So what I am doing, before I go any further, I am making a solemn commitment to each of you. If you are not certain how these laws that I am discussing with you work, then call me, invoke my name, invoke my energy, invoke my wisdom; I am here to help the planet fulfill all of your dreams and the dream of the Mother. I will help you with these laws, I will show you the way, I will reveal the laws to you as you are ready, as you are prepared.

GW: Greetings and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. I am Geoffrey West filling in for the vacationing Galactic Family man GD. Tonight’s guest will be Sanat Kumara and welcome to the show, Linda.

LD: Hello again, it’s a pleasure to be here.

GW: Great. So I understand that our guest this evening will be Sanat Kumara.

LD: That’s right and I thought before we got into talking with Sanat Kumara, or about Sanat Kumara that maybe we could just begin with a little meditation.

GW: Absolutely.

LD: OK. So let’s everybody relax and close your eyes and let go of the day, let go of the week as we come to the end, and let’s take a nice, deep breathe of gold; and gold is the ray of Sanat Kumara and it is that brilliant gold, that very shiny, bright, 24 karat gold. So take a breathe of sunshine and open your crown and allow this energy into you and feel yourself sink gently into your heart, into that place of Love, to that place of wholeness, of being. And allow yourself tonight to drift, to drift on a cloud of blue across a midnight sky with thousands and millions of golden stars. And feel those stars talking to you, communicating with you, feel their light caressing you and opening you. Feel your place within this infinite universe and feel the love, the substance of the universe and thank yourself for being here as we begin.

So Sanat Kumara, not everybody knows about Sanat Kumara even though we’ve had some conversations, with you Geoff and with Steve Beckow, with Sanat Kumara, An Hour With An Angel. But Sanat Kumara is the keeper of Universal Law and he is also the Planetary Logos. And what that means in terms of being a Planetary Logos is basically he is overseeing the unfoldment of the plan for Gaia and of course for everything upon Gaia, I guess that includes us. He is from Venus; he has a very long and established lineage. He is an Ascended Master, he is a very high Ascended Master and yet he doesn’t call himself an Ascended Master when we’re talking about Universal Law. He refers to himself as ‘Keeper of the Laws’ and when I’ve asked him about that, because he and I have had many chats over the years, particularly about the subject of creation which Geoff and I are going to get into in a minute, is that he says that it’s important that people understand, all beings understand, that he’s the keeper, he’s like the custodian of the laws but that those laws come from the heart of One, that they were established. It’s that the explanation basically is how things work throughout the universe, how they operate, and so in learning and us understanding about how the Universal Laws work and how to work with them, we gain a greater understanding and a letting go in our own Ascension processes of how things can work in terms of our progression, both individually and collectively. And how we can assist one another in building community, it’s based on Universal Law rather than the old paradigms of old earth which are really being destroyed and going away even as we speak.

In talking with Geoff we thought that a good starting point for tonight would be for us to talk about the creation process. The creation process as again overseen and shared with us primarily by Sanat Kumara, but there have been many other players involved as well; including Jesus Sananda and Yahweh and Universal Mother Mary, the Archangels, even Albert Einstein has had a lot to say about creation and how that takes place. But before we get to that, I always take a great deal of pleasure in sharing with you how I experience or visualize or how I see actually, the different Ascended Masters or Enlightened Beings or Archangels.

When I look at Sanat Kumara he is very regal looking. You can tell right away there is no mistaking his energy for anybody else. He is in an aura, is the only way I can describe it, of gold. His gold just emanates from him, around him, from his heart, and it’s a beautiful brilliant gold but sometimes depending on what we’re working on, also has tinges of pink in it as well and of course that fits with being Venusian. He’s tall, he’s very tall, I see him as very blond, golden hair quite literally, and eyes of bluie-green, very piercing eyes. There’s no hiding, not that there ever is any hiding from any Ascended Master or Enlightened Being, but when Sanat Kumara fixes his gaze upon you you know you’re not going anywhere; you’re going to sit, you’re going to listen, and you’re going to pay attention. But he does this in a very gently, kind and loving way. There’s nothing authoritarian about him, there’s nothing of the old patriarch about him. It’s just that the love is so strong that you can’t imagine doing anything else except simply wanting to be with him and sharing that space.

So with that Geoff, what do you say that we move on and talk about what Sanat Kumara or SK or Raj talks about when he is referring to the creation formula?

GW: That sounds absolutely wonderful Linda.

LD: OK. We’ve talked about this briefly I think in other shows but we’ve never really gotten into it and I think it’s the perfect backdrop before we basically hand the show over to Sanat Kumara and ask him to share what wisdom he has brought for us tonight.

The creation formula is enormously simple for all of us involved in creation, especially right now creation and co-creation is one of the major universal themes. It’s because we are creating our reality and we’re also creating a new world, we’re creating with Gaia a new planet, Nova Earth. So they’ve given it to us as almost a mathematical formula and this is what it is: Intent + Stillpoint + Action = Creation. Now that sounds so enormously simple and yet the creation work is some of the most challenging work we will ever do, and the most rewarding. We are all involved in creation processes constantly whether we acknowledge it or not, I think that’s one of the things that Sanat Kumara wants to talk to us about tonight. But let me just give you a little more depth to what the elements of that formula are about. And if you think of that formula as sitting on a blackboard or sitting on a cloud, it sits in a basket and the basket is love and joy and gratitude. We can’t create if we’re not in a place of joy, not in any real sense; oh! we’ve all brought things forward when we’ve been in a desperate place or in a position of desperation or in a tight jam, but the real creation, the creation that’s in alignment with who we are, with our sacred space, with our soul, only comes when we are in a place of joy, when we are in a place of enthusiasm, when we are in a place of really being in the love and being the love.

So the intent piece, that is the first element and many people talk about creation and they talk about the power of intent or the Law of Intent or the Law of Attraction and it’s important for all of us to realize that the formulation of intent and the Council of Love talks about this a lot; intent is a very important piece but that’s what it is…it’s one of the pieces, it’s not the full monte, it’s not the whole shebang. Intent, we are guided that we do not spend enough time in formulating our intentions. Very often what we are doing is we’re trying to say “this is what I want” and then we bounce right into action. Intention involves what Sanat Kumara and the Council call dreaming, you know blue skying, taking the time to really explore and to peel that onion about what your intention, what your desire, what it is that you really are wanting to bring forward either in your life, into form, into relationships, into being. So an important piece of formulating intent is actually taking the time to be in your heart, to explore the corridors of your mind and really figure out what it is. So, a good example, a lot of people say “Oh, I want to win the lottery”, I hear that all the time, “because the money would give me financial freedom”. But really what you’re saying in that is that “I want the freedom to do my work, to be free of stress, to live in a society where I have flexibility and movement, where I am free to do my sacred work”. So take the time and not just say “Oh, I want to do my sacred work”, take it another step further, well what is that sacred work about? How do you visualize it? How do you feel it? How does it feel not only in your heart but in your body in your guts, your stomach? Does it bring a smile in your tummy? So take that time to really formulate your intent of what it is that you want to bring forward. And writing things down, of course we all know this and we don’t usually do it, but writing down your intentions is a really powerful process because you’re putting it into physicality, you’re bringing it into the physical realm. So the dreaming is important, the exploration is important, meditating on it is extremely important. Universal Mother tells us that prayer is part of the expression of intent, and I’m not talking about simply rote prayer. I’m talking about when you have that heartfelt conversation with Source, with your guides, with the Archangels, and you’re really expressing what you want to bring forth. And Mary’s been known to say to us also “there are times child when even screaming is prayer”. And so don’t feel that it has to be in a completely ritualistic fashion. Sometimes when we cry out for help that is the strongest prayer of all. So, in a nutshell that’s intent.

So when you’re working with creation take time to go into and really explore and formulate your intentions because when you do, if you look around and then you go back and measure, what we intend usually comes to pass and if it doesn’t it’s because it simply isn’t for our highest good. But Archangel Michael has also said to us so often when we’re working on creation and we’ve asked for that level of assistance, too often we give up and we let our intention and our creation process go just at the point when it’s about to come to fulfillment. So that’s very much a self sabotage process, so try and keep that in mind as we go forward.

The second piece, and these are sequential, so you formulate your intent and then you bring all of this to stillpoint and you’re going to hear Sanat Kumara and all of the Ascended Masters, the Council of Love, talk a lot about stillpoint. So what is it? Stillpoint is the place of nothingness and it is also the place where union and fission take place, what Einstein calls that implosion/explosion takes place. So what does it feel like, how do you get there, what is the experience?

You go to your stillpoint by going into meditation, very deep meditation so you let go of the random thoughts that plague us every day, you reassure your ego and your mind, your mental body and your emotional bodies, all of your bodies, that you love it, that you honor it and you’ll be back later. Then you go into your heart and if you visualize or picture your heart as a Valentines heart, your heart chakra as a Valentines heart, go directly to the tip of your Valentines. So it’s the place where it is almost intersecting with your solar plexus; that position is also the seat of your soul. So you go very deeply and how you do that is you begin to slow your breathing and slow your breathing, you can follow your breathe, start with a count of 4, inhaling, exhaling on 4 then move to 8, then move to 16 or 32, whatever you’re comfortable with. Some people tend to get nervous about going to stillpoint and stilling their breath; there is no reason to ever worry about that, your body has autonomic systems, that automatically you start to breathe again when you need to. So just go as still as possible so that you feel like you’re not breathing, you’re not thinking, you’re simply in that place of oneness, of nothingness. And what you’ve brought with you to that place of oneness, of nothingness, of stillpoint is your creation. So you are bringing with you the plan that you have formulated, that you are holding in intention, and that comes with you. And when you know you are leaving stillpoint you will often feel a slight jerk, as if you feel that implosion/explosion in your heart, at the bottom of your heart, and that’s literally the point at which creation is taking place, where that fertilization is taking place. It’s dropping down, I’m simplifying this but never the less, it’s dropping down into your solar plexus so it’s as if the bottom of your Valentines heart has opened up, it’s dropping down into your solar plexus and it’s jerking, pushing, breathing out into the universe, out into the world where it can now take form.

Stillpoint isn’t something you can jump over in terms of your creation formula. So it is something that is worthwhile working on, meditating on, and getting to the point where you can hold that space of stillness for about 17 seconds, seems to be the magic number. So before I go any further, Geoff do you have any questions?

GW: At the moment I do not, actually the formula appears remarkably simple as you indicated and it made almost perfect sense to me. Maybe the stillpoint wasn’t quite what I had originally thought, but is was certainly getting into that stillness of self and getting into that grasping point, but certainly to have something on focus, on what it is you are desiring to create and stepping into the space where self can become expressive and in that silence of the All That Is or the Nothing That Is and to carry that through with an action, it’s almost like WOW! and I’m not a mathematician.

LD: Yeah, so then we move into the action piece and that’s the last element and action, they should say, appropriate action. So when you have pushed out your creation from the stillpoint out into the world, out into the universe, you have declared that intention and you have set it free to collect what Yahweh calls the Creation Codes. So we’re collecting codes, we’re collecting love energy, we’re collecting energy so that it can take form, so that molecules can take form, but our piece, our human piece is also not just sitting home and waiting and saying “OK, now I’ve done this and it’s going to come to me”. We need to take appropriate action and it has to be action that’s in alignment, of course, with your intention. So for example, and it’s an example I often use, if you are wanting to enter into sacred relationship or partnership or sacred union and this is something that you are working on, well an appropriate action means that you need, need there’s that word, that you might wish to engage with people because unless it’s the UPS driver that is your twin flame or your soul mate, if you never leave the house, you never go into situations where you might encounter your soul mate, then the universe is going to have a harder time. So you need to cooperate and to take the actions that are in alignment with that creation. When you do that, when you do all three of those things, and as I’ve said this is the abbreviated version but I really want you to understand this, when you do this then your creations come to pass. Now part of what I want to go back and say about intent before we move into Sanat Kumara, is when you’re formulating your intent because we are humans and we are putting this at this time in dimensional reality, and I see fewer and fewer of us really anchored in what I call the old 3rd, put a timeline on it, make that part of your intention. Yes very often our unseen friends operate with a different concept of time but it would be incorrect for us to think or assume that they do not understand time. Mary and Yahweh and Sanat Kumara have said “Of course we understand time, in fact we invented it”. So place timeframes on what you are wanting to accomplish. You know, some things we want to create and we want to create rather quickly and then there are other things that we are going to work on, maybe for years, maybe for decades. So, put timeframes in there as well.

So that brings us to Universal Law and there are many Universal Laws and there are some that we are very familiar with such as The Law of Attraction as if we are creating and intending for something, we are pulling those creation codes, those energy molecules towards us; but then there are others that we’re not so familiar with. We’re familiar with Give and Receive, we’re familiar with the Law of Within and Without, which means that whatever is within you is also going to be expressed outside of you. But with that what I’d like to do is to step aside for Sanat Kumara to speak to you directly so that he can elaborate on what it is we’re talking about. So, I’ll just step aside.

SK: Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara, yes, Keeper of Universal Law, custodian of joy, custodian of gratitude, mentor of love. These are the titles that I wish to be known by and if you do not remember these titles, if you do not remember any of this simply turn to me and call me brother, call me friend, for I have been with you for a very, very long time. It is my honor to be the Planetary Logos, to be the assistant, the overseer, the guardian of the unfoldment of this plan, the unfoldment of this undertaking. Dear hearts, you have entered into a time of co-creation and it is co-creation, yes, with we who serve, of all the realms, of all the realms not simply what you think of as the ascended realms, of those that you think of as Ascended Masters or Archangels or the Enlightened Ones. You are also in a co-creation process with the planet herself, with the kingdoms, with all of the kingdoms. This is a sacred union that often you do not think about and you are bringing forth the new and the promise, the fulfillment of the Universal Mother’s plan. And each of you, each of you who are listening and with me this night have a piece of this plan and that is why I wish to speak to you about a couple of Universal Laws that you may not be so familiar with or that you have not considered recently during this lifetime.

As the channel has said, the Universal Laws are simply the laws of this universe; it is the understanding of how your universe works and operated. But all of these laws, the basis of them is love. There cannot be a Universal Law that does not have its foundation in love; that is the core and the substance of the multiverse, of the omniverse. Yes there are laws that apply elsewhere, we do not talk about them and certainly not tonight because there are things that we are asking of you to focus on and concentrate on.

I wish to speak to you about the Law of Purpose. The Law of Purpose is the law that commands and requires and gives each of you the freedom to be in alignment with your sacred self and to be the embodiment of your sacred self. Many of you have thought of this and seen a glimmer of this in your desire, in the political movements upon your planet for self determination, for freedom. But this is a precept; it is a law that when you choose to align and exercise the freedom, to be the totality of who you are, to be the full expression of your divinity and to embody that, then it is the law that the energy must follow this decision, this choice. There is a great deal of discussion upon the planet about free will and about the nature of free will and that this is a free will zone. We would never have it otherwise for this is a unique quality; but the biggest element of free will is the choice, the decision to be the freedom of your being. Once you do this, once you invoke this law, yes through intent, through stillpoint and bringing it forward through action, then you are commanding, demanding the law to allow you the freedom to do this. Many of you are stuck, you are stuck my dear hearts and that is why I am being so emphatic about this. You think that you are controlled by the old paradigms, well of course you are not and they fade rapidly. But you also have these ideas, and we call them ideas, ideations, belief systems, that you are restricted by what you believe is your mission and service and purpose. But the very Law of Purpose is the law of freedom for you to be the totality of who you are. As soon, it is not time lagged, it is immediate, as soon as you claim that freedom then it is so.

Now you may have some mental and emotional adjustments to do and I will help you with this, for yes you have been in shackles a long time, so the idea of complete freedom for some of you is terrifying. You really aren’t quite sure what to do with it. And that is why we ask you, we invite you to dream, and we invite you to dream big; there is nothing small about any of you. You have been birthed from the heart of One; you are a mirror of the divine. Yes you have assumed form and you have assumed form during this miraculous time of Ascension to do just that, to affect such fundamental change upon your planet; that it will be completely unrecognizable to what you knew even a year ago. So you say to me “SK, how do I invoke the Law of Purpose, how do I invoke the freedom to be the entirety of my sacred self?” You do so humbly, but you do so joyfully, you do so in thanksgiving and awe, but you do it simply by invoking the law, by going to that place within your heart, of formulating the intent that you are living in alignment, in perfect alignment with the Law of Purpose. It is your freedom ticket dear hearts, it always has been. Now this is a law that does not simply apply to you or to your planet or to the collective of the human race; it applies universally. I have declared this long ago and I am the embodiment of my sacred self; all the Ascended Masters are. And what are you except masters? The Mother has referred to you as her Ascension Angels and this is a beautiful term that captures and reflects to you your potential.

So what I am doing, before I go any further, I am making a solemn commitment to each of you. If you are not certain how these laws that I am discussing with you work, then call me, invoke my name, invoke my energy, invoke my wisdom; I am here to help the planet fulfill all of your dreams and the dream of the Mother. I will help you with these laws, I will show you the way, I will reveal the laws to you as you are ready, as you are prepared. So I do not ask you to run before you can walk, but this sacred Law of Purpose, it is a starting point and it is a finishing point because it is the claiming of who you are.

Now, I also wish to speak to you of the Law of Mirroring. Yes, you know what I am speaking of. When you gaze out, not only at your beautiful planet Terra Gaia, but as you gaze out at the ships that hover above your earth, at the stars, at the planets and far beyond, as you gaze out and embrace the magnitude of the multiverse I want you to understand that that multiverse, every thing it contains, is also mirrored within thee. Whatever you see and perceive, experience and know externally to you is also in existence, no not always in the same form obviously, but it is in existence, those seeds of energy are within you. It is how you come to know and perceive what is external to you. Just the same way as when you have a heartfelt desire to do something, to create something, and then you wonder ‘well is this in alignment with my soul purpose, with my sacred self, with my promise of service?’ Of course it is. It is absolutely in alignment; otherwise you would not be experiencing it.

So I want you to know when you are working with the Universal Law of Mirroring what you are doing is healing within, creating within and creating without. Many of you have desires, ardent desires, to be with your brothers and sisters of the stars and you say “How can I get there? Why are they not coming to pick me up? Why am I not being beamed up?” Well, there are a variety of reasons and some of them are the political climate upon the planet at this moment, but let me not divert your attention from what I am speaking of. Go within, take what you are perceiving and know to be your external universe and go within, explore your inner planes. Dear hearts, you are massive and your fields have been expanding at the speed of love and the speed of love is the speed of light squared. So go within and find those galaxies, those star beings, your own starseed self, find your family within and then bring that intent to experience the mirror of that externally; so it is in/out, in/out, it is mirrors upon mirrors upon mirrors. You cannot experience something outside of yourself if it is not within you already.

So bring this to stillpoint and your action and your intention are very similar; you are prepared to meet, to be, externally with your star family, with your star brothers and sisters on a different planet, however you choose. Bilocation is very simple, it is just something you have forgotten and we will save that for another conversation. But if you are desiring to have this experience, as I know so many of you are, invoke this Law of Mirroring and find it because it is there and yes I will help you and so will your own beloved guides, as your twin flames, as your guardians. And by the way, Archangel Uriel is very adept at this, so do not hesitate to call him as well. So work with the Law of Mirroring.

The other thing that we hear from you, from your heart, is “Why things are not changing more rapidly. Why has disclosure fully not taken place? Why has this or that not occurred?” So we wish to speak about the Law of Change and I will do so briefly so that dear Geoffrey can ask his questions as well.

The Law of Change or what you may have thought of as the Law of Movement, it represents the endless, endless, infinite potential of reality. You have a saying on earth that ‘change is constant’ but it is a universal truth and what you are not seeing as clearly as you might, and what is becoming more apparent to you, and we are pleased of this, is we want you to pay attention to the patterns because change is ever-present. You are not the same being that you were when we began this conversation 40 minutes ago; you have changed. And even when you are out of form that law does not go away dear heart; change is ever-present and it is a law to work with and to embrace because again what you wish to do is to embrace the law and then work with the law so that you are directing the change. So what we ask of you in directing the change is to look at the patterns and the patterns of your own life and in your community, your family. Take note, even in a 24 hour period, take time each day to observe what have been your actions, what were the change points, what changed during your day and how could you by invoking the Law of Change, how could you have directed those actions, those thoughts, those interactions, those behaviors differently? Because do not forget what I have said to thee, each law is based on the foundation of love. So each change, each pattern has that capacity to embrace love so that every change, every breathe, every action, everything you do is a reflection, not only of your infinite self, but the infinite love of the universe. I am asking of you to begin to notice, to take note not just as the observer but as the action piece as well. How did this change during the day? How did I change? How did my relationships change? What were the points at which I could have changed the pattern? When you invoke the Law of Change, when you invoke me you are asking for all of the changes to be in the directions of your dreams, of your ultimate creation, the reflection of who you are, not in this moment but ultimately, the truth of who you really are. And that is what you find in the mirroring as well, you begin to see the vastness of your being; your body is but such a small particle of your sacred space.

So I speak of these 3 laws and perhaps another time we will continue. Geoffrey, do you have questions of me?

GW: Well Raj, I’m kind of in awe because I’m realizing the Law of Change has kind of placed me into this program at a most appropriate time to assist me and perhaps some of the answers I’m looking for as far as the Law of Mirroring and certainly the Law of Purpose as well to assist me in where I’m going. The one question that was sitting in my mind I don’t think we’re going to have time to go into much detail, we have about 4 minutes, 3.5 to 4 minutes left, but I was hoping to go into the science and spirituality of oneness, to assist in communicating people in connecting to that whole idea that we are one and our history, obviously religion and science has split at one point but it’s merging back together. Do you have any thoughts on that, Raj?

SK: Yes because it is, if you think of one Universal Law it is the Law of Unity, it is the Law of Love, it is the Law of One, although that has been tainted by some of the human explanations. But it is the law that we are all united. I am as much a part of you as you are of me. Do you understand what I am saying? When you go into the mirroring and you are looking, how can you experience me externally through you if I am not also within your being? Of course we are one. Now that is not to detract or to say we are one and therefore you just lost your unique self, but in that one we are united in heart, we are united in the love. So to pretend that there is separation and that is what the old human race became expert at, separation, and all the illusions that went along with it, but that is exactly what it was, it was a false paradigm. It created false institutions, behaviors, cultures, grids; but we are not separate. That is why we talk about this co-creative partnership. We are not doing to you and you are not doing this alone. And when it is all done, when you are in the place of ‘all and nothing’ is when you experience that knowing, that sense of being that we are connected, we are one. There is no wall between us; there is really not even any skin between us. When one wanders or is hurt or harmed we are all hurt or harmed. When one is grateful, it is felt by every being. When one is loved and acts from love it is felt by all.

So often you ask, “How will the transformation take place?” It is by coming to this realization that we are one. Go in peace dear heart. Farewell.

GW: Thank you Raj for blessing us with your presence here this evening and thank you Linda for your comments, observations and sharing as well in preparing us for the upcoming changes that are very quickly approaching us. May we find that golden ray of support from Sanat Kumara and may you find that intent and that stillpoint and that action within yourself as we end this show. Until next time, farewell.

LD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon