…many of us step forward this day and heaven knows we would like you to see us, not only as a bird or a crow, a raven or an eagle but as a being looking human, much the same as you.

And we are excited to accept your invitation. I AM Halazar, Chief Science Officer of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies and many of us step forward this day and heaven knows we would like you to see us, not only as a bird or a crow, a raven or an eagle but as a being looking human, much the same as you. We tend to be tall but we do have five fingers on each hand and exquisite feet. It is my honor to step forward today, and Grener of Ashira of Neptune sends his greetings as well, as does our Commander of the Unified Forces, Ashira of Neptune.

But I have truly asked for my presence to be felt and to be known on Earth because what we call science many of you call technology and information. We call it Light and Love. The perview of the science fleets includes the Healing Ships, it includes many of the space bicycles that you see coming and going, it includes the exploratory ships that come to do some balancing of your atmospherics and of your grid upon the planet. I actually have a very responsible job. It doesn’t pay in the same currency; in fact, it doesn’t pay at all, because we have passed that point. We know the science of creation and the science of Oneness.

This channel at several points this weekend has said that the Star brothers and sisters are perhaps of at even a higher light quotient and we wish to correct her, which she actually hates, but never-the-less it is because we are not of a higher light quotient but we are of a slightly different vibratory nature. And sometimes that is not why you see us or why you do; why you see us coming out of the sides of mountains and why see our faces in the wall, why you see us staring at you from a tree. It is just our vibrations adjusting with yours. Our vibration is not changing significantly to deal or to come and be part of Earth, which we are very excited and anxious about, it is your vibration that is changing and meeting us. Now you say to me ‘Halazar how is that going to work? You’ve got a handful of people here and 7 billion outside. Just how are you going to manage that?’ And of course I would have to run and ask my boss. And he would say to me ‘Halazar, you figure it out. I am busy with this Intergalactic Council.’

You know Earth is a cherished member of this Council since the day you arrived because not only is it important as the ascension and the fulfillment of the promise of Love anchors on your planet. We have not had so much fun and amusement since Sirius. This is a great place and for more than a vacation, for there is an excellent chance I’m going to settle down here. I know. But I know you didn’t hear me, come to hear me simply tell antidotes and there are many, but there are a couple of things that I would ask of you that we have touched on continually, and certainly last year.

And that is, do not forget my brothers and sisters to send yourselves for restful time out on the healing ships; these are what you think of as very mobile clinics. And you will be welcomed and pampered and filled with Light and sound and there are vibratory adjustments that are and can take place. Let us be very clear; first of all, the request to come to a healing ship comes from you not us. Yes, it is an open door policy, but we are not trying to lure you away. But we have deep interests and deep compassion for much of the suffering that takes place on this planet and there is no differentiation between physical or mental or emotional or spiritual. It is all the same and it is all one. All you have need to do is to ask to be beamed up and you will be welcomed and we will assure you that you will be placed gently back in your bed, in your own home before you awake.

The agreement forged years ago of the Intergalactic Council is that we would not fully engage or reveal ourselves with and to Earth; well Earth knows, the trees know, the rocks know, they have cooperated famously, but we mean with the human race that we would not interfere or make ourselves known if there was an imbalance of trepidation, of fear. Now you think, because I’ve heard you, that that is a long ways out and it is not. For there is much going on behind the scenes and we tell you that the strategy now, because of course, your government has known about us for years, we have assisted in many, many ways, and particularly with what you call ‘near-misses’. So, yes, ‘near-misses’, airplanes, comets, you name it, ‘near-misses’, sometimes even cars for they are deadly, but they are fun. They are not as much fun as our bicycles, but they are fun.
But let me be serious yet again, governments, scientists, populists of all races, all colors, all creeds, all classes, you have a lot of differentiation on this planet but there are none that have not had experience with the knowing, not just the belief, but the knowing of our presence. We are the best kept secret in the multiverse. Everyone knows that the fleet is hiding out over by Earth and that we are simply waiting for the “high sign”, for the welcome committee to say ‘all right you can come now’. But we have need to be welcomed because that is the agreement that the Intergalactic Council and the decision a hard one that we arrived at a very long time ago. The culture of a planet, the belief systems, the customs are always honored.

What is very likely to occur in the upcoming months, months not years, is that there will be a very visible presence in the sky. And those who have known about us for eighty years will say ‘Oh look!’ and then with that common revealing the wheels will go into motion to say there has been a sighting, there has been communication, there has been contact, and they come in peace. What we want to make sure of is that the humans come in peace. Amongst those who are saying ‘where are the landings, where are the landings?’ We are so anxious, and that is why we make our presence known in many different ways. But the reassurance factor, the security factor, the safety factor has need to be taken into consideration. Also understand the economic factors are already being worked on.

We bring many, many, many gifts of science, of technology, of what you think of as information. Now we don’t bring it to sell in what you think of as your financial systems. We have nothing against creation and money, that is part of a paradigm. We want to make sure everyone has enough money. That is part of our agenda, not foolishly, but equally. But we also understand that we do not want the gifts that we bring to set a spiral or upset an apple cart of a system that is already in tremendous disarray. Often what we have done is we have used our brothers and sisters and there are many on the planet, last count we are at 11,000, so, and that is in the United States, 11,000 in the United States of America, yes there are more in Canada and elsewhere of course. But we will use Star brothers and sisters to bring forth the information, to bring forth the ideas so that it can be harmonious and not disruptive.

Now having said that massive change of course is on the way, but the massive change is not simply because there is finally admission that we have been hanging around for over 200 years, the massive change occurs because there is a shift in your consciousness, in your hearts, and that Gaia ascends to a dimension where you would see us regardless. So it is a case of you can see us now or you can see us later. Now I am anxious to be seen now! And many of us will appear to you, and you may or may not think ‘Oh, there is an ET’ because we will look very much like you but you will know through the heart connection that we have always shared, that we will share forever, that we are here.

We are closely aligned with the Cities of Light where you see our ships on ground, as it were. They are always connected to a City of Light because they are our landing portals and yes there are several here because they welcomed us thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago. The ancients knew this and they would come and we would do ceremony together. And this will happen again, this unity of all beings, what the channel Marianne has called the at-one-ment, the oneness, that is our desire. We have accomplished in the various sectors Pleiadian, Andronomidan, Aructurian and far beyond many incredible advances. And before that we destroyed many planets and civilizations and we learned the hard way just as in many ways you have as well.

But what we hadn’t accomplished, what we come here to share and to learn with you and to be with you and yes in some cases to take home is “What does Love look like? How does it structure? How is it organized? How is it operate in physicality?” Because whether I am 8 feet and green or 5 feet and white the principles are the same. What does Love look like? We have reached the place of mutuality, of cooperation, of respect, of cultural, scientific exchange. War is a thing of the past for us. But how you choose to structure Nova Earth, Nova Gaia, that is why we come to lend a hand, not to direct. We want to see how you do it. So we come with gifts but we also come as fellow explorers, and as students. We come to experience mutuality with you.

We know there has been a time when the density of the planet was such that it attracted density from, shall we say, elsewhere. But let us be very clear, that density has long since been removed and it is in another Universe that we are not even familiar with. Now, I am a humble science officer and I would welcome your questions…

Channeled by Linda Dillon  Annual Gathering, Sedona, AZ

Questions and Answers to follow…

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