Grener of Ashira of Neptune’s agreement on last night’s blogtalkradio show, Hour with An Angel, blew me away. The agreement was to accept an Earth delegation onboard the mother ship, the Neptune, and to allow the group access to the ship in order that they may return and share this information with the world. A grassroots disclosure. I began channeling Grener when he was still commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies (UFOG) and have watched his ascendance into the role of President of the Inter-galactic Council. Grener is one of the most grounded, thoughtful, reflective, astute beings I have ever encountered. It is completely not in his character to say – “hey I’m having a party on Saturday night, why don’t some of you drop by.” For Grener to indicate that he will receive an Earth delegation on board the Neptune this coming Saturday, Feb. 4 for a period of 10 days is beyond anything I could imagine from this cautious sensible leader.

So what do I think about this invite, what do I think will happen – and how do I feel? Confused, excited, anxious, excited…

This is like having an invitation from the head of the UN to go on tour; to witness the miracles of the star ships, of their technology, to take a little journey, to rub shoulders with our star brothers and sisters. OMG! On the one-hand this absolutely makes sense to me – what better way to finally get humanity to see that we’re not alone – and to do it like its entertainment – the best of reality TV. And then there’s that part of me that says ‘what if…’ and I’m shutting her down. I’m among the lucky humans who have had contact before but still this is big, this is public with the whole world watching. And it’s up to us people! Wow!

Isaac is primarily the observer of many of the things that happen in when I’m working – from the arrival of the great Native American chiefs to archangels and other phenomena. Last night he felt the energy and came back to the room I was channeling in and was stunned. The room was full – literally not enough room for him to get in. That’s why the dog was barking. And there I was, transfigured (Grener does that to me) with my arms waving and my head moving as if I was addressing a huge crowd. And I guess I was, on his behalf.

I choose to believe this is going to take place – that this is the unfoldment of the plan – this is us stepping up. I have received e-mails and calls early this AM from all over the world. People are ready to jump on board. And so am I. I will continue to keep you posted as more information is funneled to me. The most pertinent piece of info that Grener gave me somewhere around 3 AM as I asked for the umpteenth time “really?????” is that the delegation will be about 150 people. So get ready. All you need is you heart and trust, so pack light.