I am re-posting this today as a memory-jogger to heal the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our waterways, oceans and wildlife, indeed our very food chain is threatened. And it’s up to us to do something to heal this – together.

Since the incident, Mother Mary has been guiding us to love everything and everybody involved in this catastrophe. In this channeling St. Germaine reminds us of his lessons on writing in the air, water and upon Earth the messages of Love, Peace and your heart’s desire. A powerful message, and suggestion for the Sunday night peace meditation, on bringing peace forward NOW.

Greetings. I am Germaine. I am St. Germaine, Master and Keeper of the Violet Flame., I am so anxious to share with this entire planet, and in fact the entire universe! I’m beginning to feel a little left out that so few are taking me up on my offer. So I join you today, my fickle friends, brothers and sisters of my heart, to play with you, to play with the purple and the violet.

Last year, I shared with you, I taught you, how to write in the air and how to write in the water, that this vibration would be infused into the elements of Earth. You can do this also in the very Earth that you walk upon. Now I would not suggest that you write in fire, but I would suggest that you take my flame and write with it, because that’s one of its purposes – transmutation, transformation and transubstantiation. I come to remind you, my beloved friends, of this writing in air and water for I know what it is to be human and I know how quickly you forget. We give you dozens and dozens of tools for you love this option of choices, a variety, a feeling that you are in charge and you can decide what to use. But then you forget about some of the tools, so I am pleased to remind you. Write in the air! Write in the water!

Now there are two specific things I would wish you to do in this regard. Write in the air that you are breathing, that you will inhale those qualities that you are wishing to bring into your life. So, for example, be clear about what you want, but if you are asking for romance then write romance and breathe it in. If you are asking for excitement and action, movement in your life, then write it in the air and breathe it in. If you are asking for Love and wholeness do this. Do it all day long. Also write in the water that you are drinking and you say, “Germaine, how do I do that?” I want you to take your finger, as if you are stirring your water, and write in the water that you are drinking. Bring that vibration in. Understand when you are writing in the air and in the water you are using my violet flame, so you are breathing and drinking not only my violet flame, not only the I am presence, but the blessings, the experiences, the qualities of life that you wish to experience and bring forward. Once they are anchored physically within your body, they will manifest in the physical form. That is why I am adding this to the understanding this day for many of you have been saying to me, “Germaine, how am I supposed to manifest in the physical?” Do it this way.

This Sunday I ask of you, as we join you and you join us, with our hands around the world, before you join your hands to the person next to you, before you begin your beaming through the planet to the person on the opposite side of the globe, write in the air – peace, and blow it across the globe and then begin your beaming. Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative is progressing nicely, particularly in the United States of America, but also in the Eastern portion of Europe. There are changes, very clear changes and subtle changes taking place and peace is very close, but that reality also comes from thee and the holding of peace in your heart. Many of you think of peace as a quiet sense of calm serenity.

I share with you, my brethren, that peace to me is the most exciting thing that has happened upon this planet in a long time. It invokes the child within this Master and it makes me want to play, for peace is freedom. It is the honoring of the planet of humanity, of the Mother, of the Father, of all realms that serve. Peace is exciting. It does not mean that you are free to cocoon in your cubbyhole. It means that there is an all clear sounded and that you can step forward in glee to undertake your sacred purpose in accordance with the Law. My friends, my beloved ones, my circle, I ask of you, of each and every one of you, to take time to play with me this day, to share the joke of being alive, of being able to smell, for even when you think the smell is putrid, it is a gift. Taste your food, your water, your wine, your chocolate, your coffee. Taste it this day and celebrate the sensation. Smell your children and hold them close. Play with them and love them for they are the future. They are the promise. They are the joy.

Go with my Love. Go with my purple passion.