We have tended to Gaia for thousands of years and we have no intention of halting now, not when you are so close to your own Ascension process, and not while she is already clearly underway. For this is something, a momentous event.


GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. I’m GD. Our guest today is Grener. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you very much, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. As we come together once again, I invite you to take in a couple of deep breaths, relax into a cloud of white with our golden lining.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Grener back to our show. Grener is the current President of the Intergalactic Council, and I understand that Grener will be speaking a little bit more from his official position as President, but also that you wish to address some of the events surrounding the visit to your ship last February. It is perhaps time now to allow you this opportunity to share your experiences and feelings of events that happened. As is always the case, there have been those on both sides of the fence who are finding both the positive and the negative in what unfolded several months ago.

From my own personal perspective, I’m not afraid to admit that I was packed and all set to go, although as the time drew nearer I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to unfold. I personally understand the reasons why it couldn’t happen, as we saw in how a number of souls reacted.

What I came to realize personally was that there were a few tests, either intentional or unintentional. For me, the first test came almost immediately in realizing that those who reacted negatively when nothing happened could most likely have not handled such a higher vibration environment. And I believe this is another thing that you will be addressing today, Grener. It became clear to me personally that these souls were just not quite ready for a journey of this nature.

The second lesson came later, in listening to an interview with Robert Dean. He described going away for what felt like a week or more, and yet when he returned only a short span of time had actually gone by. It made me begin to think that perhaps a second test was to try and prepare people for the understanding of a time-no time phenomenon. The 3D participants perhaps needed to grasp the experience of a longer period of time and be willing to commit to that, when in reality the experience may have brought most of them back the same night.
So, the microphone is yours, Grener. Thank you for being here.

Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council

Grener: Welcome, and thank you for inviting me back, or at least to heeding my call to come back and to speak with you and your listeners. Yes, I am Grener of Ashira, of Neptune. I am current President of the Intergalactic Council, a position and an honor that I cherish. So I come to speak to you this day, yes, in both official, as you have called it, and in private, personal capacity as well.

And I have waited for this period of time to ask Linda to speak through her to all of you in this way because there was such a strong reaction, shall we say — yes, as you have said, both positive and what we can only call negative to the proposed trip and visit with us.

I wish you to know that my intention was always to have a few of you to come home, to come and visit, because there are many of you who are starseeds and intergalactics and what we call — and what you call as well, because that is what we are known as — the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, who have lived on our ships for what you would think of as a span of many lifetimes.

But our eagerness was not just restricted to those that we know as family, to those that we personally know and love and cherish. It was also an invitation to the human race, yes, to step forward, and to declare not only your understanding that we are present and have been present for hundreds of years in your atmosphere, in your realm of reality, however you think of that, but that we are also here supporting you, that we are accessible, that we are available, and that we are in unity — yes, with humanity, but particularly with Gaia.

We have tended to Gaia for thousands of years and we have no intention of halting now, not when you are so close to your own Ascension process, and not while she is already clearly underway. For this is something, a momentous event. Yes, we know the Council refers to it as a process for the human beings, but for our understanding events tend to have a longer time-frame.

And so we have come not only to observe how this unfoldment will take place, how this plan will take place, how each of you will step forward, each in your wondrous ways, especially you three, Steve and Geoffrey and Graham, as part of the platform, as part of the team to assist with intergalactic communications.

We are so eager to have the bans on our full contact, communication, visitation, removed. But of course we honor always human free will, the will of Gaia, and universal law. But let me skirt back to what I had started to talk about.
I have waited months prior to asking Linda, and through Linda each of you, and I do not simply mean our hosts, I mean the hearts of each of you who are listening to my message and conversation with you today, I have waited months because this is the way often in which we of the Intergalactic Council operate.

What we have learned, and learned — can I say, you have an expression — “the hard way” through the intergalactic wars and then the following of negotiation, mediation and truly coming to a place of unity, that very often it is beneficial to simply have a period of time between what you think of as an upset, although in the scheme of the intergalactic realities this is not a massive upset, but it was a very big emotional upset for many of you. And now I again say to you, I, Grener, apologize.

But let me also explain. We allow for a cooling down time so that what you think of as emotions or feelings, or even thoughts, have a chance to settle, to integrate, and to allow you to have the insights that Geoffrey has so richly shared. And what that does is it takes you and it takes we and everybody who sits at the intergalactic table, including Earth, it gives us a chance to step back and gain perspective, deeper understanding, and, might I say, compassion for the other participant’s, the other person’s, the other being’s situation and perspective. Now, the gift, the gift in the reaction of so many of you, my beloved friends, in stepping forward and saying yes in the first instance, in the overwhelming response, it was not only a message to your world, to your governments, it was a message to all of us, not only the Intergalactic Council, not only UFOG, but all your star brothers and sisters, at how genuine your heart is in wishing to be with us.

So the first part of simply saying yes was a gift beyond measure to us. It was huge. And it touched our hearts, and our inter-dimensional hearts, and it touched us deeply. So, for this, we thank you. And then, there were all of you, “packed and ready,” as you have put it. And some of you have come — but that is another conversation we will have later. And the ways in which you can come. There were those of you who embraced the experience of simply knowing that you could do this, that you were ready, that you were willing, and you were willing to allow your vibration to rise. You were willing — and you have — raised your vibration to the place of love, and therefore your response to what was deeply disappointing, to you and to all of us, was one of love. And that, for us, was and continues to be a gift.

And it is not just a gift that you feel love and openness and acknowledgment of us, it is a gift to us because we see, we observe, we participate, but we see that the vibration of many of you, the willingness to be your inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional selves even prior to the transition — you were embracing it. And so your reaction was calm and expansive and loving.

Now, there were some, whom we also fully understand, whose response was reactive, deep, deep disappointment and despair, the feeling that we had either duped you or, even worse, abandoned you. Dear friends, that is never going to happen. Period. Our soul contract, collectively and individually, has been to this entire process of shift, to come, to witness, to participate, to assist with the unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s plan, the rebirth of love on Earth. And that includes your rebirth.

But to those of you who have been disappointed, angry, upset, what we have done is simply embraced you closer. Our healing technicians, practitioners, have been sending you massive amounts of healing over the past months to heal what we have felt contributed to your feelings of being adrift. That was never our desire or intention.

Now, let us also say, these feelings, these emotions that you have experienced needed to be triggered, needed to be released. That was not the intention of our invitation, by the way; that was not, “Let us give the human collective a way in which to jump-start their clearing.” Should we have been more astute? Should I have been more astute? Yes. But you know, I love you. And I love all of you I haven’t even met yet. And I love those of you that perhaps still have some of that wild clearing to do. We know what that is like. Have we passed it? Yes. But it is not that we don’t understand it.

Now, there has been discussion about how we would fare and how we would react with having, can we say, aberrant feelings, feelings that we may understand but do not experience anymore. So if there were behaviors, or views, that were not in accordance or in alignment with us, how would that work? Well, one of the things that we would do — and we have done and are doing, by the way — is we would work with you to help heal those feelings, because they are the ancient feelings of a false paradigm and false [grids?]. So we embrace you, each of you, but we do not embrace those erratic emotions.

Now, my beloved friends, I need to be very clear with you. We are far from perfect. Far too often you put us in the category of ascended, enlightened beings, and perhaps we have evolved slightly more than the human collective as a whole. But we do not put ourselves above you, ever. We put ourselves right next to you. And if you think that you are in partnership with the ascended ones, with the archangels, with the Mother/Father/One, so are we, and we bow to them and honor them and love them just as you do. But in terms of partnership, we wish to be thought of, actively considered, as your closest allies.

Prior to accepting this position as President of the Intergalactic Council, I was Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, a very, very large, diverse fleet. And let me tell you, I loved my job. I do not think my son, who has certainly earned his stripes in his position — Ashira — will give me back that job when I retire from this presidency. But let me tell you, I would welcome it!

So why, why did I step aside from that role? Because with the initiation of Earth into the Intergalactic Council, with Gaia represented by Wa-Ka-Na-Taka, by taking your place at the table, it was a time of such transformation and opening that I, who had worked with Gaia and all of you for so long, I, who have known you in different incarnations, so many times, I wished to be part of this. I wanted to be present, to see the inclusion, the initiation, and then the growth of Earth’s position within this Council.

At the same time, many of our starseed, of our intergalactic beings, were sent to be the keepers of the council fire, the heart of Gaia, to protect and assist her in ways that perhaps you do not have such clear ideas about as yet. Prior to that time, which was about 10 years ago, 10.3 years ago, let us tell you that the council fire was tended by Earth-keepers primarily, by beings of Earth, yes, various types, various kingdoms. But that is no longer so. We, your star brothers and sisters, are full participants in that protection and care-taking, not just in an esoteric, etheric way, but in very practical ways.
Yes, the cocoon of pink to keep Gaia from tilting has been removed. The grid is strong, golden and polished by the mighty archangels themselves. But we constantly are assisting Earth, assisting Gaia, and unbeknownst to you, each of you, some more clearly than others, some because you are more open to our assistance than others. We do not override or intervene. That is why we have been so impeccable with our word not to make the fullness of our presence known as long as there has been such fear, and fear mongering, upon your planet.

But look around you, my beloved friends. The awareness, the acceptance of star beings is commonplace. It is no longer considered unusual. Now, we have planted many gifts upon your planet, and we intend to plant even more. But the time is nigh when we will be known to many, when we will be known clearly as your allies from above, not with any agenda other than to assist.

It is peculiar, is it not, how many human beings think, “Well, why would you come if you don’t want something from us?” That is the old, that is the old third dimension, that is the old way of being. What we want is for your Ascension to be graceful. What we want is to be called brother and sister. What we want is to be called friend.

Now, there are many things to speak of this day, and I have gone on, I know. And we have touched just a little bit about how we deal with the time and space continuum and also the difference in our vibratory fields. But please, I am prepared to answer whatever questions you have to share with me.

GW: Thank you, Grener. I would like to say I wholeheartedly accept your apology, although perhaps it may not be necessary, since you are of the higher perspective. I apologize on my part, and perhaps those of our listeners who resonate with this and who may allow me to speak for them at the higher part perhaps should apologize to you for maybe not being at that level where the interaction becomes appropriate — or, no appropriate isn’t even the best word — in more harmonic balance with you. And this leads into the etiquette of energies, you know.

And so I apologize on behalf of myself and those who are willing to allow me to speak on their behalf for the energies that arose from all of this. But perhaps you could help us to understand this etiquette of energetics, and what takes place when 3D terrestrials get together with higher dimensional galactics. What should we take into consideration, and what do you face in these potential mass interactions?

G: First of all, there is no need, my friends, for an apology. So let us gracefully accept it and let us go from here. Yes, what is needed? Now, you understand, some of you have witnessed … you know we have a massive influx of our forces — your expression would be “on the ground” — on Earth, on Gaia at this time. And when they arrive — and these are always volunteers, but these are also very aware volunteers, with very high frequency modulation, really — so when they arrive there is a step-down process.

Very often what we do when our fleet members first arrive is we will put them into a rural or a not populated, densely populated, area. And the reason for this is for them to begin to assimilate, even in a non-populated area, the energies that are so prevalent upon your planet.

So, even before they encounter a human being, they are bombarded by these rampant emotional fields, a great deal of discordancy. And I say that respectfully. But you all know that you hold many ideas, emotions, energies that are not only discordant, but they are contradictory. And perhaps we should leave it at that, because you know what I am speaking of.

So, the assimilation into the human realm, even with the shielding and the attunements that we give them, is quite dramatic. Now, having said that, what happens in two spheres? What happens when you have an experience with a star being, an intergalactic, on Earth, and then what happens when you have the experience with an intergalactic on board ship? Because they are slightly different.

Now, when you come, either in your full physicality — now, understand, when you are coming on board ship, you are also shifting inter-dimensionally (and we didn’t talk a great deal about this, and won’t, because it is some of our technology; I will not make light of it, as some did not appreciate my humor, my poor attempt at humor, let me put it that way), but our technology allows for you to travel inter-dimensionally and then to come either fully physically or as a bi-located being, which many of you do all the time, on board ship.
Now, our preference is always for very small groups or one by one. Because when you come, just as our fleets have to do a step-down, you are doing a step-up. Now, I do not, I ask of you, I pray that you do not think of this as some hierarchical situation. It is not. It is simply the ability to deal with different frequencies. A dog hears sounds that you don’t hear. We hear and feel things within your field that you may not even be aware of. Perhaps it is a trauma, an unresolved trauma from childhood, or even a bleed-through from prior lives. Maybe it is an anger that we haven’t come yet and exposed more of our presence upon Earth.

So there is a frequency adjustment so that — and it is a benefit to you, because what happens is when you return to Earth (in this case), that attunement stays in place, so you may have to have a slight attunement or adjustment when you return to ship, but it gets less and less each time. And meanwhile, on Earth, you are feeling better and better.

So what happens — and I do not want to paint life on Earth or on the Neptune or our fleet ships as Nirvana or Heaven, but, you know, it’s pretty darn close, because there is a gentleness, a kindness — what happens when you come to us is you are also coming into our unified field. So, to use your term, the harmonics of your being are adjusted. Your uniqueness is absolutely intact. We love your uniqueness, and we honor our own.

So there is no desire to bring you into the melting pot, but there is a necessity. We bring you into our unified field, and within that unified field there is not conflict, there is not anger, there is not fear, there is not sabotage of any form, but there is cooperation and laughter and joy, and all the other qualities such as discernment and prudence.

We are very careful, particularly the first time that encounter takes place; we are very careful what we say, what we do, even what we show you, even what we share, so that you do not get triggered, because if you get triggered it is an assault on our unified field. And that of course is why Ashira called a halt to the massive visitation. It would have been too much. Additionally, it would have put too many on Earth in a place of fear and concern and even danger.

So, when you are coming to us that is what happens. Now, when you are encountering — and many of you already are and don’t even know it — when you are encountering a star-being on planet who is there as part of the ground crew, we are doing somewhat of the same thing.

Now, we have done some of that step-down attunement-adjustment so that they can be in normal physical reality, although they still find the barrage of discordance quite disconcerting. But what happens when you begin to deal with us on Earth is that, again, we embrace you and bring you into our unified field. And that is particularly true if you have an encounter with one of our fleet ships, one of our explorer ships or science ships, or even healing ships, that have become more readily visible upon your planet.

So, what you are doing is meeting a group of us. So we immediately embrace you. No, we don’t touch you, because that would be on our part considered an act of aggression. If you wish to be hugged, that is one thing that you will ask us telepathically — and, by the way, much of our communication with you is telepathic. We do use language, but primarily it is telepathic. It is just more efficient, and it it overrides the differences in languages as well. So we attune our fields, yours to ours and ours to yours, so that we can be in heart and mind. Because, do not forget, part of the help that we are bringing is to bring you to a place, can we say, of clean Gaia.

So that is, in a non-technical way, what happens. So we can address the discordant energies, but we are much happier, and it is much more joyful and a fuller — can we say that? — a fuller visit, a fuller union, when you have done your human work and let go of those discordant energies. Is that clear to you?

GW: It is to me, Grener. I believe that many of the listeners will resonate with that. So thank you, thank you very much for that.

There is a remaining issue that has popped up as a result of that. Perhaps it’s appropriate to address that at this time. Some listeners and readers of the 2012 Scenario have remarked that is is a great coincidence that the President of the Intergalactic Council should come from the local planet Neptune and his ship be called the Neptune. But I understand from you that this is a misunderstanding. Could you help elaborate this for our listeners, please?

G: Yes. I am not from your planet Neptune — let us be very clear about that — although I have always had a fondness for that planet that you think of as Neptune. You know, it is a much underrated place. But no, I come from outside, actually, your universe, your galaxies. I come from another reality, another dimensional reality. And I come from a planet that you can think of as Cee Cee Cee. But that was a very, very, very, very long time ago.

And one of the reasons — first of all, we have explained all this controversy about the word Neptune and the deities that have been honored and loved, and should be, upon the planet. But Neptune is actually very much an intergalactic word. But it was also considered fitting that, as we began our travels, that it be — that the ship could also carry a name that was going to be familiar, when the time came, to those of Earth.

We were not aware that people did not have greater regard for Neptune, because all planets, all stars, all energies, all life, are beings. And we, our ship — which is now and has been for a very long time my home; it is where I have, well, the way you would think of it would be I have raised my family — it is a living, breathing energy field. You on Earth tend to think of things as inert. You tend to think of your chair, of your desk, of your shoes as dead or inert energy fields.

And that is not so, my friend. That is simply not so. They are moving at a different vibratory rate. You tend to think of your planet of Neptune as a dead planet. Well, I wish to correct you! It is not. You may think that it is dormant, but there is a great deal going on upon that planet that you are not as yet aware of.

So if I was from Neptune, your Neptune, I would still be honored. But as it happens, no, I am not from your galaxy or even your universe.

GW: Okay. Thank you, Grener. Just while we’re — a question has just come to me. And while you were talking about where you came from, and perhaps I wasn’t quite paying full attention myself, but you mentioned something that was interpreted as CCC as where you came from. And perhaps help us understand, what did we mean by that? Or did I misinterpret that? Could you explain that, please?

G: That is the name of a planet. That is the name of a planet in another reality, as you would think of it, another place. And it is C e e, capital C e e, capital C e e. It is one of the planets that survived the intergalactic wars, and it was a founding member of the peace negotiations. But it has been — well, let us just suggest I will not be going back to Cee Cee Cee.

But many of you, your listeners, and some of your kingdoms, have emanated or had experiences or lives on Cee Cee Cee. Do not define yourselves, my brothers and sisters, so narrowly. And please, do not define us in such narrow ways.
Now, we go out of our way — and we want to, we choose to go out of our way — to make ourselves accessible and understandable. And so we will speak and use human words and human understandings and human references to your societal structures, or behaviors or emotions or technology. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

And we want to share it all with you, not to overwhelm, but to share the magnificence of what is out there, and to share with you in the magnificence of Earth, of this amazing planet. And it is not just Gaia, let us be very clear. Yes, I have a very special place in my heart for Gaia. But it is not just Gaia that prompted me to accept this position. It is my love and amazement at the humans, at this human collective, that his so brilliant, so bright, and has so much potential that despite everything that has happened and everything that transpires every day, you are still saying, “No. We are shifting, we are ascending, we are doing this, and we are doing this together.” This is unique. This is beautiful.

GW: Thank you, Grener. That’s wonderful. I guess what’s — with the little bit of time we have left I had hoped to go into a few other questions. But maybe it’s appropriate to kind of close the door on this particular event, or open it, as that’s what we’re doing, we’re healing and opening the door for future interaction. But as we move forward, I suppose, and from a human perspective, even I as a human have always had a hard time understanding humor, and to look at what other people say and to interpret, you know, what is the deeper meaning of that humor? Is there something negative behind it? Is there something positive behind it?

And it is always tough to interpret what people mean. So in the process of the experience that we’ve gone through, I’m curious myself to understand, how is humor at a fifth dimensional level or higher? I mean, at our level we have often used humor in hurtful tones. Could you perhaps help me and maybe our listeners to understand this?

G: This is a wonderful question, because we love humor and laughter. Humor and laughter is part of joy. And we do discern between having happiness and joy. And yes, there are still things that can be humorous. But let us explain.
Sarcasm does not exist. Humor, the way that you think of it, at the expense of another person or a situation, or the planet — there is nothing funny about it. What we think of as humor are anecdotes or situations, or even what you think of as your media, your film or songs, or stories, that open the heart and lift you up. So for us it is a daily, and sometimes, when there are difficult moments, such as when we have been on high alert and waiting for the okay to come to do our massive fly-by, and there is tension, not as you think of it, but we are excited and anticipatory, so we will use this uplifting energy to keep our spirits high.

So it is — humor is a tool of opening and expansion. When you have humor, true humor, then it is, what you are doing is you are — think of it this way — as you are a sound wave or a thread going through the unified field spreading joy. So everybody receives it. And then of course it is reciprocated, because when people’s fields open in the joy, it just expands it even more.
There are many times, what you would think of as a day, where we have a great deal of difficulty staying within the field of any ship. And I know that there are many of you who feel that. You can feel — you say, “Oh, our star brothers and sisters are really with us today.” And you are correct. But no, we are with you every day, increasingly. Do not lose heart, my dear friends, about Disclosure. It is not going to be the big bang, it is going to be the creeping dawn. And I would suggest to you that you are just about there, and so are we.

GW: Thank you, Grener. As we build up to — I mean, you elaborated a few moments ago that you use humor to prepare for situations when you’re on high alert, and this has opened the door for perhaps your final words in what you would like to offer as to how Disclosure’s going to unfold.

I’ve been kind of curious myself to understand what your teams have observed and reported about the changes regarding the influx of energies from the recent solar eclipse, or have your team members been in contact with leaders of the G8 countries, or have they been in contact with NATO? Would you like to offer anything as far as that is concerned?

G: Yes. Now, the biggest influx of energy on to your planet at this time, and that we are getting many ripple effects from, is the love that is being sent to each and every one of you, including all forms of leadership, from the heart of One. And this is having transformational effect.

Yes, we have been in conversation, communication, contacty — you know we have been in contact with various, what you think of as political forms of leadership, whether they are military or political, for a very long time. But of recent, as you are asking, yes, we are in contact with the G8, yes we are in contact with NATO. They observe us all the time! They are not blind!
And so, yes, they are aware of our presence. They are aware of our desires. When you think that Disclosure will come as a huge political statement, there is agreement amongst many nations already that this will be leaked and then announced, and admitted to, let us put it that way. But they are very cautious about it. And what is interesting to us about this is that in many ways what the biggest shift has been is that your political leaders are more cautious about it than what you would think of as your military leadership.
The military leadership has reached a point where they are understanding that we are allies of peace, that we are allies of technological advances, that we are allies of a new age in terms of what can be created and cleaned up for Gaia. So it is the political realm that we are interested in.

What you can think of as the less powerful nations are all on board, and they have been for some time. So what we say to you, how Disclosure … as we sit here with you today — because this channel does not do predictions, she has told me many times — but let me say to you that Disclosure will come as a creeping light. It will come from the people and from our side as well.

GW: One quick question from you Grener. I just got really excited about this. Will Smith recently did an interview on BBC Radio talking with Barack Obama, and his son asked the President about aliens, or our galactic family. Was this a planned soft announcement of Disclosure?

G: Yes. We slipped it in.

GW: Yea. Thank you, Grener.

G: You are welcome, my friend. Go in peace.

GW: Blessed be. Go in peace.

Channeled by Linda Dillon