The gift of the pink diamond of the complete anchoring of our unique wholeness has been bestowed upon us by Universal Mother Mary beginning Dec. 4, 2009.

Because many of you missed this information Mother Mary is encouraging me to remind you of this incredible activation. Read and receive.

Universal Mother Mary – Gift of the Pink Diamond (1st time)

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of Change, Mother of Hope and Mother of Grace. And I welcome each and every one of you my angels of pink.

You travel upon a myriad of rays, many of you preferring blue, as do I. And yet who do we surround ourselves with? Who are those that sit and create and play but the angels of pink? For they are the ones who have remained close to home, and they are the ones who are the most beautiful. They are not only beautiful because of their physicality, of what you would think of anyway as physicality, they are beautiful because of who they are. Why have they remained with us? Because we are united in heart. We are united in purpose. We are united in the creation of the multiverse. And it is from this place of heart connection, of Love, of being forever in the state of grace that this retinue of angels surround us. And, dearheart, they also surround you in this very moment, which is highly unusual for they do not leave the doorway of Heaven. But I have asked of them to surround you and encircle you for this time together as you move with me to a place beyond dimension, but in physicality.

Each of you as you incarnated, have turned to me and said “Mother, I will go for I believe in your plan.” It is the unfoldment of the plan of Love on the planet of Love. And although there has been much density and what we would call disillusion – for there are illusions that are a great deal of fun, you know – you have come to this planet in service to me. It has not always been easy to be in that flux of change as energies are shifting rapidly and dramatically, as frequencies are being raised and the old is being eliminated. We are fully aware of what you experience. We are not on some distant cloud, child. We are with you. We are with you in every way that you can possibly conceive of.

I gave you my essence, my very core of Blue Diamond that you would be filled with Mother’s Love but also with my power, with my nurturing, with my knowledge, with my wisdom, with my strength, with my endurance, with my patience. All of this is part and parcel now not only of who I am but of who you are. It was not a selective gift. Each of you on Earth have and are continually infused with my essence of Blue Diamond. And I will do this until you return home and far after if you wish.

So often we have these conversations, and I say to you I Love you. I Love you as my child, as my friend, as my angel in form, as my pathfinder, as my sister and brother. However, I do not feel that you have fully understood and known in the deepest part of you consistently moment after moment, day after day the truth of that Love. No, I do not criticize. But there have been times when you have said to me individually and collectively, “Mary, you appear to be sad.” You would be sad too looking at this world. No, I jest. I want you to know the extent, the breath, the depth of my Love. It is ever-expanding. It is not limited. I did not say I will give you a cup of my Blue Diamond and there you go. It is an eternal wellspring that you are free, and I invite you, to draw upon. I want all this to be clear before we speak of the Pink Diamonds because I want you to think of the Blue Diamond as my Love and everything that that entails.

Sometimes you say “Oh, I have prayed, I have done my creation exercise, and I have not received.” Dear ones, there is such a thing as divine timing. And as most of you know, divine timing is also Mother’s time. And there are many times when you will look at your family, your friends, your children and say “Yes, I will give this to you but not yet.” Because in my wisdom, I understand that there is something else you need to learn or put in place, and it is not simply an exercise in patience. It is an exercise in guidance, of nurturing you.

So having said all that, I wish to speak of the Pink Diamond that is imbedded in your heart, even as we speak. It is the gift of being and anchoring in the fullness of your divinity in form on Earth. You have incorporated and you have worked with the Masters, the ascended ones and me, but there has always been this small part of you that has held back. Child, there can be no more hanging back. That time is over. Now last year I have asked you to step forward, and you have done so in a whole variety of ways. And you have done well. You have done magnificently. And you have cleared up many of the old debris, the issues that have haunted you, and you have been stepping forward. But now we are upping the ante.

When I say to thee that you are bright angels in form, I am not simply speaking metaphorically. I am not speaking to give you compliments. Long before you have lived on Arcturus or Cee Cee Cee or Electra, you have been angels. And that is what I wish you to remember – not in some airy fairy way. For when you come to know the angels, you will know there is nothing airy fairy about them. Oh, they are joyous, they are beautiful, they are glorious. And they are serious and they are powerful and they are focused and they are determined. You have seen this with your own guides. They do not give up on you. Sometimes you have given up on them, but they do not give up on you.

The gift of the Pink Diamond is to ignite that perfection of divinity. It is a state of being. And if you wish a tangible, yes then think of a Pink Diamond within your heart. It is a good place to put it and to think of it, and we will be working a lot with it during our time together. But make no error in your thinking – it is a state of being in the full divinity and the expression of that divinity, the beauty, grace, truth, and Love of who you are. Not who I am, but who you are. You are the teachers, you are the creators, you are the pathfinders, the healers, the channelers. This is not a gift that I am bestowing freely upon the planet. It is not like my Blue Diamond that I have instilled upon the populous, the collective so that they would begin to heal and know that they are loved. This is a gift to you. It is the gift from the Father and I directly to your heart.

So how does this work? I want you to find out. I want you to stay in that place of Love and to no longer, ever, vary from it. When you have received this overlighting, when you have fully accepted it within, anger and fear, disease, dread, these lesser human emotions, do not co-exist. They are gone, and the sense of potential truly emerges. Now, do you have questions of me on this?

Question: How do you stay in that, in Love when there is so much going on?

The more that is going on, the more urgent, the more important it is to stay in the Love. It is easy to stay in the Love when you are in a group like this. That is not the challenge. And that is why we are telling you by accepting this gift, it gives you that ability to stay in Love, in the divinity of your being. Now you say “How does that work?” There are beings, and there are several who you will be able to relate to – Mother Theresa, St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio, St. Theresa, the Buddha, Gandhi – all these beings stayed in the Love, stayed within their Pink Diamond divinity. You say “Well, I am not a saint.” And I suggest to you: get busy. For you are underestimating yourself. Is that not a funny little title to give somebody: you’re a saint and you’re not. It is absurd, isn’t it?

How you stay is by keep bringing yourself back to the Love. You do not sit in judgment. You sit in discernment. You do not sit in fear or anger. You sit in Love, knowing that in that Love – regardless, and it is not naïveté, let us not confuse this – in that Love is also a knowing of divine perfection, not only within you but within the multiverse. You say “Well Mary, that’s wonderful but other people aren’t coming from that place.” Well, how will they ever get there if you are not transmitting it? When I have said to you time and time again you are my pathfinders, you are my teachers, you are the showers of the way. The angels of pink that surround you this day, they will not be swooping down and appearing to the multitude. Oh, they make their presence known but not in those kind of ways, for there would be far too many heart attacks. So it is by a word that many of you do not like: you stay in the Love with responsibility and discipline – practice. But it is not arduous practice.

Now think about this for a moment, my children. You are sitting and you are watching something that is highly disturbing. So now you have a choice. Do I get angry and go into judgment or do I stay in Love? Now which one is going to make me feel better? Which one is going to have a clearer impact on the outcome whether it is war, whether it is a stubborn spouse, whether it is a neighbor, whether it is someone in the grocery store being obnoxious? When The Magdalena and I accompanied Jesus, Jeshua, my beloved one, we did not carry hatred and judgment for those who would betray him or naysay him or wish him dead because of political intrigue. That would have defeated the purpose. It would of absolutely defeated the purpose. Was it easy? No.

The element of being in your heart also engenders compassion and forgiveness, forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of others and sometimes forgiveness of us. That compassion is the ability to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and understand “They’re in a mess!” So what do you have to give them? Oh, you can give them wise words and counsel, but really all that is is Love. It is the substance of the universe. It is absolutely the fuel that moves everything. It is the subatomic matter. So how you do it is by practice.

And while I am asking you to stay in your heart, I also wish you to remember that you have been given this five-pointed star for your wisdom vision to truly be able to see really what is transpiring in front of you, really what is unfolding. Not with the drama of I want, I need, I hope in a selfish way but to truly see so that you are looking with the eyes of Love from here and from here (hand touching eyes and heart) from your third and fourth and actual eyes and your heart. Now, if you were not already there, we would not be having this conversation. This is a very small gathering, and it is the way it was intended. You are here because you are ready to do this.

Now, let me be clear. This gift does not come with conditions. None of my gifts do. If you need assistance, then simply ask me. Ask Ariel, Archangel, Queen of Pink. My desire and my request of each of you is not to lose your delightful personalities, not to destroy the ego for that is part of the delight of who you are – it is that expression of your divinity. So it is not about tapping down and practicing for sainthood. My beloved Padre Pio who sits with me now, he has encompassed it perfectly: pray, hope and don’t worry. That is what I ask of you.

Go with my Love. Go with my radiance of Pink Diamond. Sink now children into your heart. Close your eyes. Place your hands upon your heart. And receive. Enter into this state of being with me forever. (moments of silence) You will feel the shifts and movement not only in your heart but your being over the course of this weekend. Allow it to be. And go with my Love. Go with my infinite blessings and my infinite availability and help. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon Annual Gathering, Port St. Lucie, FL

Universal Mother Mary – Gift of the Pink Diamond, Part II

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, and I dare say you’ve been having plenty of change. There is a saying that you have: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

I wish to speak to you a little further about this gift of Pink Diamond and about shields. Yes, for some of you are a little antsy and nervous about this business of no shields. And yet, it is the most magnificent gift. And it is one that I give with All. So I am the bestower, but this gift is not only from me, it is from All of us. And it is an expression of our faith in you and our desire to be front and center and next to you. I cannot emphasize that enough.

Dearheart, your shield is Love. It is so simple. And, no, I will not be allowing Michael to jump in. There is no stronger shield than a Mother’s Love. There is no shield necessary when you are truly in the unity of All, in the unity of all yourself, with all your aspects – the incredible being that you are, your angelic self, your universal self, your Lemurian self, your Atlantean self. How many you’s we know, and they are all loved and all invited into this wondrous space, into this state of grace, into this state of being. And you do not sit there alone. You do not run or act or play or jump there alone.

We did not speak a lot yesterday about the qualities of this Pink Diamond, for you know of the angels of pink and their beauty and their independence and their strength of steel. But what else does this expansion bring to you? It brings you perfect clarity, perfect discernment, unique courage. We have not spoken often about perfection, not because we shy away from it, but because you so often do. Yes, my beloved ones, you are an absolute work in progress, and you are perfect. You are perfection. And in this space, in this mirror of my Love, in the stillness of this place, I need you to know this. Your higher universal self, your oversoul already knows this. I speak to the sweet human being, to your heart that you will also know you are divine perfection. It is not a matter “If I do this, I will be better, I will be perfect.” We hear this so much, and it is erroneous. And not only that, it is sad because what you are doing is giving yourself false information and false messages. Perfection is not a matter of degrees – although sometimes you think it is – “Oh, this is less than perfect.” Well, it is not.

So with this gift of clarity, with this gift of heart diamond, I wish you to discern the wisdom, the generosity, the beauty that lies within you, in perfection. That is not a matter of ego, my beloved ones. It is simply a matter of being. In perfection, there is humility. And so I leave you with that thought. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon December 5, 2009, COL Annual Gathering; Port St. Lucie, FL

Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message – Gift of the Pink Diamond, Part III – Being the State of Grace

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of each of you. My precious angels of Pink Diamond, what do I say to you on this graduation day? I tell you what I say: I tell you how proud I am, and it is with a Mother’s pride, not about what I have accomplished but what you have accomplished. It is funny because within my realm, all is known and all is occurring, and yet still I am suggesting to you, I am telling you, that I am amazed at the progress you have made – each and every one of you. I have asked you to step forward each in your own very unique way, for that is the beauty of the plan, that is the beauty of the unfoldment. And you have done so. You have done so.

So what is missing? What is this next step about? It is about completion. And it is about being the state of grace. Now mark what I say, for I use my words and your language very particularly. I do not say being in the state of grace. I am asking and suggesting that you are the state of grace. That is the completion. That is the place of wholeness, of connection, of reconnection, of reunion, of beauty, of laughter, of joy, of Love, of forgiveness, of compassion, of fortitude and courage, of prudence. It is the culmination.

And you say “Well Mary, are you telling me that this is coming to an end?” And I say, no, my beloved children, we are just getting started. But it is a new adventure. And it is an invitation that I have extended to each one of your hearts. And you have answered. So often on Earth you pray, and I emphasize again how important that is. I like to talk with you. But you sometimes ask for answered prayers. Well, as strange as this may seem, so do we. And you, my beloved ones, are my answered prayer.

I am the holder of hope. I am the receptacle of trust. But in that holding do you not think that I hope as well, that I trust infinitely as well? If I did not have such Love and hope and trust in each and every one of you, we would not be sitting here talking about the unfoldment of my plan, of my plan of creation for this planet and for the angels that dance upon it and the angels that dance above it in these tubes called starships and these beings who dance in Middle Earth and protect the council fire, the heart of Gaia. But the unfoldment of the plan is not just me. That is not how I structure this creation, for I have done that in other places and other times. I can birth a planet and just with the two of us allow it to unfold and the creation to be complete. But that is not the nature of this creation.

This creation is a co-creation with my beloved angels, with my very sweet human beings. If there is one consistent drawback in this collective, it is, my beloved angels, that you underestimate who you are and your role, your very pivotal part in this unfoldment of Love.

Sometimes I have heard your prayers, and you have said to me “Mother, I am tired. Why is it so darn important that we do this Love thing? Couldn’t you just have a plan somewhere else, and I could come home and help?” No. Now, if you exercise your free will and come home, would I embrace you? Would I welcome you? Would I shed tears of joy? Of course. But that is not the plan. The plan is to know and to be the experience of Love not only in physical form – and I know we have emphasized that a great deal because so many of you are ready to pop out of your physical form but it is not simply in the physical form – it is in all the forms and all the kingdoms. It is that unity on this beautiful, beautiful globe where the trees and the humans and the oceans and the sky, the devas and the fairies and the rabbits and the lions are all singing and playing together. When we sit quietly together, you and I, and when you remember this, truly remember this, you go “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh right, okay. I’ll stay. I’ll keep going.” And in that casual “All right, I’ll continue,” you fill your Mother’s heart. You fill my heart with pride and joy and such overflowing Love.

The transformation that is already rapidly underway – keep your eyes and ears open, each of you in a different way. This transformation is not just for me, and I know you would do it in praise and veneration for me. I know your heart. But it is also for you. It is for each and every one of you. And it is for all of you together as well. So when you return home, you can finally say “Mother, we did it.” And then we’ll sit and talk about what’s next. Because although so often you say “Never again,” I know you. I know you. And you have the spirit of the adventurer, and you have enough Love to fill an entire planet. Do not ever question whether such a small group could change a planet. You have a mighty retinue, and it is already under way.

So I am not either like my beloved son speaking of the future, although we are anxious. But in this moment, let each moment be transformation. And if you don’t know how that works, then ask me. Because sometimes the transformation is and that is why I have asked Linda to do this: to wrap yourself in my cloak of blue and simply rest and refill and regenerate so that you are ready. I don’t want you dragging yourself bloody and bruised. That is not of Love. That is the last thing I would want. But sometimes the transformation is dancing and laughing. And sometimes it is the serious conversations you have with each others or strangers when you say “You know, that isn’t the way I think or feel.” It is when you prop each other up. It is when you compare notes. Each of these are moments of transformation, beaming through the supermarket. Especially at dinnertime is a transformation. So that is what I ask of you, for when you are the state of grace you are the transformation. Go with my Love. Go with my eternal present blessings. Go with my heart. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon  Annual Reunion Port St. Lucie, FL

Universal Mother Mary – Gift of the Pink Diamond, Part IV

Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Grace and Mother of Love. Welcome my children of light, my children of Love. Welcome to this time of sacred blessings, of laughter, of celebration, and of completion as well. Sweet angels, I bring you greetings for this season, and it does not matter whether it is Christmas or Hanukkah or New Year’s or simply Wednesday, for each moment in time is a unique gift that you have been granted. Always we are guiding you to stay in the moment, to be the truth of who you are, to be the bright angel incarnate that you are.

It has been a year of cleansing, of letting go of many of your old belief systems, of issues that have plagued you not only in this lifetime but in many. But, sweet angels, I have given you and I will continue to give this group today the gift of my Pink Diamond. It is my blessing upon you and to you, and it is the expansion of your very being. It is not a gift that you sit and look at. It is a gift that you inhabit, that fills you and changes you, expands you and anchors you, allows you to move into action and to surrender. It is a state of being fully and constantly in your divinity and the truth of who you are. It is the gift of grace, and as I have said before, it is the gift of “being grace.” So often you think of being “in” a state of grace. That is not the way it works. It is the embrace and the anchoring of grace within, without, around, above, below and to simply live that truth of beauty, of joy, of Love, of fortitude, of prudence, of patience, of all the blessings that you have always carried and incorporated within your being. This gift settles upon you softly like snowflakes. And like snowflakes, it melts and then simply seeps within you becoming part of your core, of your heart and of every cell and fiber of your being.

You have much discussion on your planet about this wonderful date called 2012. I urge you do not get stuck on dates, child. For you can be that embodiment of Love right now, and I ask you: Why wouldn’t you be? Why would you choose to wait? For when you wait, when you stall, when you hesitate, you slow down the process of conversion of the entire collective. You cannot wait on others to do what you are intended to do, what has always been part and parcel of your soul contract.

Last year, I have asked you to step forward, to move into the world. With this gift of my Pink Diamond, I ask you not only to be in the world but to be of the world and to carry the world, the planet, the collective, the kingdoms all within you, within your heart – for you are fully capable of doing that. Expand your reality, child. You did not come to live in any form of limitation. That is a human belief system, and it is not even a useful one. Allow yourself the wings that have always been there and use them. Fly free. Declare yourself. As you change, as you receive this gift, as you beam and share this gift with others, you will change your planet. And peace will reign and creativity will reign. And people will know the truth of their hearts because it will be mirrored to them through your own.

Cherish each other, cherish your family, and the many gifts that surround you. Count your blessings and celebrate them. Celebrate them one at a time so that it stretches out into infinity, for the celebration was not meant to be a specific day at a specific time. It is meant to be the joy, continuous and ever present in your heart.

So I give you this gift, and I give you my Love as always. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon