The whole theme that the Council of Love has been talking to us about for 2012 is stepping forward and into action. Well folks I don’t think we have a problem. Both Steve Beckow (2012 Scenario) and I have been inundated with volunteers from all over the world to be part of the Earth Delegation. So many of you are expressing your absolute readiness to take what Grener calls this joy ride. And I have put each of your names on the Earth Delegation list which is being communicated to Grener of Ashira of Neptune and the star fleet commanders. Of course the choice and selection of the delegation will come from him, in conjunction with the Intergalactic Council.

In speaking with Archangel Michael yesterday he filled in more details of the 10 day journey – and yes it will be 10 full earth days beginning this Saturday Feb 4th. Pick-ups will be one by one so make yourself available all day Saturday. If you are on the other side of the world it will still be your Saturday. Computers and all electronic devices are available aboard ship – so pack light. Bring your own camera because it’s current Earth technology and therefore can’t be “rigged” when we are presenting proof.

Mostly what the trip is about is heart-connection. Of meeting with old friend and soul family. We will tour the science & technology ships, receive a tune-up in the healing chambers, travel on one of the explorer ships to a close-by destination planets, and play with the space bicycles. Our star brothers and sisters are over the moon with excitement and everything is spit and polish (it always is) on board. They are as excited as we are.

This morning as I was walking my little dog Eliza I was doing exactly what Archangel Michael asked us not do, which was having a shadow of doubt. I asked the Council “when has anything like this ever happened (in human history)?” St. Germaine immediately popped in laughing and saying “when I discover America (as Christopher Columbus) – and you wouldn’t believe how much they poo-pooed me at court as I laid out my plans. Everyone thought I was imagining, and I would simply sail away and fall off the edge of the earth”. Point taken – but gosh this is big.
The biggest point is not to fall into fear or doubt. And I don’t just mean for those who have submitted their names for the infamous list. All of you are supporting us – this is not a one shot deal, this is a new beginning and we need you, each of you, holding faith and space. So clear the fear and doubt or scepticism; give it to Michael, give it to the Universal Mother. We are doing this together and it is unimaginable and it is what each and every one of us has been seeing and knowing for years.