“…remember the honoring and the Love that you are, that is your very fiber, and Love and cherish, honor, respect, nurture, and yes, care for your sweet self. And then with me declare ‘I AM’ ” Greetings, I AM Yahweh. I AM. Welcome my brothers and sisters, my daughters and sons, my beloved ones. I speak to you from my heart to your heart, from my will to your will, from my mind to your mind. And I will ask you what I have been asking this channel: do you Love me? Do you Love me?

Understand we are a unified field of One, and that is why I have started this day by reminding you that I AM, that I AM all things, all energy, all Love. And while I often have spoken and do speak to you as your beloved Father, as the divine aspect of masculinity, to remind you that you receive your Father’s Love and care – for this appears to be an issue for many, or so the channel tells me, and I tease her because I know it is so – I AM of Love and I AM Love.

It is not conceivable; it is not possible that I do not care for you. So do not think, my beloved ones, that if you are not receiving in exactly the way that you have asked or imagined or envisioned that it is because I do not care. That is not so. Let me suggest to you that the Mother and I are simply improving or adding or perfecting or expanding or aligning your creation or your plan. Because we know that your heart is pure and that the core of you, the soul of you, the God-self of you wishes to be in alignment with All. Gone are the days when you are simply working through or attempting to be in that alignment. That is over. So it is not a matter of trying.

So, yes, there are times when you relinquish or surrender what you are creating unto us, and we are doing our bit as well. Yes, you are mighty creator, but you are mighty creator because you also participate in this presence, in the unity of our heart, our mind, our will, our Love. And, yes, there are sometimes elements that we are adding to the creation or the plan – not to shift what you have called forth but to perhaps add because we do care to what you might have overlooked or did not understand was an element in the creation because you do not always have the full picture of creation, of the infinity of the universe, of the omniverse. This is not criticism. This is partnership, and it is the most sacred partnership that we enter into with you.

So I have need to tell you, to remind you there is never, never a whispered prayer that is not heard and acted upon. There is never an intent that you hold in the stillpoint that we do not conjoin with you to add our energy and to bring forth – that is where we do the joining and the alignment. And there is not an action that you take in your physical realm that is not in alignment with the wisdom of All.

So when I say to you, my beloved one, “Do you Love me?” I am not coming to you as a needy partner, as a child wondering or as a parent needing reassurance. I am coming to ask you. It is because if you Love me, and I know you do, then you Love yourself – not must, not should, but I say is a statement of reality that cannot be escaped. You are part of the I AM. You are part of All. You’re a part of the unified force field. You are part of me as I AM part of you.

There has been much misinformation or skewed information that has been communicated over the years in various religious followings, but the truth that you are created as part of me, as part of all of creation in the image and likeness, the child of One, this is indelible truth. And I suggest to you, my friends, that you have the wisdom to know that truth, to know who you really are. And in that, to honor and to Love your sacred self exactly the way you Love us – nothing else makes sense. You cannot be in alignment with our mind and will and heart and be anything else. So I want you to feel and think of this as you go forward in this journey and in this time of tremendous opening on every single level above and below.

There has never been a time of such open creation upon the planet, not even in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. So when you are in your heart and mind and will, remember the Love. And remember the Love not only that we have for you and that you have for us and that we share, remember the honoring and the Love that you are, that is your very fiber, and Love and cherish, honor, respect, nurture, and yes, care for your sweet self. And then with me declare “I AM.”

Go in peace my friends, my family, my children. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon October 16, 2010