The last in a great series by Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario.

Since I began this series, Linda Dillon has given three more talks by Lao Tzu, the Divine Mother and Archangel Gabrielle, which have supplied us with additional information on the Transition that is said to be happening this month. I’d like to close this series with excerpts from those three discussions and a summary and then wish everyone the greatest possible benefit from this time.

Let’s begin by looking at what Lao Tzu added to the discussion on Heavenly Blessings on May 17. He began by reminding us what the Transition was about.

“Yes, this journey of Ascension is about Gaia and her reclaiming her rightful place, her journey of light and love. But dear friends, make no mistake it is also about each of you claiming and reclaiming your rightful place as well. The great awakening is upon you, it is not coming in future times. It is here and it is yours and I am here to help.” (1)

He discussed the life review that many of us may experience (I have not, myself):

“It is a time when many of you are going through a period of reflection, of life review, of examination of what you have done and not done, accomplished and for many of you this is tinged a little with judgment and sometimes disappointment, feelings of what might have been.

“My friends, this is not the purpose of this examination and reflection, quite the contrary. The purpose is to see and to exclaim and to claim everything you have done, everything you have come to know, everything that you have experienced. Not judging it as good, bad, or indifferent but simply embracing it for the journey it has been.”

And he ended by enunciating the “Middle Way” for us:

“Proceed from balance and stillness into the action, into the flow of love through you to them and I guarantee you, my dear hearts, it will work each and every time. So acknowledge your doubt, acknowledge the worry and then let it be gone. Do not carry it with you. Make sure your sack is as light as mine.”

Next chronologically came a second message from the Divine Mother in which she explained the impact of the Transition:

“Yes, sweet angels of mine, my legion of light, my angels of love, you are in the middle of the Transition, you are in the middle of the Shift, you are riding the waves of love that the Father and I are sending directly into your heart, through the portal of your heart, through the Ascension portal of the planet.

“And from there it is diffusing into each of your chakras, into your body, into your brain and yes there is also energy being sent directly through your crown chakra. It is activating not only your pineal, your hypothalamus, your pituitary; it is activating portions of your hemisphere that have never been activated in the human race.” (2)

She explained why some of us are tired at this time:

“Why some of you are exceptionally tired [is that] you are not used to feeling the fullness of your inner-transdimensional selves in the conscious state of reality. And some of you are wondering, ‘where did I go? what did I do?’; pay attention, yes sleep when you are tired. This ability to be transdimensional is coming into your conscious, physical realm so it is not just things that you are doing while you are asleep or in deep meditation, it is to be consciously aware that you are accessing different realities.”

And she repeated her reminder that she gave us on May 7, 2012, that she will not turn down the amplitude of this energy.

“But be aware, it is not a matter of trying to force this, it cannot be forced, this energy that we send you, this love, it penetrates deep within you. You do not control it and we, beloved ones, are not going to turn it down, it is to prepare you for what is coming next. It is the fulfillment of the promise and of my plan and it is the fulfillment of your plan, of your dreams, of your desires.

“That is why you are on beautiful Gaia at this time; it is to know this Transition and this opening, this miracle of returning to original form. So yes we are helping in the way that we do and as you become more aware of your trans-interdimensional self, you also become more aware of your ability to create.”

She reminded us of the importance of balance during our Transition.

“Whether you are on the crest of the wave or deep in the trough, both are equally valuable, both are equally necessary. You cannot receive and not integrate, you cannot integrate unless you are receiving and you are doing this balance. This is the balance that we have talked to you about forever. It is the balance of give and receive, it is the balance of above and below, within and without, and it is the unifying balance that is bringing all of you together, closer, more intimately than ever before.”

And she highlighted for us our “beautiful, unique, divine self” that is being anchored and brought forth by this great awakening.

“There isn’t just a portion of you that is angelic or divine, it is all of you, your humanness, your starseed self, your earth-keeper self, your Lemurian, your wingmaker, your Atlantean self and every aspect in every life, in every dimension is anchoring within you, right now! Of course you are tired but we are replenishing you moment to moment, millisecond to millisecond, within your spectrum of time and space. We are closer to you during this phase than ever before. …

“We are with you … and if you need assistance simply call; we are on call. Your star brothers and sisters sometimes speak of being on high alert, well beloved ones heaven and the entire Company of Heaven is on high alert.”

Finally Archangel Gabrielle spoke on May 24 on Heavenly Blessings and also took as her theme the Transition occurring at this time. She explained that the Great Awakening is the time for us to reclaim our rightful place.

“Yes, this journey of Ascension is about Gaia and her reclaiming her rightful place, her journey of light and love. But dear friends, make no mistake it is also about each of you claiming and reclaiming your rightful place as well. The great awakening is upon you, it is not coming in future times. It is here and it is yours and I am here to help.” (3)

She echoed the Divine Mother in saying that the energies would not be modulated and predicted that the energies would grow stronger and stronger within us.

“The energies you are receiving through the transmission of the Transition is exceptionally strong and I tell you, as the messenger of the One, that there is no intention, no plan to vary this, to turn it down at all. If anything, my beloved ones, you may feel it growing stronger and stronger and stronger within you.”

She advised us that we would experience symptoms as we ride the waves and as we undergo our life reviews.

“We have heard your discussions about the crests of the waves and the troughs and some of the experiences that you have been experiencing as you are clearing, as you are undergoing your life review, as you are experiencing cosmic flu, as you are beginning to put in place your new life plan, your expansion, your next chapter, the beginning of your Ascension travels, the claiming of the fulness of your multidimensional, transdimensional, interdimensional Self. Oh, no, we will not stop that transmission.”

Our travels would see the restoration of our original selves.

“Much of what we are doing with you, my beloved ones, is about restoration. It is not just about us restoring you but it is about you claiming and reclaiming your birthright and the totality of who you are.”

Even though the seas are rough, she said, everything is in divine order.

“What we do is we bring you this gentle joy so that as you are riding the waves, as you are going through the integration of this transition, that you will have this sense of deep knowing, of quiet joy, of quiet peace, [so] that even though the seas may look rough, that everything, above, below and in between is in exact divine order and unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s Plan, [so] that you will know that you are attended by legions, by the entire company of Heaven. … This energy is already flooding your planet. … a gift for all humanity, a gift given freely and equally.”

We would be going through a process of remembering our original innocence, she revealed.

“Attendant with this gift, … is also the remembering, the reawakening, the restoring, the reclaiming of your original Self and imprint, of your original sense of innocence, of awe and wonder. Why? Because it is in divine timing but also because, my beloved ones, during these times of such intense magnification, such intense change, shift, of leaving what you think you have known behind, it is important that your memory in every particle and subatomic fiber of your being, remember the original part of who you are and that is innocence. It is beauty. It is love.It is absolute grace and glory. It is divinity.

“So while you are pushing out and letting go and cleansing some of the illusions that you have had in this lifetime and other lifetimes as well we are pushing you back even further and at the same time catapulting you forward – yes, it is completely possible – so that you are in the place of embracing, remembering and loving your innocence, your purity and your gentle joy.”

So now let us summarize what we have discussed about this Transition occurring in the month of May. The Transition or Great Awakening is described to us as a time of reclaiming our higher-dimensional selves. It is not simply a time for a few of us but for all of us.

It is called a prelude to the Ascension process. It represents a tipping point, the point of no return, after which we begin the climb to Ascension. We are advised to relax into the energies of the Transition and go with the flow.

We’re told that we can expect many different kinds of symptoms all of which will be temporary. We’re invited to rest when we need to rest and work hard when we feel infused with energy and inspiration.

Some of us may feel anger as old situations are brought to mind again. Others may feel euphoria. Some of us may go through a full life review, such as we usually experience after “death.”

The energy which is fuelling the Transition is said to be coming directly from Source, from Father/Mother God. This energy will not be toned down. Moreover, the legions of the Company of Heaven are said to be on hand to assist us at this time.

We are advised to anchor deeply into Gaia because we may feel like wandering off from the planet.

So best wishes on the remainder of your journey through this time of Transition and Awakening. May we all recover our transdimensional selves and find the wherewithal to assist others in their journey of awakening soon to begin for them as it has already begun for us.


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