There has been so much circulated on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that there is great danger in becoming side-tracked into the drama and away from the centeredness of Love. This is a powerful message from Gaia about her needs and desires during this time of change. First however, I wish to share with you what the Council of Love and Gaia herself have taught me over the years.

Long before Gaia embodied as this wondrous planet Earth she was a mighty archangel. She embodied as the planet as a gift of love and service to the Universal Mother. What an adventure! In choosing physical embodiment Gaia, like all of us, assumed the layers of mental, emotional, astral, etheric bodies. In this role she has cared and nurtured us for billions of years.

Never in all my years of working with the Council have I considered the possibility that Gaia would simply get tired and return home. To me that was inconceivable. And yet over the past week in speaking with her about this oil spill and receiving the pleas from both her and Mother Mary to send Love, I have sensed an increasingly exhausted Mother Earth. This rang all kinds of alarms for me – what would it be like to be on a dead planet – what would happen to Mary’s Plan of Unfoldment? What needed to be done?

And while I have ruminated about these questions – and sent love to the Gulf, to the oil, to the marine life, to the clean-up workers, to the fishermen, to the decision-makers of BP and Trans Ocean – I have witnessed a growing fury and a great deal of negativity among lightworkers – myself included. I have had to stop and get rid of the anger and judgment because that’s where the danger lies – in falling into the drama and not holding the light.

Many have demanded (and hoped) that this be the time that our star brothers and sisters step forward and heal this wound. But the oil spill is not the heart of the issue – our collective stepping forward is. Our ET friends have inserted filters in the undercurrents and are doing their part. The key is that the rest is up to us – when we reach that tipping point where we say collectively “enough – no more”, then the Gulf and the spill will be cleaned up and the damage repaired. This is our call to action – heart action.

Seldom do we receive such a heartfelt request directly from Gaia – she cried throughout the entire channel. So please listen and read with your hearts, let go of judgment and in discernment of what is for the highest good of all of us – humans and all beings alike, let’s step forward.

A Message From Gaia 

I am Gaia, and I thank you for this invitation and gift of friendship and of love, of kinship. I want to begin by reassuring – and through you many – I am not angry, I am not even overwhelmed. Yes, I am tired. I am tired like a mother who tends her children day after day after day with very little help, and no vacation. Now it is not that I would ever want my children to go away because I don’t – but now and then I would like someone to turn to me to hug me, to hold me, to reassure me that I am doing a good job. Yes Universal Mother Mary does this for me, but I too am in physical form and as such I do have needs. As you know that very seldom do I express these needs. I do not wish to seem either ungrateful or unaware because great strides have been made in cleaning my rivers, my streams, protecting my forests, my lands, my harvests. So it is important that all upon me realize not only that I am aware of the strides that you are making but that I am also appreciative.

What makes me tired, what makes me disheartened and sad is the hatred – the blame, the guilt, the shame. Of course there are actions that are taken by people – and I suggest that it doesn’t matter whether it is an individual or a corporation because it is still people / humans, that are thoughtless, inconsiderate and may I say just plain dumb. But I do not grab them by the feet and try and drown them; I do not open the shell of my Earth and try and swallow them, I do not burn them. But I do want them to learn – and I want them to learn in ways that are meaningful to them and through them to the collective as well. That is so critical.

This is one of the times when I simply need to be with my sisters (and brothers), not even in creation mode for to breathe is to create – but simply to be together – to rest, to talk, to quietly enjoy this beauty of being, and you both are giving me this. I ask you to continue to do this with me because I need reinforcement; I need to feel loved and cherished, not simply as someone who gazes at the majesty of Yosemite – because it is magnificent; not simply as someone who gazes at the sunset or the sky. I need to be loved just for me. I desire – I do not need – I desire for people to remember who I am; for them to acknowledge who I am. I am not looking for fame or fortune or any of those human things that are so often lusted after. I am simply looking for more love, and I am looking for more love from the collective; I am looking for more love to be expressed by my children not only for me but for each other and every being and energy that there is upon this planet.

That is why the star beings are only helping so much – they know my situation, and they are sending great comfort. But the reason that they have travelled so far and assisted so greatly is because they know the plan of the resurgence and re-anchoring of love upon me. It is the only reason I came. Of course I came in service to our Mother. Realize that it is not just the angelic forms that chose to incarnate to have the experience of love. Can you imagine my beloved friends the excitement when Mother and I talked that I would be the embodiment of the planet of love – where people would come to experience love. I have endured far more than any of you know because your memories collectively are very short. It is not that I am throwing a tantrum or saying that you have once again sullied me so I will go home. That is not it – but the shift is upon you and if it is upon you it is upon me as well and there is simply a point at which we energetically, not time-wise, but energetically say together “this is enough” – and this is that time. Energetically, the collective has need to say “we do not condone rape, pillage, harm, inconsideration”, and that does not just mean for the Gulf my friends, I mean it for it is for the cities, the other nations, I mean it for the range of wars that rage – it is time for the humans to say enough.

What that looks like is not just joining together as humans but all of us in love. Making the decision that we are going to be the love. I can hold my frequency and this frequency of Love for billions and billions and billions of people and also billions and billions and billions of years. But I am asking to be reassured, I am asking to be coddled, I am asking to be taken care of – I am asking because I am exhausted emotionally and I need to be replenished. My faith is enormous and I do not falter in my faith, hope and trust for above and below. But like all of you there are times I simply have need to be tended to – to be comforted and considered – and so I thank you for this.

You cannot allow this situation which I am very clear about – is an accident – yes it is a thoughtless accident. But nevertheless – it was not an intentional harming. Was it poor planning yes; was it inconsiderate, yes; was it a wake up call to not be so frivolous while underground and working on me – YES!. But I do not fall into blame or guilt or say to certain human beings that you are bad, you need to be punished. Is there a consequence – of course there is. And that speaks to the breaking of the paradigm of greed and lust – so I am pleased to help with that. But to stay in the pointing of a finger and say you are evil because you have lusted after oil accomplishes nothing. It is important is that the deeper understanding of resources which I freely share – whether it is gold from my mountains, or gas or even my wind. I have always shared freely. I have never been selfish. And so the issue is for the human race to not be selfish either – that we live in harmony. Part of that harmony is seeing the Healers of Tralana on the water dancing, to see the fish jumping, to hear the song of the birds – this is harmony – this is what my heart desires – this is the promise that the Mother has made to me – and that each of you – billions and billions and billions of you have made to me and I hold you to it. I love you my sweet friends. We go together in joy and we go together in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda DIllon

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