It’s morning, 4:46 AM where I live, and the Council has been talking to me for hours, and insisted I get out of my warm bed and share these thoughts with you. What a year – what a decade it’s been. We have run, and sometimes crawled, around this cycle of existence and arrived at the starting gate of a new cycle – a cycle of wholeness, completion, resolution and new beginnings. But what has this been about – and what is the next chapter about?

 I feel, especially in the past year plus, that I have been exploring the wilderness of my soul – and I see as the Council and I talk with many of you that this is a common theme – you may not have been thinking of it that way, or calling it something different – but that’s what it is. It’s not always comfortable but it is a journey so rich that we just have to do it. And even though at times it has felt incredibly lonely, even desolate, we have not travelled alone – our guides and guardian angels and the entire Council has been with us. I know at moments it hasn’t felt that way – there has been frustration, angst and even anger – the “where are you promises, have you forgotten me?” has been there far more than any of us would like to admit. But there have also been incredible highs, even when the absolute clarity hasn’t been fully present – the knowing of touching something deep within our souls – and being touched by something profound and loving beyond anything we know in this realm.

Why am I writing this to you? First of all because I love you – even those of you whom I have never met have a special place in my heart – and therefore I want to share these intimate thoughts and feelings. But I also want to acknowledge your journey, and act as a catalyst as well – first of all to say “it’s all right” and secondly to invite and encourage you to go deeper, travel deeper into that unknown wilderness. Be brave.

Those of you who read my posting What Would Mary Do earlier this year have already shared a glimpse of my journey. Surprisingly (to me) this posting was the most highly read piece in a long time – and resulted in such an honest outpouring of love that I was overwhelmed – honored, awed but overwhelmed. And so I share this.

What do we do when we are asked or simply find ourselves out there in the wilderness? What is the purpose? Why in blazes do we go? We are in such an amazing time here on Terra Gaia – new frontiers are opening up that we thought, talked and prayed about but were often unsure if they would manifest quickly enough for us to witness in our lifetimes. Cities of Light, Peace, UFOG (our star brothers and sisters) letting us know that their integration into our societies is imminent, an awakening of humanity on a scale never witnessed before. But how do we get from our here and now to there? We tramp through that wilderness – for some it’s a dense forest, others a glacier, others a swampy bayou filled with alligators, and for others it’s an urban jungle. But tramp through it we must – and it does involve getting dirty, being afraid that you have lost your way, being angry that someone didn’t give you a better map, being hungry and wet. But it also includes sleeping under a canopy of stars where you see your brothers and sisters of the star ships winking at you, being embraced by the Universe alone and connected to absolutely everything. It includes reaping the harvest of your journey and enjoying the fruits of that uphill climb.

Yes, for most of us that wilderness journey is not only solitary but done in the privacy of our homes. That doesn’t make it any less rugged, it doesn’t negate the degree of difficulty, and if anything it heightens that sense of aloneness.

We are charting new territory and we are as much explorers as our beloved St. Germaine when he sailed forth as Christopher Columbus. On my journey I am lucky – I have been guided from everybody from Universal Mother Mary to Cochise; Grener of Ashira of Neptune to Lao Tzu. That doesn’t mean I have always been aware, or even appreciative, of the guidance. There have been many times when I have said “you want me to do what?” knowing that the path that has been pointed to is fraught with perils – but also potential. What can you do but go? And the gains are tremendous – for me they have often come at unexpected junctures, my human soul family has thrown me the rope to pull me back up far more than once. You think I would learn – but no, I have to keep going because I know there really is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

I’ve (really the COL) has made exploration of this subject, the wilderness of the soul, becoming the wilderness mystic, part of the agenda for this year’s Sedona Gathering – the Homecoming. This is a conversation we need to have – and I want you to be part of it – either in Sedona (see Agenda) – or here online. It’s a conversation that includes all of us because support for that journey doesn’t merely come from above – it comes from each of us – from our hearts – that’s what your response to What Would Mary Do taught me. Not only are we beginning a new cycle of mighty creation, we are in a cycle of building unity and community – and none of us has to do it alone. I love you.

Moonbeams of Pink Diamonds, xxx Linda