Sanat Kumara speaks on Universal Law and the Law of Unification, the Law of Unity. “It is the understanding that all things, all energy is a unified force field…You are one force field. This planet is one force field. There is no separation. There is no division… Yes, you are beautifully unique. But you are fundamentally and irrevocably connected, and that is a gift. That is the miracle of this creation.”

Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, Keeper of the Law. Welcome, my beloved brothers and sisters, welcome my beloved friends.

So often upon the planet there has been a misunderstanding, shall I say, about the use of the word “law.” In each of your societies, you have a codification. Originally, it was to be based upon Universal Law, the laws of Love, of friendship, of trust, of fairness. But very often in your society and upon your planet and in your world, law has come to mean control. So I want to be very clear with you, my beloved ones, that when I speak of the law, I do not speak of control, for I nor any of us have any desire to control you. Would that not be ridiculous: to create a planet of Love and give the gift of free will and then try and control you. Why that would be very human, would it not?

I wish you to call me SK so that you will think of me as your friend and your constant companion. When I speak of Universal Law, I am speaking of the explanation of how things work. That is why I wish to talk to you about this. It is simply an understanding, a wisdom that has been born from the heart of One about how things work.

And I wish to speak to you particularly this day during this time of shift, of change, of growth, of expansion, of co-convergence, of the Law of Unification, the Law of Unity. It is very simple. And yet it is one of the laws upon this planet and throughout what I would call “time of darkness,” that has been forgotten. And, yes, each one of you in your own way are awakening to the understanding of this Law of Unity, of Unification. And your understanding of that law is important because your participation in that law, your buy-in, as it were, is a critical element. It does not do any good to have a law and have it simply sit there as ancient wisdom or future wisdom for that matter if it is not inherently part of you and part of your behaviors, your practice, and your understanding of how things work not only upon your planet but throughout the universe and actually throughout the multiverse. It is the understanding that all things, all energy is a unified force field.

Now I have talked at length to this channel about this subject, and I am sure she is very tired of hearing about it. But nevertheless I have need to share this. You are one force field. This planet is one force field. There is no separation. There is no division.

Are you unique in your place, in your qualities, what you have assumed as matter, and even thrown in time in terms of this force field? Yes, you are beautifully unique. But you are fundamentally and irrevocably connected, and that is a gift. That is the miracle of this creation. Nowhere, and I have traveled far and wide, nowhere throughout the multiverse is there a planet or a star that expresses joyously – even when you are screaming and crying, you are expressing – diversity. And I do not simply mean the human collective, although I must tell you that is where most of my energy and attention is focused these days. But when you begin to conceive of yourself as a force field, then you also begin to understand that you are interconnected heart to heart to heart, soul to soul to soul, skin to skin to skin, to the dogs, to the birds, to the kittens, to the trees, to the grass, to the floor. You are unique, and yet you are bound by this law. It is not something that you may opt in or out of. It is part of the infinite grace of creation.

That is why the dark time upon this planet, the illusion or shall I shall disillusion that you are isolated or alone, was so erroneous. And yet that is why I want to talk to you about this. Because even now, my beloved friends, you have those moments – even when you are in your heart – where you go to that place of darkness, when you go to that place of isolation, when you feel unloved and unlovable, when you feel disconnected and you think “Well, thank God, I am not connected because what would happen if they really saw me? They would know all about me. They would know my secrets, the good, the bad, the ugly.” And so you revert back in fear, and yet the fear is that you won’t be loved. It is impossible. The fabric, the energy, the subatomic particles of this universe come from Love.

Let me also explain – and the healers in this room know how this Law of Unification works – when there is a disruption, shall we say, in your force field, in your expanded force field, so it does not matter whether it is a kidney, a past life, an emotion, a thought, a tear in your seal – when there is disruption, it disrupts and is felt throughout the entire grid. So what do we do? Do we stand back and say “Well, they’re ruining everything. We will punish them. We will exclude them.” Absolutely not. Of course not. What we do is we send our energy, we add our energy, we give you our energy to heal that disruption. I want you to understand this because this is the tipping point of humanity. No one, no being, no energy can be excluded. And the more the disruption, the more the need for Love.

The transmission through the force field does not mean that you are condoning. Why would you wish to buy in or judge what has gone awry? That would only fuel it. So this is where you are the observer, the healer, the channeler, the human, the angel, the ET, the bright energy force field of who you are.

So similarly, when you wish to create, when you are creating because as soon as you wish to create it has begun. So when you are creating, if there is a gap in your force field, then the energy flows to you and allows the completion. It is assistance on a seen and unseen level. That is why creating in a group is so powerful. Because you have reinforced and acknowledged and then come together as one field, one unified field. So there is no need to feel that you may be a little short in one area. And that, my beloved ones, is the reason why there is no room or cause for doubt. Doubt is the old paradigm. It is what has kept you for millions of years in the darkness, and it is time all of you are emerging into the light. Thank goodness.

Soon my job will be done, for each of you will assume that role as steward and keeper of Gaia, of the Cities of Light, the planet of Love. And of course, I will come and I will visit, and I will still be the Keeper of the Law. But you are right there so embrace who you are, and more importantly, my beloved friends, embrace each other. Acknowledge this Law of Unity. It takes a soul of wisdom to embrace it. And you are there. So I will help you. I will gladly help you. If there is anything about the laws that is unclear or that you do not understand or if you are uncertain which to use, just call me. And let it be known you can’t go wrong even with the Law of Elimination. This is one where I stand guard as if you were learning something new for we don’t want you going and eliminating things that will affect permanently and leave holes in a force field.

So although many of you have not known me until this moment, I have known you, each of you, and loved each of you forever. You are my fellow travelers, and you are the courageous ones, the adventurers who come to Earth at this time to complete the evolution and to begin anew. Does not mean that your planet comes to an end – quite the contrary. You enter a new cycle, a cycle of enlightenment. We can’t wait.

Go with my Love. Go with my blessings. I attend to thee. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon  Miramar, Florida – Creator Race Workshop