Sotheby’s will be the organizer of a special auction next week, because they will sell a rare pink diamond which might set a new record on the price that a gem is sold: it is estimated at the value ranging from $27 million to $38 million.

The pink 24.78-carat diamond is expected to outrank the record established by the blue Wittelsbach-Graff 35.56-carat diamond sold by Christie’s back in 2008 for 24.3 million dollars.

The jewelry buyers have already shown lots of interest for the rare pink gem and the experts say that although the price that Sotheby’s expect to be paid is a little high they might get it because the stone is very rare and has an exceptional quality. The pink diamond was last traded 60 years ago by the famous jeweler Harry Winston.

The uncertain economic background proves to be very helpful for this kind of transactions, because people that have lots of money and want to invest consider gold and jewelry a better investment than currencies which are nor very stable at the moment.