also do is they build sacred geometry yes, but they build with us and that came as a very recent surprise to me. They said “Well what do you think you are other than a construct? You are a construct of cells, of molecules, of bones, so you are something that has been built, designed on a divine realm and then brought into physicality.”

GD: You are referring to our human form?

LD: Our human form and we all know that right now we are transferring from our carbon based self to our crystalline based self. The Halion Engineers are helping us with that construction; they are also helping us with the activation of what they call and what the Council calls our ‘DNA Markers’. So they are playing a huge roll in assisting us with not only our Ascension process but also with our Ascension bodies and with Gaia’s Ascension body. They’ve been working with her a lot longer than they have been working with us.

GD: Huh! Well a key player in this process?

LD: A very key player and I think that’s why some of those Halion energies have actually incarnated. They may think of themselves as the…and you’ll notice when you talk to them that they say “Well I’m of the blue ray” but they know that they have something else in there. And looking at someone who’s Halion is like looking through one of those kaleidoscopes where the energy keeps changing and there’s stars and there is like Metatron’s Cube and there’s sacred geometry and they just keep shifting that energy until it’s this perfect, beautiful light design. So, if you’re building a house, if you’re building a City of Light, if you’re building a healing center, if you’re reconstructing your body, if you’ve had aches and pains for years or if you’re just focusing on your crystalline self or those DNA Markers that you want to activate, you’re calling on the Halion Engineers to help you.

GD: Terrific.

LD: Yea and they come to us in a couple of ways but the color is that primary midnight blue filled with sparks of teal and lavender and emerald, you get the idea. And they come as either orbs, tiny orbs, or as a straight beam of light. So I’m going to step aside again and allow them, this incredible planet, and while Tralana has felt very far away…I’ve only ever met two people who are in physical form who are Healers of Tralana, but the Halions are with us, they feel much closer and their Ascension process, while Tralana was millions of years ago Halion has been closer. Let me step aside.

Halion Engineers (HE): We are the Halion. You may call us the Halion Engineers, you may call us the Halion Brigade, the construction crew, the architects, the builders, we are all of the above, because we undertake all of the above. We love to build, to design, to construct, yes in sacred ways, with sacred form and sound, geometry, what you think of as geometry and what we think of as reflections of Source, of One, the forms of the universe, the core forms. And you my beloved friends are brothers and sisters of Ascension. We come to you not only as builders but openers, holders, guardians of portals; that is what we wish to speak to you of because the portals are constructed by sacred geometry. They are not simply just energetic openings they are openings within the universe; think of them as cosmic doors that have been constructed for you to have access inter-dimensionally and far beyond. We have already assisted many of you in opening and anchoring these portals, for it is through the portals that you begin to glimpse what you think of as the higher or the other dimensions. It is through the portal that you glimpse the Cities of Light, it is even through the portals that you glimpse your star brothers and sisters and that you travel so many of you, back and forth, not only to the starships but to the stars themselves.

We, like you, have gone through this process of becoming and because our planet, our original planet if you can think of it that way, we were obsessed with building things and then of course we traveled throughout the galaxies and built for many. It was our passion, our joy; it is what we individually and collectively love to do; to play with form and substance, to create. Oh we create on what the Mother has birthed, but that is alright, that is incredible for us.

We come to be with you on Gaia and with our beloved sister Gaia for that is how we know her and cherish her. We come to help you, yes construct and build your future Nova Earth, but we also wish to help you do two things, well three; to be aware of the portals throughout the planet that are now open to you. And you say “Halion, how do we access these?” You access these, yes of course through your heart, but also particularly when you are accessing the inter-dimensional portals and the portals to the stargates through your Halion chakra, yes at the base of your rib cage. This is your portal, yes all of your chakras are portals, but this is one that has been designed for this purpose; for you to be able to be inter-dimensional and with your star brothers and sisters.

Now how you may do this is open this chakra and open your heart and see it as a beam of light, the emerald intersecting with the halion as you travel and we take your heart because we want the totality of your divinity to come. So when you are traveling out, go that way. You are meeting in a V-point in a triangulation and you are traveling outward through the portals to where you wish to travel, particularly if you wish to be with your star brothers and sisters. But from our perspective, equally and perhaps more vital at this point in time, is to keep your halion chakra open, this portal open, all of your chakras open, do not be closing them, that is of old way, and receive the energy, our energy, let it come within you as a beam or as an orb. But understand that when we come as an orb what you are receiving is the entire energy of Halion, of the entire planet of all of us. No we will not overwhelm you but we will consistently help you with the reconstruction of your being; perhaps it is your thought patterns that keep returning to the old drama, to the old way of being, to the old thought patterns that tell you that you are ‘less than’. Well we can help you reconstruct those so that you have thought patterns that are consistent with the reality within which you occupy at this time of miraculous Ascension.

If it is your physical form or your emotional form, perhaps it is a bone or a knee that has need to be reconstructed, perhaps now it is time for you to be aided and abetted, assisted in the awakening of markers within your DNA that are helpful to the expansion in this process, particularly those to do with the awakening of your brain, of parts of the human brain that have not been awakened as yet. All of this we can assist you with. Now we need to be very clear in how we work with you; as well as with the Healers of Tralana we do not and will not override your free will. So yes, keep your portal open but if you do not invite us in as either a beam of light, and it will feel a bit like you are feeling an electrical jolt when we enter you, that is how you will physically know that we are present with you. And if you wish us to surround you, simply ask, it is the same, “I invoke the Halion Brigade, the engineers, the builders, the constructors.” We are here to help, to assist. This is our joy. Yes we are in sheer energy and part of what we are also teaching you is how, as sheer energy, we can assist. We are beyond form and many years ago we would not have spoken of this to you but now you are ready to hear and we are so ready to help. Do you have questions of me dear friend and star being, Graham?

GD: Thank you for being with us tonight and thank you for all of your support, your encouragement and assistance during this important time. We are coming to the end of the show so I leave you with that gratitude and appreciation and know that you are available to help us.

HE: We most certainly are, in many, many forms. So let us join together, we will not stay within your body, we will not take up permanent residence, we will help and then we will gently, quietly and joyfully retreat until you call us again.

GD: Wonderful. Thank you.

HE: You are so welcome. As always, in service to the Mother-Father-One, yes with leanings to Metatron and Michael, the M Team, we bless you. Farewell.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 05-03-12